Scarlett’s Cabaret



2920 SW 30th, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009


25.9832631, -80.1664894




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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118 reviews for “Scarlett’s Cabaret

  1. sammy sousa

    This club rocks, better than tootsies and the hottest girls in South Florida. !!!

  2. Vito

    Went here last week on a Saturday night, it was really busy, and lots of gorgeous gals. Our waitress was Megan, she was amazing and super hot!! Loved our experience there, staff was super nice and the place was soooo fun. I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

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  9. Bobby Z

    Hands down this is the best dam strip club in Florida, the facility is awesome and the girls are smoking hot and sexy as hell, I have all good things to say about this place, the private VIP sessions are well worth it and the lap dance action is top shelf…I LOVE THIS PLACE !!!

  10. Gloria D.

    Scarlett’s is a tiny piece of heaven. Why, you ask? Well, lucky for you, I will tell you why… Sit back, relax, and enjoy.Back in 99-2003, I lived in South Florida. I was young, fun, gorgeous (if I must say so myself) and had no cares in the world. Great job, good friends, a new car… Scarlett’s was a Friday night, Saturday night, Monday afternoon lunch break for most of us.First, fully nude. Second, full bar. Third, friendly chicks. Fourth, great atmosphere. Fifth, I had a job here for a hot minute (So, I may be slightly biased, but whatevs)If you’ve never been, you need to go. Seriously. I’m not kidding. In fact, why are you still reading this, you asshole? GO!

  11. Corina B.

    Just to add to what everyone else said, this is my favorite gentleman’s club (not that I’ve been to many). Girls are very sexy, music is pumping, the atmosphere is awesome, and it’s always crowded. Cool for girls night out, or you can take hubby. When my hubby’s a good boy, I’ll take him here for a scooby treat (teeheehee).If you’re a little open-minded (which most people are these days), come out and have a good time.

  12. tricky

    Nice girls . But watch out for waitress tacking on bill . i

    go there all the time Last time waitress charging me $7 for a

    bud light when it was $5 week before . She added $4 to my wifes

    drink . i called on monday ask manager if prices went up said

    no he really din’t want to here a complaint . so thats what

    reviews are for.

  13. Sammy

    Ewwww, Stay away

  14. tony

    This club is awesome! the girls are gorgeous and the dances are well worth it. it

    is a no sex club though, but still great anyway.

  15. williamr

    This strip club is wonderful. You don’t know which girl you should pick for a private dance because all of them are pretty!!!!! I really enjoy my stay in Miami thanks to the night I went there with my boyfriend.

  16. a guy
  17. adamrod

    Clean, spacious decent girls. Service was good. Drinks not to pricey. $10 cover charge. Valet Parking free…$10 to Valet car close.

  18. CS

    Had a great time. Love the vip room and will be going again very soon.

  19. And...

    This is a great club… Its my favorite to go to in all of Florida. I love the super late hours too. Everything needs to be open till 6am.

  20. SKY

    This club is one of the greatest and cleanest clubs I’ve ever worked at. The customers are great and the staff is awesome, and Yes this is a nude club.

  21. Jerry

    Club is okay but music is too loud

  22. bobby

    I had the pleasure of spending quality time with Angaleque in private room upstairs Smart pretty funny lil spinner She is a must see I will be back Best dance ever Spent hour upstairs with her Worth every penny Acts innocent but its all an act She is a lot of fun and it was a crazy great experience Next time im in town i will repeat experience Very satisfying πŸ˜‰

  23. Jeanette F.

    Soo …my boyfriend and I head to Scarletts last Saturday night… I can only say ,AMAZING! First of all, very clean the waitress kept the drinks coming since we were sitting at the main stage… The girls were really hot (JJ, I heart U) and friendly but not pushy! It was great to go to the bathroom and not see all the dancers sitting on the counter hanging out like another strip club I recently went to.(sounds like I go to alot of them, huh?) Consider me a regular cause I’m planning on spending money and time there!!!

  24. AssnTits5

    I looked on theire website and saw they were offering free lunch and 2 for 1 dances. The place is beauful, so are the women. I ordered my lunch and a drink. A dancer sat down and started talking to me, she was very nice, made me feel welcome there. After about 20 or 30 minutes, I started wondering about my lunch i ordered. The dancer told me the another customer had been waiting 2 hours for his lunch. I waited some more and then the dancer offered me the dance special, 2 for $35, not the 2 for 1 offered on the website, 1 dance is $25. It was one of the best dances I have ever got from a stripper. I gave her 2 $20, and she never gave me change. I had been at the club for about 1 and a half hours, and still no lunch. The waitress explained to me that they don’t have a kitchen on site, so the get the food from a nearby restaurant. Mind you the restaurant is only about 4 blocks away. The waitress said she re-ordered my food. I was there about 2 hours and nothing. The free lunch is a scam. Don’t go there for the lunch or dance specials. If the free lunch was for real they could have just sent someone to go get it.

