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44 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034


33.4491188, -112.0138754




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Christie’s Cabaret Phoenix

  1. Ardnas

    Maybe it’s because I went on a Sunday, but some of the dancers looked like housewives…and not in the desparate t.v. type. The table dances, the dancers get very friendly. The club itself is really nice.

  2. Montel

    The girls hustle a little too hard at this club which was a bit of a turn off. Theres a lot of really fake looking chicks which isn’t my thing either. But I still think this is a good club overall. Theres a lot of pretty girls and this is a very classy place. I would come back again.

  3. Will.b.back

    Was in Saturday night. Was greeted by very accommodating doorman

    outside. Paid cover and went in. Many waitresses on and there was no

    shortage of good looking girls. After a couple drinks, made my way

    upstairs to check out VIP! Was graciously greeted by 2 beautiful

    hostesses Angela and Michelle. Had a great time with bottle service and

    they talked me into checking out 2 dancers. Spent 2 hours in the VIP!

    Great service, great girls, great time!

  4. From the 619

    Yesterday a bunch of us went in for pattys day!! Great shoots “Irish sluts”

    Every girl was hot and fun. Best part was the energy in the club. The two

    dj getting everyone into the night with shoots and irish music. We will be

    back every time we in Phoenix

  5. XhXeXy

    Very nice company. Prices a bit steep, but, a god spot to hang out.

  6. Dj Ray

    You know ladies if you have a problem with me it might help your cause to

    come to me and tell me about it, Rather then talk shit on a website… Just

    saying. So here’s your invitation to sit down with me and our management

    and get down to the bottom of your problems.

  7. MJ

    The dancers here have no experience and no tact. If they could take the time to take the gum out of their mouth, and at least STOP walking by when asking rudely if I want a dance, it would have been a possibility. Instead THEY gave ME an attitude. I’m finding another club.

  8. Slow Ride

    The only rating above fair is due to the fact I’ve developed a really good

    relationship with a couple specific girls over the last few years and they treat me

    very good.

  9. ND

    By far the best in Phoenix. The dancers are friendly, great looking, and great company, what more could you want. No one was pushy, it was easy to stay and spend lots of money. The food is surprisingly very good and very inexpensive. Just the place to go if you’re in town by yourself and want some company. I’d recommend it highly, i had a great time and i’ll be back when i’m in Phoenix again.

  10. jj


  11. Regular Joe and Jane

    My wife and I have been coming here for several months and we love it!

    Shea and Cadence are a blast! Surprised by the neg comments about DJ

    Ray, though, as he always makes a point to stop by and hang out with us

    and make sure we’re having fun. He keeps the party going and we love

    hanging with him as much much as we love hanging with our favorite girls.

    Always a party when we’re with these guys

  12. Reapor

    WOW this palce was bangin, wish i lived here to keep comin back

  13. AZSunSpade

    Went here for the first time last Thursday, September 18, 08 and had a blast! The club is ultra classy and the best looking ladies in town. I used to go to Bourbon Street but it is a dive compared to this club and the girls are not as friendly there as they are at Christie’s. At Christie’s They all have fantastic bodies and personalities to match. Their stage shows are fun, engaging and totally entertaining. The staff was friendly and the drinks downstairs came very quickly.

    Milan is amazing, such a smart girl with a friendly personality. She has a perfect body!!! She gave me two amazing lap dances and then spent the rest of the night with me upstairs in the VIP room. I had the best time of my life! The leather couches are very comfortable, the hostess was friendly and attentive and there was much more privacy than sitting downstairs by the stages. I even enjoyed the champagne! I highly recommend you ask for Milan when you go there. She is worth every dollar and then some!

  14. Cool off with your favorite

    Almost the end of summer! Finally only two more months of this heat! 😉

    Come in and join us 25 to 30 gorgeous girls Christies cabaret every night of

    the week. With a cold beers or a bottle of champagne, and the best music

    and lights all of Arizona with your favorite gorgeous girl.

  15. l.a.

    Some of the girls are really not attractive. Nice club though.

  16. Tuna Helper
  17. jojo dancer

    Sounds like someone needs to get back to work and worry about what they are doing.

  18. Sick of it

    Old school knows what’s up.I too have pretty much the same feelings.I’ve been around this place enough to know it’s ways and it’s a repetitive cycle.That’s why I will never set foot in here again.Since leaving and going to another local club resently I’m so much happier!I am glad Tayler finally had what was coming to him,he deserves it and Warren is not any better either,old man is negative Nancy.

