Mynx Cabaret



145 W Service Rd, Hartford, CT 6340


41.3727993, -72.0733769




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mynx Cabaret

  1. Jim

    This place needs someone who knows how to run it and IMPROVE the quality of the dancers!!

  2. Duffy

    It really sucked!

  3. blah


  4. tatiana


  5. KEN

    has anyone seen MO

  6. ZACH M.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Hands down worst strip club I’ve ever been to in my life. Came up from the city last night for a friends bachelor party, I didn’t have too high hopes for a strip joint in Connecticut, and this place did not disappoint being even worse than expected. I like to have a good time on the occasions when I visit one, so when I walked in I followed my usual routine of changing $200, and bought a bottle of Moët. Then woman working the bar informs me that I get a table with the purchase. Ok cool, even though there were about 10-12 people in there at midnight on a Saturday and it was basically open season on any table you wanted, but nevertheless. So I go to the stage and notice they weren’t getting fully naked, so we asked if it was topless only. One of the suits lets us know that there’s a whole separate side of the establishment that gets fully nude, but we can’t have alcohol there. Uh, ok? He then lets us know that we can actually only have champagne over there, but they have to bring it over there for us. I show him the freshly opened bottle with about two sips taken from it, and have him ask the manager if she can have someone walk it over there since I just bought it. Comes back, manager refuses and says that if we want to drink champagne over there then we have to buy an additional new bottle, ($230 if you’re taking notes). Ok fuck this, I’ll just stay here with my one bottle because if this side was any indication of the other, it wasn’t exactly a beehive of activity to say the least. So I tried to have a good time and make the best of it, throwing some singles and drinking my bottle. Here comes the suit again. Apparently they’ve taken issue with me walking around with my bottle, and tell me I need to sit at my table. Wtf?! I’m guessing these people would be absolutely appalled if they ever walked into a real strip club in Miami or Atlanta where HALF THE FUCKING PATRONS ARE WALKING AROUND WITH BOTTLE IN HAND HAVING A GOOD TIME. At this point I was done. Guzzled what I had left and we took off back in our party bus to seek out better offerings. If this place had any clue, they’d lighten up and possibly have more than a dozen people in there during primetime on a Saturday. A complete joke, but hey, I guess I shouldn’t have expected much out of a strip club in Connecticut PS, the hottest chick in there was a 5 at best

  7. steven

    its the best

  8. TUNA

    Great Club

  9. Rick

    Best part of this dump: three urinals shaped and painted like dancer mouths. The dancers themselves are mostly tattooed skanks.

  10. Riskmaniac

    I was there with a group of five on 11/25/06. The place is clean and nice. I really only had two complaints. The bartender was useless. She was totally stressed out, looked like she was on something and could not handle the bar with less than a dozzen customers. I think we managed to get two drinks from her in over two hours. I think that she was upset because we would not pay her $20 to flash us. The bartender that came on around 7pm was much better and friendly. The other other complaint is that the bouncer practically stood over the girls in the private booth area. The area is in open view with plexiglass around it and if there was a problem they would know without standing over people.

  11. Guest

    Great time with the dancers here. Love that they’ll come up and talk to you before you get the “wanna dance” line. Have had good experiences w/ both LD and CR. CR is going to be $$ though so be ready. Drinks are a little on the high side.

  12. flavor

    listen the gc groton is the up and comer a grass roots movement club with it being relatively young it has room to grow and get ready ct fuck what ya heard we take to church!!!

  13. Sloppy Joe

    I had a good time. Gonna go back soon.

  14. patriots

    girls probably dont stay because there isnt enough customers.If the girls are not making money,why would they stay?If there are no girls,why would customers come in?Good luck gold club!

  15. Skippy

    We had fun.

  16. HP Roadwarrior

    Stopped by the new place for a drink. The new layout is nice and the girls seemed to be an upgrade from the old place. Nice tall pole for the girls to climb. It would be nice if they took it all off, but you can’t have everything.

  17. derek

    Upscale place with friendly, goodlooking girls.

  18. Kid

    nuttin great here

  19. Bizkowski


  20. Navy Guy

    New menu is great, love the pizza!!! lots of new hot ladies

  21. Cat Box

    Me and my troops all had a great time.

  22. Scott

    I have been to the club a few times, usually in the afternoon. I have enjoyed myself everytime.

  23. Jose

    Went there tonight and it was closed! Too much rain? Where are the hot latina’s?

  24. passin' through

    decent club for the area, will go back when in town. Blond with pierced nips was too sexy.

  25. al
  26. navy492

    I love going to this place… It is so much better than silk’s was

  27. eddyL

    The chicken fajita wrap is to die for it’s worth coming in for the food alone this was the best fajita wrap I have ever had grilled chicken sautéed bell peppers onions cheddar sour cream and a home made tomato and corn salsa

  28. Ashley E.

    Pretty descent place for the area. The Dj kinda sucked but me and my friends had a good time. Both atm machines were down which was super inconvenient and the two drink minimum on the Non alcohol side was stupid.Not the best adult entertainment but definitely not the worst either.