  25. brandonresh

    Went around 8pm on Sunday. $20 cover for a guy and a girl ($10 each). Walked in and went to the bar and ordered a drink. Was charged $5 for a coke. Seems rather expensive considering a bud light was $7. Looked around and did not see many girls walking around. There were about 4 or 5 girls just sitting with people, talking for up to 30 minutes, or even more. We were trying to get the attention of some of the girls by smiling or making eye contact but they were either on stage dancing or busy talking to other people who were not buying lap dances. Or they were sitting down while smoking a cigarette or having a drink. They clearly were not interested in making money. We finally HAD to approach them (more like chase them down) for a lap dance. They of course said yes. Some girls were very pretty while some girls were average. One girl gave us a lap dance with 2 songs for $35 while another girl said one song for $35. Overall more expensive than other strip clubs and a very limited amount of girls (but we did go on a Sunday). The strip club experience was a lot different than other clubs we have been to where girls are much friendlier and work it. Most of the girls were not interested in working it. It was actually too bad as we were loaded with cash to spend. Wouldn’t go back. Would rather go to Tootsie’s or BT’s.

  26. Randy B.

    Best strip club in FL. Free parking, full bar, normal cover and most of the women are beautiful. Just a tip wait for the 2 for 1 dances once every hour. Great for groups and they play most Pay Per View Events. The lap dances are great πŸ™‚

  27. Ozzy R.

    Its the morning after and i still have funds in my bank account. This is a good sign. A really good sign. I came here after watching the Mayweather fight at Tootsies (never again will i go to Tootsies for a special event like that…never) because it got to packed and they stopped letting people in. If it wasnt for my boy Randy B. i would have been stuck at Tootsies solo…lol So i walk into Scarletts and the first thing i notice besides the obvious boobies is the bad ass sound system and all the comfy seats. BIG PLUS. The girls are very hot and seem happy to be there not like some other places where they have this bland waa waa face. Plus they dont come around every table asking for a tip for there performance…Bigger Plus…I am not cheap but i feel like i am being bamboozled sometimes when i have gone to other clubs…lol… totally take advantage of the 2 for 1 dances…they stay with you for the entire length of the song. Wohoo!!! There are alot of girls on the weekends and they have a great variety : ) By far the best experience at a strip i have had. Maxine…wherever you are this morning…thanks for the fuzzy memories…lol πŸ˜›

  28. kenston12

    Went here a little while back. It wasnt very welcoming. The girls looked good but were very snobby. The front charged our party of 4 full $20 cover even though they were closing in an hour. Overall just felt very snobby, standoff-ish and a bit seedy (clientele). The tables and stages are so smashed in, there is barely anywhere to walk. I usually throw $$ at the ladies no matter what but here, the mood didnt strike me. I was turned off by the atmosphere of snobbery. I prefer the laid back vibe and girls at Vixens. Much better venue and overall vibe.

  29. Weedman420

    New kitchen that opened with expansion was five star. Food and service was amazing!New sound system sounds great!

  30. Ajay S.

    I own a bar in San Francisco and go to different places to learn the different styles. I really liked this place and all bartenders were very fast and good sales people. Management is lucky to have them.

  31. Courtney B.

    I had a bad experience here. I came with one of my male friends and we were both wearing baseball caps. Nothing offensive, very trendy and stylish. They told us we had to remove our hats and I didn’t want to because I had hat hair. I was told I needed to purchase a Scarlett’s hat if I wanted to wear one in the building. I purchased one for $10. When we got inside. There were at least 6 guys inside that were wearing their own hats and some had them on backwards. I was not impressed with the way we were treated. It’s unlikely I will ever go back there again.

  32. Terra Monique M.

    The first time I went to Scarletts was for my big guys birthday back in 2012! It was a Friday night and we got there early (before midnight). Our cab dropped us off and what awaited us inside was just awesome. Bobby in VIP was just amazing! First, the music is insane. They keep every song around the same BPM so it’s always upbeat. What was extra awesome is the LDC light dancers and stilt guy with CO2 gun. Extraordinary! We drive an hour and a half twice a month to go to our now favorite spot! Staff is beyond professional and friendly. Nick, Bobby, Cesar, John and the best bartenders are Phil and Shannon! Oh, I think there’s one small part I left out.. There’s beautiful dancers doing their thing and doing it well!

  33. josh

    i agree with the last & friends came last sat. night.all 5 of us got separate champagne room.had waitress come in at end of hour with bill.she told me tip 20% so i ask her is this tip for dancer or for you.she says its for me and its 160$.i write in 20$.she argues with me,i tell her get manager she refuses and yells at way I tip 160 for 1 beer!champagne room is awesome otherwise.

  34. Duda

    A great club! I will be back!

  35. rickywho2

    Good place to waste slot of money. Basically your paying for a name. Drinks are over priced, under portioned, other clubs have way better deals. There should also be a qualification to be a “Scarlett” girl. I expected a lot more for what the final bill came to.

