The Candy Store



5344 Government Boulevard, Mobile, AL 36619


30.595025, -88.170025




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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19 reviews for “The Candy Store

  1. Big Hogleg

    Obviously the ones that are complaining about drink prices are cheap ass fuckwits. I enjoy coming in here and spending the money it keeps the trash and riff raff out that are to cheap to buy.

  2. bill

    shit hole bottom line!!

  3. jj

    one girl will treat you right for the right price. her name is scarlet

  4. Jamie White

    The girls were beautiful and very lively! The overall environment was awesome (they even have pool tables and video gaming)). I had a blast and look forward to my next visit.

  5. Jason
  6. Kevin

    I loved this club. It by far was the best in Mobile. The dancers were beautiful and really classy and nice. The staff was wonderful. The were very respectful and treated customers great. I will definetly visit this bar again.

  7. scott

    its ok like divas better

  8. Brett

    This club sucks

  9. james

    I would rather stay home and jack off

  10. Chris

    The club is excellent and more than worth trying. Some girls are awesome and show a good patience for first timers like me. But some girls in the private dance did’nt allow to even touch that was little bad…hope that some becomes none.

  11. Deante Carter

    If hospiality is a hand job then I definately got hospitality! The girls had stretch marks, flab hanging off their stomachs and asses but I found the best looking one (and it was slim pickings) and bought her a couple of lady drinks which cost out the ass but like I said the hand job was worth it. The drinks were high for the quality of the chicks they had working because I needed to have more than a few to want to get a lapdance with one. I don’t think I will go back there unless they get clean girls who ain’t fat and nasty and look like they are high as fuck.

  12. Tracey

    Was not worth the money will not be going back. Go to Sammy’s

  13. Ron

    Candy Store has become my favorite club in Mobile. Sammy’s USED to be the place, but the overall quality and number of girls there has gone waaay down while the prices on drinks and dances($30 for a table dance??) has gone up.

    Candy Store usually 10+ girls during the week. Around 20 on weekends. Fair prices. Diamonds isn’t bad if you like a small room. Divas is a dirty hole in the wall.

  14. Blue Star

    This is the skankiest place I’ve ever been to! Meth head girls none even look remotely good. Old school country music. Its just terrible the drinks were awful and the cover is wat to much! Go to Diva’s its much better.

  15. Josh

    This club has come a long way in a year. The girls are awesome and Jessica is the best. Shell treat you right any tuesday or saturday night

  16. Reg
  17. Stacy Layton

    The whores at this establishment climb all over married men and girate on them!It is a insult for those sluts to be on our husband the women there are filthy i was notified the other day that my husband has been seen in this bar the candy store near tillman corner he is an out of town worker and his job has him working there through the week it saddens my heart to no he even goes into this whore hall !!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Customer

    This place sux management stinks

  19. Dirk Diggler

    This club apparently tries to make money by pushing guys really hard to buy over-priced drinks for the girls. The drinks aren’t even the same price you’d buy the same drink for – they are like $35. If you go to this club, you will be constantly asked by the girls, the bartender and the waitress if you want to buy a drink for the girl you are talking to, even if the girl initiated the conversation. If you don’t buy her a drink, she goes away.

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