Divas Gentlemens Club



1318 Russell Cave Road, Lexington, KY 40505


38.0686484, -84.4804312




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Divas Gentlemens Club

  1. Mark

    If your ever in Lexington this is the club to come to. The girls are hot and the staff is laid back.

  2. Noccent

    Losers and jerks…I used to be a stripper at Deja Vu for 4 years…LOL… and its men like you who get laughed at backstage by us because we take your money and you actually PAY for sumthin you could be watchin anyone do. Youre a joke… youre our joke.. i have NO respect for a man that goes to strip clubs. Its desperate… its a little punkish… I could bring home 600.00 a night on a weekday. that doesnt include weekends when bustas like you come. HAHAHAAHHAAAA… jealous…. LOL .oh yea and about the touching. we dont want you touching us. gross… would you like someone who you didnt even kno took a shower gropin all over you…you pay to watch. you want a prostitute, go on down new circle and get a prostitute. theyre cheaper LMAO… dumbass

  3. timmy

    This place fucking kicks ass dude!!!

  4. tecoa

    i don’t even like working here–why come here!

  5. eddyL

    It is 2015 no more parking lot shooting, better dancer for the $, and much better drink quality than other strip clubs in the area. Divas caters to all source of fantasies all types of dancer and has improved will come again. Thanks Von and Ivy for a good time.


    Lexington Police arrested a woman in connection with the robbery of a Lexington strip club early Monday morning.

    Police say that a woman armed with a handgun walked into Diva’s on New Circle Road around 10 p.m. Sunday and demanded money.The woman fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash.

    Police made an arrest in connection with the robbery about 12:20 a.m. Monday. Police say they were able to use surveillance camera footage to get a good look at the robber. They arrested after a routine traffic stop.

    Officers say that they have not determined the identity of the woman. She gave police several aliases and was in possession with multiple social security numbers.

  7. Bobby

    Manager got a booty!!!

  8. The Critique

    Ya know, I have been to this club many times in the past. Now? The renovations that they have done to this place are actually pretty damn good. The couchroom is actually pretty nice. Now they need help renovating the girls. Sorry ladies, but damn. The girls here all seem to be the rejects from all of the other clubs in town, scarred, overweight. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but overhaul the whole lot of them. There was not one girl there that I felt was remotely attractive. On the other hand, the music wasn’t bad, and the beer was cold. This club has potential to be one of the top clubs in town, but the owners are going to have to sink a hell of alot more money into it, starting preferrably with the entertainment. Good Luck, Divas, and may the stripclub gods (and goddesses, eventually) be with you.

  9. Todd

    What the fuck is going on with the music? It’s not club music it’s bullshit, play to your customers, I leave earlier because of the headache I get from the horrible music. You need a real DJ. He’s never in the booth either, always at the bar! Along with all the bouncers and bar staff. So no one hired really does anything. The bartender is rude AF, the bouncers complain about doing anything and you need see a manager. If I owned this place they would all be given walking papers. Bad attitudes and terrible service and they treat their girls like shit! No wonder no one stays! I actually feel sorry for strippers?! It’s a whore house, got offered sex for gas money! I didn’t really think it was worth the antibiotics I would need so I declined belle. And she is misleading customers, not just in wanting money for anal and stuff but damn she takes that bra off and her titties are sagging to her knees! Looking like a monkey at the zoo! No! Keep that shot on!

  10. Auburn

    I LOVE this Place!!!!

  11. j

    There is a new guy running this club. The dancers now have much more class. It is a brand new club!!

  12. MaJ!KM!KE

    DIVA’s has been going through a few changes lately but they are all for the better. New dancers, great drink specials between 11am and 7pm, dance specials open to close, great music…the DJ’s are on point,freash renovations,laid back staff, and lots more just go in and grab a drink and a dance and you’re sure to have a good time

  13. smokey

    cool place, laid back

  14. Sexy

    Go down the street to Cowboys instead.

  15. george gmoney

    Look like all the ugly ass hoes who are meth and crack addicts that have formerly worked at camelot west they all need douche and penicillin

    the bouncer was fired and he and his girlfriend have like 8 kids probably to draw a welfare check, they go back and forth when they get fired

    big zero, don’t waste your $

  16. Strangler
  17. dirtygary

    No one even danced the half hour I was there. The only good thing about this club was the beer.

  18. what

    is amy lea thomopoulous working there with amanda

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