  36. Joe
  37. Hilda H.

    Hanging with my boys. Boys will be boys. Scarlett’s is the best strip club in south Florida! – Hands down, no ifs ands or butts about it, it isthe best strip club.Scarlett’s operates like a night club with strippers. The music is hot and the light moves to the music. All the TVs show awesome club videos and promotions, the lunch is great. The walls are this LED screen that show these awesome lightshow in tune with the music. I feel like I am going down the rabbit hole.Not to mention that the girls are hot and friendly. Even my straight friends love Scarlett’s. It is by far the best friendly and approachable strip club in the Miami fort Lauderdale areaPerfect place for a memorable time! – One of the greatest, if not the greatest club I have ever been to! I cannot reiterate further that this is by far the best strip club in Miami and South Florida that provides a full entertainment experience! It’s a full nude, full liquor club that is massive! It has some of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen and plays some of the best music today. Amazing light show and interior decor! Great service, amazing atmosphere! This is the best gentlemen’s club in Miami and provides a very high class experience in adult entertainment!This place is lots of fun! especially after a night out of partying when everything else is closed. They’re open till 8 am on friday and sat and 6am on weekdays. Lots of hot girls, like 60 or 70 on weekdays and probably over 100 on weekends. It’s a chill place to hang out for guys and ladies. They have a cool little show they do every hour where all the dancers walk through the club and over the stages in a single file line, like a train, and you get to see all the girls that are there.Right after that they have half price dances. Theirs like 7 or 8 girls dancing on the various stages throughout the place at all times .If your anywhere in south Florida you should check it out. Scarlett’s is voted #1 year after year! – There are so many reasons Scarlett’s is voted # 1 year after year! I always have such an enjoyable time in such a festive & fun environment. Carnival this month was AMAZING! Major entertainment, the light shows, costumes on & off (!), bottles galore! Fun times, will always keep going back!def. check it out!. It’s easy to get to, right off 95, at the Hallandale Bch Blvd West exit.

  38. igor34

    Can’t say enough great things about this place. Drinks are reasonable for miami, staff is very friendly, and it has more of a club feel. If your in south florida this is the place to go!

  39. ckinsobe

    These girls aren’t friendly to women that to have a lap dance for their boyfriends. I would ask him which one you like and tell him to go the stage and tip her. But the girls would totally bypass us, what if I want to watch.

    What are the clubs for couples, really?

  40. Calie R.

    This place is awesome! The dancers, servers, and other employees are all very nice and attentive. The drinks can be a little pricey but for a place like that it’s totally worth it. The building and poles are huge! It can really showcase the dancers acrobatic talent. Very upscale, heavy bass electronic music, and amazing lasers and LED’s. Definitely one of my favorite clubs to go to weather it’s for lunch & a quick drink or partying it up on the weekend!

  41. Harrison69

    Had some decent dancers, however for call whiskey and call Long Island we paid 24 bucks the drinks were weak an watered down. Cover was 20 bucks on top of the two lousy drinks. Def do not recommend this place. Waste of money!!!

  42. rogerrab2

    Saved, I’ll come back again one day.

  43. Johnnyboy123

    Great stripclup for couples and singles, cant go wrong there.

  44. cutielady

    The place is nice but i would like to know job information (dancer.Please answer me thanks.

  45. mark

    music loud.fog machine cold.dancers hot.did room upstairs.great value.took waitress 20minutes to start room but dancer did dances while we waited up there i didnt have to pay an hour for price of half hour.dancers have to give dances while wait for drinks.good for time in room.i will be back for value around in dances for 20mins while wait for waitresses.

  46. The Man

    “Style” “Class” ….PLEASE, This place is an epic JOKE, $20

    cover! $140 tip for a waitress to bring you ONE drink in a

    champagne room, the dancers running their mouth about they

    work for free on dances so you have to tip them!? This place

    is a JOKE! Run down dingy and the attitude of the staff is

    down right pathetic, they think their shit doesn’t stink.

    The stuck up snob dancers are brain dead, th

  47. Juan C.

    Place is unreal… love it there and love the staff… mgmt is by far the best in adult industry in the south florida market… amazing venue! -JuanC

  48. XXXbeast

    Damn, they’ve gotta petting zoo too? What the hell night is this? I’m blowing all my hundies then!

  49. Alexander F.

    Hell yea this place is awsome! Went there with my buddies and even saw Dennis rodman. He was kind of a prick but Scarlett’s is good spot.

  50. Jonah K.

    Music hurt my ears, and I have been to many many (dance) clubs both in Miami and elsewhere and not had this complaint. The drinks are good, the service is very poor. Overall I was not impressed, but heading to Tootsies did salvage my night. The quality of women here is very good, there is no complaints there. Mostly white with alterations done to their upper body, but that is fine with me πŸ™‚

  51. maxxy1

    scarletts in Miami is consisted of middle aged , worn out and tired looking ladies with unhealthy bodies and feined out attitues. Nobody wants to see that. I wish I could give zero stars but they get one , for the nice set up…..

  52. Re:Dee

    By which dancer Dee?

  53. Felecia W.

    Ive been inspired by a recent review of the Booby Trap so here I go. Scarlett’s is one of those places that you end up around 2am. Its always packed and there are girls a plenty. I actually saw one of the best “performances” by a “dancer” there when she danced to “the beautiful people” by Marilyn Manson. There was none of that rolling around on the stage. This girl was well choreographed! I actually thought that she may break the pole! Oh yes, it was awesome. I do have one gripe with the place though…. about a month or so ago some girlfriends and I swung by after a nice day of bbq-ing and cocktails and they wouldn’t let us in! Apparently ladies are not allowed in without a guy! What they HECK!? C’mon Scarlett, let us in! We tried to befriend a single guy entering and it almost worked, until we didnt know his name and the girl at the desk wasn’t falling for it. Awe well, I guess we’ll just have to bring a guy to get in next time. Im demoting them a star for that though!

