Electric Blue Cafe



62 Merrow Road, Tolland, CT 6084


41.8652665, -72.3632903




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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284 reviews for “Electric Blue Cafe

  1. Fed Homey

    For a good time, ask for a jailhouse break!

  2. A. Nonymous

    This place has been all over the news this week…

  3. Anonymous

    This place has been in the news this week…

  4. cross f
  5. Beetle Juice

    I hated it , i will never go back again

  6. murph
  7. fireman dave
  8. Oh my god !!

    Its rely good … I can advice ppl to go thr without getting their pants ripped off in places like Cadi, RI. Some girls are rely hot and nice too !!

  9. ocrfya


  10. sexy
  11. 76er
  12. customer

    I’ll never come here again. when a place smells like drugs and you can see used condoms in the vip and cr room, i’m all set. One shouldn’t get afraid that they are going to get an STD by just stepping foot into a club. Seriously, girls whore yourself some where else!

  13. Jake

    This is the only daytime club I’ve been to in CT. Something for everyone.

  14. Uxbridgeite
  15. TommyK

    Best place in CT! Nothing happens on stage to write about, Few men in daytime. Several girls in daytime, most are very attractive. The real action is the private dances – they are great for the price. My advice: tip them more than usual rate – they are worth it! Most are not Americans by birth, but they are friendly and sexy.

  16. dude
  17. pablo

    this place got some hot woman

  18. mrmitch

    Great place to sneak away in the afternoon. Girls can be a little aggressive in asking for lap dances, but on the whole a worthwhile visit. Tori is a sweetheart, i hope she’s still there at my next visit.

  19. Andy

    Hall of fame

  20. deb

    i love to work at this club but the girls are to happy

  21. Jason


  22. wtf

    happened to this place it used to be a fun place to go now its like everyone has an attitude its no fun anymore

  23. GC

    Girls beware of a white male around 5 10 5 11 short dark brown hair a little salt n pepper on side burns. He has hazel, green or blue eyes. He is chubby with moles on his face. He is aggressive and he has STD’s Im sure of it. He has a military tattoo on his right arm. He goes by Dave, Doug or MIke. He thinks he is the man. Came in and I am just spreading the word. He is gross. I think he is a cop or fireman. He will charm you but gets aggressive. He stated he enjoys beating women.

  24. fisherdex1

    Great place with lots of beautiful girls from around the world! Awesome bartenders and great music! Free buffet wed thru fri! Cant miss with this place!

  25. Great Time
  26. art

    I love this club who ever owns this place has to be so fucking cool just the way they run it is cool never any fights and the girls are great

  27. ctrob255

    was there today; stopped in mid-day. Amazing talent, just amazing. One spanish woman was hot; danced for her buck then reached down for my ‘buck’ and invited me to the back for a Ld. Lets just say you cant beat a spanish woman. No cover, and most important, all the girls had hot bods! Huge tits all around. I’ll be back soon. Awful perfume though; had to race home before the wife got there!

  28. PeteM

    Horrible prices and all dancers are South American

  29. way

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxxooxoxxooxxooxoxoxxooxxooxooxoxoxxoxooxxooxoxoxox love it

  30. Guiness Blue
  31. fucker

    club is one of the best place to hang out..i never seen a hottie nottie gals like this.they are friendly and getting closer in all ways..i luv this place

  32. tommy two times
  33. EB guy

    Happy New Year

  34. Doug

    Go in with the right attitude and you will have a great time!

  35. jojo
  36. tonyhumpsalot
  37. diaper
  38. wn
  39. Mikey T

    Best club in CT

  40. big money

    the best club in u s a the girls where great the blue is the best

  41. wtd

    Dropped in last night…met cute brazillian girl and she rode me in the LD for 45 minutes after negotisting an attractive rate for the time. Very nice time…will repeat.

  42. Crag

    Hate the bouncer in the day time. He tries to look real tough and he exploits the girls. If they give him $50.00 he will let them do whatever they want in the private room. If not he will harass the customers.

    On the positive side, there are all types of girls here, some who give great lap dances and some who are just nice to talk to (an unusual and admirable trait for a strip club. The bartenders and waitresses are all friendly.

