The OutHouse



1837 North 1500 Road, Lawrence, KS 66046


38.9562259, -95.1631072




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The OutHouse

  1. Irving

    The place does have several beautiful girls. But the staff is rude. It seems like

    they pass the bucket every 10 minutes. The place looks bad and should be

    called the shit house.

  2. Karma

    Not sure if I’m actually supposed to comment on the club I work at, but I rather enjoy it. 🙂 It’s a good club, with some good girls, (though all of us are extremely different). I love working here because there’s such a variety of different looks and personalities.

    And by the way, I the one that snorts when I laugh… X_x shh, don’t tell. haha.

    Weekday crew, that’s where it’s at!

    -Karma Konspiracy

  3. Crystal R.

    This was a kick ass place to go and see a wild show out in the middle of no where in Lawrence, KS. Where a skinhead could show off and punk kids felt at home. My friend got her calf sliced open by a skinhead type guy pogoing around the room w/ razor blades tucked into his Docs. She didn’t even know til the way home.The mosh pit here got REALLY intense and many were hurt…..but all in good fun.I remember going there one and this guy I was with was warming his hands on the HUGE ASS bonfire that a bunch of folks got started. He neglected to remove his fake leather gloves which caught on fire while he was talking….man, such good times!!!!Here’s a lineup of some of the bands that played there w/ Ultraman (quoted from Ultraman’s Myspace…)Ultraman Outhouse shows:July 87 Das DamenOct 87 Redd KrossDec 87 SlapshotApril 88 After Life (Joe’s Life Sentence)June 88 AdolescentsOct 88 GIDec 88 NYEApril 89 GwarJune 89 FugaziAug 89 Feeling Weak tourSept 89 UK SubsDec 89 NYE w/DIJune 90 Naked RaygunOct 90 Rollins BandDec 90 AFDec 90 NYEApril 91 ????July 91 StabbAug 91 7 SecondsRemember some of these bands? Feeling old yet????

  4. Headache

    Great place to see nude woman not just topless, cheap dances, and the VIP room is awesome. It does get a little crowded but who can pass on naked hot women.

  5. terry

    all nude and you can touch!!!

  6. Alan

    this club sucks the name speaks for itself.

  7. the shut down

    yes,this club does need to be shut down.It is trashy.

  8. FRANK


  9. had fun

    It is a great club I always have a great time I really like Dani and Sierra they are really awsome to hang out with I will see you two soon.

  10. D.T.

    Jewels has the most perfect ass I have ever layed eyes upon. Having that little butt in my lap in the VIP was like going to stripper heaven. I’m not sure what she does with it is all that legal, but it’s the best money I’ve spent on ass in a long time.

  11. koolzero

    The place is in the middle of a corn field and the building looks like a shed, but this adds to the experience. This has to be one of the best strip clubs I’ve ever been to, it’s defintely the best one around Kansas City (plus it’s BYOB!!). Sure the inside isn’t the prettiest and it’s a dive, but the girls were hot, and the lapdances were amazing! The cover we paid was $20 but being able to BYOB they could charge twice that and still pack the place, the quality of girls was fantastic plus the length of a lap dance is a full song and not a chopped up song! Very good time, I can’t wait to go back again!

  12. Donna

    Your club is nasty and smelly! You had Candy working for you which makes it the pits of all time. You all learned your lesson with her dumbasses!