  19. Locker Room pt 2

    pushing all the customer girls away! You need to fix what you broke House

    fee 11am-5pm $15

    5:01pm-9:00 $25

    9:01pm-11pm $40

    11:01pm- close $50

    $25 VIP dances $5 to the house $20 min $8 to housemom $8 to Djs $4 to

    managers The ones who work deserve the money from us dancers not the

    Douche bags that sit in the office and do nothing!

  20. Blip

    It sucks

  21. Concerned69

    I cannot believe our new DJ! whats his name Bryan!…or Ryan? he is one of the worst DJ’s I have ever seen, you can’t understand a word he says, and his music sucks too, huge drop off in talent if you ask me, not saying Ray is any better due to him playing favorites all the time and screwing dancers like Cadance. My wish would be for Scotty to run the show alone! he’s the best DJ in the club!!!!

  22. stripclub vip

    Went in last week with a few friends. Have been there b4 and was impressed with the quality of the girls. Started at the main bar(high prices) and got a table. Doorman was friendly and didnt have a hand out for an expected tip! Had some dances from a variety of girls that were great. Not much for talking but who really is. Had a visit from a girl(Roberta) who was the VIP hostess. She let asked me if I wanted to head upstairs to the VIP for a little private time with the girl sitting with me(Carter). Was up there for 2 hours and had a great time. The dancers were great but so was the service. Thanks Roberta and Carter

  23. Don Juan

    Hot Hot Hot classy girls!

  24. hotone69

    some days are good.

  25. p dog
  26. dan208

    Terrible staff when it comes to being professional and polite. Negative attitude from some of the girls(door girl, dancers and especially day shift bartender..also had to wait forever for my drinks..these waitresses just stand around and do nothing..some of the girls were very pretty and nice and the music was good and the daytime floorguy was very polite and helpful..but overall not to impressed with the club

  27. Just in town

    This by far was the cleanest and overall better club that I’ve been into.

    Was not a sketchy dark club. More then the typical red and black lights.

    You walk in they bring you to your seat. Very prompt service. Not every girl

    looked the same or dance to the same hip hoppy shit. That is what made

    this a great place I don’t remember hearing any rap crap. Lots of Old and

    new rock, house music. Very upbeat place to come to well in town.

  28. John C.

    Was there last week. I had no problems getting served and the girls were friendly and wanted to dance. Slow for Sunday but that is expected. Tall thin lady danced for me and it was great. Will be back for sure.Read the other reviews. If you tip you will be treated nice. Do these people know how these ladies make a living? I tipped.

  29. TY

    Over Rated

  30. Old Skool

    Well, maybe now you will listen to me. Now that taylor is going to be gone, things will rapidly be changing. The staff will be looked at very closely for what they can bring to the table for the benefit of the club. Cooper has new plans, and getting rid of taylor was a very smart idea.

  31. Joel

    First time in 3 yr it looks great. Will be back.

  32. kou

    You guessed wrong. I’m not a manager, have worked in this industry for 20 years, am very loyal to the clubs I have worked at(no Cheetahs OR Stilletos by the way)and feel I answered all your questions. You stated there were no drink specials and there are. Then you said “cheap drinks = cheap customers. I disagree. You said manager turn-over at other clubs is minimal compared to us. I disagree. We have had the same managers for almost a year, which is about as long as Mr.Cooper has owned it. By the way, the “new” manager at Jaguars worked for Christies for approxiamately 5 years. I also disagree that the economy doesnt have anything to do with ANYONES numbers being down, thats just common sense. All that said, I mean no disrespect to you, I’m simply defending a club I believe in and a manager that I respect greatly. I know what he and the others go through, and can assure you he doesnt get paid for “kissing Mr.Coopers ass”.

  34. Alex

    Had a good time

  35. Dave

    Best place in town! Not many cities left where you can get a topless dance from a beautiful woman for 10 bucks.

  36. azclubcontesuir

    You girls r hot

  37. Happy CC Dancer

    You three “angry dancers” are giving yourself bad karma. That is why you

    are not making money.

    “money making employee” is right hang it up or move on to another club.

    Ray is our best Dj!!!

  38. Mark M

    This place is the balls. Some many different hot girls and all are very friendly. I love this place.

  39. Revrat13

    I travel a lot for work and get to check out the local

    talent where I go. This may be my favorite club. There was

    not an undesirable girl in the building. There were more

    girls than guests and they love to sit with you so you can

    get to know them before you receive a dance…. and the

    dances are awesome!I usually don’t go to thesame club 2

    nights in a row… went back for more!