  54. Connor H.

    What a ridiculously fun experience. I came here with a group of friends after the dance club we were at closed. This was the perfect place to continue the night. Great music, decently priced drinks, excellent production value, ambiance, and of course good looking women. Another thing I loved about Scarlett’s was that the girls we were with had just as much fun as the guys. They’ve done a great job of not making this place seem at all seedy. oh and the hours of operation are ridiculous. You can now never say “we can’t go out, because nothing is open”.

  55. Marcus D.

    Had a good time here, missed out on the free t shirt with a lap dance, but that’s my own fault. The girls here look like they are between jobs – high fashion model wannabes for Versace one day, Bang Brothers fluff girl the next (hopefully you’ll get a contract). What else can I say: boobs, beers and beaver.

  56. moneyman2

    I was holding back the first time I went here. But excellent service from super hot brazilian and argentine women. I will go back as soon as I have a chance!

  57. JFA

    This has to be the overall best “private dance” club anywhere

  58. Joe D.

    Not your average strip joint, this place actually is entertaining. The dancers put on great shows and are actually talented, not just walking around a pole. 99% of the girls are very pretty, unlike most other venues where your lucky to find 1 or 2 attractive dancers. The only downside is the cost of drinks. $10 for a domestic bottle of beer, without tip. I think mixed drinks were $16-$20

  59. mathewater12

    Hands down best stripclub I have ever been too, its like a nightclub with all off the lights and music 35$ for a private dance

  60. Sarah S.

    A good place, friendly to couples . The girls vary night to night, so some nights may be better than others. Drinks are priced the same as everywhere else. I could do without the door charge, especially for ladies. Overall, the club is clean, not creepy or seedy, and fun.

  61. regular customer

    scarletts is the best club in south florida by a long

    shot, the best venue, best atmosphere, big enough, and

    the best female talent I have ever seen; wish the

    bartenders and waitresses were as good as the club where

    they work. just a hint for management: visit BT’s doral

    and you’ll see very beautiful waitresses and bartenders

    dressed in sexy uniforms and providing unparalleled


  62. Allure306

    The girls tend to go after the much better looking guys. Drinks are a bit overpriced, but the girls have always been good looking. Me and my friend split a champagne room for 350 for 30 mins and it was amazing… Got their numbers, met up with them afterwards and hung out a few times. My girls had 32 E size boobs and she was 5’2 120 lbs, black hair blue eyes. Her tits were amazing… anyways I digress. They wont fuck you here unless u have tons of cash and they occasioanlly go further then they are supposed to in the private rooms. If she turns off the tv and finds a room down a dark hallway, it means she wants to do more then is normally allowed. The place has undergone a renovation adn usually has 2 girls on center stage, 1 on satellite, one on blue stage, and one on vip, with another 2 more poles in the very back of the club in the vip section. I’ve had lapdances here where the girl got off while rubiing against me, to the point where she was dripping sweat (and dripping wet) and digging her nails into my neck and back. Maybe its just me, but I dont go anywhere else. If you are looking to get laid, hire an escort. at least u know what u are getting. If you want a good time with great music and beautiful women, go to scarletts and dress to impress. Believe me it makes a difference. Who knows u may even be lucky enough to take one home with you. And i’m not bragging, i blame my good fortune on 100% luck / chance

  63. Sabrina Anna C.

    3.5 StarsDear Scarlett’s,What an interesting night we had here! From the get-go, I knew we were going to have fun. The formula was JUSSSSST right. It was Paul W, Karina A, her roommate, BF and I. We were one of the last to leave the YOLO Elite event, and none of us were ready to end the night. So while leaving the Broward Blvd. area, we started talking about what could we do nexxxt, and of course, YOU were mentioned! Woooo!So off we detoured. Now I’d like to say that it seems as though you’ve down shifted your quality a bit. Is this sign of recession? Try to avoid the Harry Potter look-alikes. It will improve your image and your reviews! We were here on a Tuesday, and not sure if it was amateur night or what, but the girls were definitely less than what we were used to. For a Strippy that’s usually classy, this is not good.But, we still had fun and that is what counts! Good times. And to all the folks out there… Just remember: YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU’LL RUN INTO. ;-)-1 Star for the $100 hold on a $12 drink purchase and the charge at the door-0.5 Star for having sub par ladies this particular eveningKeep it sexxxy Scarlett’s! See you soon!xoxo,Sabrina*

  64. angelo

    The most beautiful girls around! Friendly staff, average pricing

  65. I love dancers

    The club was ok, the girls are rude bad looking gold diggers without class! I’ll spend my money somewhere else.

