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87 Broadway Street, Arnolds Park, IA 51331


43.3674571, -95.1323819




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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111 reviews for “Boji Nites


    Sex for sale. Prostitution ring, sex trafficking, UGLY women, and the place smells like cum and beer. Don’t touch anything… You’ll put your hand in goo. Bathrooms were fkin gross… And just YUCK! BARTENDER was loud, proud, and just fkin stupid.

  2. jessy

    To “MIKE K”- it’s “jessy”, jackass…. My guess is that your not from wisconsin and your last name doesnt start with a “k”. I’d call you a “fucking Stalker”. And if im too skinny, why’d you get a damn dance in the first place—-DUMBASS! There are plenty of people that would call you a “gut-less faget” if you didnt think i was pretty and for writing that bullshit.

  3. Been a long time

    not worth going to

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  5. what a dump

    you call this a strip club, its more like a hole in the wall. the girls are not all that either. close the doors!!!!!

  6. Mark

    “no Hope”

  7. Pam

    I was there over the 4th of july it was great, I met a hot girl in the club named Amy we had a great time.


  8. Awesome

    Had a great time thanks see you again soon!!!

  9. pa
  10. ll
  11. matthew

    this place has the most disrespectful staff i have ever come in contact with.. very dissapointed

  12. MGR.


  13. not impressed

    no talent, watered down drinks. don’t waste your time here

  14. BIg Daddy


  15. Thanks

    Thanks Joy for the good comments, Sorry we were not there to see you and your husband we were out of town for x-mas. We just got home today. make sure you visit this weekend with Terri, Gemini, and Alexis.

  16. No Way
  17. Hot Hot Hot

    All the girls this week are HOT!!!! I love all of them, and can’t wait to see Jessi this weekend!!!!

  18. Joy

    They must be doing something right! BN has been open what, 10 years or so now? Zippers has been open only a few years and is already for sale. BN is not closing and is not for sale. The girls here treat me and my husband very well. Went to the other place and we were ignored even though we had a stack of 20 dollar bills on the table. We’ll keep going to BN where Jessy, Gemini, and Alexis rock!

  19. matt

    nastiest skank ass place ive ever been

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  21. New Girls?

    No need to post who is dancing, we know. Same ugly girls everyweek!

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  23. visitor

    Looks like a new place good looking girls I’ll be back

  24. Bill

    Check out the HOT blonde with the huge new boobs, and Blaze is still hot as hell too. Good line up Boji Nights!!! See you all soon!!!

  25. Big Stuff

    I went there last night and maybe 20 people where there the girls sat with me and actually had a great conversation with Alexis. It is hard to find a dancer that will talk to you and not try to hussle your money but I did end up getting a private with her.

  26. FYI

    I love how all these rumors start right after summer all the time. WE have been here for 8 years and we are NOT FOR SALE. Can’t wait until next summer to hear this one again or maybe a NEW one (That will be FUN)

  27. Gemini Syn

    I wont be back until the week before and the week of Christmas. I may be working Scarlette’s in Sioux Falls, Teaser’s in Sioux City, or Lipstix in Council Bluffs before then. You can always call and ask at the clubs and see if I am in.

    To the idiots posting rude remarks. There are ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS or PROSTITUTION going on here. NO girl here smells. Prove it if you think you can.

  28. to whatever 2

    I was there saturday and they had 4 dancers and we also went to zippys and there was no where close 9 dancers there was 6 and they were all ugly we didn’t have to wait in any line so we went back to Boji

  29. Wait!

    GROSS!I had to wait in line to get in because of all the people coming out.

  30. brandon

    one word NASTY

  31. sara

    this is the smallest builing first of all.. you can barely fit ten people in here even if you had the customers! second of all.. its just a boring atmosphere.. and third of all… GROSS

  32. tootle


  33. Last Night

    Went to Boji Nights last night and had fun with all the girls the place is small but a least they know how to treat a customer. I’ll be back Saturday to see Bare agian and the bartender was awesome she sure knows how to make a drink.

  34. yo

    for sale

  35. no need

    to post rude comments, we already know your an asshole.

