Great Alaskan Bush Co



631 East International Airport Road, Anchorage, AK 99518


61.1738835, -149.8716082




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Great Alaskan Bush Co

  1. Mike

    Went while on vacation. Great variety of girls. Not pushy but always ready to dance. One of the top 3 clubs I have visited. Wish it wasn’t in AK.

  2. Matt
  3. Max P.

    I would have to say that Cherokee was the top of the line girl. Her attitude and the way she talked to people wasn’t pushy or to aggressive. On another note the place was very clean, girls were clean and customer service was very good.

  4. scladmin

    test review

  5. williamr

    Hot Girls, Good Times! If you are in Anchorage it’s a must go for sure. Great merchandise as well.

  6. Strip Club Fan

    Good atmosphere, very good looking dancers, but you get nothing but “Air Dances.” Go to Fantasies for for a quality lap dance.

  7. Karin
  8. Oosik

    GREAT beautiful girls, fast service, lap dances where the girls actually work hard to make you hard and a terrific ambiance — one of the BEST strip clubs in America.

  9. SCGoer
  10. Jay

    This club is great!There is no cover charge,the girls are nude on stage, & the lap dances are topless! The ladies there are beautiful and friendly.

  11. Darrin
  12. eddyL

    Really… This place speaks for itself. But for those of you that don’t know it, best gentle mans club in Alaska.

  13. John P.

    Good place to have a heart attack..most here are going to “nursing” school :)I love the buffet !

  14. Johnnyboy123 me preface this by saying- I am an open-minded person. I’ve seen and DONE a lot of nutty stuff in my life. But the GABC scarred me. For life.What I saw at the Bush Company shocked me. I wasn’t expecting full frontal nudity and booze. Where I come from, it’s illegal for liquor to be served if the girls are complete naked. And the girls at the Bush Company finish their “dance” as naked as they day they were born. This I was not expecting. I could handle the nudity, but the uhhhh…. how do we say…. uhhh…. presenting of lady parts, splayed wide open, with touching…. well that was…. more than I could handle.I like sexy women. They’re nice to look at. The Bush Company doesn’t have sexy women. It has SCARY women. They are so angry looking! And SKINNY. They have no curves. (No twerking going on here!) There are like 2 girls who have some junk in their trunk and some curves. Most of these girls are so bony and curveless, they might as be 12 year olds. It’s gross! I wanna see beautiful women being provacative, not girls who look like children acting like they’re copulating with the floor.Ga-ross!!!These girls don’t dance. They don’t tease. They don’t strip. They come out practically naked to start… so there’s no where to go. It’s just 5 minutes of floor humping. For the love of gawd, Bush Company, give the girls a pole or SOMETHING to work with. This one girl didn’t know what to do with her whole five minutes so she kept clapping her platform heels together and causing a sonic boom. It was wierd and AWKWARD. Please ladies, learn how to dance. Learn how to be sexy and tease. And get a warddrobe so you have something to take off!And there is not even remotely enough parking. Definitely carpool or take a taxi because the parking situation is a serious drag.What I did like about GABC is the layout. The old time saloon theme is very cool. Most everyone was well behaved also, so kudos to the staff for setting a tone that is comfortable for the lady patrons. That was a definite plus. Also, drinks flow freely and you don’t have to wait long for refills and they’re not too expensive. There’s plenty of staff making sure you stay well lubricated. LOL!This place could be SO much more….

  15. Kelly
  16. ryan123

    Soo this is where all the promiscuous people go on a Sunday night randomly right before Labor day. That’s cool, skanks j/k but am I missing something here? I wasn’t expecting a big crowded retro Western saloon room of mixed types: couples, men, women, oompa loompas. -1 star for lack of poles though. The “performers” here were interesting enough, surprisingly decent actually, with all that given I’m actually talking about 1/3 of them b/c if you don’t got the goods then I don’t think you should. Lastly I can say I got Alaskinated here. What does that mean? I guess it means I got to experience the “wild side” @ a distance lmfao.

  17. jennia washington
  18. Robert cappe

    Good place. Nice girls

  19. jimmybob
  20. wisconsin guy

    Went here last weekend (6/17/06)and by far the best club here in the Anchorage area. The dancers are better here than at Fantasies in my opinion and not so many little boys too but like Fantasies, the stage was crowded when I walked in so it took awhile before I could find a spot. But it was all good after that. Alissa and Abby were my favorite dancers.Wish I would’ve got a dance from them. And no cover charge here, which is another plus. I’ll definitely come back.

  21. Traveler

    Best strip club I have EVER been to!