  13. brattlebop18

    The dancers are racist, hateful and confrontational. For some reason they think that EVERY MAN ON EARTH wants to be hit hard with a belt across his chest. I personally do not as that’s not at all sexy for me and hurts bad and leaves a very suspicious mark that everybody will ask about. Anyway, I was taking a turn lying on stage and I could tell that the dancer who was in the closest table was about to hit me and I told her VERY CLEARLY “do NOT hit me! I DON’T want to be hit.” She hit me anyway and I then told her that she shouldn’t have done that and she started yelling at me, “GET OFF THE STAGE, YOU FUCKING JEW!!” I got off the stage and calmly tried to explain that men don’t actually like to be hit with the belt. Most just don’t complain about it because they worry it would reflect badly on their toughness, but ultimately it’s not enjoyable at all. She started yelling at me and again went on a rant about, “FUCKING JEW! FUCKING JEW! FUCKING JEW!” So, naturally the bouncer came over and asked me to go to the front of the place and I’m all, “Don’t kick ME out, she’s the one being a total racist!” And he’s all, “what do you mean racist?” And I say, “she just went on a fucking Jew tirade!” and the bouncer looked at her and brought her to the front of the place too. He claims that he sent her home for the night and that he would have a talk with the owner about her actions, but that could’ve just been lip service. It seems like every time I’ve gone in that place, I’m mistreated by dancers who are extremely hostile, confrontational, unfriendly and on-edge. They act like they have a chip on their shoulders and think that you need to submit to them and they can do anything they want. I used to go there to relax, but every time I left stressed out and pissed off! I can’t take being treated like that and you shouldn’t either. Take your money someplace else that doesn’t have a pattern of being abusive and hostile and anti-Semitic! The dancers aren’t even that cute and they sure are By the way, I left pretty much immediately after that as there was zero chance of me being able to relax after that confrontation and asked for my money back, but the doorman said that was the bouncer’s call and the bouncer said that was the doorman’s call. And I told each of them that they each claimed it was the other person’s call. Eventually the doorman outright refused to give me any part of my cover charge back.Just don’t go. You’ll leave way more stressed out than you were when you arrived.

  14. DJ

    Great time. The girls are friendly and hot. Best club in the area.

  15. Bruce

    Awesome club,Byob,you can smoke and full contact lapdance with also a nude Vip.Try to beat that!!!!

  16. Beware

    Like I said watch out real big dump.

  17. Your Mom

    Don’t say that honey, I work here to support you and the kids! I know you hate my meatloaf but I work hard here so we can go out to fancy places like Dairy Queen every once in awhile!

  18. Blake

    Clubs good! Po gotta go!

  19. Jonathan

    Went to the club Friday night and only one of my favorite girls was working so I went back Saturday. Paige and Taylor were great as usual and a new girl named Maria also gave a very good lap dance. Dance prices are currently two for one so it’s a great value. This club is not very pretty but some of the girls are fabulous! It’s the only club I go to anymore.

  20. Bite Me

    This club sucks! Dancers are skanks and smell

  21. Chris

    Loved it! Will definitely be back!

  22. Dancer

    Love it here!


    The place smells like shit and the dj says the same shit over&over&over!!

  24. officer

    why is this club not shut down by now? By the law or the health department.The owner laughs at you for this and thinks that he can get away with everything.I don’t mind strip clubs but this has got to go.

  25. Morgan

    I come here ALL the time and that is because no other club measures up. I love Amber and Dani. They are so real and beautiful.

  26. Joe
  27. james

    you have to drive through unpaved roads to get there… in the middle of nowhere. you car will get dirty. dancers come with attitude. it’s for regulars only. it’s not hospitable to others.

  28. brian

    The girls are still great! Very pretty, nice and really good full contact lap dances. See you again soon.

  29. me too!
  30. Guy
  31. Josh

    Nadia is the best lap dance ever!! I wish I had more money to blow!

  32. outhouse

    the name says it all

  33. Bob

    A great club! The girls are fabulous. Of the 30 (+/-) girls there last night, 20 were great, 5 were good and the rest were OK. Great dances. Had a fabulous time. Best club in KC area. The only negative is the look of the place. It doesn’t look like much from the outside and it doesn’t look much better inside, but if you go to a club for the ladies, this is the place.

  34. Mark

    This club is just too amazing for words.

  35. Chris V.

    Well I want to start off by saying I thought this would be the trashiest strip club ever. To my surprise it was actually pretty nice. It was a lot smaller than most but still pretty nice. The fact that it’s BYOB is freaking awesome, all they ask is that you call ahead before bringing a keg lol. The price isn’t bad it’s $10 for 7 days basically. To tell the truth I did not see a single unattractive dancer. I had gone there thinking it was going to be the worst place ever but, that wasn’t the case at all. If your looking for a chill environment to throw down a couple beers with friends and watch strangers get naked, this is the place to go. Literally it’s BYOB and that goes for any alcohol in any container, dice this place is also 18 and up and maybe one of your friends isn’t quite 21 they don’t care at all haha. Also go ahead and bring your own food if you would like in, and places also deliver while you are there. All in all, a great night.

  36. In the Know
  37. Peter

    Get a lap dance from nadia. She was the best ever.