  40. HR

    i think the club is going down hill, and fast

  41. Blondage
  42. Hey MoneyMaker

    Talk like that again I’ll string you up by your thong and toss your ass over

    the railing…. Not to hard to figure out who you are!

  43. Max

    The club hit a low tons of black chicks and fat chicks! Go back to jaguars or

    sonnys or highlighter! Club is looking getto right now. Hopefully new

    manager Tony will fix everything already got rid of 3 girls more to come


  44. joseph1k

    Went on a friday evening. Wwaited 30 minutes before a dancer offered a dance. Alll the dancers are old and 30+. with hard bodies and wrinlked faces. Their mouths stink and one female with a blue dress was so dirty, u cud see the hair in her ass!!yuck.and this female did not return the change!! Took 20 dollars for a 10 dollar lousy lapdance. Only one attractive young female and she was all th etime with one guy !!!and after that guy left, she also left!!Ridiculous.shit place. ugly women.old bodies,stinky mouths, dirty asses and very racist. AVOID!!

  45. horrible
  46. Jessica is a fatty

    I went there a few weeks ago and went to the upstairs level, and jessica, i think that was whore name, was so freaking rude i couldnt stand it, i will not back… maybe hire pretty/nice vip girls?????

  47. J

    Wow, beautiful club, and the best day shift EVER! Definately check this place out. My picks are Piper and Sateen. Great dances, thanks beauties!


    This place ROCKS

  49. Kitten

    I heard Warren was at Christies last night is he going to be working there? if so count me out i’ll be sure to stay away no offense to Warren but the owner is not to be trusted just look at that place right now. Warren will be a step up from the managers they have now but its the owner who is to blame hope Warren won’t have to sue him again.

  50. sad

    It’s true. There are no standards to “entertain” at this club. If you’re paying a house’re hired. As for the facility itself..seems as though no one cares. Sinks, toilets, doors, floors..leaking, stinking, busted, nasty. It’s a shame. Really could be a great place.

  51. fuckery12

    Very nice inside, located in a bad area but well lit and tight security. The ladies are all top notch as is the service; but it simply is too clean cut for my taste. Strip bars should have a bit of raunch to them to me and this is simply too clean, too nice, too vanilla.

  52. Money Maker Employee

    You’re a spineless cowardly bitch, that doesn’t know how to act like an

    adult. Newflash: If you have a problem with anybody – you talk to them or

    you go to management or the house mom. Instead of sitting behind your

    little computer screen or your cell phone talking shit about people.

    Do us all a favor and hang up your striper heel and thong.

  53. Hot 4 anyone

    hot 4 you, you are so right, the managers here now are by far much better than

    taylor, they are always on the floor and actually care about us girls. the club is a

    much happier place, and i get to here the music i want to hear. F that short fat

    bald bastard!!!!

  54. Harrison69

    My fiance and I went here last night only because we’d never been together, and thought why not!We ended up having the best time! The girls were all very beautiful and very personable/friendly. The girl serving our drinks was very attentive and sweet. Everyone seemed to be happy and having a good time, which is a huge plus.It was a great club for couples. A lot of the girls told us how much they love couples, and often times gave me more attention than my hubby (which he didn’t mind). All in all, the club was great with an awesome energy from the girls, and we will definitely be back for another date night!

  55. In Sales

    This place is still the best, classy atmosphere and hot dancers. Had the best time with Nora. She is by far the sexiest dancer I have enjoyed, gorgeous and fun.

  56. Marcus

    As an out of town visitor, I thought this was a fantastic club, lots of dancers although the best ones were always snagged by the high rollers. Great setup and nice club.

  57. Bob

    Great club, lots of hot chicks,waitresses are a little slow though,but nice.

  58. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  59. Warren Who?

    Wow thats all I have to say about this warren guy in our club. he walks around like he is pissed all the time and isn’t very friendly. I heard he got on the microphone and started telling customers to start buying 2 for 1 dances, that to me shows he is desperate and then he tells our dj’s that they are not doing their job right! this guy is full of himself, I will not be coming back! go Jags!

  60. jeff

    amanda is a true centerfold check her out

  61. I Agree Re Jesse

    She is trailer trash. She has been the problem every since she started there. She actually gave me a hard time for having other girls dance for me and then would give other girls that i prefered a hard time too! Glad shes gone now I can go back.

  62. j will
  63. Boom Boom Room Lover

    This is definitely the best topless club in town. It is a very elegant club with lavish furnishings and the most sexy women in town. The place is filled with 9’s and 10’s. The privates are very erotic and will satisfy your desires. I highly recommend this club.

