Camelot West



1761 Alexandria Drive, Lexington, KY 40504


38.0380113, -84.5521782




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Camelot West

  1. awsome place!

    awsome place

  2. tori
  3. fly guy

    aint no club near as nice as da west!

  4. Too short

    Bomb ass club

  5. Alize

    Best and number one club in lexington. All the other clubs are a far second

  6. Super Fly

    When I get there i’m going to unzip my pants and LET DA DOG OUT!!

  7. Jlove

    Some fine ass bitches work up in dis motherfucker!

  8. Kirk

    They tried to fix it up but it still leaves a lot to be desired. You can shine up a turd but it’s still a turd.

  9. Momo

    always has been and always will be the number club in lexington.

  10. Smoker

    number one baby number one!

  11. Get tested

    If you ever been with Amy or Tabby the sisters get yourself tested is all I can say. Their last name is Lea, pronounced Lay. Amy also used Thomopoulous before as a last name.

  12. Strangler

    This club has improved drasticly as of late. Worth checking out.

  13. to cool 4 school!

    Fine bitches everywhere.

  14. JIM

    Terrible waste of time and money- never coming back!

  15. Howard Stern

    This club kicks ass and i’ll be back for more as soon as i get my next check

  16. Ronnie Luva

    Ronnie is the best club owner in lexington

  17. Tree Smoker

    What makes this club the number one club in lexington is the owner Ronnie is a cool white brother with an open mind to the black race.

  18. dope dealing

    Why are you allowing people to deal dope such as OCs to people like Amy Lea in exchange for sex and oral? Heard on www. (Lexington) big black George loves to trade his shit for services there including the waitresses. If this is true they should shut you down.

  19. Perfect Guy

    I always come in dis joint and spend mad loot! The bitches love me and I love da bitches! The lord above put me on dis earth to drink, smoke, make it rain, and hook up wit bitches!

  20. T G I F

    Man its friday and time for me to visit my babes

  21. Pimpen aint easy

    Man this club has all kinds of fine bitches.

  22. vk
  23. Ken

    Needs to be dozed not remodled

  24. Tim

    Real waste of what use to be a fun place. Went in and it looked OK but the “crowd”(1 old white guy, dozen or so mehas, 7 hood rats and wigga jeff (god he’s funny wit those braids!!)Nothing worth staying here for except an occasional laugh to see what is on stage next.

  25. lost article

    they really fixed up the west, and it seems that new management has taken over?

  26. Richard

    this place is rough- fraid i was gonna get shot or stabbed!

  27. Shadow

    best club in town

  28. Black Jack

    Black bitches with black pussys. Black customers with black music. I luv this motherfucking place!

  29. Chadwick

    Man was I scarred when I went here – thought I was gonna get shot- and that was just the strippers!

  30. Mark

    very hot ladies and best drink prices in lexington.

  31. bj

    Nasty place

  32. RUNDMC


  33. phil

    pretty lame place

  34. hung ova

    Spent way to much money on my bitches this weekend but there worth every penny

  35. mj
  36. rauphie

    Too many girls with wet loafs of bread on their belly!

  37. Remy

    The girls at this club know how to make a brother feel like a man.

  38. Harlem Playa

    Only a pimp playa like me can come to a place like dis and gets alllll kinds of pussy!

  39. ice

    great place

  40. miss my girls

    i can’t wait til west gets back to her normal self again. when everybody looked out for each otherand it was one big family. really do miss that about the girls and staff.

  41. Clean black boy

    Comment below- dont hate becouse our woman are fine as fuck!

  42. hjilo
  43. Big Bolla!

    This joint is my little piece of heaven! The honeys are my little angels who call me jesus every night!

  44. tyjk
  45. Bling Bling

    Man when i get there i’m gonna show ALL these bitches what a playa really is!

  46. fred

    pretty lame club- expensive and girls are not very cute

  47. humm

    guess u gotta be stoned to like it here! It is terrible!!!!

  48. marty

    great club and happy to strippers!

  49. The Critique

    Wow. I am not afraid of black people, but this is a predominantly black club. Isn’t Thumpers closed, or did they just move to Camelot West? I used to frequent this club in my prime, and in the clubs prime too, obviously. New furniture and couches are nice, but that does not change the overall atmosphere of this club. Start with the quality of the music and the girls. Less rap and thug music, and more of the music that appeals to ALL walks of life, not just the urban crowd. It is not a matter of race, but a matter of business. Everyone should feel welcome in the club and not fearful. I was nervous and uncomfortable. To the owner, overhaul your staff, and set some new guidlines for your club, including double-checking the ages of your entertainment.

  50. dj red
  51. Big Dick

    Cant wait to get in this friday to let these bitches feel what a real monster feels like!

  52. professor

    It’s called spell check, try and use it.

  53. William

    Was a fan of this place some time ago- it’s really different now- not in a good way. Yes, I agree with whoever said the music was loud and crappy. The club seemed overall like it had become a black club and I felt a little out of place. Guess I will go elsewhere.

