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10am – 7pm


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Rachel’s World Class Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse is a luxurious Adult Entertainment Complex and an award winning 5 Star Restaurant.

You will find the most beautiful women in Florida and a dining experience that rivals the finest steakhouses in the world!

Our entertainers, servers and bar staff are all trained professionals dedicated to providing you with a quality product and a memorable occasion.

Gentlemen looking for the best strip clubs in Florida always think of Rachel’s.


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83 reviews for “Rachel’s

  1. Hungry Man

    Went in for a steak and few shots and the bartender was very nice. I wish I had her name so I could give her credit where it’s due. I sat at a table right after for dinner and my order was taken almost 5 minutes later, the filet mignon was fantastic. The entertainment was mellow, but on a Tuesday night it was perfect. Everyone around me had a great time! Right upon entry I was greeted, and management was very kind. I will definitely recommend to anyone and it’s a clean, friendly, club environment. Very professional as well, don’t hesitate to walk in!

  2. Allison Jacobson

    Ladies beware of house mom . I danced here for a while & never had an issue except for a dance I did . Some guy pulled out his **** & I felt very uncomfortable. I asked him to put it away and the blonde short chubby bartender came in as he was putting it away but we did not want any drinks . Long story short , I finish the dance and get ready to change out , house mom says I’m fired for doing extra activity however I was in there for 20 minutes. They let me finish the room but I was in need of help not to be fired . I was in an uncomfortable situation however he abided when I asked him to put it away. I told her what actually
    Happened and she said I need to talk to the manger but after they failed to my safety – I don’t think I want to. Just be aware . House mom was chubby with glasses I think .she never asked me anything either just terminated me without any concerns .

  3. Alejandro Sanchez

    I met this smoking hot stripper named Debbie saying she broke up with her boyfriend and had moved back to town. She was living with a girlfriend that had helped her get a job at Rachels and went down to check her out this place was awesome. The steaks were fantastic the place was packed with hot women and Debbie did the nasty for me as promised. You gotta love it here, highly recommended to everyone.

  4. Lady Gaga

    Visited on 9-22-22 at 12PM. $192 got us three adult beverages, one appetizer, two side salads, two steaks, a dessert, and two sides. Our server Danny was extremely nice and friendly and fast.

    First we started out with the onion rings which were delicious. They were crispy and hot and served with a tasty creamy sauce. We also had a couple caesar salads which were cold and crunchy and perfectly dressed. The drinks were strong and Danny even brought us a couple shots cuz it’s our 10 year anniversary. Amazing!

    I had the 8 oz. fillet medium which was cooked perfectly. The meat was big and thick, the outside was seared and seasoned perfectly, and it was tender and flavorful. I also got a side of asparagus and a side of mashed potatoes which were delicious.

    This was my first time at a place like this and I wasn’t sure of the etiquette but our server explained if you tip the dancers on stage they’ll come over and ask you if you want a dance so that’s what we did. A very nice lady named Jennae came over after we tipped her and asked if we wanted a dance and she took us to another area of the space.

    It was $20 per dance and lemme tell ya she earned it. She was so beautiful and such a good dancer I couldn’t believe it. I was giggling the whole time due to the novelty of it all. I’ve seen strippers a million times on TV but it’s so much more fun in person. She was so sweet and talented!

  5. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    If any of the fine ladies that are working here are in need of a sugar daddy, I am happy to give them a nice spanking on their tushy. I am a talented ass worshiper and expert in servicing naughty stripper girls. I have a degree from Harvard in art of spankmenship so hit me up and send me your contact number and I will take good care of your sweet bottom $$$.

  6. Joey Asses Joey Asses

    Place is now open till 4am and is cranking business with plenty of bangin hot girls to choose from. I was having a nostalgic Florida moment & felt a definite rise in my pants and so I am compelled to give “two thumbs up” for one of my favorite titty bars in South Florida Steakhouse clubs arround.

  7. AssnTits5

    Crappy place. Went there spent over 2k tonight. Then the valet guy charges me 10$ for parking my car. They never told me there was a $10 fee nor did he mention when I have him a second tip to retrieve my car. Then he would give me keys to my car till I paid. Girls/strippers were hot. However they flock you when you walk in. Ask you what you do for a living??? Really? Who’s managing this place?! Waitresses great but valet made the whole exp SUCK! I will go to Monroe’s for now on where the parking is free. Get with the program Rachael’s.

