The Treasure Club Executive Suite



7806 Boeing Drive, Greensboro, NC 27409


36.0829919, -79.9548574




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “The Treasure Club Executive Suite

  1. Def!

    Took some clients out, ther girls were great

  2. Jay

    I enjoy it a lot…the cover is a bit much, but not as bad as other places

  3. oooo
  4. Roger

    Heard they had new owners and checked it out. Think the club has already improved with the talent on the floor. That includes a hot blonde named Hannah and a smokin’ redhead named Dominique. They also added some tvs and they’re showing sports. Much improved, will be back.

  5. richard95

    Great place, VERY friendly staff, they don’t hit you over the head trying to up sale you at the door. SMOKE FREE, walk in, walk out and smell the same. Not like a 1980’s bowling alley. Great music and they don’t discriminate like other clubs.

  6. virginia man
  7. Jason

    This place is really hit and miss but when it’s on this place is HOT. They have a lot of beautiful girls working here and they tend to stay away from hiring the big girls thankfully. A couple more black girls than other clubs in the area, but the ones they do hire are attractive. On the other hand I’ve walked out of this place a couple times after about an hour because I wasn’t impressed with the lineup of girls they had, but I guess no place can be bangin every night. This club is very nice inside and out, but I dislike how everyone wants a tip in there. I came to see the girls, not feel like I have to tip the guy in the bathroom everytime I need to take a piss. The staff does keep the place nice but with membership feeds, admission, dance prices, I think they are making enough money without it necessary I give the bathroom guy $2 everytime I see him. If you’re looking for a more laid back atmosphere, I’d go with Southside Johnny’s for a nude club in G’boro, but if you want a more upscale joint for a business outing or to take a significant other or to even go by yourself, this is a pretty classy place and it’s definitely worth checking out. Just hope you stop by on one of their “on” nights. Oh and they have limo rides here, 15 minutes for $150 where they take you around in their limo around greensboro. Never tried one yet, but I hear they are quite the experience if the girl likes you!

  8. dennis

    “best club ever” are you on crack or do you work there? thats the only way you could say that, this club sucks, too expensive for what you get, $2 tips(a waste), storage fee for drinks is crazy, and girls are rough to say the least, and dances well you get the jest, dont go try another club first, this should be your last stop

  9. Tyler P

    The club was Ok, so far not very impressed with NC strip clubs and having to buy a ‘membership’ to get in. Dances are nothing to right home about. $2 tips…WHAT???

  10. bill

    call 911, i was robbed..blew cover, drink and 1 dance….had to leave she smelt like body odor

  11. greensboro
  12. hemen

    The club was very good, and the entertainers was awsome

  13. stay puff

    we went for a guys night out, but didnt stay long went to another club in gso that was great, prices to high, girls are snobs and rude, not much to look at

  14. Garth

    Went to club last night. Girls were pretty hot. A lot better than the Gold Club.

  15. FB

    This is the most upscale nude club in the area, I think Ive had the bed time here than Ive had at any other club in the area

  16. SIR Lance

    Great strip club. Bachelor party turned out amazing, and

    was hosted great by the manager and girls. Party was


  17. Cole

    This was my first time in this club. The inside is real nice it looks bigger from the outside than it is, but its still a good size. The girls were friendly and good looking. Better than the typical stuck up girls you usually get in the Triad. One of the better clubs in the Triad now for sure.

  18. the man
  19. Ben C.
  20. 00311


  21. Dave

    Best club Ive ever been to

  22. Wow

    Best club in town

  23. Uh huh

    Great club dont have clubls like this back home

  24. Customer A

    Had the best time ever, will be back

  25. Hater Rejects

    Loved it!!!!!!!!

  26. Ben C
  27. SSJ

    Your club is so much better than ours

  28. Viva Las Vegas

    The girls are smoking, never going to another shitty club again.

  29. Michael
  30. new to nc

    i like this club, and will be back!! Diamond Rayne and Envy are hot!!

  31. jnRANDY

    It’s not bad. Good looking chicks in hot outfits. Sweet

    dances and reasonable prices. Parking easy.

  32. DD

    A great time. Well worth the trip.

  33. Sally Que

    Just started dancing here. It’s actually a very upscale

    nice gentlemen’s club. I’m sad I’ve missed it most of my

    dancing career. Better late than never.