  64. Jim

    Was at the club on Saturday night and the place was packed. Looked like they had 50 girls on! Reminded me of Christies back in the day!

  65. Rex

    Outstanding club. Very nice atmosphere. Great variety of women, so just about everyone should find something they like.

  66. critter

    Thats pretty fun all managers have been replaced as of 6/25/08 So i think u maybe a little misguided.

  67. Steven S.

    This place is kinda hit or miss. One time I went and there on a Thursday night and there was a good selection of young girls that were friendly. Then on a Friday night there wasn’t a single attractive in the place.There is a $10 cover and the drinks are really expensive. This place is okay, but largely avoidable.

  68. Angela L.

    This is definitely one of the best clubs in the country! My boyfriend and I love going to strip clubs and we had a blast here. Great energy all around, friendly staff, friendly girls, fun atmosphere. If you are ever in the Phoenix area this is the place to check out. The area is pretty bad, but it’s safe there. Not sure on the prices, but lap dances are around $10-20 and VIP is around $300 for an hour. (You can correct me on that)

  69. james1412

    Had a great time here. It’s one of the prettiest clubs I have been to in a while. Lighting is amazing. Girls are friendly and most are attractive as well. Management is great and very willing to accommodate. They have a great food menu as well. And there’s an amazing buffet from open till 5pm mon-fri with paid admission which is only $5. Can’t beat that.

  70. aznw

    what can I say the best of the best! Look for the sexy waittress Kim, Super sexy

  71. james

    came by the club and found out Jesse was fired recently. She was a nuisance ! Good job management.

  72. Makin Progress

    I love how after the owner came in “Mr. Cooper” how Dave has changed, he is all nice to the girls, and acting like he is working hard – it will be funny to see how long he lasts after screwing things up i hear they brought ray and scotty back i only wish it was just scotty he is the best dj we have ray will play favorites again i’m sure

  73. Shmeckler

    Got me hard

  74. Jay

    Bela or Hunter – must get one or both of them to dance for you. You will not be disappointed…trust me.


    The reason why we post here is because you management don’t listen to us girls.Your core girls really know what we are talking about.We’re the ones working the floor.Getting rid of Scottie is NOT a good idea.With Ray gone,Scottie needs to be head Dj and take on Wed through Sat.He deserves it.

  76. Spitfire

    David sucks.If you kiss his ass he will favor u.I’m not an ass kisser,I have pride.Bring Scottie back!He didn’t do anything wrong.Pete sucks.WTF!David needs to go and the woman manager too,she sucks.When r u gonna get quality managers Christies?Your loyal girls are leaving.

  77. Hot 4 U

    Think about it!……OK I’ll explain it Duh! Taylor isn’t professional, he sits in the office all the time and doesn’t do anything which is unprofessional right?……Ok so if Ray is playing favorites at work, then that means he is also being unprofessional, Shipping him to the other Christie’s to be with Taylor is like saying, They belong in the same group. I’m not stupid, just way ahead of you!

  78. Bad Place


  79. Sirsex

    By far the classiest club I’ve been in Phoenix. Service very professional. Overall look of the club excellent!

    And NO I don’t work there. I looking to buy a club.

  80. camron

    All i have to say right now is that I have quit Christies and moved on to another club. Christies has once again let everyone down, this warren guy was a joke and now the club is dead and all the good girls have left, only dirty girls have stayed. i can say what i want about tayler because when you do not make things better, it opens you up to being scrutinized. the valley isnt that big, word travels fast and everyone knows about Christies and how it is ran. that is why most girls have left the club recently, cooper should just sell it to someone who will put money into it and run it like a real club, such a waste of a big building to.

  81. Fiel R.

    Loved this place.. HI CHLOE!

  82. Go getter dancer

    Christie’s u r pathetic right now.U brought Ray and Scottie back.Great.Now,how about PROMOTING?I cannot imagine MR.Copper is happy with u David and Tony.This place is FAILING BIG.Having girls hand out passes is not enough.It’s suppose to be Season time but u guys don’t know how to capitalize on that.We girls do our job which is to show up.Do yours.The club looks dumb so empty and girls look dumb sitting wasting time.Stop blaming the economy for your lack of problem solving skills.People are still going out and spending money.I see clubs around us doing fine.I’ve been watching u and have yet to be impressed.U fail because u refuse to try new things and adjust with time.Did u know we 2 big conventions this weekend?How about bringing these guys in?I’m angry because I care.I strive for success and u should too.I can no longer achieve my goals here.Now,I’m forced to go somewhere else.Where’s the AMBITION Christie’s?