  8. not going back

    there is nothing good to say about this place

  9. Barry

    Very nice and upscale women. The dances are $20 like anywhere else and the women do a great job. There’s a mixture of women. For the first time I danced with a very beautiful ebony woman there. Well spoken classy and not aggressive. She noves her body very well. Went up stairs with here and had a great time. Also got a few dances with a russian chick named Katia Smooth is all I can say. If money is an issues please don’t attend. Otherwise you will not be entertained.

  10. Shelly

    Still has the best looking girls working out of the Palm Beach clubs!

  11. good
  12. paige

    very nice and upscale

  13. Joe
  14. fritter17

    Had the ribeye and a spinach augratin. My meal was almost excellent. The steak was slightly overcooked but that in no way affected the overall flavor. I just like to see a little more pink in the middle of my steak but the flavor was spot on. The spinach augratin was… I don’t have the words. Maybe amazing is a good description. Not to mention the scenery was pretty awesome. I will definitely return.

  15. Regular guy

    Very expensive but well worth the money.

  16. 20 Grand

    Went to the club day shift. Denise (Tina) was all over me and said “Trust me” and I did. She got me falling down drunk and took me for over 20K in AEX charges in on day shift. She is super sexy and super smart. I feel like a total fool. The last thing she said as they put me in a taxi was “Well you are not that smart once I got your drunk and horny”. I was an idiot.

  17. curtis17

    My review is strictly about one dancer in particular. She goes by the stage name of Szemi. She is a horrible, detached, cold, fake (body and boobs), not a good GF experience. She’s like a machine. No feelings. She takes your money real fast, she’s hungry for it. I founds some pics on a different website. You’ll get an idea what she looks like exactly. I went there with a few friends and said that even on them she used her hand a lot, and kept it there “for more”. Here she is: exploretalent.com/szemin…

  18. Mika
  19. Face it

    The house mom charges $95 for plain, ugly, long dresses. I was making a lot and then the manager asked me if I liked it there and I told him “yes” and he had the nerve to tell me there were too many girls! And I had to go home! They let old guys get touchy feely if they have alot of money. The girls are really mean and follow you around the bar if they are jealous. They are all old and think their shit doesn’t stink, which it really does! They are very rude and charge the dancers MORE for drinks and if they make wrong, they just tell you , “Shouldn’t you be drinking like bud lite or something? I mean really”.

  20. danielson

    Great place to grab some food for lunch. The buffet is only 10 dollars and it’s very high quality. The steaks are amazing and always cooked to perfection. The menu is not huge but everything on it is a 5 star choice. The ladies are beautiful, friendly and actually educated. They don’t hustle you for dances within 5 minutes and very respectful. You can definitely bring your wife or girlfriend there for a nice fun evening.

  21. Tower
  22. Jimmy

    Went into Rachels the other night, girls were great, food was excellent. This is my third trip in. Went to skybox as I have the last two times. This time the man upstairs told me if I tip him well he would give me the room for half price. A great deal, tip him 100 and he will knock off 250 from the room. Had a great time in skybox as well. All in all a great trip. I suggest if you go to skybox ask for Joey, offer to tip him and ask for a deal. PS this also decreased the amount to the girl I took up, so actually I saved 500, not bad if you do the math!

  23. Jerry


    So Boring, They useto have great food now its awful

  24. West Palm Native

    Stopped into the old stomping grounds tonight, couldn’t believe it. Rachel’s had only two girls. I have been coming to this club since it opened and have never seen only two girls here. Was there a dancer convention somewhere else. Did everyone quit. Guess I will try somewhere else for tonight. Hope they bring the girls back, was looking forward to a nice steak and entertainment.

    Disappointed !!!

