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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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Spearmint Rhino is the world’s leader in upscale adult entertainment, with a host of unparalleled Gentlemen’s Clubs in the US, UK, CAN, and AUS. Open to 2am


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. talet scout

    well the way they remodled the club is nice, but can I say the girls here are stuck up and need to take the stick out of their ass. I dont need to see you yawning or picking your nails and yes I have money for you but dont walk away as soon as I say not I dont want a dance right away. And if Charisma ever yelled at me like she did some dude at the tip bar I’d throw my drink in her face, reality check you are not that hot and your attitude makes you very ugly.

  2. jcskiggg


  3. Jes M.

    Came in Saturday night with a small group and had to sit in the back because it was full house. I was disappointed with the girls. There were at the most 10 girls and 2 of them were cute. Few peeps got a dance but I didn’t. I probably won’t be returning anytime soon.

  4. An Tran

    I went to this club for the first time today and I loved the private dance. I had two girls at the same time. It was a lot better than Deja Vu. I will definitely come back again.

  5. dopeboy19

    It’s okay. Pretty chill . Pretty decent lineup of dancers. Been about 3 times randomly.Halloween was best.No alcohol is served and I personally don’t like dancers dancing to rock music.Located next to a Mexican food restaurant that’s open late which adds points and its walking distance to downtown Rialto which has a few bars.Not a bad experience. Ideal for a casual getaway. Three stars for the music and ambiance.Four stars for the convenience of late night Mexican food.Not a “clubby” joint. Very laid back and casual

  6. manny8110

    Mianna beautiful dancer at SRR

    has tattoos of stars along her

    side dose any body known if

    she still dances there

  7. Johnson12

    Saw DDDJOLIE here she was amazing! DDDJOLIE is a goddess! She was a feature here and she wasn’t stuck up at all. She is a very sweet gal! I will continue to follow her to where ever she goes! Looking forward to seeing her again!

  8. Franklyn

    I really like this strip club! The girls are attractive and know how to move. Rio and Sasha are my favorite. You aren’t allowed to have your phone out while in there, must step outside. The tip is a min of $1 which isn’t bad, and only when you’re sitting right in front of them. The chairs are also very comfortable. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a good time and enjoys this kind of entertainment. Also have really great deals!

  9. Candace J.

    No drinks at a strip club is a lil odd but entertaining, clean , great dj, girls seem to love what they do… Big props to Candace…will be back for her

  10. Mistercap12

    why did this pop up when i logged in ..my favorite place.. oh by the way i was dancer o the year in damn hat year i have the certificate on my fb….and on my desk at work..i love and miss you kathy and julie….i workd here 1995-1997…and the only black girl in the club….love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!riverside ave rialto ca..by he way i live down the street..off of riverside ave…

  11. this dude

    i go to this club every onece in a while and it is usually pretty good. alot of these grils really good lookin and some are just plain tore up. the best part of this club is the nude bed dances but are very overpriced if u dont wait for the three for one, bad side the waitreses hound you to buy a 10$ drink for each dancer who even looks at you. i still like this club and will continue going

  12. Gabe the dirty Vato

    I got a pass to the club from the Spearmint Rhino softball team, so I checked it out, pass got me in free.

    Lots of hot girls, I recognized the manager, he is a cage fighter, nice guy, plenty of hot dancers and the vip rooms have beds, I took two girls in there, it was the best dance of my life, this club is so much better than flesh!

  13. AssnTits5

    This place use to have some great looking gals (kendra, candy, rachael, rio …) that gave you great dances. Now this place is full of a bunch of rejects from other clubs. And then the duche bag manager comes and asks me to stay awake — which was really hard considering the crap that was on stage. Got a dance from this really small skinny asian girl … first she made me pay her more first and then asked for tips and then I got the shitiest lapdance ever in the fantasy room for no more than 5 minutes !!! Half of which went into me putting up with her bitchiness and yapping on why she wants her money first. Its no wonder she did !!!

  14. big thick dick nick

    upside: exceptional dancers, v.i.p. was excellent, pole dances were good, dolly was the greatest in the BED (will be back 4 more), lots of touching EVERYWHERE

    downside: cinnamon has hot breathe, my bitch friend tyler had no damn money, constant nagging for a drink, one bitch cussed my brother out cuz he asked for change, the bartender wouldn’t give a lapdance when she looked the best, my friend has a loud ass mouth, and I could hear him yelling cuz he is getting his lil weeny touched on for the first time ever.

    Overall: it was ggggggggggrreaaaattttt!!!!!!!!!

