Michelle’s Beach House



239 West Greenway Street, Derby, KS 67037


37.5770439, -97.2802633




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Michelle’s Beach House

  1. yife

    Awesome atmosphere but didn’t care much for the girls or their attitudes. Was not impressed with anything but the building. Nicest BUILDING I’ve seen but the WWW in Salina still has the nicest prettiest girls.

  2. Recent Visitor

    Just went into Michelle’s since the move and even though I had been told some of the features…my imagination couldn’t even touch what the club was really like. The girls were amazing looking and very cool. The service was great. Will definately be coming back!

  3. Bill F.

    I agree with Nick in that the club is very nice as far as decor, etc is concerned. I think the drink prices are a little steep ($4.25 for a BL)? But, and it’s a very big but, the girls are very “cliqueish”. If you are not a regular or deemed to be “money” you will be ignored. Plus, I think the girls are always in fear of that charlatan, micro-managing Michelle. As the owner/manager, she is her own worst enemy. With the nice club and above average girls, this place should be raking in the cash. I was there on a recent Saturday night and there were three patrons in house at 10:00 pm. By the time I left at 11:45, the “crowd” was maybe up to 6 or so, two dancers had been fired and the place was as quiet as a tomb. A damn shame if you ask me. I left with lots of money still in my pocket.

  4. John F.

    Worst dive I’ve ever been to. The dancers have no boobs!!! Come-on if your gonna be a topless dancer have some boobs!!! The ones that do have a little up top are so fat they’re disgusting. Don’t wast your time here.

  5. Ben

    Was in last night for the Halloween Party and those girls rocked! Everyone seemed to be having such a good time that I couldn’t help but leave with a smile

  6. Doc

    Was in this club a couple of weeks ago and was the first time since the move. Have been going to Michelle’s clubs for several years and have always had a good time. The new location is fine and was impressed with the cleanliness. Have to agree though with the privacy of the lap dances, not much privacy available. I go to clubs all over the country and generally have a good time at all of them. What I can tell you about the current Beach House is that the service wasn’t too bad, the ladies were pleasant to look at and watch. They were friendly. I have always tipped well and freely and was a little dissappointed with the agressiveness of some of the girls wanting high priced drinks and lap dances. But I stayed and had a good time.

    Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I would give The Beach House a 7.5.

  7. john

    i have to say i remember heather when she was in high school and she was in a circle of guys on her knees sucking their dicks asking “do you think i’m cool” i have to say that i didnt expect much more from a club that michelle owned considering that she hoes out her daughter. seriously from a person that has contracted something from here, i will never come back

  8. Yes today
  9. First Timer

    I had not been to Michelle’s before but had to see what all the fuss was about with the new rules. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the girls, the lap dances, and the service. I will become a repeat customer!

  10. Bow Ing

    I’ve been going to this club for a while now, and I want to say “Thanks” to management for bringing the new girl TONYA on board. Just my type: Tiny, blond, and a little butt I’d like to camp out on overnight. Dances well worth the money…’nuff said.

  11. brandon

    The best club that I’ve been too!!! The girls are amazing the club is even better! The girls had a lot to talk about and one of the only strip clubs that the girls weren’t money hungry! Michelle, you have put togather the best club in the country. The club is like the one’s you would see in Vegas! If you are in the area you must see this club!!! Amazing job Michelle

  12. mcnasty
  13. Bummed Out

    WAY too expensive with the new no touch rule. Entertainers have to stay back a couple of feet from you, and the VIP is not private and costs $75 an hour. Hey folks…this is Wichita, not VEGAS.

  14. Assman

    Nice, clean club. The girls are all pleasant to look at. Drinks are overpriced ($4.75 for a beer??) but what else is new? Lap dances are out in the open so I will save my $25 on that.

  15. maxxy1

    Michelles Beach House is a decent strip club where the girls are good looking and the environment is clean. While the two main points are great, the largest downside to this club is that if the girls don’t know you they for the most part will ignore you. This works out on one level, in that tips aren’t horribly expensive, but on another level it is disappointing to go into a club willing to spend money and having trouble getting a warm greeting from the girls.

  16. OneWhoKnows

    Overall the BEST club in the area!

  17. Ron

    This use to be a fun club to go to if you just like hanging out with the girls.

    The last few time I’ve been in there, most of the girls were hanging out with one older guy who must be loaded or something. There were about 15 girls working and nine of them were hanging out at this guy’s table back by the DJ booth. Even worse, that guy is there all the time. One of the girls even told me that they can’t give lap dances or sit with anyone else while this guy is in there. I don’t know what his deal is. Maybe he is good friends with the owner or something.

    If you want to go hang out, this can be a fun place. If all the girls are congregating around one guy, move on to a different club. Otherwise, you will spend the night sitting by yourself.

  18. PassRby
  19. new cust

    i was also there for the halloween party and everyone had fun. michelle was even dancing on the bar!

  20. Snake

    Money hungry bitches, most are not much on conversation. The basic line is single, have a kid, only way to make a living is to strip. Have a boyfriend who dosn’t have a job…

  21. Mike

    Not what it used to be…

  22. Jay

    Close it down…or bring back the old club

  23. Jim
  24. Beenthere

    The new club is amazing! Girls are always friendly and some amazing looking and caring women.

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