  54. 2 cool!

    Steve- Dont hate! The reason why you wouldnt get a dance here is cus you like a shot of sperm in yo mouth from time to time. There a clubs for sugar walkers like you so you can fit in there and not here. This is da best club in lexington and you better get used to it honey

  55. Biggy Smalls

    I got big money, Big cars,and a big black dick for alllll these bitches

  56. Soul Train

    Love this joint! Best club in town

  57. Mega Pimp

    Heavy drink pours, fine bitches, why else would I go anywhere else?

  58. Da Bomb

    This place is da bomb baby!

  59. damon

    Ben to this club before and liked the service they had to offer

  60. still number one baby!

    Aint no club near as good as the west!

  61. Down Brown Luva

    Titties an ass man, titties an ass!

  62. COCO

    Nice place but they need some more ebony bitches up in dis place.

  63. gdubb

    most of the favs of mine moved to other clubs i miss treasure ivy and some others so i go to tha ville now the music will give you a headache

  64. MOE

    Pimples and sores on pussaiiies are pretty much a good sign not to go there

  65. flip flops and jeans

    Cameron is the best girl at the club that. She has some great physical features. Awesome dances too. Be sure to tip her good, she works for her money. Great girl too.

  66. timmy
  67. Pimpnainteasy

    Camelot West is the best club in Lexington.

  68. Roger

    by far the number one club in lexington.

  69. smooth

    its ok not great but ok

  70. Weed Smoker

    number one

  71. Supa fly

    This club is the number one club in lexington baby!

  72. Blunt Mna

    Ronnie is one sexy little white motherfucker

  73. R-n-B

    Best music, hottest dancers, fly ass brothers, aint nothing else a man can ask for!

  74. Kenny

    Never thought I would see the day this place looked good again. Good job guys.

  75. gmoney

    All old skanky types. Even the servers and bartenders have big nasty guts, really out of shape, by wearing a pound of makeup you still can’t hide the hideousness

  76. Soultrain

    Cant wait to dip my chocolate love pop in a little love pudding.

  77. gggg

    not bad

  78. pimp daddy santa

    HO HO HO! Merry Christmas to all yo HO HO HO’S

  79. Tyrone

    Only a racist white motherfucka would say some shit like that. Half the bitches in dis place is white and there fine fine fine!

  80. Brutha Luva!

    The only reason why this club is able to compete with other larger venue spots is becouse Ronnie the owner is to smart to let this joint go under. Open minded white boy who loves all kinds of people of color!

  81. jkh
  82. Playa

    Best place in lexington by far! No club comes even close to this joint

  83. Big Pimpen

    I ;ove this place

  84. Cooleo

    Best place in town! What else is there to say?

  85. wtf

    still waiting 2 here what people should get tested 4 u should post stuff like that and not follow up what a jerk

  86. ADHG

    This place is the retirment home of the old strippers nobody else wants.

  87. Amanda

    Why is this place being investigated?

  88. Bobby

    Kinda lame-not one of the better clubs in town.

  89. Superbowl Sunday

    Fine bitches and cheap remy goes good with a football game

  90. Too Cool

    What makes this club so special is the owner Ronnie loves the black man and the money he spends. Hip hop or gangta rap dont matter to him as long as we make it rain! Ronnie is one cool ass white brother!

  91. brooks

    waste of time freakkin dump

  92. half pint

    love this place! love love love love it!

  93. Cornbread

    This club is cool as fuck. It needs a few more black bitches but whos counting right? 🙂 I luv this place and the people that run it!

  94. dan
  95. Big Pimp

    Going to put all these fine ass hoes to work for me.

  96. Black Is Back


  97. U Know It!

    Best club and best club owner in Kentucky. BELIEVE THAT!

  98. jk
  99. Chuck


  100. Jaun

    Use to love this club but it has gone way down hill.

  101. Mike

    I dont know if I would go as far to say “cool white brother” but this place is a nice place to hang out in. Laps are cheap and music is ok

  102. george

    sick of the ugly biatches asking for pillz. the dj bartenders and waitresses all seems like druggies

  103. 2live dude!

    The reason why dis club does so good is cus ronnie the owner is a cool white brother who embraces the black man and what he has to offer to his business! God bless Ronnie

  104. VSOP

    If you like hip hop then this is da place for you. besy wusic in town

  105. Pasty

    Not a brother, don’t bother with this dump. I’d think it would be low class for even a self- respecting “brother”

  106. Alll Shit!

    Ronnie is my main homeboy! I love this fucking place and all my brotha’s do too!

  107. red

    best damn club ever!

  108. G--$$$

    tell all my bitches i’ll be there this weekend to make it rain!

  109. Ronnie lover

    Ronnie the owner is the shit man! I think he was black in his past life cus he loves black people and black music.

  110. gary

    club is dirty and girls ugly all but about two .Not freindly .more into drugs then men.

  111. Tommy

    About the remodeling- you can put lipstick on a crack head but she is still a crack ho!