  43. Ray
  44. lane

    didmt think the quality is here

  45. mr x

    Girls were very cute and a wild variety. The lap dances were great, although don’t expect to leave with just one. Waitresses will hit you up for a one-drink-min, but are very friendly.

  46. Brad

    I stumbled upon EB when I pulled off the exit looking for lunch. I had a little time so I went in and was very pleasantly suprised. Friendly (& very pretty) bartender, no cover, reasonably priced drinks. The place is DARK, it’s very hard to see, but that also means that it’s hard to be seen. Ruby was alone on stage…it wouldn’t have mattered if there were 100 women with her- she instantly enchanted me. I was invited to experience a more private dance…it was worth every dollar! Thank you Ruby…I’ll be seeing you in my dreams.

  47. a blast

    great looking girls. best lap dances. sitting at the stage is fun too.

  48. Kevin
  49. willow
  50. diane

    i lve this club

  51. Michael

    Best $20 lap dances and $2-5 at the dance floor value I have experienced…. You won’t be disapointed..

  52. CTMike

    I’ve been away from EB for a while and thought I would start the Holiday season early and meet a friend there for a drink and get a couple dances. I paid the cover and sat at the bar to wait for my friend – – – it was really not busy at all. I was sitting there for 10 to 15 mins and the couple people working the bar were just sort of doing anything except looking up at me and asking me if they could get me a beer. I think they had to work harder not paying attention to me than if they just nodded my way. Here I am trying to give them money and have a good time and I could not even get a . . .Hi how you doing. I would have understood if they were balls out but the place was pretty mellow. I answered average to a bunch of the ratings only because I had to fill in something but I have to admit given the crappy atmosphere I left before getting a dance or checking what else was going on. The atmosphere and hospitality (?) were enough for me. Not sure who owns EB now days but I expect if people got just a little bit of friendly attention they might stick around and drop some decent cash there. I called my friend and we changed up and met at his house and had some beers, pizza and shot pool in his the basement . . . no girls but if the attitude of the dancers there now days is anything like the rest of the staff I saved myself a days pay. Yeah I know the attraction of a strip club is NOT the atmosphere but if they are going to hold out their hands for money every time you turn around at least they could fake that they are happy you came in.

  53. Sluggo
  54. Luis

    what time do you open

  55. Guinness
  56. RP

    Best place in CT! Not much at stage except some nice views. Girls live by lap dances. And what girls! Several during days, mostly non-USA, but all top-notch and sexy. They give unforgettable lap dances. Tip them above the standard price for lap dances – they are worth it. Haven’t done a VIP “dance” yet, but sure am tempted.

  57. Tommy J Bone


  58. pete
  59. Sam

    So I made my first ever trip to E.B last night. I was in heaven. Got in just before 7 at the shift change. Night shift was starting at 7pm. Amazing variety of girls for a tuesday night in CT hands down compared to any other club, and the quality was to die for. Plenty of white girls and brazilian girls. Some enhanced looking girls but alot of natural girls too. Ginger was a doll, Cant wait to return for her – very playful and frisky. Babie is sweet and hot, all about business. Katie is a newbie from ultra violet and my new fav stripper. She is sweet, does her own thing, not a hustler type girl it seemed to me. Very talented and knows how to dance and move it. Amazing lap dances. $20.00 lap dance w/ the $5.00 house fee, Cheap and very well worth it, saves ya more for more dances. Best full contact club in CT I’d say, nothing illegal but still – great contact. Overall, 10 for quality, quanity, and variety, 10 for affordability, 10++++ for lapdance costs/quality.. And this is in comparison to other clubs Ive visted, Gold club hartford/groton, scruples, catwalk, gentlemens club, and a club in new york – private eyes.

  60. alan
  61. johnson

    this club is the best in f…… world

  62. guyhere

    went there for first time today and kara was great. big breated blond. loved the lap dances but it seemed like I got more action at the stage. especially when I got a hand job there at the stage from the spanish chick. It was thru the pants but still satisfying. Kara was the best looking by far. another dancer wanted 350 dollars for the back room which is crazy. she went down to 150 but I did not come there for that. was a fun time though.