  83. Majken B.

    UPDATE: the last time I went to this club I met a dancer there and bought her a drink. We ended up going out on a date at which time she disclosed to me that she was actually 19 years old. The part of me that wanted to do nasty things with her shriveled up and died in that moment and I was shocked that she was allowed to have a drink in the club because she was under 21. Her reply to me was oh they don’t really care if you’re a dancer. Ive got a problem with that I’m an adult and only adults should be drinking in clubs so beware of that. Don’t assume they are of age….I was expecting really hot girls…but i found very few. Mostly fake boobs…and major check-out attitudes. I’m a girl, im an easy money lap dance ’cause im not gonna try to pull anything…but it was ridiculously difficiult to GET a lap dance from a girl that was pretty. I like voluptuous spicy girls…dark hair, natural breasts..not much of that at Cristies. If you like alot of blondes w fake breasts…you might like it. The drinks are strong, the atmosphere great. Buut in my opinion, their girls are sub par for the price……ive seen cuter girls willing to work at the Candy Store…..but i’m still looking to try Burbon Street. BTW saw waaaaaaaaaaay too many girls at this club with bellies….i was like, WTF?

  84. Studbud

    Pretty good, saw some dancers doing some nasty things, they should clean up the place! Dont they see whats going on? They cant possibly thing real ppl who spend real money enjoy this. I just wanted a get away and a nice companion to be w/ for the night. Do girls really let guys suck on their toes?!?! I went last July, it was fairly slow but there were a few girls that weren’t from Phoenix area working, classy and fun. What happened to them?

  85. Honey Bee

    I highly doubt Tony the new guy is going to be of any good.He has ZERO experience in this industry too.The money making potential in this place has dropped extremely.The only thing they care about are the house fees and tip outs.Hiring these new girls out of desperation so they don’t get yelled at by Mr.Cooper.None of these new girls are of any quality.

  86. Chicago Guy

    Came here with my girlfriend after Cardinals game. Free entry if you give them ticket stub from game! Great atmosphere and dancers. Watched the Bears game, my GF got drunk and I got six lap dances from a cute redhead named Haley. In total we spent under $200, including a $15 tip for our cocktail waitress and a $10 tip for the girl at the door. Recommend highly…great bang for your buck!

  87. Best Time ever!

    in town for business and needed to blow off some steam so i came down Saturday

    night. they had multiple stages going, 2 bars, and tons of hot girls! thought it was

    cool how they had an mc on the floor working the crowd and making sure everyone

    was having fun. the girls were all very nice but my favorite was Erin the hot little

    red head behind the bar. i will definitely be back very time I’m in Phoenix!!

  88. Greg

    Fat dancers of 140 plus charging $20 per song. Posts about high numbers of hot dancers are lies. I saw 2 worth tipping and getting dances from which is what I did. The others are in the wrong line of work.

  89. Love It

    Went here 2 weeks ago and had a great time. Was in town on vacation with some friends and all of us loved it here. If ever back in town, definitely will stop by again.

  90. Happy

    Ladies, if you have anything you would like to talk about, please feel free to contact your managers, or the owner. if you really want to make a difference, and resolve your issues. This company has always had an open door policy on any issues you may feel need addressing.

  91. big thigh guy
  92. David

    I’m obsessed with one of the day girls, beautiful, long red hair. If you get a chance, check Rogue out for a fun time!!!!!!

  93. Big John
  94. Dang247

    this place is EMPTY- going to Skin

  95. CCDancer

    Agreed Angry CC Dancer Ray sucks its funny as shit to watch him rock out

    to techno! He’s a doucher! Scottie thumbs up great DJ always brings great

    energy to the club I always do better when he is working!!

  96. Hot 4 U is an ass

    Why would you ship him off with Taylor? Stupid!

  97. M. Asok

    Fantastic time thanks to Mustang. Love ya honey!

  98. Figure it out already

    Have none of you people figured out that the dj and all his friends are posting

    all these comments pretending to be other people? Give away hints: one

    reviewer misspells stripper (striper); many reviewers mention the dj’s

    importance as a personality in the club (most patrons don’t give a rat’s ass);

    many reviewers mention the names of specific dancers who all happen to be

    affiliated with the dj in some way; put it together people.

  99. bidness traveler

    This was my first time to Christie’s. (8/12/09) It was a Wed so overall was pretty slow, but surprising the quality of the girls was very good. There’s always a few thick ones, but no porkers with huge stretch marks. Most of the girls were very cute with great bodies. My only complaint is that there’s no area to get real comfortable, like a couch or oversized chair. Probably in the VIP/Champagne area ($350), but I wasn’t there. I got 2 dances in their uncomfortable chairs. Both girls were very up close and personal, especially the second girl. So yeah, definitely check it out. Nice club, great talent. Drinks were pricey, but everything else made up for it.

