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126 reviews for “Erotic Cafe’

  1. Tad Steel Tad Steel


  2. Tim The Truth Man

    I have been reading the comments below about CJ and they are quite accurate. I have experienced similiar incidents with CJ and will no longer tip her a $ or give her a couch dance. If she ever changes her stage name, please expose her new stage name on this forum so she does not contiune on with her arrogant bitchy ways treating customers like she always does.

  3. dancers

    Eve is the worst asset this club has. She causes more drama when shes there – and is so f**ing TWOFACED it makes all of us sick! The management hates her as well as all of the dancers, even her “friends”! And shes a skeleton

  4. wing bowl fan

    Made the rounds after wing bowl, E.C. failed miserably. All the other

    clubs had a buzz, cafe came off pissed they had to open early.

  5. Big Daddy

    This place NEEDS a new owner. The GM kills herself to make a gem out of a turd, but the owners hold the purse strings. They have had good dancers and DJ’s over the years but when you handcuff your management nothing good will happen. This place could be so much more than the dark, dirty, hole in the wall it’s been for 30 years. Erotic Cafe?? “The Last Resort” would be a better name.

  6. Eagle Fan

    Where is Raquel working now?

  7. Afternooon Andy

    I have a stain on knee of my pants from a Kimberly couch dance. I am going to bring in the pants and receipt to see Cieara and see about possable reimbursement. Kimberly is a disgusting slob.

  8. Terry

    Ted the DJ is good. The day manager is nice. Most of the girls friendly. Best couch dances on Rt 73 in New Jersey. Sorry, that’s about it. In terms of couch, a few clubs have far FAR surpassed this once good club. Plus their crackdown back 6-7 years ago was a huge mistake. Caused people to look around.

  9. club hopper

    You hear alot of bad things about this club. Although when the girls actually show for their shifts, I think the club is great.

  10. Nude Tuesday

    Stopped in Tuesday,lots of new hot girls. Loved it.

  11. EC

    Pal thiS is a topless club,so whats the problem,gals come and go,leaving us with a schedule we can depend on..Most gals just show up when they want,Holly,gone,CEE CEE GONE,LIKE MANY OTHERS .Tiffany gone.Thats the way it goes,dont come if u dont like it

  12. Art

    Too often the club is nearly empty. The $30 couch dance fee is too high.

  13. Heh

    Dances back to $20 make this club in my top 5 again.

    The ladies are nice and they don’t jump your bones for a dance as you just come in. Perfect spot to watch the game on sunday.

  14. this place suks

    this place is horrible! The girls were so miserable and kept complaining about not making any money! When I go out to a strip club its a huge turnoff to hear how much the club suks and how they dont make moeny. i thinkk i will stick to my regular spot…

  15. New Fan

    Great Job! Nude days done rite, not trashy, very sexy

  16. brianbky

    Two smoking hot dancers last Friday Night Raquel & Sahara. The rest were average to below average. I had only been in the place 3 times in the last year and this seems to be the norm. I’ll be back but only to spend money on Raquel or Sahara.

  17. incool

    This club is boring,some better looking dancers that want to get naked and satisfy customers would be nice..I am wondering what sexy all the time means..Dancer being friendly would help also,maybe some day shifters should be here at night,heard they were better,I think many just go out and smoke even the bartender,,I guess its just me and Misses Jones and my beer here on sat night..As i said in comments maybe have a few before u come,gals may look better..Riley is gone doesnt get nude because of germs,but sure sprays that stage and poles down with disinfectant,she is pretty

  18. Afternooner

    At $30 per LD (for a poor product), the biggest ripoff in the area!

  19. just ridiculous

    Ok ok so EVERONE hates Eve – but what is the obsession with CJ? Is there nothing else for you to do, but try to feel better about urself by writting mean comments? Just because you dont like someone doesnt mean you should hide behind a ridiculous website and write mean comments! CJ is cool and does nothing but nice things for all of us dancers, always helping us – so the jealous accusations are just that!

  20. Partial Regular

    Club has been down alittle from the past, with the dancer quality. But, it is always a nice place to hang, watch a little sports, and have some fun.