  63. BizzyBone

    Don’t waste yer time with an Asian named Amy. Has a hot body but gets very testy when you touch here nips. Gets testy over other things too.

    Just too weird.

  64. martin
  65. Sid
  66. jada

    wnet there to work a few times. Did not leave with mmore than 200 dollars every nite I worked. There are way too many hot girls. I am a hot girl muyself and fell I deserve to make a lot more money than what this place has to offer

  67. paul
  68. Camshaft

    Best club in the area. Always a great time.

  69. Sting

    I would rate EB as one of the best strip cubs in US…..total freedom in CR and worth the 20$ in LD..the girls are too hot and very very friendly…would always looking fwd to be there in EB.

  70. drew

    loud music

  71. elwood blues
  72. vip

    lol ant that the truth see you soon because there’s no place like home fools

  73. howie

    overpriced but ok

  74. ed


  75. val

    overpriced ok dancers

  76. Me too

    I agree OMG!

  77. RKP

    I’ve been to clubs in 16 states and four countries; this is my favorite. Stage show is minimal, and half the club is dark and empty on weekdays. But the dancers, nearly all foreign, are superior and provide great lap dances. You’ll want a lap dance with all of them.

  78. )-
  79. the king

    Im not sure if she works here anymore but this girl i think her name was scarlett or star something …i saw her working here a couple months ago she now works at kahoots in vernon…go there and see her shes hottttt and gives the best lapdances…deff worth all your money!!! works during the days.

  80. Love the Blue

    Best club in the area. By area I mean the Western Hemisphere.

  81. sexy all around

    Love this club, all types of hot girls walking around waiting to please. Every flavor and size of the rainbow, definitely worth the long drive.

  82. club man

    INCREDIBLE thats all i can say could i live there please please

  83. Phil

    that new waitress is fuckin hot



  85. pjd
  86. Not a cheapass

    Tommy J Bone you are so cool hope you get busted just like the guy a kahoots. keep fuckin over the girls so they take it out on everyone, ass.

  87. Dubya

    Great place…

  88. Lisa
  89. KKID



  90. patriots fan


  91. Mario

    I’ve never experienced such a wonderful club. Everything was well worth the trip!!!!!

  92. trent

    tara work here

  93. What a hole!

    Better wash your shoes with bleach after you stick to the floor of this place!

  94. Ringo

    I enjoyed this club and a girl so much that I came back the next day. Well worth a visit.

  95. Storchj
  96. Scott A
  97. Lucky Tom

    This is a hot club with very hot ladies. They are eager to please in the private dances. I had a great LD from a Brazilian beauty named Melissa. I recommend wearing fire-proof pants, because this hot lady is likely to ignite your trousers.

  98. rico

    pueto rico

  99. Sam S.

    The worst place ever i tried a lot of clubs before this one is so cheap and so bad there r like a 20 girls only one or two r ok and the way they treat u they make u feel like they r stealing from u I wont recommend it ever

  100. Bill

    Big place!

  101. Hey

    Is Tori the Asian girl?

  102. shotgun biden

    No more couches, replaced with hard benches? First lap dance now costs $40 in addition to the $10 cover? Why do people still go?

  103. Paulie
  104. john
  105. Cadi man

    Is the blonde girl tara with the big fake boobs still working

  106. Gross

    Nasty Whores im all set with this place

  107. Ry

    I went there last summer on vacation. I had to go back the next day because I wanted more. Excellent club. Worth a try!

  108. AL
  109. jeff
  110. Earl

    Nice place

  111. Jack Mehoff

    You can get full service there, it is widely available, but you need to know who to ask.. πŸ™‚

  112. Regular Joe

    I bring customers and friends and they all rave about the EB. I have been going for over 10 years and it’s a great club and the private dances are terrific. They DO NEED to clean up the back room, it ranks of sewage!

  113. Boss
  114. Dogg
  115. help

    iam fucked i cant stop going there iam going to lose my job

  116. jimmy
  117. J

    The two times I worked at EB I was mortified with the stuff going on in the back rooms, full contact is one thing. Is it asking so much to run a real strip club, not a brothel. I like to push it but a stripper can never compete w/ a hooker. You girls are really loosing money by giving away the COW.

