Club Fantasy Showgirls



3596 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104


32.7499787, -117.1157961



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Club Fantasy Showgirls

  1. OOH
  2. Shhh
  3. wallanon

    I could spend some time describing the place, but if you’re a fan of lap dances all I need to say is avoid this place. It’s been so long since I’d gotten a true air dance I’d almost forgotten what they were and where I’d had one last. Actually it was Riviera Cabaret in Houston and it sucked just as much there. Okay, this one was worse. The dance I got from a very sweet blonde makes Deja Vu in San Diego seem like Adelitas. The worst part of it was I got a multiple dance option that went on for a while (cost was no more than $60 but once I knew it was no good I was ready to bolt). Maybe all the girls there don’t dance that way, but after dropping $30 at the door just to get in (between membership and two non-alcoholic drink minimum). Wasn’t worth the $$ to take another gamble. With me being the only customer I had full run of the place. I actually thought the layout was pretty interesting with the comfy chair on stage (one girl used it in her routine) and it had a pool table over on the far side. Hard to go wrong with a pool table. Got a look at the asian lady DJ on the way out and she was actually pretty cute. Too bad she wasn’t on the floor. I didn’t dislike the place, and appreciated that the girls didn’t dog it onstage with an empty club. Wouldn’t go there looking for lap dances. Locals only need apply.

  4. clint

    What a fucking shit hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather go to a male strip club.

  5. Club Hopper

    I know that this club has had it’s problems in the past with ugly girls, bad service, and a hostile enviorment.I saw Josh Jackson was managing it now. That means instant improvement. I have visited him at all the clubs he managed through the years and he always turns the clubs around and gets them back on top. I can’t wait to see what he does with this shit hole. In a few months I will be talking about the best club in town Fantasy Gentlemens Club. Wait and see, what magical girls and events will follow him .Good Luck Josh

  6. the bitches
  7. jj
  8. sup

    no one likes the way that this guy gunner alows the getto atmosphers from the street into the club it was so much better hwen this guy steve ran the club it was on its way up then now it is as bad as the neighborhood and the downtown locals are forced to go to pure platnim and deal with all of thoes skiny as a rail plastic girls

  9. Big Dan
  10. Peter

    This club is the BOMB!! the girls are HOT!!

  11. Miss Gwendolyn

    its the place to be here in S.D,great girls,great setting,who could ask for more

  12. alex

    the club has improved and business seems to be picking up. The quality of girls is so, so but atleast there’s variety. The girls are very welcoming and service from staff was great. But the DJ needs to sound more lively.

  13. jason

    This could be the most horrible club ever. I’ve seen hundreds of clubs all over the u.s. and this one takes the cake. I met 2 girls from out of town that did a great job. Other than that, the club was filled with complete trash. If you like bad attitudes and sub par girls, this is your place. If you like class, and good looking girls, find another club. I hate to talk bad about clubs, but this place is a shit hole, with shit girls. I will NEVER go back, and NEVER tell my friends to visit. Sorry for all the bad comments, but I feel the need to warn anyone who is thinking about trying it out. Maybe a new owner, or new management could fix it. But as for now………….It’s a fucking dump.

  14. Valdez

    They charged me $20 because a girl sat at my table and asked for a coke. The entrance fee was up there, and there were only 3 dancers there. NOT PRETTY EITHER>

  15. Shannan

    A few of us girls went to the club and since we were the only people in there the girls didnt want to dance. I had to ask the manager to get the girls on stage, then they were rude when we wouldnt give them money.. I’m not paying for a crappy dance! There was one girl worth the money, Marie…beautiful girl and knew how to dance damn well!

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