  25. Lacey

    The Casselberry Rachels SUCKS

  26. richard95

    Only one thought when visiting….Just let me die here. First, because I didn’t ever want to leave. Second because I wanted to kill myself when I realized how much money I had happily spent on the food and the girls. All I can say is, bring your big boy wallets fellas…because you are going to need them. First of all, this place is amazing even when you pull up. You feel like you’re being greeted at a Four Seasons valet when you pull up. Huge and beautiful inside. Takes your eyes a second to adjust and then…..BAMMMMM your in another world. They just don’t make strip clubs like this anywhere execept Vegas. Surely not LA. Girls everywhere, and one hot girl after another -outshined by the next hotter one. Stage performance’s are ridiculous. Multiple girls on different stages, poles, platforms. Why don’t I live in Florida again? Off to get something to eat and the food is as good as the dancers are beautiful! Probably as good of a filet mignon as I have ever had- perfect medium rare. Drinks were just laid out in front before we even had to ask. Overall, service was like having your own private waiter in your own private restaurant. Now to the girls. Hard to imagine that there were ever more bombshell girls assembled in one strip club on one Saturday night…EVER. And I have been to Vegas clubs many many times. Not only hot, but wow can they perform on stage. Classy with showmanship. Some must work for Cirque on the side. Overall, we must have stayed for at least five hours and we got so loaded that I didn’t want to check my credit card receipt again for a week. Needless to say, I now have a second job to pay for it. If you are ever in West Palm…you only live once. The first recipient of the HOLY SHIT NOW THIS IS A STRIP CLUB AWARD.

  27. v

    They are all lesbians and dominatrix’s!!!! What the heck? Maybe that’s why their were so many cop cars outside the next day……they don’t believe in regular lap dances.

  28. XXXbeast

    Attractive girls, I drank beer (hard to review that), but it was clean and friendly and was one of the better adult bars I have been to. Wait staff was great, actually she was probably the hottest girl in there, wish she would have gone on stage!

  29. Manalapan Customer

    I will never be back until they get rid of the idiot GM that is ruining this place. Randy always treated us well, and upon arriving we were treated like crap by what we found out to be the “new GM”. What an A$$. $7000 spent to be treated like crap, guess we will go south for our weekly trips. Great job at losing loyal customers.

  30. felixnada

    Went there with my boyfriend and his brother and wife. We had the steak oscar and drinks. This place is very good when it comes to food. They do know what they are doing. Drinks are overly priced but hey its a strip club so what do you expect. Had a great time and if I ever want to go to a good strip club then I will be going back here.

  31. Robert
  32. tonycluber

    My hot wife treated me to visiting Rachel’s together on a weeknight. We arrived after midnight and we both liked it because the hospitality was great and the girls were hot, including the waitresses (except one dancer, who was only moderately attractive and obviously had saline implants that were causing the characteristic ripples or wrinkles, and I felt that the very pronounced appearance of the ripples made them unsightly). Several seemed to be older than what we are used to (maybe in their 40’s, whereas we are more accustomed to dancers in their 20’s). Cover was reasonable: $10 each, but I’m more used to clubs where women get in free. One of the dancers was incredible on the pole; her acrobatics were unbelievable. We have never, ever, seen such talent in clmbing the pole and doing all kinds of amazing acrobatics on the pole. In most strip clubs, the dancers are not pushy when they see my wife and me together. But here, one dancer still approached us and tried to sell a lap dance. The lap dances that we saw going on were done topless, not nude (not surprisingly, I prefer fully-nude). My wife got a sour impression on the way out when she visited the ladies’ restroom. She felt it was dirty, stinky, and missing toilet paper (only the handicapped stall had paper). If the old management proverb is true (“you can gauge the quality of an establishment by the cleanliness of its restrooms”) then Rachel’s needs to pay more attention to the restrooms, at least the ladies room. The music also seemed a bit raunchy for such an upscale establishment. Other than those things, it was a beautiful place and we would consider coming back.

  33. DexterRexter

    Gentlemens Club, Steak House. Tonight it was neither. The steak was good, the spinach was smothered in cheese and virtually invisible. No water offered. The carrot cake was a day or two old.The girls. Very attractive. Very inattentive. Six sat around a table chatting, four clustered at the bar, two spoke to me — both hustled a private room Two starss tonight.

  34. Bad experience

    I spent over $500.00 and was treated very poorly

    most of the girls were into the ghetto gang banger dudes

  35. What Happened

    What has happened to this place. Haven’t been in for a while. Came in tonight, dinner was good. Music sucked, all rap and hip hop music. Went upstairs and some idiot with a mohawk tells me if I tip him 500.00 he won’t come back in the room to check on me, but if I don’t then he’ll keep coming back. I asked him, isn’t that your job. I could care less if came and checked on me or not. I have brought my wife with me many times here, but will not do that again. Place looks like a guido convention let out and they all now work here, extorting money from the customers at every turn. This place used to be about service, now it’s about these little punks. BTW I spent over 3000.00 tonight, so it’s not like I didn’t deserve a little respect.