  118. leroy

    whats up with that eva waitres! why is she in the backroom riding the black tootsie roll can anybody introduse me to her

  119. joann

    you are f hot and you know who you are i want to cum back over you place and do it again please please cant stop thinking about you meet me at the blue

  120. Dood
  121. joe bob
  122. SpinyNorman

    Always a good selection of hot, fun girls willing to satisfy in many ways!

  123. Bad weather
  124. gg

    Flavia gave me a rash

  125. Pauly D
  126. jean luc
  127. TMan
  128. tank-you
  129. Roger

    Visited the club on a Tuesday. A few girls working. The lap dances are worth the $20. The Brazilians and Latinos will give the best lap dances and give you extras. The younger girls just bounce on your lap for $20. They make you pay for your own songs $1 in the juke box in the VIP room. Champagne room was $300.

  130. jake Blues
  131. Comment Removed
  132. vito


  133. nick
  134. Peter North
  135. Jim Bob
  136. James


  137. B Train!

    I love this club!!! I would highly recommend it to any one that is in the area to check it out! GO ELECTRIC BLUE!

  138. Mark

    My favorite tittie bar in CT

  139. Miguelito

    Nice place. Daytime rocks if you want extra attention.

  140. Mike G

    Girls are real friendly and mad chill…good prices and def. going back soon!

  141. gold

    there no place like the blue ##########111111111

  142. lol

    theres no place like home

  143. screwed bloo
  144. The Man

    The $10.00 cover charge is a ripoff…

  145. billey rae

    hot hot hot hot hot cant go home please help they kik me out every night i want to live there

  146. cc
  147. jim rice

    girls are ok

  148. lou


  149. bob
  150. steve

    hate it it stinks and i am never going back!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Jon H
  152. Awesome
  153. The WHO
  154. Barry

    hot hot hot

  155. Me
  156. Big Time

    Had a good time

  157. Cummish

    Dancers aren’t pushy and you get some godo value for $20 but be careful about getting more than one dance. They add up quickly.

  158. Blueman

    Blue is best

  159. mad cow

    I love this place i feel real good when i walk in the door and see all the hot sexy girls i want to move in the blue for the rest of my life i will pay 1000000 a year

  160. scoobs
  161. pedro

    Used to like this place. Now has an extra $20 fee every time you enter the lap dance area. This is on top if the $20 each dance fee for their ultra short duration juke box garbage. Girls are OK if you like greedy Latinos.

  162. ray ray

    nobody your are a real peace of shit lier go back to the shit hole sweetheart loser

  163. Stillhavealotofmoney

    I advise Wednesday as a no go. Sat there for two hours before getting asked for a LD. I left with alot of money that night and that is unexcuseable. Could have been a strippers but bad crew on Wed. Tuesday is great. Real Freaky Girls there then. Was making out with stripper in LD room while being dry raped. The best $20 I have ever spent.

  164. madison
  165. Wendy O
  166. Rated X
  167. Marco

    Can almost always count on a good time here. Best LDs around.

  168. Not bad
  169. Reno


  170. jerry
  171. peter
  172. rock n roll

    excellent place to hang out,girls r hot, club changead a lot in terms of atmosphere n dancers

  173. larry

    great time here

  174. winston12

    the place is alright. lots of women. no doors on bathroom stalls. lapdances girls werk it.

  175. lex

    party the mang. is a great guy makes areal good time the girls or off the hook sexy sexy sexy

  176. Puma

    Stopped by last week. Girls were great. Was almost raped during the LD. EB is the best place around.

  177. daughts
  178. jay
  179. Geoff

    The women are hot! I have been to the club on numerous occasions and for the most part, I have been pleased. Sometimes (during the day), the ladies can be lazy and you have to go and ask for the dance (Imagine, in this economy!). The back room smells, however, the dance is generally worth the $20. Just make sue that she agrees that it’s $20 and not $25-$30.

    I recommend the stop but the place needs some renovations, especially in the back room.

  180. Bob in shorts

    Enjoyed visiting today. Not my first time, I always go back when I have a few bucks for LD’s. I saw Sky today – she is very cute, but cold in the LD room. Short songs then wants multiple LD’s. Won’t go back to her. The I saw Carla. Wow, great personality, sincere. Thoroughly enjoyed her LD. She groped a little, which I like and I reciprocated within legal reason.