  66. billtheguy12

    This place is awesome for an after hours party. It doesn’t get hopping until around 2-4 am… Pretty pricey but well worth it. See I’ve learned that Miami and its vicinity is like Vegas on the beach.. Lots of places are 24 hours, however this place is open till around 8 am on the weekends. This isn’t your typical strip club, in fact I wouldn’t even call it a strip club. It’s more of a circus de ole. The girls are not just entertainers, they are for the most part performers.. These girls must have all been gymnasts because they are defying gravity with their crazy pole tricks. We’re talking multiple girls balancing on each other, crazy stuff! I hear cleleberties frequently attend, and I can see why! Also a large amount of people are rolling and blowing party favors. I figured in Miami it’s not surprising. It’s probably a perfect place rave because there are plenty of strobe lights and house music to accommodate your high. Def check it out!

  67. Andre M.

    Much better than most strip clubs in the US.As a european of noble descent (not!), I am accustomed to the very best the world has to offer in terms of gentleman targeted entertainment. Southern europe is awash with fine east european “exchange students” with 6 month tourist visas. These women are extremely beautiful and very willing to separate young mediterranean men from their hard earned euros. Since strip club culture is considerably more developed in the states, the first time I came here I was expecting a different but more complete experience. The first strip I went to was Gold Rush, the second was Queen of Diamond’s and the third Bare Assets (KW).All of them were, for me and my date, awful experiences. I don’t mean to offend anybody but all of these clubs had a very high percentage of what I would call overweight performers with quite vulgar moves.But not Scarlett’s. Scarlett’s was as classy as I’ve seen. Well lit, clean, safe, good production values. I’m not the kind of lad that solicites private performances, so I can’t really review those. But all I can say is that from the satisfied look on the patrons faces, I’m betting that those are equally up to par.

  68. ur moma
  69. StripClub431

    New Years Eve party was such a let down. No strippers. Why the hell would I go to Scarlett’s if there are no strippers for the night. On New Year’s Eve for 100$ a person…disappointed.

  70. Peter M.

    To add what everyone else has said about the nights at Scarlett’s – Back when I had more days off during the week I used to go here during the daytime when it is free to get in, free buffet and the drinks cost no more than any other bar. I got to know most of the people who work there and the other regulars and we would just sit around bullshitting like any other bar, except for the naked chicks which I found added to the ambiance. Many of these people are still my friends. Anyway, my point is, going to a gentleman’s club does not have to mean blowing all your gas money for the week.

  71. Alex. M

    I cant believe how ugly the women are here.

  72. Dee

    got cock sukd good

  73. miamiguy

    pass this one, go somewhere else – THIS CLUB IS NOT NUDE

  74. Pacheco V.

    I would give this place 5 stars if it wasn’t for there somewhat sexist “no women allowed without men” rule. I’m female and I want to see some T&A just as much as the dudes who go here. I haven’t been here in a few years, mostly because of this backwards rule but the times I have been I’ve had a great time. Good looking dancers and no creepy sexual harassment from random dudes. All in all a good place to go with friends and have a couple of VERY over priced drinks and see what I would consider to be some of the better looking dancers in the south Florida area. P.S the girls are very friendly πŸ˜‰

  75. winston12

    I was there with some friends recently.I am a dancer myself and an adult model.I’m pretty well known..Coming from Las Vegas i have found the clubs in Florida have an interesting way of being run.hrmm …I guess Las Vegas idea of a Strip Club is different than here.Pretty girls although almost all looked the same.They seem to hire only one type of girl (girl next door).Again i have to think about Las Vegas where the clubs like Spearmint Rhino, Treasures, the late Crazy Club too, and Olympic Gardens in its hay day understood that men like variety and hired a wide variety of girls of all ages, shapes, and sizes.I’m a Score model from the “slim and stacked” genre and saw no girls with BIG ones.Of course i’m an EEE cup so for me “BIG ones” is not a D or even a DD…lol.. :))I do not know how these girls entertain the customers because usually conversation is part of it.A good conversation with someone often leads to a more interesting conversation in the VIP (hehehe).The music is so loud you can not talk in there.Then every so often they choke you with that fake smoke (dried ice) i think is called.And its not just a little bit.The whole club goes white with smoke until boob jobs start appearing again.Then a “Star Wars” like huge robot with a laser show appears (i’m serious).Like you’re in a party for 12 year old children (rich children)…………..I mean if i’m a guy with a hot girl dancing on my lap and getting a lil ‘excited’ (can’t be too explicit here)….And all of a sudden a robot with a laser show appears…I think that’ll pretty much “kill” the “spirit” to say the least.I did not like the club at all.And management was rude as can be.We took my friend’s brother there and we did find a very pretty all natural girl and we bought him friction dances in the back.He enjoyed it going by checking myself as i sat there next to him while the girl danced. :)But NO, i would not recommend it at all….Too many better clubs in South Florida and friendlier.I imagine the robot, the loud music, the smoke are gimmicks to make the customer spend as much money ASAP by going into a VIP right away to get away from “it all”.They might as well put a sign that reads “Hey wanker give us your money and leave!!”…………..Unless you really are that wanker i don’t think you’ll appreciate being taken for one.. πŸ™‚

  76. LOVE IT!
  77. Ronan F.

    Ok why one star? I literally stated “scarlett’s made me regret putting my face between a strippers tits” not that she was ugly, quite the contrary she was quite lovely. It was the atmosphere. If I wanted overwhelmingly loud music and lights that would send an epileptic into a fit, I’m sure I could find that at any number of clubs on south beach. I think I felt my pancreas shaking. I got a huge headache and got out. Which was extremely disappointing as I was looking forward to a great south florida strip club experience. Perhaps it was how it is done there on a friday night.