  36. Gary S.

    Yes it is a steakhouse in a strip bar. (As a married man I will not go any deeper into that, pun intended)The Shrimp cocktail is the best I have ever had to this very day. The horseradish in the cocktail sauce will make you exhale regardless how much you had to drink. I also like the cheese mash immensely.I like when you see the blue haired Palm Beach crowd, they are standing there waiting for their table when in plain site there is nudity galore.REMEMBER NUDITY AND FOOD IN PUBLIC IS NOT A WINNING COMBO! PLEASE REFRAIN FROM INVITING WORKING WOMEN FROM OVER THE WALL TO JOIN YOU FOR NUDE CONVERSATION, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE WITHOUT A HAIRNET. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

  37. Bill
  38. jason

    there are some veterans there that need to move on because they are obviously miserable there and are always complaining to us about their club but the young fresh girls are of great company. the managers are so hospitable. the wait staff is superb! keep up the good work!! cant wait to see the renovations!

  39. xxxtim

    for $20. The lap dance should be some touching (not a lot)

  40. larry1

    Had a great experience. Prime Rib and loaded potato cooked perfectly. Girls Girls Girls was the cherry on top

  41. Harrison69

    My fiancé and I ate dinner here and the steaks were very good. One little thing is that they would let the steaks sit for a minute before serving them as all other 5 star restaurants do. Not knowing that the steaks were literally pulled off the grill and served I burned myself on mine. My fiancé and I came here together and the girls were very respectful of that not hanging around like the do with groups of men. The dancers were good but only one did actual tricks on the pole. Overall very fun experience and I would go again when visiting palm beach.

  42. Sal C.

    I’ve been here once and the food served was Excellent. However, NOT inexpensive. I ordered a lobster tail and they charge you by the ounce. Unfortunately for me, the smallest piece I could get costed $150.00.. It was HUGE and actually shared it with two of the dancers. There was no way I could eat the whole thing myself.

  43. fuckery12

    The reason I gave this place a bad review is because the bartenders play the bait-and-switch game to get you to buy drinks at their establishment. That is a pet peeve of mind as so many of these clubs force you to buy drinks even with a cover charge. The club doesn’t tell you that there is a two drink minimum and then aggressively push you to buy you drinks or get in trouble with the bouncer. My advice: Go to another club. I prefer clubs — be it a family or adult oriented club — where there are up front about charges.

  44. Ronaldo

    This is an excellent club, the best in the Palm Beach area. Upscale with very attractive women. You will need to bring your $$$ with you to have a good time, but in my opinion this club is worth it. Only downside is that the club can seem a little stuffy and seems to have a lot of rules, turning the upstairs room into a lap dance area (like every other club in WPB has) would be a major improvement.

  45. ryan123

    My husband and I are from California and we were visiting Florida. We stopped into Palm Beach from Orlando. We realized there was not much going on at all in the area we chose to stay, and we got caught in a pretty scary storm. So we stuck around our hotel area. Right across the way we could see Rachels and we decided to go have dinner and entertainment. The only negative thing I have to say about this place is they take a copy of your credit card number right as you walk in the door. We were not too happy with that at all, but it was done before we could even say it was alright for them to do that. Which they were lucky because we wouldn’t have agreed for a strip joint to have a copy of our credit card, and we would have left. The women were OK looking, I wasn’t really there for them. But I thought my husband would enjoy the view and I would have a nice meal. It was a win win. 🙂 Let me just say the prime rib was the best I have ever had! Soooo yummy. The drinks were really good too, and I can’t even remember my dessert that’s how good the drinks were. If we were in that area again, I would make sure to stop and have dinner again with cash.

  46. shocked

    I’m going to tell everyone I know not to come here anymore. The club went to the dogs.

  47. diappointed

    This club used to be good. What happed? it’s now a shithole.

  48. Gianna R.

    Well I am kinda partial to this place because I used to work here.. So I have spent many nights eating here and the food was always amazing.. The service is great and the views are amazing too.. Some of my favorite things on the menu is the Shrimp Cocktail, it is probably the biggest shrimp you will ever see and I remember everyone always commenting on the size of the shrimp.. Also there Chateau Briand is to die for it just melts in your mouth. Rachel’s is prob one of the best Steakhouses I have eaten at…. Also they have a very good Lunch Time Buffet I recommend Fridays they have turkey and all the fixings its just like Thanksgiving… I recommend tipping the wait staff well it will pay off in the long run they can be very accommodating…

  49. NCT

    We went there with my friend from EU, spent there a big load of bucks and

    shortly saying: dance was good, on my part- satisfied with it and with the food,

    my friend tho got and std from one of the girls, he wasn’t that lucky.