  38. wow

    this is for reviewing the club. if you want to talk shit on the girls, how about you stick to mucking up the comment section??? The club is awesome and when you get the right girl you will know that all of the bullshit is worthless time spent

  39. Mike

    I love this club! Never a dull moment and so many girls!

  40. Matt C.

    I swear I have never been here…But if I had, I think it would be close to the wildest place on earth. Seriously, welcome to Porkies

  41. Just another person
  42. Rick

    This place is great, that is why it’s been around so long. I will continue to be a customer here till I can’t remember where it is!

  43. Possible owner

    The place is a dump in a cornfield, tatooed dancers all over rejects from good clubs. This site is run by one!

  44. D.D

    Your place sucks!

  45. crap

    Name says it all

  46. The Man!!!!


  47. Ryan

    This club has tons of hot girls and my friends and I had a blast!

  48. Jake

    I was only in here for 45 min and I had to leave. My clothes smelled like shit after being in this hell hole. Girls weren’t classy, there weren’t that many of them and the place is a dump.

  49. R

    Great girls, BYOB, pee on the soybean field…What more could you ask for?

  50. jb

    This club is the second best in lawrence. It has a college atmosphere where the songs and energy is exciting, but I wouldn’t call it a wind down bar. There are way to many college kids, and the building itself feels like one might stick to the walls. Other than that it’s a decent club.

  51. JP
  52. Michael

    Great girls. Very nice, very sexy. Not pushy. They enjoy what they do and do it very well. Delilia, Alyssa and Sidney are my favorites.

  53. Someone

    This is the best club. No Matter what people say about it don’t judge it til you been there and fine out for yourself.

  54. Ray

    I visited this club in Dec. Very impressed with the lap dances from hottie – Nadia. I miss her….

    Is she still dancing at the Outhouse?

  55. steven

    the best club I’ve ever been to, if you’re in the area go!

  56. Robert

    What a great place! Haley, Angel, Nadia, I LOVE you!

  57. nasty trash

    smells,robs you,bouncers think they are bad asses.They start fights with customers.owner apparently hides from customers calls.try to get ahold of him sometime.No management.

  58. mathewater12

    This place is a dive bar in all it’s glory! Went on a Wednesday night- had to check it out with it being BYOB & I’m from Ca…. That’s unheard of. Maybe 10 guys total & something like 8 or so dancers (nice ratio) I was expecting grumpy “I’m not making what I’m shaking” attitude- not here. Everyone was totally cool, happy & not hounding you for dances. This is not Gold Club Centerfolds in SF but I will say I was pleasantly surprised (did a quick check for bullet holes & teeth) If you’re in the area And looking for an interesting time & story to bring home I would highly suggest checking the place out if the dive bar strip club is your scene. Also there is a membership thing you have to register for & some clubs there is a waiting list for this but not here- Enjoy, you only live once & who wants to die knowing they’ve never been to a strip club located in a cornfield

  59. shithole

    Pure waste of money and your time,watch out not getting pick pocket by the girls and the bounicer PO,some girls will jump on your lap and start moving around and charge you for a dance without asking you.and they’re skanky!!!

  60. richard
  61. nice guy

    I love this club wont go anywhere else

  62. sneaky secret

    I have been to the club numerous times and the girls are hot, the beer is cheap(since you bring it in), the dances are excellent, and the VIP room is a great addition.

  63. Weeds

    Love it will be back!!!!

  64. NAI

    This club is freakin’ awesome.

  65. Candy

    Candy is at Coyotes! Dennis Steffes is my man

  66. kc man
  67. Lookout!!!!!

    Hey guys school is back, don’t waste your money or time on this dump

  68. Nate

    I’ve been to about every club in Kansas City and have only been back to one more that once. That would be the Outhouse. The girls are above average, great music, BYOB, great dances with touching. If you didn’t have fun, you’re a prude, gay, asshole.

  69. Magic

    What to say about a club whose outwardly appearance looks okay then the inside just rises above. The main reason to come to a club is to have fun and if you just sit there, no fun, if you participate, the girls are amazing. I have seen this place called all kind of low level names and have been to many other places. The Outhouse is a needed experience. All I want is variety and fun conversation and dancers having fun on top of me. You can get it all here. The latest fun one is Luna. Oh My! Perfect girl – thanks Luna.