  21. cafe patron

    This club has already dropped off of the map. I didn’t know it was that hard to find a decent lineup in NJ

  22. I agree
  23. sr


  24. The Wizzard of Truth

    CJ is dirty with nasty personality. She jerks guys off and does not clean herself off. If you are her next lap dance its all on you from the previous guy. She is a real diry bitch.

  25. KC

    cLUB is gone back to just topless,Cierra didnt know how to make dancers get nude..So now we have BAD dancers and are only Topless,,will this club survive?

  26. 250
  27. tap
  28. Great Place

    Stopped by one evening and the place was mobbed! Great new talents and a mix some of the old, but a lot of new talent!!

  29. Dace

    Couch dances are back to $20

  30. JOHNNY30
  31. LAL

    This club is dooming itself,could be a good club.but needs ownership that cares about customers and providing good service and a friendly atmosphere,,Maybe a PR person might help

  32. TR

    Well if the gals are as bad during the day as they are at night,they are a full trainwreck of gals….Oh do like Demi,i had thaught maybe Tiffany,Carmen.Mercedes,Roxy C were suppose to be fairly good,but now have read comments that say no..Hey management do something for the customers why dont u????

  33. Superman

    Great Club, Great Girls, best lap dances around.

  34. jerzy boy

    This is still a great club. It may be on a slight down slide now, but it always rebounds and will be great again.

  35. Please respond

    To all my girls who I have missed…..I havent been there in about 3 years now,,When I did work there I got along with all the girls.I dont bum smokes, I have my own transportation…I was just looking for some feedback on the way things were going here..the good, the bad and of course the current complaints..Please be honost.Im a clean girl and understand the complaints concerning the busted girls giving too much milage and how it is overlooked..please respond soon

  36. Hot Rod

    Very poor club Needs to close or find someone better to run it. And better looking girls

  37. Eric P.

    Stephen, if you’d been in there you’d know that it’s no Cafe, it’s dirty, smokey, and not nice in any way that I can think of. Not a big fan of this kind of place, but would still put this on the bottom of the list. On the upside, there is a motel attached which I’m sure must be really nice.

  38. Raff

    I went to this place, girl asked me if I wanted a champagne room dance, I went along with it. A hundred and forty dollars for roughly 45 seconds, that’s what I got, oh and a nasty bottle of moscato that my boys wouldn’t even drink it was so disgusting. What a disappointment.

  39. smedley

    if i ran a club i would paint it black inside,and hire ugly dancers, the website would be useless and we would ignore the customers…..

  40. Mike

    I also had very unpleasant experiences dealing with CJ. She is very rude and arrogant. There are too many other polite and courteous dancesrs on that shirft that deserve you money for tips and dances that spend it on CJ. Guys spend your money on other dancers CJ a bitch! She does not deserve you money.

  41. tip
  42. winston12

    They have changed Bartender on Friday night went in only for one pretty bartender, always changed outfits, hair, jokes great, playful, always had my drink COLD. Now not there15 or more of us will not return. She was better looking then all of the dancers Sad….. Sad for us Where r u? U know we love you. Hope Old Bartender with fake breast always trying to get money for nothing does not reply. With your phony picture. Place is a Joke now…….

  43. Frequent Reader

    Great Changes!!!

  44. Joey P

    It can no longer compete

  45. JB

    Your right i dont understand there lack of giving out any answers to any question..I see a full schedule of repeated ancers everyday of the month,no pics,no events…Why doesnt the owner do something about Public relations with customers..I looked at Unveiled magazine,no adds or updates,club must be on hard times or packed every night

  46. ufotofu

    I don’t get how this club is only rated as a 5!

    Some of the BEST couch dances in the Philly area and most of the girls are hot hot hot!

  48. Frank

    I am a fairly regualr customer and it seems that things are getting a little chaotic here. As far as dancers getting freaky in LD’s and/or VIP rooms, well if no one is watching then what do you think will happen. Have not been in for Nude Tuesday or Sunday yet, how are they. I hope things start to turn for EC, because it was the place to be in its heyday!

  49. Lap Dog

    Lap Dances are lacking. There is no sense of adventure here any more.