  78. Travis
  79. felixnada

    Favorite strip club ever … obviously only choice in south Florida— itb crowd every night always a good time — pretty girls , HUGE club and great bottle service .. not as expensive as south Florida but def worth the money spent

  80. Rich B.

    Woohoo! As good as it gets!Give me some time to get blood back in my brain to write a good review!

  81. Mike C.

    Defiantly the best strip club around with beautiful girls and high class atmosphere. Great place for a couple looking for great entertainment.

  82. Vick O.

    Every time I stop by this place, it never disappoints. Now I’ve been here 5 times, and recent visit was on a Saturday night during the labor day weekends. This place gets packed! I didn’t realize how big this club is! During weekdays, or should I say the non-busy nights, they block off certain areas with thick curtains. Prior to my last visit, my friends and I (4 total) split a bottle and we got VIP seats. Our cocktail waitress actually told one of my friends the detailed lay out of the place, that what we see is nothing compare to the real size of the club. Boy, my jaw dropped when I saw what’s behind those curtains. The place is pretty BIG! Scarlett’s is a dime club with state of the art stage lights and bright clear monitor screens. They play house music and their speakers are legit. The Middle stage (The Island) has two poles shooting straight up. That’s the main show. Also Three more side poles with each dancers taking turns entertaining the crowds. Service is actually pretty good. We told the front guy we wanted to open a bottle ($100 special) and he hooked us up with a perfect spot! Right in the corner before the booths, right next to a side pole overlooking the main floor. Pretty neat. Hands down, if you are there to spend, they will treat you like Kings. lol Girls here are on point. It’s like a united nations on a busy night. You got one of everything. White, Europeans, black, hispanics, Asians, Young to Old, etc… Different sizes too, you got the thick and the slim, the natural fit and the obvious thick fake. So its up to you what you really prefer. They also got this power hour every hour where you can get two for one deal ($35) and you get a little souvenir to take home with you. (Hats, Shirts, Calendars, etc) Whenever my boys are in town (especially from Naples since they have NO strip club We can’t miss Scarlett’s. We haven’t tried the food but I heard they recently just got a new kitchen that serves food until 5am. On a busy special occasion night, they up the cover to $20 from regular $10 admission. Happy Hours I believe from 2-7 you get in free and prices on drinks are lowered too. 5* Vick loveees Scarlett! B-)

  83. custmer joe

    over hyped and poor showing, get some customer service

  84. Eric B.

    Shitty services was kick out of my table after me and my girlfriend bought 8 drinks pluse fat hoes on the pole didn’t help way over ratted crap waste of a drive

  85. Wow

    This place is AMAZING!!

  86. Remington L.

    There is one primary stage. The building is more of a warehouse. There are usually a lot of girls to choose from even on an off night. The dancers are literally from all over the world. They entertainers are screened a little heavier than other gentleman’s club. If you are down south this is the place to go.

  87. Mike

    Scarlett’s is great if your looking for a party atmosphere. There’s lots of people and girls. The music is excellent there. The private dance area is the best I’ve seen in the broward area. It’s easy to get free cover too. The club will send you free passes, or they give them out usually at the Fort Lauderdale Riverfront area at night.

  88. Sean
  89. this is sad

    there are so many unkept ugly looking girls roaming the night here anymore its sad. i came in last year and there were tons of beauties in this place. i always come late at around 4 or 5 am on weekend it seems to be over ran by old and i mean OLD ugly and fat waitresses and some of the dancers that i never seen on nights before are now what look like cheetah left overs, ugly and unkept

  90. Franklyn

    This place is amazing. Went there on Saturday night and was not disappointed. All the women were beautiful. Must say the only downside is the women are not the most friendly. They are bit stand offish, so be prepared out going or no one may approach you.

  91. james1412

    Great music and lots of girls…both dancers and customers but its more Like a club atmosphere than a strip club. It was packed when I went and difficult to talk to the dancers. It is, however very entertaining and unique…Nice selection of girls. Music is too loud and I have seen better girls elsewhere.

  92. Anna X.

    It was my friend Raul’s 25th birthday, and he had never before gotten drunk. Perhaps it was due to his abnormally high tolerance to alcohol. After all, he is of Irish and Native American descent. (I’m not purposely trying to come off as a bigot who latches on to stereotypes. Certain ethnicities are predisposed to alcoholism. Look it up.) So my friends and I decided we would give Raul the gift of a hangover to ring in his quarter life. With just a $10 cover charge, we were inside enjoying outstanding table service from a wonderful waitress named Heather. But most of all, it was the music that made our night. I don’t remember the DJ’s name. I’m not even sure they mentioned it. But he really knows what he’s doing. He kept the bass dropping hard and our bodies bumping. There was one odd thing about this place however. Someone told me there were strippers there, but I don’t remember seeing any. Weird.

  93. Doug

    I was very disappointed in the quality of girls. The majority were heavy and not attractive. Out of 30 girls only 3 were rated over 5.

