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55 reviews for “Stateline Showgirls

  1. CanadianJim

    Shout out to Stella, Kitana, & Breeze. I was there last weekend and I’ll never forget them. Amazingly sexy dances, unforgettable conversation, these girls are awesome. I’ll definitely be back!

  2. Regular

    Daisy is the best dancer out there….so sexy and has a great personality. Music is good. A bar next door which is great, Daisy can go over with me but she has a limit on how much they will allow her to drink. I always have a good time when I take it to the line. So should YOU!!!

  3. Bob

    First time visiting the club and the experience was very pleasant and will be returning.

  4. jon

    girls are mean, over charging

  5. Brian

    I’ve been coming to the club for years and I just love it… it keeps my mind of my real life and I step in to fantasy land of the most beautiful ladies of the NW. About 10 girls still work there since the place opened up 9 years ago. It’s nice to see familar faces, espessially when they smile and remeber you.And they all look wonderful, great bodies…..

  6. Broke

    $25 lap dances suck!

  7. Johnny

    Love it when they play rock, girls are way hott. Love the club!!!

  8. James McIntosh

    This place is awesome! I have missed this place more then any other. Being in the Marines I have been to 1 strip club in Hollywood CA, 2 in Pensacola Fl, 1 in New River NC, 2 in Okinawa Japan, 1 acctual strip club in Thailand although Thailand its self is a big strip club, LOL, 1 in Guam, 1 in Spokane Wa, and I have to say Stateline Showgirls is by far the very best, the only thing that would make it better is if they could serve alcohol but there are laws preventing that.

    Thank you

  9. Hypocrites

    I recently visited this club and when you walk in the door, they point out NO SOLICITATION, but I was shocked when I reached my seat, after about 10 seconds of sitting there a dancer, her name was Whitney approached me and started rubbing my prick, she proceeded to tell me all the things I could do to her,and offered oral sex for X amount of dollars in the private room. I respectfully declined, REALLY Stateline? I have been visiting clubs since 1986 and never came across something like that. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT, I didnt see any dancers in there that day, only protitutes. Shame on you.

  10. Chris
  11. BDG

    Nice work ladies, thanks. Good times, a couple of freaky girls, but tons of total hotties.

  12. Saticfied

    Very sexy women in the North West. Super hot outfits, I would spend my savings on a hand full of dancers. Yummy it’s like going to Baskin Robins (so the DJ would say) 31 flavors or more take your pick.

  13. Dr. Love
  14. Rob

    I had a great time….thank you!

  15. cheyanne

    So far i have worked at this club for about 3 months and been a customer there for about 7 so i would have to say that i really like this club. All the girls are very nice and beautiful. I think that the guys that think 25 is too much for a lap dance and they are mad they dont get to touch…well when you really think about it how much is it worth to you to have to dance on someone…how much is your time at work worth? And as far as touching gos we are dancers “entertainers” if you will not prostitutes. You want to be grabby go down sprague i am sure you can find someone on the corner. P.S. got to tell georgia, cambria, bambi, taylor, diamond, And Lenny how awesome they are!

  16. bill
  17. chad
  18. Won't be back

    I will never visit this establishment again. The girls have bad attitudes, they

    demand tips,as though 25$ for 6 minutes is not enough money. I arrived

    at 6pm, and was gone by 7. The girls were rude, one imparticular who

    solicited me and when I told her I was not interested she began calling

    names, I believe Stacey was her name, beware of that one.

  19. bradley telquist

    awesome club hands down…

  20. What The Fu...

    What gives with all these comments about the DJ Leeny? Who gives a shit about the DJ, aren’t we there to see hot naked ladies??? I still go to the club but not as often because of the $25 dances. Now I just sit at the tip rail instead of buying dances. Raising the prices was a bunch of B.S. there was no good reason to raise the price. The so called 2 for 1 dances piss me off too because you don’t get two full songs. If a regular song is 3 minutes then I should get a 6 minutes during the special not 4 minutes. Nothing like false advertsing.

  21. BUFFY


  22. gman

    very fun relaxing the girls make you feel special its nice

  23. Troy

    TOTALLY NUDE LAP DANCES! I Could stare at those beautiful labias on your ladies all night long.

    NO other club has nude dances……I will gladly pay 25 for a chance to have a VAGINA and NIPPLES in my face and lap rather than a bra strap and panties!

  24. Regular Customer

    Overall I really like this club! The girls keep me coming back with their beauty and charm. I do think the cover charge is a little high and I think an updating the decor of the club is in order and wouldn’t hurt a bit, better booths/couches! It’s been unchanged since they opened in the late 90’s. A better, more interesting lighting system would be great too!

    Would love to see some feature dancers!

  25. Not Vegas

    If your gonna charge vegas prices then you damn well better have vegas quality chicks and this place doesn’t begin to have vegas quality. Save your money for a trip and go elsewhere!

  26. Joe

    Expensive place to party.

  27. Meg

    My husband and I love this club, but a lot of the girls are afriad to apporch couples! Other then that it is a wonderful place with sexy girls!

  28. Jeff H.

    I’m just going to say I had a great time here, and will spare the details in case there are children reading reviews they shouldn’t be reading. Here’s a tip though, avoid being in the club itself since it’s technically in the state of Washington (hence, no booze) and park yourself in the bar attached next door to the club. Most of the girls are hanging out in the bar anyway, and there were some VERY INTERESTING things going on over there. Drinks were so cheap I couldn’t believe it. I was drinking Stoli Elit all night for $6 a shot (check out the price at say the Metropolitan Grill in Seattle and you will realize what a steal it was that night.) Also, be sure to be nice to the cocktail waitresses here. One nice sized tip at the start of your evening, and you’ll always have good looking girls around bringing you a nonstop supply of booze.