  22. Rodeojoe
  23. Traveling Man

    I love this club

  24. latoya
  25. Joe

    Nice place. Not bad.

  26. Caninak

    THE best in state!

  27. Never Again

    I came at 8 pm on a Thursday expecting at least a little friendly service but instead it took the waitress over an hour to serve me and lets not mention the girls, every one in the place repeatdly asked me for a dance, and several didn’t even understand the word “NO” when I refused the dance by standing up the dancer who was but ugly as hell, grabed the door man and tried to have him make me pay! He had seen her pull this act before so he told her not to bother me, when I did pay for a dance from the most decent looking girl in the house she stayed about 2 feet away from me and didn’t even bother to look at me once! I have never left a club feeling so crappy about myself, had a much better time at that Koot’s place and got my moneys worth in booze to boot

  28. alabama
  29. joseph1k

    Best strip joint in Anchorage. The type of establishment where you can go have some drinks, watch some women and just relax with out being hounded to buy a drink every minute. They guys are usually well behaved, the girls are worth the money and the staff has always been nice and friendly. Oh, and for a birthday party, what yer going to want is a BOX DANCE.. Just make sure said b-day boy is waring some sort of clean undies.

  30. danielson

    I went here for the first time, after reading the Anchorage Press article on the interesting history of the GABC. I have also been to my fair share of clubs in Portland, Oregon. By those standards, this strip club is clean, safe, and has a lot higher standards than most folks may realize. I actually prefer that there is no pole on the stage.For those on the fence of going (which are probably mostly female), don’t go here ‘ironically’. Don’t go here to just sit and watch. The thing that makes this club different is that you actively participate and indulge in your own preferences, because guess what? No one else cares. There are dancers here for everyone’s taste. And not once was I harassed, felt objectified, or felt that I was being ignored by the bar staff. If you play by the rules prominently posted on the door as you enter, you’ll have a great time.

  31. Stan
  32. KrysysDallas

    Went here Sat. 9/2 while seeing AK for a few days; my fiance was concerned but as we ran into other ladies there with guys she felt better. As they said, great place to start the nite, no cover, drink prices OK and most of the ladies were quite attractive. She got ogled a few times by guys hanging out but I was Ok w/that…just proved good looking lady on my arm. Some servers were overworked, very busy place, but some took the time to check on us…like any other bar in that regards…easy to tell which server to tip right…She bought me a couple of dances and we enjoyed ourselves…some dancers were working the military guys since they just got paid…but we narrowed it down to the couple of ‘real’ girls (not hard to do) and as the locals told us, best place in town compared to the other choices. We will go back again if we make it up there on our travels!

  33. Lindsay L.

    loved this place–clientele is about 25% female, folks just having a beer and enjoying the insanity. felt very comfortable as a lady, and the dudes were very respectful to the dancers.

  34. ryan bigpimp
  35. Impressed

    Kodi and Daisey are awesome, I miss them already!

    Great theme shows every hour or so, fun lap dances!

  36. Amber G.

    This is the best strip club in Anchorage. They have the best looking women and have a huge place. You may need to spend a little more $$$$ here but the chix are the best and most classy. I have always had a great time here and would recommend this place over any other in Anchorage.

  37. bitch

    Go to Fantasies for good quality dances! My roommate fcked a few of the Bush girls that took him home on the first night he was there sober. They now have genital warts! Well, I know a few specifics. lol…Go here if you like it infected and well-ridden.

  38. KC

    I’ve been to a lot of clubs – from coast to coast, small towns and big cities. This is quite possibly the best strip club I have ever been to.

  39. Shaun Kinnis

    Thanks to all the girls at the bush company my trip to alaska was the best

  40. Kodi
  41. Amy

    This club is great! Beautiful friendly girls, and a real party atmosphere! No cover charge and good drinks. There is a good selection of woman, and they are topless during their dances, and nude on stage!

  42. ShawnJerome

    Best looking dancers in any club I’ve visited. The drinks are moderately priced for a titty bar. No cover charge was a nice touch too! All in all it was a great club. The crew and I had fun throwing singles on the ladies. Thanks Alaska! I’ll be back

  43. joanne
  44. Joti D.

    This place is “ok” lol. The building is super cool and rustic but the talent is just whatever. Mediocre is the word. Me and my friend went in on a weekend night and the guy at the door was friendly, however he had some rude blonde lady (his girlfriend it seemed) standing there all night and she was rude as hell to us coming in. Real professional lol. Had one drink and bounced.