  36. awesome club!!
  37. mike

    Wouldnt even waste my time in this club. It’s small and it’s a dump, the girls are nasty.

  38. John and Sue

    SUCKS, you call the hole in the wall a strip club. The stage is on the floor right next to the bar. Girls are nasty and hammered drunk. Got ask to pay for sex though. Haz possiblities!!

  39. Z man

    We had a blast at boji I work at the harley dealership and can’t wait to bring my buddies in. Dan and the girls rock.

  40. rodger

    this place is disgusting!

  41. The Big D

    I havent been to club yet I was wondering if they take their bottoms off?

  42. josh


  43. RJ

    Summer in Okoboji ROCKS!!!! Boji Nights was a blast with Jessi and Terri. I will see you next summer when I am back. Thanks girl.

  44. Nate

    that’s because they are NOT A Whorehouse Retard!!! YOu must be talking about the other club in Milford. I was there and Jessie, Alexis and the feature girl are all HOT!! you are just upset cause you couldn’t go home with any of them.

  45. Jim

    Place is O.K. alittle small. dancers are friendly. Nicole is my favorite along with Stacey.

  46. jackie


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  48. tom
  49. Yuck

    No hope, just ugly girls!

  50. boooooo

    this place is disgusting why dont you just shut it down

  51. Hope

    When are you closing this shit hole?

  52. me
  53. to Mgr

    There was 4 beautiful girls at Boji last night and they were all sober. you must have been somewhere else. But there was a manager for a resturant (CC) playing darts last night that looked questionable!!! I had a great time

  54. Rocks

    Jessi your the best and Gemini thanks for the Dances when are you both back??? Hey stinky, It has to be you cause I didn’t smell anything use some soap next time before you leave you van down by the river.

  55. BLAH
  56. jo
  57. what the fuck

    you guys need to get some different dancers, and do something with this

  58. boji sucks

    hire some young dancers

  59. haha
  60. marv
  61. TT

    gemeni cna only dance at this club, UGLY

  62. ross
  63. John

    This club is so bad the stage is on the fllor right next to the bar.

  64. HI

    Builing sold! Will the bar remain open?

  65. Just Great

    This Place is great I don’t care if people think it is Small. I have been to smaller like the one in Denison and souix city. But they still have great girls. I also know the owners and the “no hope” thing is so original Your funny whoever it is. NOT “LOSER”

  66. ha
  67. N/A
  68. Big Daddy is a LIAR

    Your comment just proves you were not in the club that week JACKASS! Sammy is no where near fat and neither is Adrian. There were no fat girls there at all. BTW Some guys happen to like a girl with meat on her bones. Get the corn cob out of your ass and clean your bi-focals. Oh, and get a life.

  69. In town

    Club SUCKS and the staff SUCKS!!

  70. idoits

    The place is still for sale it is NOT sold yet and yes it can stay a gentlemens club or anything you want to do with it.

  71. tourist

    horrible the owner is fat and dances weird and its all black hookers the one offered me to fuck for 200

  72. guess

    not for sale! This club rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Daddy

    Great club great staff the dancers are always friendly and I always have a good time.

  74. chris

    there were 2 new girls at the club last week retard! Sammy and Adrian. why do you keep coming back if all you are going to do is whine like a bitch?

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  76. bubba
  77. NO HOPE!


  78. Answer

    Boji Nites is just a topless club and it is a lot of fun the girls are great and the staff is friendly.

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  80. One who knows

    Jessy looks like your not fucking Mike anymore. Must have stop giving you money. Haven’t seen you on his boat lately giving him that blow job that you suck at. Hahahhahah

  81. O.O.T

    We had the blast at Boji nights last weekend can’t wait to come back Friday and see jessi.

  82. jj
  83. Alan

    Small dirty and a little scanky

  84. danny
  85. out of town

    shitty service cant believe there is a cover charge ugly dancers no dj music to loud dive

  86. to big daddy

    Are you fucking kidding me…..Adrian is a fat hog and a dumb hooker at that. Sammy is a sweet woman, but adrian is a fat bitch. YOU dont have to be blind or in there to see that she disgusting, heck you probably see it from satellite!