  100. Enuff Already

    Hey regular Joe & Jane….our comments about our DJ Ray are not made up…you posted that you liked Cadence and Shea right?….well those are the girls Ray plays favorites with, he’s friends with Shea outside the club, and he was screwing Cadence for a while, so there is the reason I am sure all of us “regular girls” are complaining about him. Ray may seem great!, but he plays favorites still!

  101. Angry Staff

    Does anyone realize that the Fiesta Bowl is Thursday Night and not one manager has promoted for the club or even made an effort to bring people in. Over 80,000 people are in town for the game and I bet they have no idea there is even a game because they missed the bowl game from the other night and not one person in the club had any idea about it! I work with Zombies who don’t care.

  102. Angry Christies Dancer

    I keep trying to post and it doesn’t show up, but I will not stop posting until something is done about DJ Ray! He needs to be fired for playing favorites with the dancer Cadence! His Penis and ego are going to cost him his job,and if nothing happens then I will go to Cooper about it and then hopefully Scotty will be our DJ because he is awsome and Ray has chosen to not be professional anymore.

  103. To Funny

    love all the positive insight. Taylor has been gone for a year , and you still cannot stop thinking about him.. Maybe when the guy dies, you can pick the bones clean!

  104. AssnTits5

    I was visiting Phoenix last Thursday on business. After a very long day I was in search of a drink. Since I flew in and didn’t have a rental car I asked the front desk person where the nearest place serving liquor. He told me Christie’s located at 44 N. 32nd. St. I don’t goto strip clubs but I really wanted a drink, so much that I happily paid $10 to get in. I was served a double shot of Rumplemintz that was clearly watered down. I complained to the manager. He said he was personally in charge of the liquor and that it was not watered down. He told the bartender to get out the bottle. She did and the liquor was obviously foggy. He had her get a fresh unopened bottle out and it was not foggy at all. He said the “foggyness” was from the chilling of the liquor. That is not true. I only drink Rumplemintz and I chill it myself and at no time does the liquor ever get foggy. I know it was watered down without a shadow of a doubt. It is all I have ever drank. I’m 39 years old. I left immediately and told him I was going to report the establishment. I called today and was told that the manager on duty that night was either Lenny or Taylor. I can’t rate the place as a strip club but the fact that they are ripping off their customers is all I need to know to never go back.

  105. lovegirls

    I think this is the best strip club in Phoenix. I am a woman and I felt treated equally to the men, I love tits and ass too. Dina totally turned me on and she was an excellent dancer. Great lap dances. Susan was very beautiful. I love the day girls. This club actually had women that danced and put on a show instead of just grinding on the ground constantly. Though that is good some too. There was an older lady there that was beautiful and hot. She really knew how to put on a show. She was intriging, I admired her and she had nice big beautiful tits.

  106. PartyHard

    DJ rocks and girls were hottttt.

  107. maxxy1

    Has really gone down hill lately. Very few dancers. Some were attractive. Saw guys came in and sit down for a few minutes, then leave since no dancers were on the stage most of the time. Service was spotty at best. I finally had to go to the bar, wait another several minutes, and then order the drink myself.

  108. clay

    Beautiful friendly girls

  109. saydee

    joann is a cocky-ass bitch; treasure is a dumb-ass, good-for-nothing psycho drunk and her ugly-ass dike friend michelle.

  110. TheRookie911

    $10.00 cover. 2 for 1 drinks on a Wednesday at 17:00. Girls were great. Only 1 huge stage running. I think one of the girls said there are 2 other stages in the back.

  111. VIP Nooner

    went to vip at lunch time, sat with Piper, fell in love

  112. R

    I love working here!

  113. Richard

    Really one of the best clubs I have ever seen. Great variety of girls, and top notch. Staff great.

  114. petey
  115. S

    This place is not only the best place to come and enjoy beatiful women at, but the best place to work! The dancers and the staff are all great, they make it really comfortable here!

