12 North Lathrop Avenue, Savannah, GA 31415


32.095194, -81.114396




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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You’re table is waiting… Enjoy Savannaha’s only premier upscale gentlemen’s club featuring the hottest entertainers in Savannah. Our passion for quality and impeccable attention to detail, we can ensure that your visit will be an unforgettable experience. We also offer premier bottle service and host large parties along with your company catering needs.


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0 reviews for “Scores

  1. just sayin

    How the hell do you expect this club to be worth two shits when you have the management carrying dope around in their front pockets? Not to mention the fact that the majority of girls on day shift are really unattractive and skanky. The manager pimps out some of the girls. I mean really? I was in there for 10 mins and was offered all the drugs I wanted and a shot of ass to go with it.

  2. nick l

    This club is on the up swing. New girls great drinks and alot of fun.

  3. Tyler

    Saturday was off the hook!!! it felt like my wife and I were at a party not a serious strip club. We’ll be back next week!

    ps: I know the 3 hotties on stage made bank!

  4. Really???..

    fat chicks….. theres no in between either coked out or fat as fuck more like Dirty Harry’s..Gross, Nasty and made me ill!!!! eewwwwwwwwwww..I’d write more but i gotta clean the puke off my shirt…

  5. out of town

    Great place and very friendly. This is a great club.

  6. brandonresh

    OMFGI love Parker. She’s ma boo. Boobies everywhere. Creepy dudes everywhere. Doing renovations so potential for more stars. Kitchen was closed so instead of the steak I settled for a roast beef sandwich. No back room because of the renovations so it’s fun watching virgins fall in love during public lap dances. DJ was a bro. Manager was a bro. Parker was a bro. Im a bro. #SteveBri

  7. GOGO

    Too many black chics!

  8. Dale

    We had a great time last night, Monet is HOT HOT HOT… sorry my brother inlaw threw water on your girls 🙁 We’ll be back!!!

  9. joseph1k

    Everything you could want in a good strip club. I’ve visited all in the area and keep coming back to Scores.

  10. homeslice
  11. NakedHazel

    Uncle Harry’s is what you would expect in a small town, good lookin’ local women and a medium size establishment. Don’t expect too much from the girls, dances are $30 and VIP rooms are also available. They serve food and drinks are a reasonable price. I had a great time on a Thursday night. It’s tucked back in the industrial side of town but seems to still get plenty of business. 2 bars and 2 stages with around 10 girls.

    If you want to dance there…they don’t have a schedule or license. Tip out is an affordable flat rate and they take out of the lap dances. You’ll probably have an average to above average night. Staff is great and the girls won’t bother you.

  12. devon

    hey i just moved into town and was thinking about working while i was down here…..i was wondering if anyone could give me some information such as if you have to follow schedules….what are their liquor and lincense laws, what is the house fee and tip out, do they take money out of lap dances, do they have a vip room, how many dancers are there normally and about how much does a dancer average make

  13. lala
  14. Jason

    We all just got back from Iraq, toured the area’s clubs lastnight. Uncle Harry’s by far was the friendliest!

  15. Mike

    One chick has hemmorids hanging out of her ass! and she smells like dead fish

  16. Rob

    I felt very comfortable. It was a nice layed back enviroment.

  17. Jake

    Very nice club. The place is looking good.

  18. Strip club

    The best club in town. A 10.

  19. bob
  20. tonycluber

    This may be a gentlemen’s club,but I’m usually here for the food which is excellent. Whether it’s the lunch specials (yes, they have lunch specials) or dinner (which you need to be here for by 11 PM for because the kitchen closes promptly at 11:45) I always enjoy my meals here. Drinks are good too. My favorites are the lemon pepper wings,shrimp basket with fries and the Ciroc peach with orange juice. The entertainers and waitresses are beautiful and work hard for the their money and they treat the customers right.

  21. Customer X

    Great place to go for a beer after work. The staff is great and the food is even better. If only they would give me free beer I would nover leave!!!

  22. gino

    the club was great. smokin hot girls, great staff, the manager took time to introduce himself and a few girls, thanks glenn. i will be a regular at this bar.

  23. cool cat

    Savannah Gentlemens Club is better, less drama!

  24. Johnson12

    Probably the worst establishment that I have been to . Went here for “lunch”,and they must have had the D team working . I would have payed to not see anything…. except maybe the bar tender. If you enjoy watching walruses at feeding time step right in .On the upside …beer is cold.

  25. james t

    Great place had the best time.

  26. charles

    awesome time everyone should go

  27. Jennifer
  28. just stoped in

    The place is looking great. the girls are awsome.

  29. Earl
  30. Jay

    It is now called Emperor’s Club. Kitty is a great dancer.

  31. I love this place!

    The best club I’ve ever been in!!!

  32. the guy in white and black

    The women their are beautiful. I really had feeling for one girl. She the only one I ask for a lap dance out of all the beautiful women their. I even tip her extra when I seen she had some money she made that nite.

  33. art

    Great place .I had a real good time. See you soon

  34. Happy

    I love this place

  35. StripItUp

    In overall, this club sucks. There are many women there, but only 2 of them are hot, and they are very picky, most of the time they will ignore you unless you are a regular. Everyone else either ugly, fat, or both. I came in at 12am and the kitchen is closed. Drinks are wicked expensive, $5 for a beer, and you have to have drinks with you at all times. Poor lighting in both dance floor and private area. Save your money for another clubs in NC or SC or FL.

  36. hater

    name says it all…… bitch shave!

  37. maxxy1

    I’ve visited a few times, the drinks are good if expensive, the food is suprisingly good. Most of the girls are hot and all very friendly. Dances may be a bit expensive but I found champagne rooms are well worth it. Lots of girls, mostly weekends but usually Thursday and Friday are good too

  38. dude

    They never have the same girls! High turn around cause of manager drama!

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