Club Alley Cat



2266 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815


21.2802724, -157.8270419



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Alley Cat

  1. fuckery12

    Don’t come here for the normal experience. Come here for the surreal ridiculousness. Come late. After 2am. This place is indescribable.

  2. Ariana M.

    Club Alley Cat is located on Kuhio Street, across from the Waikiki Trade Center. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see it right away, it’s really not that obvious. You have to look further down the alley way for it, in between Pho Old Saigon and Sandbox.For $10, you get to experience this wonderful hell hole filled with dogs, George W. Bush, senior strippers, manikin, and beer. For an additional $20, you can also experience the gold fish, cigarettes, ping pong, and balloons. I’ll leave it to you to get the full experience on your own 😉

  3. ryan123

    Wow!! This place is a little piece of Bizarro Land. It’s down a weird alley, little dogs behind the bar for some reason, and photos of George W. and Laura Bush covering every wall in the joint. Weird. I just went with my friends because its the only place open after 4 am, and I have been to many strip clubs before, but this was just a new level of creepy. The women I saw were all 45 years old plus, bad Botox and fake collagen lips, cheek implants, saggy boobs, just wow. That’s all I got to see because they decided I wasn’t welcome, apparently I made some comments about their idol, George W., that they didn’t like. So I was escorted out for disrespecting George W., um, weird. At least they gave me my ten bucks back. But no, unless you want to go somewhere that you feel the need to take a hot, disinfecting shower afterward and feel slightly disturbed for days after, don’t go near this train wreck. Even if its open until 6 am, you would be better off just going to ihop and going to bed.

  4. AssnTits5

    Me & my husband stumbled upon this place 3 yrs ago. I was drawn in by the woman @ the door offering a beer & naked dancers for $10. We had no idea how much fun it would be. There were the small dogs we had seen that lady pushing in the stroller each day on Waikiki beach sleeping on pillows surrounded by pics of George Bush, a x-mas tree made out of creepy dolls & stuffed animals & a woman that had the most enormous lips and boobs . They served us warm beer & led us to see the 23yr old stripper who made the pole look like a toothpick, she giggled a lot & loved smacking my husband in the head w/her enormous titties. Everyone was nice & we knew we had to go back. They didn’t disappoint this yr. no more dogs, the lady had a stroke. Lady w/ giant lips performed for us. Unforgettable. (Great freaky way to end by birthday) all the fish survived .

  5. rogerrab2

    Basically, I can give you the heads up for this club. When I was home in the summer of 2013…I was experiencing some of the strip clubs in Waikiki and this was one of them. Bare with me and keep reading this…but at first you will think this club is really strange because of the interior design but trust me you will not waste your $10. For starters, that includes a free drink plus entry. Second, you MUST go on a Friday or Saturday night because that is when there is one girl who is young and gorgeous. When you go in, ask one of the ladies for Honey…have her dance for you. Trust me, you will find this review very helpful and you will not regret it. She is very young and you definitely would not think that a beautiful girl as herself, would be in a odd club like that. Also, once you go to the club enough…you find out that the owner, her sister and the ladies who work the door are very nice. They may not seem like the most outgoing people at first but remember…don’t judge a book by its cover.

  6. maxxy1

    This must be where old strippers serve their time in Purgatory.No attractive dancers to speak of and they only had Coors Lite when I arrived. I’ll only go back if I want to punish myself for something bad I’ve done.

  7. Weedman420

    This place is a priceless experience. A women shoots ping pong balls out of her… Ya know what I don’t even want to spoil the surprise. Don’t eat before you go.

  8. igor34

    I’m almost positive that this is the portal to hell. After me and my buddy’s were at a local bar down the street we got lured into this place by two smoking hott chicks that were at the same place we were before. I’m thinking they might get paid to bring people here . But I stood outside and debated wether or not to go into this place for about 20 min. Finally I said screw it and went in although we made one of our friends stay sober just incase they tried to steal our kidneys. When we walked it I was just scared there were manicans and there was a wall of stuffed animals. When I went to get a beer the lady would not let me see her pour it so I was very skeptical about that. She got offended when I asked to see her pour it. I think this is a nursing home for retired strippers. It was the most sketch place I’ve ever been . At one point I told my friends that if I get turned into a manican I would come back and hunt them down. But besides the dogs on the counter, the fish tank full of dead turtles, the shrine to George w, the stuffed animals, the manicans, the old strippers, the scary people, the weird bar service, and the crazy people that hang out there me and my friends had a pretty fun time we talked about it for days it was one hell of a night. Everyone should go to this place at least once. And I might go back myself cause there was this amazing brunette that brought us there and I never asked for her number or instagram so maybe she will be there again.

  9. Chris S.

    Locals call this place “freak show” and it’s for good reason. This run down shack has bad mojo pouring out of the alley that it’s settled in. When I went they had three strippers, two of them had to be over 65 years old. One of them had a lip the size of Waikiki beach. The third stripper was at least 7 ft tall. This is a place to go if you want to experience Waikiki after 3:30 am when the last of the bars close and you’re looking for an unusual adventure/ story or just want some extra beer before you call it a night.

  10. billtheguy12

    Please do not. There’s a reason there’s no refund. I’ve never regretted anything so much in my life.

  11. Mika S.

    Bizarre funNot for everyoneBoozeThe weirdest showNot for prudes

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