  116. timmykilla

    My husband and I came from the one on Glendale after it closed. We went there 2 times a week. Love everyone there and it was an amazing place to just relax after work. We spend more money then I will like to say but it was nice to get out. So we went to the one in phx to give it a try , almost everyone we knew from the other club moved over there. And let me just say fuck that place. From the minute we got in there it was bad and you could see how everyone was treating each other there. It seemed that no one was happy there. But we wanted to give it a try so in two weeks we went again and it was worse , most of the people we knew were gone and most of the girls wouldn’t even come by me. Bad news for you girls I was the one with the money. So if the Glendale club opens back, you should go there but until then . DONT GO TO TO THE ONE IN PHX

  117. DJ Jared

    I worked in Atlanta and I popped into this place due to reading reviews online.I tried to apply there in person and no one seemed eager to take my application, when I said I was a DJ they said we are set for DJ’s right now…so my curousity grew,It is a large club, but outside of the size it is a very average place. Being a DJ myself I am curious to see how they operate out here. They had two DJ’s working at the same time, the guy on the floor (the MC) was great for about an hour, after an hour the skill set ran out. I know a seasoned DJ when I see one, and this guy repeated himself all night long, just pushing drinks like his life depended on it, I can hear it now!…..V.I.P available, and shot specials….ok Bro we get it, your the company pawn and your job is to sell. My question is to the DJ, my old club paid me every night for what I sold… does yours?…if not then you are average at best, I can see you were trying all night long until you were horse. I’m sure your dancers all love you and say all the right things, but I am betting that this is the only big club you have ever worked for……it shows! If I ever got the chance to actually get an audition, you would not be safe, in Atlanta you Co-MC every night, and you get paid to perform, I’m guessing you get a crappy wage, and decent tips….probably not a place I wanna work anyway due to the way I was treated.

  118. jackinthebox

    Great place – better time – spent too much – cant wait to go back!!!

  119. Pinkie

    This club was boring, the only action I saw was the housemom making out with a waitress in the bathroom.

  120. Old skool fool

    Unless you know what managers go thru old fool why dont you do something useful like help a veteran. If your so old skool than you should tell managers to their face what you think, oh wait that would take some class and self respect… Please feel free to contact anytime..

  121. frank
  122. Weedman420

    It was ok, great parking but pretty boring. Most of the girls looked super tired and bored. Went with a friend, and the waitress was sweet. The drinks were a bit strong for my taste but hey its all good. One girl looked pretty cracked out, super fast and erratic on stage. No good twerkers.

  123. Jimmy Crack Corn

    Great time with me and my homies

  124. r dog
  125. fritter17

    Remember these girls only want your $$$ they really do not think you are cute

  126. Chicago Boy

    I come to Phoenix every couple of months and always like to make a couple of stops at this club. Artesia is probably the best hostess I have ever encountered and does her best to get you a good deal on bottles. Dancer recommendations include, Olivia whom I’m in love with, Taylor and Maya Fox…there are several other girls who are always friendly and make me feel very welcome. Good time overall.

  127. Sam

    The best club in Phoenix. Very good value. Most of the dancers are nice, at least to me they are. Usually disappointed in other clubs so i keep coming back to Christies. I someone can name a better club let me know so I can compare. Only thing I don’t like is they charge 10 dollars for drinks upstairs. Other than that I don’t see this place as more expensive that others.

  128. agree

    Unfortunately, I have to agree that Ray’s professionalism has decreased. There

    are a few dancers he is friends with and always treats them much better. Even if

    you tip him well, it doesn’t seem to help. Too bad that favoritism takes over.

  129. 10

    This was my first time visiting. I went during the day shift so as to avoid the rowdier night crowd. The place looked pretty clean, it seemed okay. My only complaint is that it’s kinda dark in there. I was very satisfied with my experience. The ladies were great; excellent dancers.

  130. Clondikebar

    Bad Club, managers are rude, and purv’s

  131. Sugar lips

    I agree with everyone, Dave is totally loosing the clubs $. He can’t manage,

    never promotes and constantly tries to sleep with trinity and the dancers.

    It’s gross, one night he told me I can give him my number for some free

    houses if I wanna do some “favors”. Christy needs to get their management

    in check and get their good dj’s back. I can understand ray leaving but

    really, Scotty too? That stupid, he always got customers in and spending


  132. RonnyBobby

    Best show on earth

  133. ryan

    best club in phoenix, hands down, pants down

  134. Chicago John

    Came in after Suns game on Wen before Thanksgiving. Free admission with ticket. Got six laps from Isabella and had a great time. Loved the French Canadian accent. She has great looks…and personality! I come to Phoenix about 3 or 4 times a year and this place is a regular stop for me when I’m in town!

  135. RW

    Fantastic place, awesome main room. Lots of hot and friendly dancers. Best was Nora – she is super nice, hot and pure sexy. Enjoyed many dances with her and will be back for more.