  29. WIGUY

    This club is very nice. Great Atmosphere, great set up, I was impressed the second I walked in. All the girls were great Thursday night when I was there, then there was Sasha. Wow, beautiful, witty, fun and a great dancer. Thank you for the time and I will see you again.

  30. Sam

    Have always liked this club and they always have some great girls to feast your eyes on but this is becoming more and more of a hustle. Songs have been drastically cut to increase the number of dances in the same amount of time and wait staff will almost run over people to try to get you to buy a girl a small soda should a girl happen to sit near you. Songs have been cut to 2 minutes, sometimes barely more and far too often less.

    On Mondays it is a three-for-one which means that for $25 you get 3 songs that last a total of 5 to 5 1/2 minutes but the song length does not increase when the specials are not going on such as after happy hour (afternoon to early evening or all-day Wednesday). A single song lasting more than 2 to 2 and 1/4 minutes is extremely rare and probably a mistake by the DJ. Some of the girls have attempted to compensate for this with more enthusiastic private dances but not quite as enthusiastic as they should be for the price/time.

  31. Stateline Customer

    I love this club, it’s always a blast and I always can’t wait to go back!


    I was impressed by how pretty the women where but was disappointed in their attitudes. some of them seemed as if they had issues going on outside of the club and were bringing it to work-I even had one girl talk to me about her personal life and how her sex life was diminishing!!!! SORRY STATELINE SHOWGIRLS BUT PLEASE IMPROVE YOUR ATTITUDES!!!!!!!!!

  33. Bored


  34. Me to YOU

    stateline is the shit……….

  35. Mike

    this club is amazing, once i am there i never want to leave

  36. luv2csexylegs

    My favorite club to visit. only problem is its two hours away. Stacey on afternoons is the BEST!!!!! Dont ever change the way this club operates. keep it all nude, alchohal free and smoker optional. At all costs keep lap dances all nude………….

  37. Empty Wallet

    Expensive place to party with $25 lap dances.

  38. Dan McIntosh

    Well this club is honestly the only one that I have been to, but from what I have heard of other clubs stateline is number 1. In its local area the only other club I know of is the Vu and there is no, I mean NO! way it can hold a candle to the line for simple reasons. The Washington/Spokane laws and rules forbid any contact infact they make it so there is a complete buffer zone between you and the dancers, I am sorry daces stage and lap would not be the same. The dancers are another issue the Stateline dancers are completely amazing I mean the selection that there is will make any one happy if you honestly don’t like any of the dancers you might want to check if you have all the proper male anatomy. The third and finial reason is Lenny he is the best DJ in any of the 18 and up clubs in the area and is just a straight up balla.

  39. XhXeXy

    Not a fan of strip clubs really, but this was a nice get away last night. The management, bouncers, girls, and servers were all professional and fun to talk to. The management staff make you feel like your out with your boys. The only thing I’m not a fan of is that it’s 18 and up. There was like 20 18 boys not throwing down any money just watching and laughing. Kind of ruined it for me lol.

  40. notastripper

    Strippers are disgusting and a degrade to women…sorry excuses for a women to be up there acting like skanks

  41. Scotty

    Loved it, best money i’ve ever spent

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  43. Agreed

    Really what gives with all these comments about other people other than dancers? Who gives a shit? Its all about the girls in my book. Get with the program or go find a gay bar for crying out loud if you wanna talk about guys lets stick to the women please.

  44. James

    best club i have been 2

  45. Josh

    Some of the most beautiful women dance here! I plan on going here for years to come as long as the women stay looking like they do!

  46. mayan


  47. Jack

    $25 Lap Dances = Ridiculous. Gonna start going to the Vu in Spokane from now on. Adios Stateline!

  48. Frank

    Since day one til now it is always the best… Great girls, great services, great lap

    dances. This club will never let anybody down. Thumbs up!!

  49. Nathan

    I love Stateline! Have spent many a drunken night in there trying to sober up from the bar next door. I highly recommend that bar!! Kon-Tiki is its name. If you want beautiful wonderful girls, go there for the bar girls, they are wonderful and kind. Well, gotta go, table dances are callin’ me!

  50. Ryan
  51. Jack Mehoffer

    Love this place since!

  52. Not management

    McIntosh it is so obvious you are a manager. We don’t need managers posting their biased opinions here. Aren’t you the pervy manager that watches the girls give the dances really close since it turns you on. Its creepy dude! Please quit watching the dances I buy so closely just so you can your get your jolies filled.

  53. Emily

    first time going and im glad i went; worth the money and the trip 😉

  54. Roy

    I used to work here and it is by far the best club in the northwest. All you haters need to keep it down.

    Hoop is the bomb

    Jame Rocks!

    Lenny taught me everything I know

    Jason got the phat beats

    i don’t know Johnny B

    Your Showgirls are the hottest.

    I wish I still worked here.

  55. Josh Voss

    You know i live in postfalls and im down at the club jsut about ever night, i absoulutely 100% love those girls down there especially jersey and trinity thos girls will actually sit down and talk with you and give u the best lap dances uve ever had……… if all you ladys read this i got somethig for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love stateline strippers theyre beautifull funny and caring…………………state line is the best no matter what anyone sais!!!!!

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