  29. joe

    whent there and had a great time. Girls were very friendly, good looks and no fatties. Clean club even the bathrooms. a great time!

  30. Cow Pie

    It gave me a boner.

  31. Bud

    Good times!

  32. jorge
  33. Tommy
  34. Halb

    Halb had fun!

  35. a
  36. Aiden

    Great place! The food is top notch, better then many upscale resturaunts. Many sexy girls!!!

  37. Dan
  38. Big Perm

    This club is dope!!! The girls are hot, its a little pricey but well worth it, best club in CT!!!

  39. Franklyn

    Had a blast the last week!!! Many thanks to Miss Marlie and the rest of the girls. You are all awesome!!!Can’t forget the girls at the bar. Miss Ashley, Miss Tanya…thank you! Had a great time.PSC’mon Guys…..Be less creepy.Be less judgmental.Relax….Have a good time!!!Please!Be generous!This is no easy job!

  40. Cdizzle
  41. DJ

    it’s not a connecticut club… it’s classy and clean and beautiful inside. not quite enough girls yet though!

  42. Davis

    Honestly, I’m really pissed off right now. I just got back from this club, and I had a TERRIBLE time. No cover for a monday night (good). 5.25 for a bud lite (bad). 5 girls working (goodish). Not a single one acknowledging me (very, very bad). Decent set-up, but unless the other patrons are all VERY high paying regulars, I’m hurt.

  43. Bingo

    I spent way too much but had a good time party with all the girls.

  44. chris

    the strippers looked fair. But the one named omily surpassed them all.

  46. max

    great time lots of action lovely ladies drinks were great girls smelled good

  47. Don

    A good time was had by all.

  48. NFS_GSX

    Any strip club that has Jenna Haze perform for them(08December06) is a great place to go to.

  49. thomas77

    Great place to have a drink and see some beautiful women dance. The bartenders are very friendly and as beautiful as the dancer. A very relaxed atmosphere and i always have a great time there.

  50. Taco

    how beautiful

  51. John

    All of the ladies are great but Lena is the bomb.Enjoy myself all the time and plan another stop soon.Just a pain getting there from Mass.

  52. Red Doll Shoes

    I went here the other night to treat my fiance to a good time for his birthday. The girls were very nice and charming, that is, all but two of them.

    One of them kept asking us for lap dances, which would have been fine, except she had this beat-up old hoody on and it was so unattractive. She said she was “the best”. Well “the best” exotic dancer would know that appearance is 100% of a first impression. I went outside to smoke a cigarette and the deejay was out there. A few minutes later, that same girl, “the best”, came outside and started cursing at him for “not putting her on the stage”. Okay, “the best” would know how to act like a lady, and not trash.

    The other girl that turned us off said her name was “Juicy” and she was sitting on the stage, not dancing and not stripping, but SITTING, asking for a dollar for various “charities”. At first it was kind of cute, but she kept on with it until we’d given her about ten dollars. At this point she hadn’t danced or stripped at all. Finally we refused to give her any more dollars and my fiance excused himself to go to the men’s room. Then she started interrogating me, asking if I was drunk. What the hell is that about? I was starting to think SHE was drunk. She was just sitting there NOT doing what we’d just paid her to do. Then she started yelling across the room to a male customer that had walked in. He looked embarrassed to be yelled at like that, but she kept shouting out his name. Again, she had still not danced or stripped. That’s when I got up and waited outside the men’s room for my fiance and asked if he was ready to go home. I have never been so turned off at the Gold Club that I had to LEAVE. And it’s a damn shame because the other girls there were very nice. Gold Club, if you care about your customers, you’ll get rid of these two unprofessional skags because they are downgrading the quality of your club.

  53. joey butafuco

    bitches r fine

  54. sarah


  55. Silverstien
  56. Mike

    A Lot better then Silk Stalkings.

  57. fan

    happy new year

  58. vinny
  59. Joey Sip

    Strippers are strippers, there all hoes, but this club seems to find hot ones, i had an awesome time at my weekend between the gold club and the casino

  60. willie

    not bad

  61. CTharborside

    Went to the club for lunch…no girls were dancing…no draft beer (taps were not working) I left. Have been there a few times around 5-6 PM…..most of the dancers were standing out front smoking (real classy), most of the time there was no one dancing….just bugging you for a lap dance. The food is good, decent price. I stopped in the yesterday, again, most of the dancers were outside in front smoking,inside there was nobody dancing, 3 girls were sitting at a table talking to each other….sat at the bar for 5 minutes….no bartender (this is 5:30 PM on a Wednesday)…. after 5 minutes I left….the girls are not that hot either…..maybe its better later at night when there is a cover…..I am not sure if I would go back, I think I would make the drive to Kahoots in Vernon, I have always had a great time there.

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