  70. Shane

    I was there on Saturday night and the place was full of hot “very friendly” chicks! I’m regretting it took me so long to finally get out there from Kansas City, but it was totally worth the drive and Ill be back for more!!!!!

  71. Will

    I don’t care, I’d still hit it. You’re mom probably has an STD, WAIT..It’s YOU! You’re the STD, STUPID TRICK DUMBASS. LMFAO.

  72. Will Be Back!!!!

    Oh it’s so wonderful that a club like this actually exists! My dream come true! I will definitely be a regular here and bring friends next time!

  73. Tim

    Sundays thur Thursday dances are 2 for the price of one.Its Byob and the girls are all hot.Love this club.Its like no other, gotta check it out.

  74. What was her NAME???

    I really liked this club and I really like one of the girls, i cant remember her name but if you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. she has kind of dark brown hair ,about 5’1 and very sexy and she snorts a lil when she laughs, i thought that was so real and cute.and do you know the nights she works,i want to come back in and see her and spread the money around ,she said the dancers like that too.

  75. Ed

    trashy fat strippers

  76. worst club

    like a house party in the slums.Not like a club at all.Very trashy.

  77. The Entertainer

    This place is a joke. Skanky girls and stripper has beens that need to retire. The fat white guy bouncer with the long goat-tee is a complete ass. Don’t pay the cover until you look around the corner and see the lack of anything worth giving money to. I gave this place a shot but I’m ready to try one of the others for awhile.

  78. yuck

    This place seems to be very nasty. Anything goes this is real nasty.

  79. yardapesbb

    Went by on a Thursday night for 2 for 1 dances and had a great time. The BYOB is great, you can take a cooler in and just relax. The ladies were all average to above average. I’ll plan on returning. If you arnt familar with the area check with Google Maps the Outhouse is just a cinderbock building that sits out in the middle of a field.

  80. Matthew K.

    Unfortunately, this place transformed from an underground 80’s punk venue to a nude picnic. Located on the edge of town, the outhouse oddly allows you to bring your own booze and observe gals who remove clothing for revenue.The Outhouse seems to be good for bringing a cooler of canoe beer with your lowest friends and staring blankly at girls who want you to give them your paycheck. I guess go if you lack social skills, enjoy watered down beer, or never liked punk music. A true Lawrence tragedy.

  81. Jeff

    It may be out in the middle of nowhere… but it’s worth the drive.

  82. Jimm

    Gotta go here and check these woman out ! Definitely some hotties who know how to entertain!!!

  83. Bandit

    I heard about the contact freindly policy of this place and made a bee line to it one day later. The contact friendly aspect is correct. The quality of women on a Thursday night was highly suspect. The ethnic women there were slammin and friendly with very tight bodies. The others were of very poor quality and poor dance skills on stage. One dancer had very good skills on the pole but don’t remember her name. I was invisible to all except the women of color who chatted me up asked if I wanted a dance.

  84. yep

    maybe if you spent some money or talked to us instead of your friends we wouldnt be bored

  85. HAHA

    The whole system has a virus!

  86. Reverend Michael

    First time here in a year. One of my favorite dancers from 4 years ago is back and she’s as good as I remembered. Her name is Allie (formerly Hadley). Had a great time with her. Very fun lap dances. Enjoyed Abby and Christie too but Allie is my favorite.

  87. Larry

    All things considered, still the best in Lawrence. Need to get rid of some of the darker girls and bring in some more girls like Taylor.

  88. Fuck off

    Stop spamming our comment boards with your shit…if u dont like the club dont come in…the end

  89. Candy & Dennis

    This place always sucked! You to Po!!!!

  90. kyle o'brien
  91. AJ Overson

    best club in usa

  92. J
  93. Bill

    Feel like i’m in a bad house party. A couple good chicks with a whole lot of dicks. not for me

  94. Gary

    Was in the other night and had a great time with all the girls who were working, not one ugly girl in the whole club

  95. Been There

    This club is the best club in the mid-west I love it the girls are nice and very hot. always have a good time. worth every dollar

  96. Grinder

    Can you please upgrade your quality of workers.Dancer look like the are starving and bounicer treat you like they’ll mug you.What a Dump

  97. BillJako

    The Name discribes this club well. Take the road to the end of the pavement and then go about a half mile and you will find the “OUTHOUSE” appropiately named.

