Thee Southern Belle Gentlemen’s Club



2028 Pittsburgh Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405


32.8328847, -79.9529594




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Thee Southern Belle Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Jizzy

    Dances were way too damn expensive

  2. eddyL

    For the area, and the fact you might be here for a bachelor party, and need a strip club to go, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO.Now, when compared to other strip clubs i’ve been to for bachelor parties, this doesn’t size up, at all. But that’s besides the point.This place is big, byob, less expensive entry then across the street, duh, the answer is to come here. The girls are a lot better as well, and THATS what matters. Now i’m not saying they’re great, but they’re better.The guy at the door was extremely nice enough as well to cover the cost of the bachelor to get in the door, whether he does that often or not, i honestly don’t know, but still a nice enough gesture.

  3. Weedman420

    They just did some remodeling so the place looks great and they serve alcohol now! The girls are sexy and the drink prices really aren’t bad. Very exclusive, relaxed feel and there’s a cool vip area up top that views the whole club if you feel like ballin it one night. I went with friends and had a blast here and would definitely go again. Very clean. Thumbs up. 🙂

  4. D

    New to club but love it already. Great customers, Great staff, Great club.

  5. fuckery12

    One of the absolute worst establishments I have ever been to in my life. The bouncers threw my self and two other individuals out for something we did not do. They told us they would check the tapes and let us back in. A few mins later they informed us that they saw the tapes and said we did do the act. I requested to see the tapes and they said no. Then ordered us to get a cab and leave. Very rude bouncers. Please do not subject yourself or friends to such a poorly run establishment.

  6. roger

    If anything, this club makes me glad to have topless ones back home (at least with them, you can touch them). The prices for the lapdances were a bit much, but they were alright. If you go, ask for Anna or Heidi.

  7. customer
  8. thethe
  9. jay

    dances are way too expensive, but good place to go if you arent going for private dances

  10. william

    does a little blonde named roxy still work at this club. i would be willing to come back to the club and spend some big $ if she still worked there, she rocks.

  11. Joe

    nice….very nice

  12. jacob
  13. gumspitter

    Great Club!! I went on a Tuesday night before 9pm. Cover and private dances were half price. Some of the most beautiful women in the South!!

  14. Tonka

    Andrea is so beautiful and fun to be around!!! Great body, love that squeaky voice!!! She makes ya smile. Totally recommend this club.

  15. billy bob

    heidi is a skanky azz ho, who will give u stds if u dont watch out. i know i got crabs from her

  16. mark

    so roxy still works at thee southern belle club? i dont know what to believe. i was reading this and it says “roxy has stds and herpes” i really think roxy is sexy and am praying these r just evil lies from jealous “dirty” girls at the club. she sure gave me my moneys worth in oct when i was last there, sexy dancer! planning another trip soon. sure hope shes there, believe me i am telling her about all u trash talking “ho’s”

  17. Squid

    Definitely best of Charleston for a reason.Love the new bar next door. Jasmine and Skyler are awesome, but drink me under the table.

  18. rogerrab2

    I came here last Friday with 6 other people. We decided to get VIP so we could sit closer to the stage. The waitress was very nice and attentive and the shot girl was pretty hot! I took my first shot from a girl’s breast but I was so nervous I had to ask her how to do it.. Hahha I liked the set up of the club and how they allowed me to dance with my girlfriends at my table. Several strip clubs I’ve been to wouldn’t allow it and would even threaten to kick us out. The dancers were also nice, but not many could do tricks on the pole (which was a disappointment) and the ones with hot bodies didn’t have cute faces. This was upsetting because I came in there ready to spend lots of money… I mean.. I’m super generous at strip clubs and I only spent $100 here… And that included a private dance from Sexy Lexi!! She had a nice body and knew how to twerk that ass but she punched me in my face with her cooter. I had fun though! If only the shot girl was a dancer, I would’ve made it rain on her! But apparently we got banned from this club. NOT because we acted up or were cheap (we were probably one of the only people tipping the dancers) but because Sarah (idk her stage name) was butt hurt about her tinder match being in our group. I guess he stood her up a long time ago and she was still sensitive about it. It could’ve also been because we weren’t tipping her when she got on stage…. But that was because she repeated the same dance move over and over and over and over again… No floor work, no tricks… Nothing. Poor thing, she had a great body but mediocre dance moves. I think she might’ve been new to stripping because she wasn’t wearing “dance wear” she had on Pink by Victoria’s Secret bra and underwear… And they didn’t even match. She probably got it with the “free panty with bra purchase” deal.