  136. Christie's locker Room

    Dave Debbie we been waiting and waiting for change you both “wanted

    change” you had all the power in your hand and you still sat in your office

    as the club fell apart!! Your answer to everything “I’ll talk to her” “I’ll handle

    it” or blame the other manager while it’s been over two months and thing

    are worst! No Promoting is being done, we have Friday and Saturday

    nights with under 20 girls. Yet managers still get $10 a girl for what

  137. Sky

    Our club is falling apart! our managers have no idea what they are doing. The other night a manager said, “Good night tonight”…..well for who?…our club is dead ass empty, and no one seems to want to promote or do anything. for a club this big all they depend on is walk in traffic, that’s it! We should start asking all the managers “What did you do today to bring in customers”…NOTHING!

  138. Jessy James

    Worst place to go if you want to have a good time

  139. Tim

    Christie’s in Phoenix is Fantastic! The girls are hot and the music is great. There’s lots of room between the tables, many dark corners to enjoy private dances, and should I come up with enough money some time, even VIP rooms to enjoy a real “private dance”.

  140. Franklyn

    Wow, seriously? This place is definitely one of the worst strip clubs that I have ever been. I usually don’t write a bad review, and if there is something wrong I prefer to tell it to the owner, but this place was so bad that I feel like whoever is in charge of this place is just disrespectful.It was a saturday night we got there at 11:00 pm there were maybe 15 people in the club,which looked weird to me because the club is very impressive. It took more than 30 min for the waiters to come to our table, no girls came to out table for the whole time that we’ve been there, beside to the fact that there were no more than 5 dancers.We left after about 45 min that club without even finish our drinks, and went to another club. I will never go there again! Simply a waste of time, and money.

  141. T C.

    Nice club. Came to sell woman’s jewelry. Friendly staff. Will visit again next time I’m in town.

  142. Joe

    Stuck up chicks.

  143. Dancer

    I came from out of town and this is one of the best places I have ever worked in my 5 years dancing. The girls are nice, the atmosphere is elegant and yet it isn’t snobby. I recommend it to everyone interested in a good time.

  144. EDWARD


  145. Steve

    Too bad such a beautiful club can’t pull it together. Same shit, different day. Not that great.

  146. L.A. Guy

    In town came here an the hi liter…. I had a blast in Christies great music

    two djs not a lot of girls but everyone that was there was beautiful and

    seem to be happy to be there. Unlike other clubs lots of girls but 1 out of

    5 were cute all seem to be counting down to leave. Christies was full of

    energy and everyone was working and laughing together. floor guy and

    djs always keeping the girls and drink specials coming we all will be back

  147. Anonymous W.

    Let me start by saying that we went to Christie’s on a Tuesday night, that being said:My wife and I always go to strip clubs together and are no amateurs to the scene being from the bay area in CA.We got a recommendation to visit this place from a local. We parked out front, walked in and paid $20 for the cover ($10 each). The host sat us up front at the stage at out request. The waitress was very attentive and nice, didn’t press us or try and upsell anything. The stage was small but it worked out well because it kept the dancers very close. The majority of the dancers were good looking, with an average of an “8”. Most of them had natural breasts, which was nice, and seemed to be enjoying themselves. Dancers would come around and ask you if you wanted a dance, and whether you did or not, they would hang out and chat for a bit, even though there were plenty of people int he place. There were also ALOT of dancers and girls in the club. We must have watched the show for at least 45 minutes before we saw the same girl on stage again. We got a couple of dances, $10 each. We drank all night and the total bill was $36…can’t beat that. Bottom line, next time we are in town we will definitely come back to Christie’s.

  148. sweetiepie

    really? keeping dave the shit manager who lets girls he favors not pay their

    houses or have to sign in, hands out a handful of free passes to his friends,

    lets girls do drugs all over the clubs and overlooks it for an extra tip when he

    catches them, and fire the two DJs keeping your club alive? thats ridiculous.

    this shows that christies doesnt understand how many people were dedicated

    to seeing the djs because of the proffessional relation made.

  149. re:yo yo yo

    Winds of change, huh? Yeah, the wind from a huge obnoxious smelly fart that

    clears out the whole building. Good job wrecking a once lucrative club…

  150. two thumbs up, one dick up

    I worship the ground Avalon walks on.

  151. KRizzi

    Had a lot of fun. Particularly my time alone with Justice. Well worth it.

  152. Bachelor

    Had my bachelor party there was nine of us. Great time everybody was

    helpful and friendly to all of us. They had shots special shout out to my

    group. Great way to end a week off golf and baseball.

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