  50. ,RKelly

    Night dancers,this is a collection of misfits and just bad gals..Where do they get these gals from ,unfriendly,un-nude waiting for there smoke break..You would think Fri and Sat night they would have there best dancers and most people..They need some fresh new dancers and a manager that cares…

  51. lap
  52. TRex

    Stay away from this club. All girls have alttitute.

  53. Re: Desiree

    Desiree is a drug addict, I was speaking to her one time and she was constantly sweating and asking me if I was hot, she’s stiff on stage no rythm tall as f*ck and talks about all of the other dancers which I thought was a bit juvenile. I also noticed she mentions she has cancer?! and just had chemotherapy and thought she was going to die I think this is her way to make people feel bad and give her all the money they have…please your a stripper and should become smart and acquire medical insurance she’s odd and I will never entertain a conversation with her again..Other than that the other girls were great Mahagony, Macy, Tai Cali have really great personalities and great smiles can’t wait to dance with Tai again!!!!!!!!!! will be back

  54. enigma322
  55. MS

    wHEN DO THE GALS GET NUDE,seems like EC has taken a step back,maybe new ownership would help this club get real wit customers..They neeed a better schedule for sure and someone with a bit of Authority to get gals and keep them,,,

  56. New Regular

    There are new girls every time i come here, and the talent is going through the roof

  57. answer

    it better not be or i will never come to this club again. that is all this club needs is an old lady trying desprately to look young again.

  58. Mouth Of NJ

    I disagree CJ is a big Bitch.See need to seek work else ware. Or the club is going to lose many customers.

  59. shake

    I’ve gone around to many clubs over the years and I always come back to the Cafe. It’s my favorite club, like every club it has it’s high and low points. But I’m always treated good here and get great dances from my regulars.

  60. Uncanny

    This has become a strange website,less dancers scheduled,and no pics of ladies..Someone should take control of this club and do some serious business moves,make it friendlier,know whos dancing and make it all nude,where is the owner to make a comment on what shes doing

  61. hot420

    I worked here for years and just can’t do it anymore. This place has gotten really bad, and scary. You can no longer make money without doing extras, so I left.

  62. shaft

    anyone know what happened to riley? where is she working now?

  63. Army Soldier

    In all my travels around the world, I have been to some top A1 strip clubs and some godawful poop-hole strip clubs. This one is below average. Go here if you are on a really tight budget ($20-$40). This is slightly better than G-spot because it is topless. BYOB, $10 cover, and the girls don’t expect a tip every song. The girls don’t pester you much if you aren’t in the mood for tipping. If you can afford a better club, go there.

  64. FOEC

    Worst SC I’ve ever been! What a ghetto place! Girls are not interacting with customers but only begging for money. Terrible music. Don’t waste your time there!


    Most of the comments on here are from jealous dancers trying to make others look bad. They try to make the comments look like guys are saying it, when in fact it is the dancers. NO NEED TO BE NASTY!!! Especially if YOU were in the wrong when it came to the arguement. One thing though, I agree that EVE is a bitch, I personally can’t stand her.

  66. 25
  67. Bust

    I would say this club is run very poorly,no accurate schedule,no complete nudity average girls at best with bad attitudes,and lady owner doesnt seem to care…How about friendliness,nudity and an accurate schedule with names and pics..Is that asking too much….

  68. Ripper77

    Wht do u call this club trashy ,bathroom and websites are needing to be updated,i thaught club and dancers were quite good,just my opinion

  69. crazy
  70. re:question

    yes…eve is the older one with blonde hair

  71. Nudity

    I visited this club for someone,was surprised by the lack of enthusiasm from dancers and workers..I assumrd it was now a nude club,but found many dancers only went topless..Asked about it and was told thats the ay it is,a few did dance nude,and were ok…I guess there is a lack of concern about there advertising it was and even asked over the phone..Oh well thaugh it was going to be a good time and got dissapointed,,Thats all

  72. mydick

    This place is going to be closed by the new year. If it’s not, it should be.

  73. Wow

    Nice to see a lot of new talents!!!!