  19. Mike

    This club was good overall. Full nude is great. Stage dances were really good. If you tip well they will give you a good show from the stage. Private dances are alright. No touch sucks but still pretty hot. A good number of girls, but kinda slow to take the stage and they dance on side stages and dont circulate much. Over all pretty good.

  20. Alireza S.

    Still nasty. They remodeled and now serve alcohol, so no more “bring your own” beer.The problem with this place is that it’s hard to have fun here. There are several older gentlemen who walk around in suits that remind me of the Russian gulag (google gulag if you don’t know).I understand security is important but what are all these people in suits doing here. Can’t they find a decent job?And this brings me to the next point. This place becomes expensive. $20 to get in. Another $5 if you want totally bare (which i don’t recommend as I will explain later). $6 for 1 beer ($5 +$1 tip).So if you go here have 3 beers and couple dances you will end up spending $125 bucks!!!That’s too much for a place like this snd for girls like that.I got 2 dances. They were horrible. The girls were nasty. You know they are super nasty because they lay on the floor. It surprised me. That floor is nasty. I mean i myself came here from downtown, and i stepped on some dog poo. I walked with my dog poo shoes in that back booth and she laid on the same carpet I walked on with my dirty shoes…i mean just yuk. It gets worst…This one girl, I forgot her name. She gave me a dance that I will never forget because I almost threw up. Her privates smelled soooooo bad. I mean bad bad. It was so bad that from a good distance it was still making my eyes watery. It was the worst smell beyond one can imagine. The smell was like a combination of rotten cheese and rotten raw chicken. I now have to trash my $110 jeans because of it!I mean if you are in this kind of business why would you torture a paying customer with that nasty smell. Anyways. I will never ever go there again. I’d rather make the trip to Atlanta where it’s more fun. Younger girls, cleaner, cheaper, more fun.There are way better ways to spend $120 in 30 minutes than this.

  21. hard on man

    heidi is a rip off girl, she will rob u blind, stay away from her. shes also into drugs. she also is a chunky monkey and doesnt fit in with the southern belle image.

  22. dirty d
  23. B

    the best club in charleston

  24. carla

    i think the music could be better and more girls

  25. Tom

    Awesome time at club. Nice crop of new girls. Victoria is hot. Melissa and Alexis still my favorites though

  26. navyboy

    Heidi?!?! i dont see how anyone could think shes attractive! she has the chunkiest thighs, saggiest tits and is the fattest girl there! not to mention how dumb she is! i mean i dont want my strippers to be rocket scientist but come on! i dont think she could even spell southern belle!

  27. sarah
  28. southern gentleman

    heidi u r about the best dancer at the club, i dream about u often, someday i dream we can actually speak, i am dumbfounded with your loooks my sweet southern belle

  29. Mookie B.

    Stopped by on a recent visit to Charleston. $2 Diet Cokes!!! Woo hoo!!! The BYOB thing with the coolers was almost as cheesy as Jason Giambi’s ‘stache. Keep in mind there is a bar across the way with a great bartender Liz. You can actually watch the stage show at the bar (don’t be freaked out by the psychedelic green effects). As far as I can tell, some really nice people working there- they show interest without being too pushy like in some other towns. As far as the dancers, all I can say is visit in the autumn. Overall, well worth the way too many hours I spent there.

  30. Happyfemalepatron

    Best club I’ve ever been to. Hot girls who love to dance with other girls. They don’t mind doing couples dances and they are super friendly. They treat you with the great southern hospitality you expect from a belle.