  50. Where's the Beef

    Skanky women

  51. Coral R.

    I remember this place from years ago where the dancers were drop-dead gorgeous, the food was good and it was the best place around. Sadly, those days are gone. We went there on a Tuesday night and they had the cojones to charge a $10 cover, when there were about twenty customers in the whole joint. The drinks were expensive as expected, the food insanely overpriced to the point that they don’t even lit the prices on the Website. And could someone tell Rachel’s it’s not Ruth’s Chris. Rachel’s charges more for their steaks than Ruth’s or Morton’s. Can someone please tell them they are a strip club that happens to sell steak–not the other way around!Then the girls. What a disappointment! After shelling out all this money you would expect to see Playboy-Bunny types of girls but no these were more like girls that you would see at the mall and wouldn’t look twice at. A few were hot but mostly not much better than average, and that’s with soft lighting, plastic surgery and every kind of advantage they can get. Several of the girls were about as ‘chesty’ as a man, and you could see cellulite, flab, etc. The place is simply dead, lacking any life. I guess that’s what happens when you try to milk every dollar you can from customers: you get few customers, which translates to few strippers, and pretty soon the dancers’ quality goes down as they realize they can’t make as much with so few customers to pony up for money. There’s no calling all the girls on stage, two for one’s, half the girls sit around looking at their phones instead of doing private dances (really?), and the DJ literally just plays music–no getting the small crowd into it. $20 for a dance at the table, $30 if they do the same exact thing in the back. The girls don’t even fully strip for a $20 table dance but fully strip onstage, a mere two feet away–beyond stupid! In short, I won’t ever be back at this joint. Rachel’s wants to suck every dollar out of you for insanely overpriced food, cover charges on weeknights, and everything else, while providing second-rate girls and a club that is about as exciting as watching paint dry!

  52. eddyL

    Well, I’m gonna read the reviews after I write mine. For PRIME RIB and Buffet lunch, the $13 tab (including soft drink) can’t be beat. The naked young women walking around don’t offend me. The girls try to hustle lap dances, etc, but my wife does better for just a few dollars more. Once the girls knew we weren’t buying, they left us alone. Clean and upscale, nice neighborhood, plenty of free parking… I’m happy to go there.

  53. Sam

    If you end up at Rachel’s make sure to be hungry! The food is absolutely AMAZING, the girls are just a bonus! My bartender Abby pours the drinks just the way i like, and the floor hosts are always available if i need help with selecting girls.

  54. Lara

    The managers fuck the waitresses in the club…

  55. billtheguy12

    The most amazing adult entertainment on the east coast ! Dinning 5 star ! Liquor 5 star ! Cigars 5 star ! Oh yes the Ladies ! Ah the Ladies 10 Stars !The night just flew by so quickly. As soon as you walk through the front door your a V.I.P. I’ve been to the best on the West Coast, and Rachel’s is my BEST on the East Coast!

  56. Jhonnyville

    Seemed to be a slow night the dancers seemed to be more into the male staff then paying clients I frequent this club at least three times a month and I was very put off by the lack of interest in the dancers in my money. I think I would of had a better time at Disney

  57. pissed off

    This was the worst experience I have ever had at a strip club. way too expensive for what this place is. It used to be a nice place, but now it is just another strip club.

  58. Tom chitown

    great club .Georgia was so much fun she was terrific

  59. Satisfied

    The girls are steaming hot! No other club around even compares. If you want skank & rank go elsewhere b/c you won’t find it here. I go there to spend money and that’s what I do.

  60. glen

    wow the girls here used to be the best in town

  61. nickstrip

    Service, steak, seafood, subtle and sublime…For those visiting West Palm Beach, the likes of Rachel’s may seem somewhat out-of-the-ordinary; my dining experience at this boudoir par excellence ranks among the very best I have had. Nothing is rushed; the wait staff is there when needed and invisible otherwise. Everything is perfectly tailored to order at the discriminating preference and specification of the diner. The ambiance is at once classy and intimate, lively and jovial. What about the girls you ask? Beautiful and cordial, kind and sexy, abundant in quantity and simply gorgeous; breath-taking and coy.