  74. what a disapointment

    How this club is still in business is beyond my comprehention. The girls were miserable, there were probably 3 customers and like 12 girls all hounding for dollars every 30 seconds. I feel bad for these ladies.

  75. Ted

    The other girls have every right to be there just as much as everyone else and they have to “act young” in order to make money.

    I’ve seen some fresh young faces lately too. Seriously, go check it out.

  76. DJ

    I dont always agree with the club allowing some of the girls not to get nude.I have a tremendous respect for Cierra as the GM of this club.She allows u to at least give your opinion which prob differs from her.I as a man would love to see every gal get nude and couch dances to be somewhat longer,,but without Cierra and her presense this club would not even be on the radar..I think she caters to dancers a little mor than customers which is my disagreement.If i was a dancer this is a manager i would give 100 percent for and be more loyal to her..She has excellent business skills and is a Bright lady..So any gals ot there wanting to work for a fine lady and already working for her,consider yourself lucky..Many manager arent nearly as good as her..

  77. dancer

    Cant u just grow up – eve – ur so immature – everyone knows u try to start trouble – thats why i left! your just a sad coke whore! pick up ur life instead of picking on the other girls becasue ur jealous.

  78. Dumbass

    Thats what i am for going to this club last night.I guess i should be rapped…Unfriendly,un-sexy,classless and clothed to much..Sat night and this is the gals they pawn off on customers..Nothing much to say but shabby all around.I must be nuts

  79. Website

    I think your old website had a better schedule than your new one any gals left at this club???

  80. Shutdown

    I think they are going to close down..Just seems like Nobodys interested in making this club better,should have stayed all nude and gotten better dancers.Thats all thet needed,just takes a little work,,Customers will come in be happy and return.Staying open till 5 was a good idea..This isnt Rocket Science,is it…

  81. tony

    Most of the hot dancers split, only to be replaced with camden crack

    whores and section 8 hotel scum. Nothing worth the price of


  82. angry dancers

    what is the deal with the wh*re issue? Is it that the day manager is too busy to realize that these girls are sucking and f**king our customers? Whats gonna happen once you yell at them…are you gonna let them do it again? They got caught f**king in your club, and were rehired – why not just hire back all the girls who beat the sh*t out of us dancers? This is absoultely absurd – they proposition guys with sexual intentions – when dancers who have been there for years, who make a lot of money are there and are not making money bacuse the wh*res are giving bjs in the back while no one is watching….then whats the deal with them asking how to get to Camden for drugs? And to top it off, they have to steal our cigarettes??? R u serious??please….is this really how you want to portay us? Way to treat ur loyal dancers…I thought we were classier than that?!?!

  83. Bob
  84. Joe likes to be blowed

    The place was good Friday afternoon. Some definitely good enough’s there. There is a reson why the buffet is free. the food sucks.

  85. Peeeps

    Club has a variety of good dancer,some arent so friendly thouh,couch dance way to short of time,was told by one of the dancers,they werent required to dance nude,maybe female owners are lacking there,but Cierra wasnt there,,unfortunately hotel next door is a dump if u have to stay..Overall,liked the cozy atmosphere,but like more nudity…

  86. JZ

    I went to this club some dancers are nude and some dont,seams bogus to me….

  87. Shakeup

    Good news 1 gal on from 10-2 on Sunday night,come on in..This club desperately needs someone to take control..Gals need to be scheduled,know they are going to have to dance nude and come in,,No going to other clubs,this is your home..Need specials couch dances 20 dollars 5 mins.Tough economy everyone needs a break..If girls get more money guys get a little more time all satisfied,no druggies no extras,or your fired..This club would make at least 10,000 a wk if i were running it,with good shift managers,no nonsense..Some special night amateur,schoolgirl,bartender dance nights mixed..Por star once a Month reasonable priced one,plenty around,,This club just needs a little shakeup,good scheduling and no BS from gals,,,Customers first,means club and gals make money..