  112. MICHAEL S


  113. etj6
  114. 2live dude

    This club is the best place to hang out if your a black man with nowhere else to hang out

  115. undercova brotha

    I love this place so much when i see the owner ronnie im going to kiss his bald head

  116. Rain Maker

    This place is the number one club in Lexington! BELIEVE THAT!

  117. Wasted $$$$

    Drinks too expensive and only 4 girls when i was there. Those for was ugly!!!!!

  118. Blunt Man

    This place is da shiz zit DOG!

  119. sam
  120. Brown sugar

    Ronnie loves black people! Only place in town where a brother can go to be himself.

  121. Superbowl Bound

    Going to be hanging out here at the west to watch my team the steelers and big ben win it all baby!

  122. ted

    Really lame tonight- nothing going on at all.

  123. 2 cool

    Best club ever!

  124. Jose

    Just really nothing worth going in for- notice the only positive comments are from an employee? That should say it all- and by the way mr DJ – turn that (c)rap down- never mind- i wont be back-

  125. poker
  126. Kim

    STILL the number one club in lexington!

  127. Pimp Daddy

    Nobody can make it rain like I do! This is da best club in Lexington and i am the best customer up in dis place

  128. freddy

    one lame joint

  129. leah
  130. who else?

    Best place in town!

  131. me

    Nothing but fat girls.

  132. G $$$$$$

    Bitches better be ready for me cus its friday and im going to make it rain

  133. kevin

    All thugs and hip hop. NO rock &roll- ashamed cause it use to be a good place. Oh well- there are other clubs-

  134. jj
  135. Kerry

    Pretty nasty place. Saw two roaches on bar and bathroom was nasty with a bunch of bugs flying around. Girls average at best.

  136. Whitey

    So a black man can be himself- that mean this aint a clan run club? This place SUCKS- unless you are a wanna be pill dealin gansta.

  137. Jimmy

    terrible club- ugly and rude girls and expensive drinks

  138. Dirty White Boy

    Guess I ain’t black enough (see below comments) IF your not into rap(VERY loud, obnoxious and obscene) and a less than average looking women then you got no reason for this place!

  139. Ricky

    This clubs an ok place to go to. Great drinks, vips, awsome laps!

  140. Steve M.

    Great value for the money compared to other local clubs. I don’t really understand all the negative reviews I have heard. This place seems just fine.

  141. Too Cool!

    This place is da shit and my boy Ronnie is da man!

  142. Best club

    Best club in lexington and kentucky

  143. number 1

    number one baby!

  144. toto
  145. Sean

    Really ugly girls here- who’d wanna toch em- they even smell bad. Songs played way too loud- cant even talk.

  146. Marcus

    This club is da shit man! DA SHIT!

  147. NonBro

    Way too loud and shitty music. Pretty much a black club.

  148. Whoop there it is!

    Alllllll yea! This place is the shit

  149. kk
  150. Ice Cold

    Number one baby,

  151. Alize Drinka

    I love this place and the owner Ronnie runs it! Best ran joint in Lexington

  152. Soul Train!

    Best club not only in Lexington but in Kentucky

  153. VP

    EWWWWWWWWWW roaches and bugs all over the place, someone please contact the Health Dept. it also means the skankkks are dirty biottches too.

  154. Trav

    Not much going on here

  155. Steve

    Now the worst in town! Starting to make even thumpers look ok. All “gangsta” all the time. Terrible music. 2 for 1’s about 5 times an hour but there isn’t a girl here I’d wanna dance from!

  156. Anti Bro

    This is the worst club in Lexington

  157. VeePee

    Lynn and others quit texting me and cuz. Wives are PISSED!

  158. Johnny

    Pretty nasty place- ugly fat girls, non english music- no reaon 4 me to go back!

  159. Dancer Luva

    Ronnie is my homeboy and the best owner in town

  160. Lawanda

    Nasty ass place- ugly hos too!

  161. TO COOL

    Allll shit! friday is only two days away and im going to blow my whole check on these bitches

  162. Black Panther

    This club is da shit man THE MOTHERFUCKEN SHIT!!! The owner Ronnie is a cool white brother who embraces the black man with open arms. The honeys are nice ( need a couple more chocolate drops if you no what i mean )and fun to talk to.


    My husbands cell phone has over 70 messages from whores at (camelot west) and Diva’s,

    and pictures of Karen and some other bitches who are being fingered in the bathroom and worse!

    The cops need to raid this whore house.

    All the women have blubbery stomachs and orange teeth, I guess from all the drugs.

    Oh well, the photos will come in nicely when he’s slapped with divorce papers

  164. no name

    i like dem girlz

  165. Chris

    Was here years ago but it has really changed. They dressed it up but all decent girls are gone. ANd the music sucks- no variety at all. Too bad- use to like this place but not anymore!

  166. euth

    I heard the waitresses let guys finger them in the bathroom and take pictures like Karen

  167. Thumpers West

    Little thug wanna be club- they may be wanna-bees but you can still get shot. Really crappy joint- don’t waste your time or money here fellas!

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