  181. babo
  182. nobody

    as least i know where i can send people who are looking for drugs. everyone here is high on something, either white powder in the nose or smells like “pot.” i guess as long as they are sucking and fucking the customers, no one will say anything.

  183. lucky

    Dance is good for 20 bucks.

  184. Mikey

    Kelly is hot

  185. Jim Tom
  186. Dan

    Was raped in LD. I am very happy right now.

  187. Clubber

    I stopped by lastnight. best time at a club in Ct. I caught a HJ in the LD area first then got a dance from someother hot blonde chick and got rode in the LD for a small fee. well worth it im going back soon.

  188. Toms
  189. Pat
  190. ClubMaster

    Atmosphere isn’t the best but the girls make up for it. Lots of hot Brazilian girls who LOVE to please. I have been raped in the LD area and continuely go back for more.

    Get there before 7pm & no cover or doorman watching the LD area. Never been in the CR but from what I hear for the right $$ ANYTHING goes. If you let a dancer drink from your bottle be prepaired for what may be in the backwash. My rule of thumb for picking a LD… tip at the stage, if she gets close and makes contact chances are the LD will be $20 well spent. Best kept secret in the North East.

  191. Tom66

    I have stopped in three times in the past two weeks and each time it was outstanding.

  192. Will
  193. JKL

    Piss stop at Exit 68, I-95

  194. eb fan

    great club!

  195. blue
  196. ted
  197. Nice


  198. happy

    The best club i ever saw and the girls out of this world cant wait to go back electric blue is the best in the world

  199. Mike F.

    This place is horrible, it looks like someones basement from the early 80’s that was turned into a strip club.

  200. daMan

    Great Place!

  201. Hot Place

    A truly “MUST SEE!”

  202. Joe

    Always a fun place to be. The Girls are Great and the Atmosphere is excellent…..As far as stiffing the girls….I quess some people are just scum….GET A LIFE!!!!LOSER

  203. billie
  204. jada lover

    never been to EB till last fri.. there were 2 smokin hot girls there jada and a brunette with average boobs doesn’t like her feet,you know who you are right??? but both just beautiful and sweet..on the other hand the rest of the girls , eewwwww big dark haired chick promised best LD ever but she scared the shit out of me that was a nogo,and what is up with the two man face latino chicks is that the best EB could get??? rest of girls not worth mention… but jada WOW i’ll be back.. and damn it call me already,, you asked me for the # i didn’t beg you to take it

  205. Billy

    Flavia is bestgfe for my, someone know about your talent in CR ?

  206. Freddy
  207. Best Club!!
  208. Daisy


  209. honik

    very good time on saturday

  210. Lipps

    One of the best stops in New England

  211. paco
  212. asnlvr
  213. what

    what this club is fat so dog u no what

  214. bobbe Cudde

    nice inside- need to fix parking lot-add GH-brang some new talent- sexy central and south americans

  215. no big deal

    i stoped by this club to get job i am a beautiful dancer and iam pist off y becouse the dancers were so fucking and the d j mademe cum with his mix so i left

  216. FRUITY

    This club has forced bargains. You can find a real hot chick thats not willing to work with you. Or you can find a butch lesbian offering handjobs before private dances. Drinks are pricey and you have to ask for Maddison by name to get good drinks.

  217. Tony
  218. someguy

    a lot of fun to be had

  219. WOW
  220. mike

    good VIP

  221. frequentgoer
  222. boob
  223. peace

    went to this club and so the most beautiful girl in the usa they are from all over the world cant wait to go back

  224. Tim
  225. babo k diddleputie
  226. M

    first time in, mid day mid week. was surprised by the number of girls working. private dances are pretty good. i will defiantly be going back.

  227. Rocky

    As per my visits so far to the other clubs, this one is the best.. very very hot girls..lap dances are the best ..worth more than the money paid..lot of girls..club changed a lot..looks very good now.. girls r very friendly..heard that Cr are the best in this club…

  228. opie
  229. jock
  230. Wild One
  231. Aaron
  232. incognegro

    Does Tori still work there? She’s fantastic

  233. Scott
  234. Joe C
  235. Bis

    Last month my review would have been alot higher.This club is on its way out without gorgeuos Tara and hot Brazillians

    Vanessa and Paula! Does anyone know where they went?