  88. IP

    This place used to be wall to wall talent, and you knew when your $20 bucks was up. Bouncers should be invisible unless someone gets out of line. I used to get one CD and if things were going well I’d keep getting more. I don’t want some bouncer involved in this process. Oh and as for the comparison in price, here are three classic strip club songs just for comparison – Leave Your Hat On 4:13, Whitesnake Here I Go Again 4:35, Poundcake 5:22. These three used to be $20 a piece and I knew when the song was going to end for a total of $60 plus the little extra I usually leave. New standard my $60 would get me 1:12 into Poundcake and I would not be inclined to tip the girl more with the bouncer standing there telling me I’m done. It would be one thing if they had a bunch of hot new talent to justify the price hike, but I was getting lap dances from most of these women when they were in a line up that included hotties like Brielle, Skye, Katie, Heather and Zoe. Can’t keep the new hoties and a price hike? I’ll go elsewhere.

  89. limitless

    very very poor place. ugly dancers with bad attitudes, everything about it is cheap and worn-out

  90. Dean

    Your right it doesnt even seem like anyone cares that girls dont get nude,i think the dancers are running the club,maybe management if they care should try to make the customers happy,what gives…..

  91. Doug

    DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING! DISGUSTING! Saw Two Giant Cockroaches crawling on the bar next to my beer. Place shut be Shut Down!!!!

  92. Rob

    I have to disagree with the comments about CJ. Must be some of the dancers who are obviously jealous and insecure. I have been friends with CJ since she started and I think she is great! A nice smart girl who doesnt care what losers who spend all of their time writing reviews like anyone reads or cares what u write. And shame on any of the girls who write mean and “nasty” comments – you should really be ashamed of yourselves.

  93. Jim

    At lunch hour I ruined a $50 pair of pants because of Kimberly and I did not even have lunch yet and it could not have been a food stain.

    I agree with The Wizzard’s and Mike assesments about CJ. She is very arrogant to customers and the Erotic Cafe would be better served to remove her arrogant ass out of there. The afternoon dancers are too classy to have a bitch like her to ruin their fine reputation. Not a nice lady.

  94. rich$

    had a great time with every lady there on friday night!!! thanks girls!!

  95. Jack

    This club is not what it use to be. The new younger dancers and bouncers are not customer friendly.

  96. joe

    I read all of the negative entries on CJ and decided to judge for myself. I came in today and met her. She was nice and very sexy and her ld was amazing. Try her out if u don’t believe me – I know ill be back again! The club was great too! very hot bartender!

  97. Happy Chappy

    Great little Club! I’ll be coming back often.

  98. Feelthejoy

    I thaught dancers were good,but several months ago,is club dancers still nude,,Thanks

  99. Scott

    Tonight was great. Very hot girls. However I don’t get why

    the bartender was playing videogame with her

    manager.very unprofessional. I was there to c hot girls not

    to watch girls play videogames.thanks.

  100. Below

    It’s so funny to watch dancers whine and bitch about each other like the comments just below.

    Customers don’t give a flying fart about how dancers allegedly hate Eve, or their internal jealousies and drama.

    The only thing that counts here is mileage. As such, it used to be among the better places when it fist went juice but cut down drastically in subsequent years and is only exciting now for those that have not been aroubd much or used to some lamer shit in philly.

  101. guyexists

    ask for Tara, or Casey

  102. Kmart6

    This is my go-to club cause it’s so close to me. it’s BYOB with a few liquor stores not to far away. Drove up and saw about 13 cars in the lot. Walked inside and saw about 5 guys around the bar and 4 girls dancing around 8:30pm on a Wednesday night. The only complaint I had was that the bartender’s ex or friend was at the end of the bar harassing her and you can tell she was getting annoyed by him. I’m surprised that the bouncer or the other staff didn’t kick him out. You can hear them arguing about something over the loud music and it was worse when the music stopped. I went in tonight because I heard that they hired new dancers. The only dancer I knew was Kat and the other 3 were new to me. They were alright but I never got to talk to them because they went straight to the dressing room or went on their phone at the end of the bar. I didn’t really care cause it saved me money from the barside tip parade. Around 9pm, 2 new dancers came on stage and Honey totally made my night. I know she usually worked as a bartender and it was hard for me to get there on the weekends. It was a treat seeing her work there tonight. She told me that she doesn’t bartend anymore and dances every other Wednesday and thurs-sat night. Got 2 dances from her and it was totally worth it. She didn’t provide any extras but i’m not really looking for that. I would love to get a VIP dance from her in the future. Went back to my seat after and just watched the show as I drank my beer. She came over awhile later and we talked some more. Thought about getting more dances with her and I’m pissed that I didn’t. Ended up leaving after she danced on the stage for her 2 songs. I would gladly go back when I know that she’s working.