  94. Average Joe

    This club is great. I always visit when I am in town. Never been dissapointed. Plenty of girls at night to choose from. If you can’t find what you want here, then you should probably stay home.

  95. tonycluber

    A close friend of mine took me here one night impromptu and we had a blast. I could not believe the amount of girls they had working on staff. Several times during the night they would have all the ladies come out and do a large scale walk around the entire club which is huge and the amount of ladies was really uncountable. If I had to guess I would say maybe 30+ and 80% of them were really pretty girl next door type. Only 2 were really bad but the majority were very nice on the eyes and pleasant to interact with. The drink prices were on par with other clubs and it was a very enjoyable night and I would certainly recommend and go back.

  96. oneglove
  97. danny

    the girls were hot!!!

  98. to Allure306

    You are disgusting! Do you really think the girl got off? Come on!!!! Let me guess did she keep you back there song after song and pretend like she was close………..all she needed was one more song. I am a dancer and won’t play these games with customers but I have a hard time believeing girls are getting turned on by dances. This is our job. The only thing we are getting turned on by is the money. Now unless the girl is letting you touch her and you know she is wet than you are being played a fool. Which bring me to a another topic. The dancers that are letting you get them off are letting other men get them off. I really wouldn’t want my hand anywhere near there. South Florida dancers have ruined it for themselves and no longer have class.

  99. Gemini
  100. Tito T.

    Visited on a Wednesday night at around 10:30 pm.The place started to get busy after midnight.Parking valet is $10.Entrance fee another $10.This place is actually huge , as it wasn’t a busy night 2 areas were closed up with black curtains and the place was still big.Center stage is were all the action happens. Dancers here are very talented , they put one a v. Good show very entertaining. At anytime there was a minimum of 4 dancers performing throughout the club.Girls are 9/10s. Most of them are not pushy for private dances, which are done in a seperate area for $25 and are only topless, there are even bigger more private rooms that cost u $35 (not worth it).Around the hour , all the girls march throughout the club and you can have a 2 songs private dance for $35.Big selection of dancers i would say not less than 40-50 were working that night from all around the globe, natural and fake.Its a long drive , if you are staying in southbeach but definitly worth it.

  101. Nathan B.

    I serve as a club Ambassador for Scarlett’s. Please text me anytime at 305-244-5787 to get on my comp/reduced admission list or to reserve a table. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous women every night! Friday & Saturday nights are my fav. DJ’s Andy Ruiz & Tristan Storm play banging electro & progressive EDM that is equal to any nightclub in South Florida. The sound and light systems are beyond amazing! Drink prices are moderate, a little more expensive than a bar, but definitely more reasonable than nightclubs. Definitely my favorite place to party in South Florida.

  102. curtis17

    Trashy girls trashy place. I guess that’s why it’s a strip club. Girls sometimes are rude which makes no sense considering they’re taking their clothes off for money. I wouldn’t waste my time.

  103. im a waitress here

    im a waitress here&i got 2 tell sean or mason this so i hope your reading- RENEE.she stripper here.the 1 who has paws tatted on her tits.i seen her at half time lounge in fort myers wit the floor guy joey.they was all over each other hard.i dont want 2 tell u in person cuz they told me not 2 tell on them but u need 2 know so i hope your reading this shit.renee&joey have been fuckin.

  104. Allan

    This is the best club in Broward County period friendly girls, gracious staff and amazing atmosphere. I have been a regular customer there for six years and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

  105. MikeL

    Very nice club, good quality dances and nice staff. But could use some cuter girls!


    I was told I HAVE to tip 20% which is 140$ per hour on my credit card bill for a champagne room and i did thinking that money went to my stripper.Then I find out I did NOT have to tip and that the entire amount goes to the waitress for bringing me a drink 1 time!bullshit!I paid $842 for a room with a very nice stripper to find out she only got 300 of it and i was forced to give waitress 140 SCAM!

  107. Colbys

    Nice place, great group of women working the pole. Drinks are good talent on stage is great. For a Monday they had a good set women working the floor

  108. Jeff P.

    How does this work exactly? You arrive to a strip club to get lap dances yet that was the biggest challenge of the evening? Don’t you want to make money? I don’t get it. You would rather talk to your fellow stripper or stare at the stage show rather than approach customers, talk to them and offer a lap dance? That is what I perceived and is my impression of our evening last night. So I know what you are thinking; these must be creepy unattractive obnoxiously drunk guys. Nope, 3 out 4 in our party are professionals with graduate level educations that have a lot of money. I was wearing a $150 dollar John Varvatos shirt and $200 jeans. We were there to celebrate an event. We looked nice, we smelled nice and we smiled. Despite this, strippers avoided us most of the evening. Maybe that was the problem? If I had a shaved head with a lot of tats, that may have earned me more dances, I don’t know? Anyway, I was there from 11 to 2 AM and was only approached once for a lap dance. My friend tipped a stripper during her routine and asked her to come to our table for a lap dance after her routine. She never came. Really? Sorry, I’ve been to the best strip clubs in Vegas, LA and Scottsdale and I’ve never had to beg for a lap dance. At those clubs, the dancers approach you. They talk to you. They offer a lap dance. At this place, I made eye contact, smiled and they would look away or just continue chatting with their fellow stripper and walk somewhere else. The club was crowded. Cover was $10. The “free” sections did not have any open tables or seats when we arrived. They had a VIP section with plenty of seating and room. The VIP required a 2 drink min per hour per person. Mixed drinks seemed to be about 12 dollars and beer was 10 dollars in VIP. Lap Dances were $35 and a 30 minute private dance in a separate room was $400. All of my statements above are my opinions and impressions. I’m not stating facts or intending to state facts. This is how I perceived the events which may have been perceived differently by others at the time. I acknowledge this. I encourage everyone to attend Scarlett’s Cabaret and form their own opinion. I encourage all readers to verify facts with Scarlett’s Cabaret by contacting them directly and verifying information before forming opinions.