  34. eddie

    waste of time, expensive, girls are homely

  35. Newbee
  36. Brian

    the girls are common with no personality, the dj-Slash-is an annoying dumbass with no real skills, not worth the cover or dances, better off to stay home than waste the money….much better clubs in the area for the money with hotter girls and better attitudes….don’t go!!!!!!

  37. club rat

    sucks, out of all the clubs i have been to this is the worst, girls are ugly with bodies like well….and the prices are to high…..

  38. jd

    Heard good and bad. Made up my own mind. Best in Triad!

  39. Bob

    Best in G-boro

  40. Butch


  41. U-10

    I’d go back.

  42. b


  43. stripclubpro

    this club sux

  44. Toni

    I go to all the clubs in the Greensboro and Winston-Salem

    area. This club is by far the best when it comes to the

    girls. I usually sit at the bar, and Ashton or India do a

    great job taking car of me. They run special two for ones on

    their dances often, and I’m never dissapointed with them.

    Great club.

  45. don

    why did i go… to look at beautiful naked ladies…not at this club

  46. Doug

    Was my first time in and i was surprised at how nice it was. It’s not as big inside as Gold but the girls were good looking, nicer and fun to talk to.

  47. Yes


  48. king

    they should have paid me to come in, and the girls should pay the guys to take the dances, wow they are ugly

  49. Sam


  50. ex dancer

    a girl at the club has crabs

  51. lotsofun

    Girls are very snotty

  52. tom

    thought i was at the pound

  53. disappointed

    stay home and save your $$$$

  54. yall suck


  55. scared

    nasty…..what else can i say

  56. Louis

    I went there this past Saturday night and I had one of the best times I’ve ever had at a strip club. Good looking entertainers, hot bartender and waitress, good variety of music. Brittany, Houston, Mary Jane, Menege and Melissa were hot! Daphne, the tall blonde with the long legs is stunning (and gives a great couch dance, hehe). Dance prices start at $25 for a couch dance, which is cheaper than the last time I came in (and they were running a dance special so I got 2 for $25!) They also have more dance options now too. I haven’t done a limo ride in a few years but will gladly do one next time with any of the entertainers I mentioned. I’m going back on Wednesday night (apparently all shots of liquor are $4!) Thanks for the great time and see ya again soon!

  57. Tommy

    Execellent time, beautiful girls

  58. nookular

    I’ve always had a lot of fun here. The dancers are very nice; the club is well-kept; and the staff is friendly.

  59. Rock ON

    This club is the fucking shit! I love this place. It’s like Heaven. Ahhh yeah!

  60. James


  61. Simon

    Dang. Some hot chicks in this building.

  62. YeAh!


  63. thad

    harpers is best nude club..executive suites sucks

  64. Mike

    Two of the girls smelled like they hadn’t showered in weeks!!

  65. Steve

    Great time, will be back

  66. Danny

    Overall Ok, expensive for the quality of girls. Dance prices shouldn’t be that high unless you have models, and there aren’t any models there.

  67. Rylee

    Awesome place!!!

  68. wayne

    dont go!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hoodytom

    Wow! This is an amazing stripclub! Their bar is spectacular and the women are beautiful!

  70. casey

    boob jobs needed

  71. mike

    🙁 bad experience

  72. Visitor

    Execellent!!! Best time ever!!!

  73. Richie

    I love it, will be back

  74. to tyler

    Maybe you didn’t get your dance from the right girl. Guys, if you go in, look for Diamond or her friend Kitty, they are nice girls. I spent an evening talking to them. They come down from Virginia together and are the best the club has. Awesome dances!

  75. woody

    i didnt get any wood here, the girls leave a bit to be desired at $2 a tip, and the drink storage fee to excessive

  76. Gatlin

    Time and money spent well. Parking was seemingly easy.

    Dancers were nice. Had an exceptional time with Dolly.

  77. Singer28

    Love the boobs here. Nice any corner you turn.

  78. invisable man

    like i wasnt there, no one talked 2 me, asked for a dance then she never came over, had $$$ 2 spend but didnt get the chance…oh well

  79. BEST

    Best all nude club in the triad

  80. cozmo

    Not worth the money, and Beer storage price! $2 dollar bills only suck! and there was only one girl there that was young and had big tits but stayed on some old guys lap the whole night!