  103. kc2

    raquel,sahara,tai all work at the oakford inn in pa

  104. question

    Is Eve the really old one? Skeleton skinny? Acts like shes younger?

  105. unsatisfied

    This place was really trashy. Will not return or recommend to anyone. The girls all looked strung out or fat old and ugly.

  106. Danger
  107. harryharry

    Bottom shelf when it comes to titty bars. $15 to get in is a rip off. Usually only 1 or 2 decent looking strippers. Better off going over the bridge to Philly.

  108. Bigstuff
  109. Wizzard of Truth

    All the afternoon girls are great and fit with great personalities. Except for the pig Kimberly. Club managemet should do something about her and kick her fat ass out the door. Becareful about doing lap dances with Kimberly. She sometimes does not use feminine hygene products and guys you will walk out the door with nasy stains on your pants.

  110. critic

    For years this was my favorite club in the Philly area. It was filled with very attractive women who offered very satisfying lap dances. About two years ago they started a long dive and now they have a few women. Most of them are unattractive and the lap dances are no longer even interesting, let alone satisfying.

  111. Darin

    It has it’s ups and downs, but is definatly on the way up again. It always has been and will be one of my favorite clubs.

  112. lucky
  113. stupid

    why is everyone so against these three girls…I have seen these girls…i don,t think they are anything that is said here.kimberly, eve, or cj…they are all hot in their own way…GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

  114. mathewater12

    Horrible experience girls where on there phones just sitting there it was dark and a lot of weird characters in there and management was rude. Never again will I go there girls where at best a 4 atmosphere 3 and overall a 3 only thing that was good was music and it’s a byob.

  115. keith
  116. talent scout

    nude Tue and Sun. are the best idea in a long time

    the talent going through the roof. Just goes to show you,

    bigger isn’t always better(as proved by champagne)

  117. traveler

    been here before, it was ok, now its really getting bad!!

  118. Gettin Better!!!

    I like the new girls!!

  119. Harrison69

    The only good thing about this place is you get to touch the dancers while getting a dance. Make sure you carry a good amount of hand sanitizer so no skin infections will occur. Also the dancer are pretty ugly but what do you expect in the part of New Jersey that is considered to be a parking lot for Philadelphia.

  120. ER


  121. New Old Customer

    Lots of new pretty girls. GOOD JOB

  122. SL

    Whos the owner of this place,then

  123. don

    this club is not like it used to be. teh girls have attitudes and no one seems to get nude except for the ugly ones. what happend to this place?

  124. JR

    Sat night,12 of the worst dancers i have seen at this club so far,maybe 3 got naked,most didnt try,asked Bartender why they didnt and never got back to me,There were may 2 to 3 good dancers,that got nude.Seems dancers control this club and Cierra is content with this.Would have asked her but weve been through this before..Dont waste your money here unless they decide to change..None of the about 5 Black dancers got nude…sad to see this club isnt honest with the customers…Take care

  125. James Harder

    Get with the program bitch. Don’t fool yourself, when the club first turned juice it was the same or better. It turned south for a bit around 2000 for awhile but now it sounds like it’s coming back on the upswing.

    Finally the Erotic Cafe may again be the place where discriminating customers go to. The money people want only the best, not some lame whiney bitches whining about the morals of her competition, and it sounds like EC now has a chance.

    The competition between clubs for the shrinking dollar is pretty intense. But I say it’s time to cross the river again and enjoy EC over the crap across the tacony bridge.

  126. Re-Smedley

    There doing that and not dancing nude,plus there schedule is always wrong,lap dances suck,and pics of Bartenders are posted instead of dancers..I have no clue why they are so rude and customer unfriendly,makes no sense,Cierra must be tired of the business and the guys..

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