  15. Camil'


  16. ryan123

    I loved this place!! I was pleasantly surprised, considering where it’s located. (Rialto.) It’s kind of hard to find at first, since it’s next to a Pizza Hut and a Mexican restaurant. There’s a lot of parking and plenty of lighting in the parking lot. We were greeted by the security guards there, who were incredibly nice to us. I have no complaints about them. The decor might be considered tacky for some, but I actually enjoyed it. It’s going for a more upscale feel. The girls are super hot. Plus, they know how to use the pole and they have a lot of tricks, etc., which is a huge plus in my book. The first girl to sit and talk with us was Crystal, who is super hot. She gave an awesome lap dance, and her performance was incredibly sexy. My biggest complaint here is that not many girls even attempted to speak with us or ask us for a dance. One of the girls told us it’s that because girls are normally not so friendly to them, so they don’t bother. Understandable, but I’m there to spend money on the girls! All in all, I loved this place. We’ve been back multiple times in the last few weeks. Crystal and Ava are smoking hot too. I definitely recommend it.

  17. fritter17

    So far so good…very talented and a excellent looking dancer…$7 cover…this is a blessing

  18. Harrison69

    Not the best. Girls were drugged out and could care less about the customer. The clubs I’ve been to interact and show everyone a good time. Sadly not in this case.

  19. Luis L.

    This is the place to be. Had a lousy few days in a row at work and came here with wifey to have a good time. Much better than the club in San Bernardino on hospitality. Girls are cute, they can move and 2 girls took care of me and wifey behind the curtain. No alcohol so me and wifey went to happy hour first and then came here after a few margaritas. Topless and fully nude for laudable is great…came on a Wednesday so it was a bit slow, but I’m sure it’s cracking on the weekends.

  20. Adam P.

    Very entertaining always have a great time we come here. Especially on the weekends. . Very close to home and very nice and clean

  21. Jeff S.

    I was just there on an amature night that was OK. Past visits have been very good with some of the girls. I will look for them again in the VIP.

  22. XXXbeast

    I had a lot of fun here surprisingly! haha I came here with two of my co-workers and my brother and his friends. We came for my brothers birthday and we all paid 5 bucks since the website had a coupon deal. The 5 bucks went towards non-alcoholic drinks it was a full-nude strip joint.I’ve been to a couple of strip clubs where there would be only like 1 or 2 pretty girls but at Spearmint there was actually a good amount of good looking girls! It was a busy but than again we came on a friday night I think or was it saturday? it was one of those days! hahaIt was fun overall, the girls were nice, front door man was nice, baretnder was nice!Everyone was nice! hahaha

  23. StripClub431

    Arrived on a thursday a little after 12, noon, and there weren’t any girls there. After chatting with the doorman, got the impression that Sunday nights are good. Showed up this past sunday night, slight before 8pm. 8 dudes and no chics. except one older, loud one sitting at the bar.I’m used to doing deja vu city of industry on a sunday night. Thought that the Rhino in Rialto could be a nice change ( for a sunday night ) but i don’t think so ! I stayed ’til about 9pm. Then there were 4 dancers. nothing that appealing.From looking at the Website, and the conversation with the doorman, I thought this place would be poppin off, like 8-10 nice girls inside, at least. Not the case. I will have to experience a Friday night one time. Have yet to do that. The place is definately clean, and nice feeling. But kinda lacks, for the whole reason we go.

  24. DexterRexter

    Place is horrible. Girls were so rude like for example this one girl said we had to tip her because we were sitting the the tip section but all I said was no because she had a bad ass attitude and to be honest she sucks. So why would I tip her? Never going again!

  25. Dave R.

    Very nice dancers, some pushy and some not. Valerie is hot and great ass so is KC very nice and satisfiying if you get the 3 4 1. That is the best deal going.

  26. Frankie

    The girls were pretty good, some better than others. The dances were awesome, there was one girl in particular, short hair looked asian. Very very cute… Definately recomend and i will be going back with more friends.

  27. fuckery12

    *** Update*** Good club depending on the night. I have been some days and the day shift actually looked better then the night shift. The dances in the club are very good and the Dancer usually pretty relaxed and are willing to sit and talk and not overly pushy about buying dances like some other clubs (deje Vu) Prices are a little high sometime your best bet is to wait for a special, the club runs a lot of 2 for 1 dances and back to back 3 for on 1s every hour. The down side is the waitress push you to buy the dancers a drink. If you buy a drink its $5 if you buy them a drink its $15 crazy.. Overall good club its just hit or miss on the dancers sometimes. *** Dance price can be a little confusing sometime, I have gone and had a 3 for 1 and it was $60 per set and other time its $70 per set i am not sure why it may just be the dancer adding in there own tip. Also they just added a special on Monday 15 min private dance for $100 can beat that price, although Mondays are kinda slow. Downside is no alcohol so it might not be the place for bachelor party unless it is your second stop. However i am still a fan. FYI check out the website for deals and free entry..