    Of the four clubs in Lawrence the out house has to be bottom of the barrel. Though there are some nice and attractive dancers. I did get some dances and was pleased Toni (spelling could be incorrect) and Paradise. Both gave good dances very energetic. I would have to say that Toni was far more energetic though. She really get into her dances and might enjoy them as much as we do.

    The downfall for the club is its location, upkeep, and layout. The location is out in the middle of nowhere. I pulled into a spot once I got there and was asked to move because it is the reserved for one of the bouncers (that was a laugh). I would say he was bouncy than bouncer. After that I payed to get in. Once in I noticed that the place is a dive. The stage is not very well maintianed and the chairs and tables where terribly dirty and sticky. The private dance area is not really that. It is more of a really big closet that they hung beads infront of. The beads are to act as a privacy wall. We all know that doesn’t work. So you are paying 30 a song for a dance that anyone can see.

    Other topics I didn’t like but seem to be the norm for Kansas was that a 16 dollar band had to be bought from the club ontop of entrance so that you could get a private dance. So with the math you are into the club for nearly $31 and you haven’t even gotten your first dance. The hourly Dollar tip jar is also a bit bothersome.

    Overall not a very good club. Should really be closed but this is the sticks so that is not likely to happen. I would say that you are far better off going to Allstars or to the Pink Flamingo. Well hope this saves a few people to pain for a drive to noplace. Best of luck to all.

  98. thatguy
  99. john

    I touched titties!

  100. Steve
  101. mouser

    As a female I LOVE IT. I get in FREE get to lay down on stage and touch all I want for $1 and watch my boyfriend enjoying the show. BYOB is the way to go and as long as you tip the girls pay attention to you. Anything goes here as long as the dancers okay with it. It is in the middle of nowhere and a run down building but if you can get over it you will have a blast. I always go here and even on MON, TUES, WED have a blast.

  102. Jack

    This club sucks big time if you want to be hustled

  103. big jake

    Best club in kansas!!!

  104. Butch

    I love it! Great Ladies! A Lotta fun!

  105. eric

    this is trashy place. been there a couple of time. the last time i was there for more than 30 minutes, i didn’t even get a dance. but a girl did come around and colected $1 from me the moment i walked in! the bouncer is not friendly! will never be back!

  106. tom

    hot girls.

  107. GUYS

    Watchout for Lilith, trouble! But the rest of the gals are fun and entertaining. Place is out in a cornfield, but what you get to do to them inside is just about unheard of anywhere else.

  108. Seth

    Hot girls, great club

  109. outhouse night rider

    It was so creepy..all old aged girls….no quality…its like a trash dump…cover charge too high $15…never go there…

  110. Guest

    I absolutly loved this club. The girls were awesome. I liked the girl on the mic. I think her name was Sierra. She does a really good job taking care of the guys for the girls. I will be back for sure.

  111. regular

    Hey girls I had a gret time on tues. and on thurs. night all the girls on those nights are great and I will be back on those nights