  236. lubemaster
  237. dex
  238. yanard12

    Weekday daytime visit. About 10 girls, most of them well above average. Upfront about what they were offering. If you walk away from here unsatisfied, you are doing something wrong. Yes, you will need some money. Nice “champagne” rooms. And by nice, I mean private. Little worried on who cleans the sofas in there, if ever. Hardly anyone was on stage. It was all about the private rooms. I was happy the bathroom actually had paper towels. Instead of nothing. But it always scares me as I seen guys not wash their hands, regardless of paper towel accessibility. Those boobies you are sucking on were recently in the hands of the diesel mechanic who just took a whizz.If you like Brazilians, then you will not be disappointed. I think it is part of their immigration passage to work here.

  239. Hey...

    Excellent time!

  240. Wileythedog

    Dropped by last night en route from Boston and aside from my continuing concerns with the overall look of the place (it’s a mess — especially the LD room) the girls working were very friendly. Some can be a bit mercenary and leave you quickly if you don’t immediately go for a LD, but I have to say the LDs are good value for money.

    I’d like to hear how the CR is…anyone?

  241. sdfghj
  242. Marcus

    Have had some great evenigs at the club the last couple of days. The girls are very friendly and good dancers espacially Heidi and Reese.

  243. Ken
  244. scot

    just love this bar no better sorry have to go later

  245. JD

    mmmm, Flavia

  246. sensei
  247. ally

    music is loud

  248. Big Mike
  249. ben

    been all over world and the girls are beautiful here

  250. johnny

    good time at the club

  251. Bull
  252. trotter

    best value and fun in CT

  253. hguy

    smelly and dirty, faties and old ladies all around

  254. Mr. Smith
  255. Guiness

    Always a pleasant afternoon getaway. Like anything else, some dancers are more ‘friendly’ than others and quality will vary.

  256. The Bull

    Big place

  257. Terrible place

    First time here. No dancers on stage. Only. Few girls. Dancer promised more in cr and then ripped me off. Never going back.

  258. Deezer

    BEST club in CT. Best selection of the hottest girls! ALways tons of gorgeous girls! ALways a blast!

  259. George
  260. ctrob

    I’m a business man who travels a lot; hence I frequent strip joints a lot. EB is by far the best; with the hottest woman. Esp for CT; these chicks are hot; where do they come from? The back room needs to be updated; make it nicer, more private. Regardless, 1 BJ and 2 handjobs makes this place a keeper.

  261. good guy

    i love this bar

  262. josh
  263. Rob

    Heidi….OHH My Gawd!!!!! Little blond number—rocked my world……

  264. Charles

    Cheap n best

  265. just me

    still number one

  266. frank

    ok place

  267. beth

    I’ll let my man take me back

  268. Dezzi

    A few hot chicks and some skanks. Some are excellent dancers 33% the rest are fair. Not much for atmosphere. Lap dances are usually great.

  269. Asian lover

    Amy is finally back. The American Asian one not the older Amy who is from China. I am so glad the older Asian is gone. All I can say is HOOOOT!

  270. Brewster
  271. wayne

    there is some loser saying that kahoots is the happening place get over that shit hole is a f joke theres no place like the blue

  272. xman
  273. littlejimmie

    my favorite club

  274. OMG!

    All I have to say is a must see!!

  275. Sid V
  276. RKENTP

    Gee – EB was my favorite club. But is a lap dance really $40 now? I was planning to go there this week. Maybe not.

  277. i spyon clubs

    this the best club i ever been tothe people there are great they use all good liq and the girls are the best in the world cant wait to go back if i could live there i wood y lol

  278. .
  279. disgustedd

    this club is fucking grimmy im afraid my dick will fall off just from walking in nevermind if one those ugly gils were to atually touch me

  280. aa

    IF you can’t have fun here than you either had no money or didn’t want to have fun.

  281. jim

    Some dancers are really good. Worth the money if you go for a private dancd

  282. Dave
  283. Timmy
  284. Gerry

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