  28. Johnnyboy123

    This is the worst gentlemen’s club ever! I don’t know why I came back. I received a text message from the establishment for a special only to find out when I got there they wouldn’t honor it because it was a mistake/mixup of some sort. The guy at the door showed me a few other specials. After choosing a special I walked in to an empty stage with a few male patrons sitting around the stage anticipating a show. I looked to the fireplace and the dancers were all there talking to one another, as if there were no men in place at all. Went and sat down by the bar area to get my soda. I made eye contact with one of the dancers and it was as if she was shy. She kept talking to one of the guys that worked there. I sat there for like 10 minutes and all but one of the girls was interacting with a male patron. I drank my soda and left. I’m glad the guy offered to give me a partial refund. Even after, I said “I remembered why I don’t come here, because it sucks!”, in front of some customers looking for a lame time in that place. Recently my friend wanted to take some friends over there I told him, don’t waste your time at that place. If anything take them to Flesh! At least you can eat and drink, and girls have great pole work! I will never go to Spearmint Rhino again!!!

  29. S.C. Hoppin'

    Hit this small club twice in the past and never saw an atractive girl to my liking. When trying to post my negative comments, they get taken down. Has potential because it’s “Rhino”, but by removing negative posts, it shows their lack of confidence…

  30. the visitor

    the worst Diamond: chick asked for money up front and didn’t take her clothes off till the start of the first song, lame. Half the time she wasnt even on the bed. Avoid Diamond at all cost.

  31. Sheena M.

    Recently renovated, don’t judge this book by its cover. Inside, plush chairs and fireplaces create a comfortable and classy atmosphere. Not the most beautiful girls in California, so one star is deducted. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday you can watch featured dancers of xxx films. Cover ranges from 6 to 15 dollars which is relatively cheap compared to surrounding clubs. Fully nude so there is no alcohol served. Overall, not a bad place for Realto!

  32. jared

    the girls are hot, and usually the private dances are ok as well. The waitresses

    suck….they always bother you to buy the stripper you take in the back for a

    drink that the girl doesn’t even drink it in front of you!!!! not worth it. I must

    warn you guys!!! and please listen be aware of this Italian chick who has her

    entire back tatooed!!! She has a great body and she will try to get you with

    her accent (which i think she is genuinely italian), but oh my i took her to the

    private room where she did her thing, however, as soon as she took her

    panties off she was really close to me with her vagina all expose and rubbing

    herself. That vagina was FOUL! FOUL! i had never in my life had experience

    something so terrible. It was like literally having a tuna can opened with

    parmesiano regiano!!! So to all you guys out there i hope you dont have to go

    what i went through!! i had nightmares about this broad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to make it

    worse that bitch left her female smell on my jeans! disgusting

  33. StripClubGroupie

    Was just there last Friday, Drinks are small and over priced, waitresses are

    slim to none, dancers are pushy and rude with an exception of maybe a

    handful of girls. I experienced more then I would have liked to in the “VIP”

    area…I wasn’t looking for THAT kind of dance. Lord knows what most of

    these chicks are crawling with if they are willing to do the things they do,

    without even being asked! One girl the entire night stopped and asked me

    how my night was going and didn’t try to hassle me for dances or drinks, I

    think she was going by cassidy? probably one of the only clean girls in the

    club. I dont recommend this club and I will not be returning.

  34. rogerrab2

    I love this spot come here with my baby daddy like to watch him enjoy the pretty ladies

  35. billtheguy12

    This place is horrible. If your thinking about going don’t. This is the worst place to try and have a good time. The bouncers are all prices of shit. And the girls are mean to you for no reason. WARNING! Don’t go here.

  36. Jennifer A.

    Worst strip club ever!!! Normally I would not have driven to Rialto to see girls dance but my gf ran across a flyer to for Spearmint Rhino that advertised an adult film star who be performing as a zombie stripper. Now we where curious as to how in the heck she was going to pull that off. Plus the flyer mentioned the showing of Clockwork Orange, which neither of us had ever seen but figured we should since it is always touted as a super trippy film that all should check out. So after gathering up some friends we headed down to the club but not before stopping for some drinks at a bar because this location is full nude so there is NO alcohol served. Ok so I don’t mind the $15 cover but at least have your door man know what performers are going on that night and what promos you are advertising. The guy at the front couldn’t answer any of our questions about the adult film star even after looking over the flyer which he had a stack of sitting in front of him. After we located some seats we were given prompt service for drinks, one of the pluses for this establishment. The decor was nice and everything was clean but it was a bit unnerving when some of us went to us the bathroom and some of the performers were in there getting ready/using the facilities. I mean, don’t most places have a separate room with bathroom for the performers? After a 2-3 strip shows, with 2 songs per girl, we had to sit through the first of MANY “get your own private lap dance with so-so, right now only $x!!! “. These sessions seemed to last forever, like they couldn’t go on till they had reached some quota. Out of the whole night we saw two strippers who paid attention to the whole audience, got into her dance (which after watching about two of these start to look the same) and came around afterwards to say thanks. I mention this only because a friend and I went up to the stage to watch one of the shows, with money in hand, and we were completely ignored. Just FYI – thats bad customer service. Finally the magic hour struck and the featured adult film star came out….. not dressed as a zombie…….what a waste of time and $15. We also found out from our server that night that the only part of Clockwork Orange that was going to be shown were the parts that the headliner would reenact – never mind. We headed out after paying our $20 drink tab (for 3 sodas and one water- if I pay $6 for a drink there had better be booze in it.) to go get some food and on our way to the car we found a used condom next to the driver side door. Yummy! Obviously Spearmint Rhino doesn’t pay attention to what goes on in their parking lot.