  109. fisherdex1

    Wow this club has it all. If your into all the ladies looking like models thay just left the butt and tit doctor this is the place. But the staff is super nice the bar tender I had was great. Had a dance while I was there. It was worth it. Even though she did lnt speak English we spoke the universal word money.

  110. herman


  111. danielson

    I think this is best club in Miami, very nice entertainment, most beautiful ladies in town. Little pricey but it worted…

  112. zendick h.

    LOL I went so here is the review per my rules. Hot girls, not dark room hot actually hot. Found a quiet seat to not be bothered with the guys that drug me there. Was able to sit, enjoy and be left alone, strong cheap drinks flowed, went home with most my money and happy.Do not wear a HAT.

  113. Jason
  114. Red

    I would give it 10 or at least a 9, but the food is not very good. I know, I know, many of you wouldn’t go for the food, but I do. It is sub-par sports bar type food that is made next door or something like that.

    Anyway, beyond that it is a pretty good club. When I first got there though, it looked like a typical, dingy and dirty club. Not well lit and the clientel and dancers were a little iffy. Bartender girls hated me and most of the girls practically snarled at me, but then again, I have that affect on people apparently.

    I guess I got there too early, because then they opened the place up and pulled back the curtains and the place really expanded. Suddenly it was like a different club and def for the better. It was wide open, the clientel changed, the girls multiplied like 3X and it was a happening place.

    The major pluses is that it stays open till like 6am during the week, which is insane . . . insanely awesome! Anyway, full nude on top of that. Most full nude clubs in most cities are joints you don’t want to go near unless you are a dirty old man. This place, super cool and respectable.

    The biggest factor though, had to be the girls. I have not seen that many girls in one place that looked that good since Cheetahs in Atlanta.

    So, all in all, I like to make this my entire night out with eating, drinking, girls and some fun. This place just lacks the food (good food I mean). The other is there. The VIP rooms are super nice and clean. Everyone else is correct though, bring your cash.

  115. Marc M.

    I was visiting So. Florida for MDW and though I am not a fan of strip clubs, my friends talked me into going and hooking up in VIP.Needless to say once we got in VIP and purchased a bottle, the server ‘cupcake’ bitched that we didn’t tip her enough and she didn’t even bring out the bottle yet. This instantly pissed me off and once the dancers found out I had a few thousand in my pocket, they came flooding into our section. I already said I am not a fan of this place, but wanted to make sure my friends had a good time, but the dancers all seemed to have a hard time in understanding that I wasn’t interested. Most of them weren’t even attractive, just walked around with big implants and near anorexic throwing their boobs in my mouth and trying to take me in the back.Some other guy finally came over to our table as the original server cupcake sulked and starred at us from the register. I looked over a few times, but could tell she didn’t want to do her job. The other guy came back a few times refreshing our ice and bringing fresh glasses as our party grew.At the end of the night I left a few hundred bucks and hope the guy got it and not that salty bitch.While I am looking at the receipt she even scribbled some crap on it.If I had my choice that night I would’ve gone to King of Diamonds and have many regrets spending my money in this place.

  116. LUV2LAP

    Just visited this club for the first time. Sound system and DJ are like something out of a South Beach Club (LOUD with lots of bass), but I didn’t mind it. Drinks were a little pricey, but to be expected.

    There were about 50+ girls working that night. I have never seen that many in a club before. Lots of 7s and several 8s & 9s. All races, shapes and sizes. If you can’t find something you like in this place you must not have a pulse. Dances on stage are full nude and lap dances (in semi-private rooms) are topless (friction). Had good dances from several girls.

    Note the hustle factor in this club was high. Had some dancers tell me $25 per song and others wanted $35. Seems like they charge whatever they think they can get you for. Would be nice if mgt. established a set price. Also had one a girl charge me for an extra dance. Did 4, but she claimed 5. The talent was good enough to overcome the hustle though. Overall a good club. I will return.

  117. theman


  118. harryharry

    Girls are great, but service is horrible. They have no respect what so ever for loyal customers. Maybe the waitresses. But bouncers and the door. Forget about it. You spend 2k on a table on friday, you come on saturday and they wont even comp you in, which BTW is a 20$ cover lol, And i quote “Sorry man you need to pay the cover, doesnt matter what you spent yesterday”.PATHETIC! Thats why i prefer Tootsies Cabaret, at least they do respect the people that deserve it. Sorry guys i love partying there.. but your customer service is TERRIBLE.

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