Flirt’s Gentlemen’s Club



319 Jefferson Street, Waterloo, IA 50702


42.4962184, -92.342991




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Flirt’s Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Danny

    If you are from Iowa, this club is comfortable and a good time. If you have a woman with you, you may notice that she doesn’t get as much attention from many of the dancers then you but overall it’s a good place to go and the price is right.

  2. Jimmy Wie

    Flirts is actully a pretty nice club for the small midwest city that it is in. They have tried to decorate, keep it clean and to provide a good value. You can get a dollar dance at your table once the dancer is off the stage. However, it is not a great club like you may find on the coasts or a major city. It seems most of the employees are trying! Flirts is a good club but if you are looking for a high end club you will be disapointed.

  3. slickkk
  4. popcorn
  5. Foot Guy

    None of the girls were really great looking. Some had nice

    bodies and others had pretty faces, but none of them had both.

    The dancers were really friendly though, not in a slut way,

    more in a happy way. I’ve had three lap dances there. 1 of

    the 3 were good by my definition of “good”.

  6. popcor

    Anything can happen.

  7. dan
  8. Employee

    We have a nice little club that is deffinatly a friendly and cozy fun and

    entertaining place to be we got talented girls lovely friendly bartenders

    and cocktails…. Come join the fun

  9. Flirts Gentlemens Club

    It’s a decent club for a city like waterloo,Iowa.

    They usually have good specials, like every wed. they have free beer from 5-9, cover is $7, $6 if you bring your cup back, Female’s use to be $1 and free if you bring your cup back, I’m guessing it’s $2 now since it was raised, but still a good deal.

    The girl’s really vary, lately I havent been too impressed, but like I said, it’s waterloo,Iowa.

    Over-all it’s a decent club and I would recommend stopping in and checking it out to see what you think.

  10. Adam

    Stopped in after the MMA fights in March, $3 cover, good drinks, great girls, really energetic. Will stop back in for sure when I go to Waterloo again!

  11. XhXeXy

    Now, before I begin I want to make it clear that I visited this place on a Moday between the hours of 6PM and 9PM, so it is not generally a prime time for an establishment of this type. The place was just ok, nothing special. The doorman was nice and friendly; most in this industry are not so it was a nice change. There were 8 girls working while I was there. None of them were what I would call ugly, but there was only one that I actually thought to myself “man, she is hot” The rest were definitely cute, but nothing special body-wise. During the 3 hours I was there, I never got asked one time to buy a private dance, or buy a dancer a drink. Again, a nice change from most establishments of this type. Although, I think the girls would have made more money if they would have asked at least one time. It seems like you have to chase the girls down to get a private dance. Of course one dancer tried her best to ruin my fun by telling me I was boring because I wouldn’t not come to the stage and tip her. I guess it never crossed her mind that I simply was not attracted to her. Young lady, look at the rest of the girls I was tipping. They were much better looking that you. Anyway, I stray, definitely not a bad time for a Monday evening. Due to the non-pushiness (if you will) of the dancers, I got out of there only spending $10. That’s a feat for being there for 3 hours.

  12. kazumi
  13. Ana

    good club

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