  45. AssnTits5

    If the name doesn’t convince you to visit this fine establishment on it’s own; I’m not sure how we can change that.I think this is the only dancing venue without a pole on stage – ever. Kind of odd, but it worked out. It has a classic theme, making you think you are in an old movie.Weird mix of people – for sure worth a trip. The girls we came with had a blast.

  46. jennifer
  47. Bobbie
  48. randi
  49. Sandra and Mike

    Thanks for the VIP service ladies!!

  50. Steven blake
  51. Traveling dancer

    Just to warn any dancers coming here from other states, this place is your worst financial nightmare. The managers and bouncers are making more than the girls over half the time. They don’t help you make money or do anything other than waste space, yet you are forced to tip them out more than 100 dollars a night, even when its obviously slow. I am not just saying this because I don’t want you to come,because I have already left. I am warning you because I wish someone had warned me before I came. I have talked to other girls in the club from other states and none of them are happy. They are all pretty and make lots of money at their home clubs, its just that their clubs at home are slow during the summer. Well this club is not any better during the summer. I think once upon a time this club use to be good, but not anymore. You are better off at home and I truly mean that. This place likes to think they are classy but the women wear tacky outfits that would never be allowed in an upscale club, and they rub their vaginas on the dirty disgusting floor or the stage. Half of them are really old with really bad boob jobs and disgusting wrinkled vagina’s. All the pretty girls are the traveling girls. The whole place stinks like garbage and sewage. There is mold growing out of the carpet in the dressing room. You would think they would invest a little in the club being that they are making so much money. The owners are young and have no idea what they are doing. What an honorable family business – making money ripping off single mothers, living off the backs of women. The managers have no compassion or respect for the girls. To them. you are just another body, and at 100 dollars per girl, they need you more than you need them. I know its a business but I think that in any business, if the employees are happy, that changes the atmosphere and its better for the business. You can tell the girls here are not happy and they are all worried if they are going to make two hundred dollars a night. If you think between 100 and 400 a night is worth traveling, airfare plus accommodation then go for it. Other than that you really would be better off at home. Honest warning from an honest girl.

  52. larry1

    As far as strip clubs go in Anchorage area this one is surely the best. Great atmosphere. The club is design as a saloon from the wild west era. The place is big enough that you almost never feel crowded. They definitely have the better looking girls of Anchorage area.

  53. AlexanderP

    Magnificant strip joint! must check this one out – will for sure be returning

  54. Betty C.

    Alaska’s world famous Gentleman’s Club is fun for ladies, too!Bush Company reigns supreme as Anchorage’s finest strip club, and on a good night is the closest thing we have to a neighborhood house party. Plenty of space for lounging and laughing, a decent bar and gaming area, and of course that big sexy spotlit stage where your favorite showgirls work their magic.Since Fly By Night closed, this is also your best bet for those annual house-guests from hell… if you’re lucky they’ll buy you a drink, if you’re really lucky they’ll buy you a lap dance. Live entertainment rules.

  55. jimmydeansausage

    Whats not to like about this HOT ASS PLACE!!!!!????

    SEXXY BROADS and strong drinkx!! Long live the bush company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Anthony
  57. frank
  58. Amber R.

    I love going to strip clubs to watch the awesome pole dancing … none of that here. They don’t have a pole. 🙁 The drinks are a bit watered down. I can’t comment on private dances since I avoided them, but the floor shows were just … ok.

  59. levi

    had a great time with Alice/sara. she really took care of me and bomb ass pussy

  60. Saynt
  61. fritter17

    I went here for my B-Day & Although it HAD been a GRIP since i’ve been in One. It’s pretty lax & the Women there are VERY Pretty. Of ya plan on having a Fri-Sat of Fun ask for Violet, she’s a GREAT Dancer.

  62. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  63. mathewater12

    Mixed review…four of us went. $50 a round for drinks. Yeah, $50! Waitress was really nice though. The dancers were cute. One that I thought was cute enough to tip on the stage seemed very unhappy though to be there. Shortly after our next round of drinks, we have the waitress a $20. She claimed she got a $10. We didn’t argue with her. After a trip to the bathroom, I let her know at the bar that we really had gave her a $20. She immediately got defensive asking if I was accusing her of stealing. She gave us our money back after and we decided it was time to go. After getting back to the hotel, realized my phone was missing. Yeah, brand new iPhone. After a trip back to the club, I was amazed, it was still in the bathroom. So thankful! So, some of the girls really were cute. Really expensive drinks. Wish that the stage had a pole! We had fun. Wonder how much money the waitress gets away with from unsuspecting or drunk patrons every night…thus the two stars.

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