    Absolutely hot! Go and get some beer and lovin!

  31. ken

    where is my sweet northern girl roxy? she hasnt been around for 6 months, i love my lil yankee girl. come back soon

  32. Dave

    Great time as usual at Thee Belle. New girl, Alexis is hot and love Melissa. But Victoria will always be my favorite.

  33. Jessica

    it was my first time goin to a strip club and i loved it so much. im goin for my birthday now.

  34. JJ

    Definitely the best club in Charleston for a reason

  35. hank
  36. Veronica ???

    Anyone know what Veronica up too?? Curly hair perky ass and tits!!

    I live out of town and don’t frequent Charleston as much as I like.

    She was there for a couple years in early 200(1-3) and then

    disappeard. for a couple years. seen her at club over summer

    I.think but then when back recently and no one knew anything ??!!!

    Is she at another club?? In Charleston?? Or no longer working. I

    Ilove this girl and caknow for

  37. land
  38. Club Girl

    YES!!!Roxy has STD’S that Stripper is VERY VERY DIRTY!!!I would say go get checked Out ASAP..

  39. tk
  40. harryharry

    Not a good experience in any way. Took my nephew and several other men for my nephews bachelor party and spent a good amount of money. This isn’t a place we go too often as we live a few hours away. However, upon leaving realized I had left my phone at the front desk. I called and spoke with a lady at the front desk who asked me to describe the phone. She imformed me that she did in fact have the phone and described it as it was. She informed me that she would put it in the safe and hold it until Tuesday when they were open again (this was a Saturday night). I put my phone in lost mode (an iPhone) and thanked her. Early Monday morning my email informed me that my phone was recovered. (Someone must have found it and turned it on). When we went on Tuesday to pick the phone up, the staff informed us they did not have the phone and acted as if they didn’t know what we were speaking of. We filed a police report and then called later that evening. I asked for a manger who was nice at first and informed me that he knew of the phone and would call me right back and let me know when I could pick it up. He once again described the phone and even knew that it was an out of state area code. (that should of been a clue) I called back several times that evening until the manager finally got rude and hung up on me. I know I should not expect anything less from a place like this; but I had hope that people in the world still had a little decency in them. It wasn’t so much the phone as it was my 1 year old childs pictures that I cannot ever replace. It was also the way this establishment handled the entire situation from start to finish. What a shame.

  41. amanda

    my husband and some of our friends went there…we had so much fun the girls were so nice and charming! great stage dances, cute outfits, they were just alot of fun and well def. be coming back in the future! they also smelled good would think dancing around would get them all sweaty but nope..very good hygiene=)

  42. V.I.P


  43. YourSexyGirlHandsome

    I love Thee Southern Belle.Thank you for lighting my fire honey.I cant wait to dance for you again.Your classy girl forever.Think I need a ginger ale,wow.Miss you to much…

  44. freddy

    awesome time at this club, kudos to the management

  45. richard95

    This place did not impress. Don’t get me wrong, my list of gentleman’s clubs isn’t exactly extensive, but I know enough to know this place isn’t a 5 star place.A little more specifically… at your more “typical” place, you’ll see plenty of gals walking around the bar looking for dances and flirting. That reason right there is usually what I enjoy about the experience. Not at the Southern Belle. The Belle is all about their main stage performers, only. Even with a crowd, the number of girls in the crowd was very minimal.The level of talent on stage was high, I’ll give them that, but what’s the point if you can’t even talk to the girls? The other detractor is the crazy, obsessed, over-the-top bouncers. Very roughly throwing patrons out of the bar for the smallest of small infractions. It seriously was like getting a strip tease with her big brother in the room, very strange.

  46. tim
  47. Scott
  48. bubba

    im in heap load of trouble, i heard roxy has herpes and stds, this cant be true. omg plz tell me no! no wonder shes not around anymore!!!

  49. ReNatinho
  50. Kensho

    Very few girls on a Saturday night. Only one or two real good girls at that. about the best thing the club had going was it was in the county so you could still smoke 🙂

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