  87. SUCKS

    SUCKS!!!Not good enough to be a whorehouse!

  88. Stinky

    Just “NO HOPE” SUCKS! It is very STINKY in there!

  89. No Hope

    Just sucks, Not worth going to!

  90. Top Dollar

    I had so much FUN with all the girls saturday night, Alexis your the best. Can’t wait to come back to see you all

  91. to TT

    Shut the fuck up you fat fuck and learn to spell if you want to insult some one! You have no idea what the fuck you are talking about. You are just jealous because she wont give you the time of day.

  92. kk
  93. the man


  94. beth
  95. Jessy and Alexis

    Your the hottest chicks keep up the good work!!!

  96. weekenders

    everyone in this club is just to money hungry. yea you fixed it up some but do not try to get it back in one shot.was in towm over the wekend of 13, 14, and 15.

  97. T Man

    Jessi and Holly ROCK I had so much fun

  98. Franklyn

    The girls working the bar are Beautiful so this place gets 2 stars only for that reason, the strippers are pretty nasty, so gets a zero stars there, the other night when I stopped there was a young sexy slim girl with brown hair working. Wish I knew her name she’s beautiful and has all the right curves

  99. Brent

    Looks like someone got their asses handed to them- I’d quit writing back to Jessi… She’s quick as a whip—- Sounds like she might end up whooping your ass. But anyhow, I visited Boji last weekend. The club is small, but comfortable— The girls are sweet and fun. Better than that other place where you feel like your being solicited constantly.

  100. Dang

    Blaze is HOT HOT you rock!!

  101. brett

    skank ass hoes

  102. Dancing

    the girls dancing this week are Alexis, Bear, Stephanie(Frankie), and Gemini. to the idiot below your answer is NEVER get over it already. if you don’t like it go somewhere else and stop wasting everyones time!!

  103. Whatever

    SUCKS!!! Whatever I stoped in Boji at 11:00 last night. 2 guys sitting at the bar. I did not stay and went directly to Zipper’s. Stood in line to get in, place was packed, maybe 150, 200 people. Counted 9 dancers. Boji I’m sure is closing, If the ownrs are smart, which I’m sure there not.

  104. customer

    If you have never been here you should check it out , it is alot of fun!!!! THANKS BOJI NIGHTS

  105. Wow

    Your a fucking Pyscho- now your making up stories about me…. I guess just being a meth-addict and a dickless steriod-taker is not cutting it for you anymore. I dont suck dick cause i dont need too, maybe you should tell your girlfriend what you been up to lately and how you have it bad for the blondes…. So fuck you in your fucking face, you fucking closet fag. Im out and I am no longer responding to your constant harrassment. i did nothing to you but ignore you- so be a big boy and get over it. And if your smart stay off the computer and stop writing shit cause there are people that are smarter then you……But then again you have mommy and daddy’s money, right- Fucking Fagot!!!!!!!!

  106. Mike K from WI

    Wouldn’t waste my time here. The private dances are not even worth $25. The girls are not even worth looking at. Especially the tall skinny fake boobs you should of got your teeth fixed and put some wait on you look like you’re gonna fall over. I think her name was Jessica i can’t remember. Oh and no D.J what a DUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Big Dog

    Love this club. It gets better and better every year I come on vacation to the lakes what is nice is they pay the girls a weekly fee instead of the girls having to pay the club.

  108. bob

    pure crap

  109. pop
  110. Blast

    The bartenders and the girls are the best at this club they KNOW how to treat a customer. Great place great drinks and lots of fun.

  111. Just A Thought

    I see all the non-sense written on here, I have met Jessie and she is a very articulate young woman- smarter than a lot of dancers i have met. And she has more guts then the person who is writing the degrading b.s. has balls- so to speak. One- a person who knows what they are talking about doesnt have to hide behind a computer screen to cover-up their identity, Secondly- the person writing is delusional and out for revenge, Third- State facts not fiction, and tell it to the persons’ face rather then bash them for everyone to see. That’s real, and that is sign of actual maturity. Thank you, love ya boji nites!

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