  62. The Best Club

    best looking dancers in town, this is an upscale club. Bring $$$ if you are looking to party. upstairs is a waste and doesn’t seem to get much use. how about using it for lap dances, some guys would pay an arm and leg to get up there

  63. bubu
  64. Weedman420

    What an amazing location! Food was perfect staff very friendly girls all beautiful!!!! I had an amazing time went with a large group for dinner and everything was amazing!!

  65. iluvstrippers

    I went their on thursday got a little more than a lap dance from a little girl who goes by the name Megan it was awesome

  66. Pinky

    I am Bi-sexual after going to this club I am going 100% straight

  67. Went Home limp

    Better clubs in Arkansas

  68. Over it

    The stupid guy with the hair is named joey and his friend is also named joey the bouncers at the club feel that not only the customers but the girls should tip them all there money just for them coming in and doing what there job it is pathetic and the sad part is they have there certin girls that they fuck or hustle to get them this money it is usally the ones they try and push on u also if you come to work at this club the management or bouncers will not look out for you are do there job unless they are being payed off they feel like they should be making more then the dancers for doing nothing I don’t know what happened to this club but it is all down heel guys don’t let these guys hustle you out of your money and ladies I would just stay away from this club unless you like two guys trying to pimp you out named joey

  69. Boynton Beach

    The best club in west palm beach

  70. Jenny C.

    I love Rachel’s for what Rachel’s is a strip club with good food for strip standards, lets face it people don’t come here for the steaks they are good though, not the best but good they do have a lunch buffet that’s good for the price i like to go a few times a year for a good lap dance and a good meal w my husband hahah the girls are OK there are a few beautiful ones some ugly luck of the draw not better bring your green backs if you want to have an amazing time w a pretty girl!!!!

  71. Allen

    Went for a drink about 2pm. A girl named Denise (Tina) got me falling down drunk. “Have just one more drink” Next day I found out she had put over $5,000 in dance charges on my AEX card. Sexy women with a sweet voice. AEX tells me I must pay. I had a great time, but not $5,000 worth !

  72. winston12

    Mon-fri all u can eat $10!!! For lunch !!!

  73. melrg

    Very classy inside. Not what I expected. Girls not as good looking as advertised. My husband said the lap dances were not that good. I think they need to dance more on stage and swing on the pole more.

  74. jon

    hot chicks lousey dances

  75. Xavier

    Needs a new line of entertainers and a remodel. Seven years of the same O and new ownership has ruined this once place to be seen.

  76. SLIM

    The only problem I have with this place is very few of the

    girls go bottomless on stage.


    Biggest waste of time/money I have ever seen! Can see just as good at the beach and for free. If you like being ripped off and not getting “bang for the buck” then this is your place. If you are not some out of town sucker there are a multitude of other places to get much more for much less $$$. All show and no go – great place for “air dances”!! In a “nutshell” – OVER PRICED BULLSHIT!

  78. Brazilian STUD

    One of the best clubs I’ve been!!! The women are smoking, if you’re looking for class and good company that is THE place to be!!!

  79. joseph1k

    I was having a nostalgic Florida moment & felt compelled to give “two thumbs up” for one of my favorite titty bars in South Florida.Excuse me, steakhouse & titty bar.I’ve never eaten my steak (or any other food) around gyrating parts so I can’t vouch for their edible delicacies.I CAN vouch for the pretty ladies & fun I’ve had there.Oh, Rachel. Such fond memories…..

  80. regis

    girls need to take care of themselves goto Regis hair salon

  81. Jim

    Nice place. Very clean. Great entertainment. A little pricy.

  82. Local Guy

    What has happened to this club. Went in with three friends last night, we waited 45 minutes between our first and second drinks. Then when we decided to leave due to the poor service, I had to ask 4 different people for our bill. Including waitstaff, a manager and security. After asking these people it took 20 minutes just to get our bill. Service used to be a priority here and the staff made you feel like a VIP even if you were not. Completely disappointed, Rachel’s has gone down to the quality of most other strip clubs. I will not be back for a while, I hope they turn this around, I always brought clients here.

  83. Jack

    Beautiful dancers in amazing gowns. They all payed special attention to accessorys, perfect hair and make up- half the girls looked like they belonged on a runway. No one came up and started grabbing my crotch unlike must clubs so very comfortable experience if you’re looking to spend quality time with a lady. If you’re looking for cheap and easy hookers you won’t like it here though and might want to try the clubs down south instead.

    I’ll def be back as soon as I payed off the damage I did on my credit card- totally worth it though!

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