Hollywood Connecticut Strip Club



1104 Queen Street, Southington, CT 6489


41.6467904, -72.8755348




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Hollywood Connecticut Strip Club

  1. Paul

    Went fri night 4/18. Kirstin Price was great. Lots of dancers. Had a great time.

  2. BIG

    renevoted and up to date. nice place nice girls

  3. mike

    jeeze u cant expect the girls to be there 7 nights atl east come on a weekend night b4 u start complainin

  4. Native

    This place sucked… a polish mob ownership…..However it looks like they are redoing the place it looks pretty fancy….only time will tell.

    Used to have a bunch of latin chicks that spoke a tad of english and looked like they could use a little diet consult.

    Lets hope the new lok and girls is a lot better

  5. eddie


  6. james

    Hot girls.I had a lap dance with a very hot girl”maritza”I don’t think she likes ma because in the lap dance room she told me that the 1 dance was up.Made me feel like she dd not like me.I was mad but later I just thought maybe she got ??/// becuase some low lifes make a big deal about paying more for a dance because it goes over the time they said.Just to let everyone know the longer you go the better it gets.I am sorry maritza for being a dick.Try NOT to be so nice and just take our money.

  7. wtf2

    I’m out. Drug place, drunk waitresses and bartendres and won’t even start with the strippers! Go to Berlin Turnpike. Centerfolds is friendlier expecially on the weekends!

  8. andy

    Went to the club and had a great time.I would say that the 2 hottest girls there were Maritza and Magic.Maritza is so sexy and hot and magic puts on a show.Both work real good together,love it when they kiss and grap each other.They must be fun in vip together.I’ll have to try that.

  9. Me


  10. Tommy J Bone

    Love the zits on the ass!!!!!!!!

  11. o
  12. BARF

    My name does not reflect the club.

    Girls are great. Place is great.

    I can’t wait to go back.

    It won’t be soon enough.

  13. Jackoff

    This place is up and coming

  14. WOW

    The girls are awesome here…I had a great time..

  15. Great Time
  16. yo

    like the new look

  17. dancers

    dancers are wonderful. ld room is great. ask the girls about the champagne room 1/2 hour of one on one.

  18. x
  19. Joe
  20. impressed

    very nice

  21. look

    dig the new look

  22. Tony
  23. dick

    just another overpriced club just like his other club rockstar its a shame GOLD CLUB ROCKS

  24. Good Enough

    They really made wonderful improvements. Staff and dancers are great…I’LL BE BACK

  25. Sam

    big improvement over the blue parrot

  26. Stap
  27. billy bob
  28. WOW!!

    Very nice. Love the choice of girls. Features are coming be sure to check them out too along with the regular girls.

  29. vinny

    The girls at the club are awsome.Thier is one girl who I think she said she was cuban.Hottest girl I have ever seen.Perfect ass and nice nipples.Let me tell you next time I go I will go for two vips.

  30. xxxx


  31. david

    Iwas there the other night looking for a very hot,sexy girl named maritza.I have not seen her for a while.Anyone seen her.She has curly hair and the hottest ass and a really firm abs.I saw her before but she is not like the others.She never asked me if I wanted a dance so I thought she was not interested.I would have taken her vib for 2 hours if she asked.I would marry her in a second.My dream girl.

  32. ray

    not bad

  33. XXXbeast

    Really good spot, the dancers are sweet and the bartenders don’t make you wait. My wife and I went to see mini gaga and as a couple we were treated very well! Reasonably priced, quaint, and clean, we will be back Friday for the masquerade!

  34. jimmy

    Went to the club for the first time on tuesday. Not from ct but thought it was a decient club. Girls were alright but one definatly stuck out. She said her name was “Magic” and she was a darling. I still don’t understand why she works there when she should be in playboy. She made my visit worth while!!!

  35. rick

    Check it out.Fantastic place.girls are hot.Check out maritza.Hottest girl thier.What an ass I could look at it all night long.Took her vip and OMG talking hard,damm.I will being going again asap.I might just take her vip all night.The other girls are hot too,just not that hot.

  36. john
  37. ROB
  38. Richards

    I went to Hollywood last week and had an awesome time. I completly fell in love with a dancer named Magic. She was UNBELIEVABLY beautiful! She was also a great dancer…did a lot of great pole tricks. Took her for a few dances than a champaigne room. Best dance and conversation ever from a dancer. If you make it down to the club make sure you look for her. Def worth spending some time with.

  39. happy customer

    very nice

  40. Nick

    Stopped in last week. Magic is back!!!!!!!!!

  41. Carl

    Was there on a Saturday night. Not very crowded considering it was a weekend night. Very small. Thought I was in “da hood”

  42. Rich

    I am not complaining about the prostitutes they are fine. I just wished the hot ones did the extras.

  43. ???

    saw a couple new faces last week..where did they go?

  44. the bears

    saw new faces last night…mmm nice…

  45. aldo

    girls not bad

  46. xxx
  47. eric

    Was at the club last saturday and ask a dancer if she wanted a drink.She said yes and they would not serve her.I felt so bad for her.I know she was not drunk.Management must have it out for her.She was so embarrased she left.Too bad I really wanted a dance.

  48. DH


  49. dissapointed

    GET RID OF THE BRAZILLIANS!!! THEY R DRAGGING U DOWN THE TUBES!!do some homework & recruit some good looking girls. dancers should reflect the new great look! Lexi is def hot!! she cld stay. get rid of the cockroaches(brazillians)

  50. johnson

    the club looks great, slow start.

  51. Roger

    I love this place

  52. maxxy1

    This place has changed a lot. Use to be the Blue Parrot, then some name no one knew. I hadn’t been there in ages and it has since remodeled – it is now very nice inside but I can’t say the same about the talent. I can’t even tell you what they look like – after 25 minutes at the stage, I got up and left. At least five girls sitting around and none of them made a move to the floor when four or five of us were sitting with money out. Doesn’t make sense – you’re there to make money right?

  53. T-Man

    Place had some pretty girls but they don’t seem to be aggressive at all about getting a dance. They’ll ask at the stage but are not very conversational. Overall, the girls there were pretty.

  54. jay

    awesome place to have a kick ass time

  55. just ok


  56. wtf

    Bella isn’t there on Sundays anymore so I won’t be back. I will just go to mardi gras 2 in east windsor. cheaper prices hotter girls nicer atmosphere. no problem with me!

  57. Cluber

    The best stripclub around. The dancers are a lot of fun… I give it 5 stars.

  58. na

    love this place…would love to come back soon…girls are great

  59. today

    I had an awesome time. Girls are HOT!!!!

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