  112. Nick S.

    One star or five stars? This place at one time was a requisite venue for any punk rock band to play. It is now a BYOB strip club.Through the 80’s/90’s any and every punk rock act from around the nation would play here.Bobby Steele getting his face kicked in by a skinhead.GG Allin threatening to commit suicide on stage at his next appearance and subsequently not even showing up at all.Urine soaked floor, walls, everything. A few bands that used to play here (I think Cutler composed this list originally):2 Car Family, 2 Mile Death Plunge, 7 Seconds, Abuse, Acid Raygun, Action Man, Agnostic Front, Alice Donut, All, Altered Media, Angst, Apostle Death, Aversion, Battery Idiot, Be in Black, Big Chief, Beernuts, Big Toe, Bikini Kill, Biohazard, Blue Meanies, Born Against, Boy Dirt Car, Boys Life, Brick Layer Cake, Broken Inglish, Circle Jerks, Coffin Break, The Cum Puppies, The Crucifucks, Dashboard Budda, Dazzling Killmen, D.O.A, The Descendents, The Detonators, The Digits, D.C. Beggars, Doggy Style, Donnie and the Outhouse All Stars, D.R.I, Drowing Incident, Duh-Ta-Duh-Ta-Duh, EMF, Eubekenia Campaign, The Exploding Rodents, Fear, The Feindz, Flour, Forced Behavior, The Fry Guys, G.B.H, Green Day, Germ Box, The Grenade Victims, The Hayseeds, Hellen Keller’s World, Helmet, The Iquanas, Immaculate Reception, Jawbox, The Jesus Lizard, Joe Worker, Judge Nothing, KGB, Kill Dozer, Kill Whitey, King Trash, The Klusterfux, Left Insane, Legion of Doom, Let’s Go Bowling, Lonesome Houndogs, The Lovely Dead, The Meat Puppets, The Melvins, Merely Twisted, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mind Over 4, Molly McGuire, Mooncalf, Mopar Funeral, The Mortal Micronotz, Mu 330, Mudhead, Mutt Finnicky, Murphy’s Law, Naked Raygun, Near Death Experience, No Means No, Non Prophet Organization, Nosferatu, Octoclod, The Pedal Jets, Piston Grind, Platonic Bondage, Prong, Psychosis, Rabid Fetus, The Radicts, Ritual Device, Roach Factory, Rollins Band, Rot Gut, Season 2 Risk, Second Chance, The Selecter, The Sex Criminals, Short Notice, Shup Bish, Side Show, Sick of it all, Sin City Disciples, Skankin Pickle, Skeletal Ambitions, Skin Yard, Skog, The Skatenigs, Slackjaw, Slam Suzanne, Sleeze Tax, The Spinebenders, SNFU, The Swinging Dicks, Troubled Youth, Trouser Trout, Type O Negative, U.K. Subs, Ultraman, The Undead, Vae Victus, Vampire Rock, Victims Family, The Wayback Machine, Weirdo’s, Which Doctors, White Zombie, Wrecking Crew.Yeah, I just posted that entire list in case anyone ever wanted to know just how awesome this place was.

  113. Brent

    Hope you bring lots of beer. That’s all these girls do is sit around on their fat asses and drink. They don’t even ask ya for dances, they just ask for beer! Fat ass beer gut girls. They could be advertisements for Bud or some shit.

  114. sucks

    this club is a shithole

  115. Waste of time

    Dump thats why its called the outhouse, a real shit hole

  116. Justin

    Very poor management and staff qualitiy of girls is down.Lots of drug junkies and you know what at this club?Lots of pick pocketers here too.Horrible club.Don’t waste your time or money.You meet the 58 year old asian chick who will jump on your lap and charge you for a dance without askin?Save your time and money!!!

  117. Father John

    Not as good this time as usual. None of my favorite girls were working, in fact I understand none of them work there anymore. Alex was great though. Excellent full contact lap dance. She was so good I couldn’t try anybody after her. I hope you know what I mean.

  118. Tony

    Just poor.

  119. T man

    Tonight 7p.m. to 10 p.m. dances are 2 for one.I will be here,plus so of the most sexiest and hottest women around.Great place.

  120. nomadic1

    I like to go here as often as I can afford. Each time I go I find a new favorite. Even the ugly girls can give a great dance. But there are some hotties. I am glad that some of the girls have quit or been thrown out. Come on VIPER??!! she was over 40 and looked it too, friendly but old. Yes they are 20$ dances but full contact. 15 to get into VIP and 30 per dance in there. Of course that is full contact and totally nude. Girls are friendly and some downright nasty, in a good way. There was one that when you spoke with her she would just stroke her breasts, you couldn’t even talk that was too distracting. If you lay on the stage they will come up and kneel over your head!! How is that for p____y shot!! 3 inches away!! I haven’t had a bad time there yet. Thurs – Saturday are almost too busy, pure debauchery, chaotic erotic fun. Buy Hey PO doesn’t mess around if you are acting up he will throw you out. He has his eyes on the troublemakers, he can spot them. Great job PO. The other bouncers keep to themselves, I would hate to see them spring into action. Great club, great value, many sites to see. If you want some personal attention go on Sunday and Monday, ALSO great times, the girls don’t run around so much trying to make a buck and if they work on SUN/Mon they get deals to come in on Saturday so you see many mainliners there. It is a great time.

  121. aly
  122. Mo

    The Wed DJ kiks ass

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