  37. mark
  38. james1412

    Honestly this place is pretty decent overall. Nothing special, but nothing too bad. Has a good atmosphere and staff is friendly enough. Girls are up and down, sometimes good sometimes a little rough…. worth a visit for sure, hopefully you catch a good day 🙂

  39. mathewater12

    Horrible strip club! Strippers don’t give you your change ! Wasn’t worth the drive ! Never again !

  40. maxxy1

    Hotter girls than most places thats the best part. Way overpriced, the girls are constantly thirsty wanting $8 red bulls lol, then they walk up and say want a dance, im sorry whats your name?? i dont get dances unless i know who you are. Then if you go and just want to see main stage dancers and tell the ones walking around asking if you want a dance constantly NO they start mean muggin and getting all pissy.

  41. Local Cop

    I love this place!!!

  42. Mr. L

    The VIP dances are the selling point in this club. The downside to it is that you will have to wait for their 3 for 1’s all the time unless you are willing to spend $60-$80 for one song. Most girls are not nice and truly only cares about your money. The Waitresses are terrible, they would always ask you to get a $5-10 drink for the stripper and it’s annoying. In the end, you won’t really have a great time in here. Go to Deja Vu Instead.

  43. justinlk

    Absolutely worthless. This is the worst club I have ever been at. My wife was with me, lots of cash in hand, and not one lady approached us. From the reviews this seemed to be a good club, but the amount of creepers here is concerning. Pass the word, do not waste your money on the high cover and expensive sodas.

  44. mateo32

    Great club. Only downside are the waitreses asking for drinks all the time.

  45. cookman

    A tip on the drinks for the dancers, when asked offer to buy a small drink for $5. If you do not say a small they charge $10. The dancer gets the same drink. if you buy one before going to the back say no she already has one. last Sunday there were only 5 or 6 girls there and they were all hott! Did a couch with KC and a fantasy with Dolly! WOW both great and wanted to do one with Mickies she was looking very hot but was running low on $. will return again to see Solo she is hard to catch between day and night shift.

  46. Alex L.

    So on Friday nights they have their “best girls” out and honestly a lot of them looked hot and did a great job dancing but after a while the girls all gathered at the fireplace and talked and talked when I clearly saw some guys who wanted a dance.. Then I got a dance from Linda!! She did a great job! The dance was $30 and I gave her $40 because I had no change she told me she would run to the back and promised to get me my change.. After waiting and waiting I approached her and asked her if she has my change and she started to pretend that she already gave me my money!! That really pissed me off but I didn’t want to argue and just left.. Stay Away from Linda!! She is white and around 5″5 she has a cowgirl kind of style and she is a thief.. I’m staying away from this club for a while

  47. marriedhavinfun

    WOW what a great club great dancers great atmsophere..well def. go again

  48. nctravels

    This club is basically about the private dances. I went on a Thursday night and they were running 2 for $25 couch dances and 3 for $60 VIP dances. Excellent mileage on both sets of dances. The quality of the girls is fair, but the set up and contact made it worth a repeat visit.

  49. XhXeXy

    Haha I came here twice… once for a guy’s birthday, another for a girl’s birthday. It’s funny to see how the guys go gaga for the girls lol. But I can’t say much, I am a straight girl so this is not really my thing. However, I would say that some of the girls weren’t very entertaining; some girls just crawled around and did nothing. So lazy!!!! Work for your money ladies!!!! It was a rare occassion to see a girl actually dancing and doing stuff on the pole. I always feel weird and uncomfortable when a girl comes up to me, I kind of just throw them my dollar and look away, silently telling them to go away. Whatever… interesting experience.

  50. eddyL

    Formerly resided in SoCal had a good experience at this club 5 years ago, numerous beautiful ladies . On valentines eve visit very disappointed paid $16 to get in which included one drink, still waiting on drink ! Ladies very average looking at best & not very friendly. Stayed for roughly 30 minutes & walk out. Can cross out this club on future visits to SoCal.

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