  81. Sexy Bitch

    can i get a refund……….

  82. Balla

    Fine ass women here, best Ive seen

  83. player

    went with $$$$ in hand but not one bitch would talk to me for a dance

  84. Tom from TN

    Nicest club Ive seen on the East Coast

  85. Mr Money

    I give this club a 10!!!!!!!!

  86. Diamond

    This is the best club I have ever worked at.

  87. Furniture Man

    Best place to go near the furniture market

  88. CZ
  89. ray ray

    all the ugly strippers work here

  90. jo
  91. christie

    come to christies for some hot girls with class

  92. Out of Towner


  93. justin

    sucked, girl lied about dance, left my coat at closing, called next day was told it was there, went i went to get it they could not find it and said someone who works there must have stole it, would not reimburse or show concern, it was $125 leather coat, guess you can say i got fuck, but no kiss, fucking thiefs, you would think they would do something like no cover,free drinks, a couple dances on the house, but no they dont give a shit about anything, dont ever go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Richard M.

    Most hospitable staff at this club with many beautiful women. The club is clean, though a bit small. Because of covid regulations, there wasn’t many places to sit with the ladies. The prices for dances and food was far cheaper than the clubs near us, but the drinks were pricier to get for the dancers (which I don’t mind).Overall a great place to visit with your friends.

  95. Michael P.

    Apparently there is a new owner who also owns the treasure club in asheville. At least that is what I was told. I haven’t been to the suite for some time and decided to stop in last week. The last time I was there it was still fully nude. I like the changes for te ost part. The dance prices have all been lowered and the drink prices are very reasonable for a strip club and I would say the daily specials rival regular sports bar prices. Lots of new faces and pretty girls and a good atmosphere overall. They have added several flat screen tv’s all around the club and are showing UFC pay per view fights, sporting events, ect.There are also new dance rooms and options. The staff was friendly, especially the bartender Heaven. I must say I miss the full nude, but I had a good experience and will definitely be visiting again.

  96. blow me

    sucked ass, should have jerked off and stayed home

  97. yes yes yes

    loved it will be back soon

  98. Member 011

    Beautiful girls

  99. VonnieV

    The club has changed a lot. It dropped the name Executive

    and is now only The Treasure Club. I remember coming to

    this club a few years back, thinking to myself how I’d

    never return. It’s quite the turn around, and Ill have to

    admit that this is probably one of the best entertainment

    clubs around. The dancers actually dance, any SC connoiss

    will know what I mean. Everything seemed reasonabl priced

  100. Jim

    Had the classiest girls out of any other club around

  101. FUCK OFF


  102. slash

    girls are trashy, drugs are easy to get there

  103. Chris

    Best club by far in the Triad.

  104. ed

    place smelled like old fish

  105. YEAH

    Best club in the triad

  106. Westin


  107. eor


  108. Johnnyboy123

    Guess I’m reviewing a strip club. Beautiful girls (some super talented). Nice layout. Bar service was on point. I was kind of shocked at how friendly and talkative (and willing to sit and chill) the staff and dancers were. Shout out to Russian Natalya.

  109. keith

    club sucks overall, girls stuck up and no reason to be, not hot, dj talks to much begs for tips, had money to spend but came home with most all of it, dont waste time

  110. jade


  111. Rich

    Great atmosphere

  112. John

    Clubs in NC are weak. This all nude club used to have excitement in the limo, but don’t know now.

  113. clay

    yikes, i am blind now, dont go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. blackjack


  115. Scott

    First time in there, liked it better than the giant clubs. I liked the girls and had fun. I’ll definitely be back.

  116. ftco

    wont go back

  117. imus

    nappy headed hos

  118. Henry
  119. TZN:

    Not worth the money…………….

  120. joe

    club and dj suck, dj talks too much, girls are ugly, cost too much

  121. rick

    nothing good to say, boring snobby girls, prices are high

  122. rob

    felt robbed when i left, prices are too high and girls not even worth the $2 tip

  123. jerry

    boob jobs, hell they need complete top to bottom work

  124. frank

    home of 1 pretty girl and the rest ugly

  125. jake

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