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22 East Montecito Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101


34.4155118, -119.6919263




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club Santa Barbara! Come and Play!


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. Fred

    $15 cover charge; only 2 girls working; they wouldn’t go on stage until the 3 guys there including myself saddled up with dollars in hand. Got a private full nude strip for $20 that lasted all of 3 minutes – the DJ stopped the song halfway through. Don’t waste your time or money. Until this place offers alcohol its a waste.

  2. PatrickDerbu

    Nothing special – only Club in that area and only a few not very talented girls, they try hard but nothing special. Lot of guys hanging out sitting all night staring at the stage only not very atractive ‘clients’ at this place – made the same observation several times.

  3. Johnnyboy123

    Was very disappointed. When they offer a 4 song discount, it’s not really 4 songs. It’s 4 songs that are only a minute each. Quality of girls was good. Not one great one though, but the great ones all go to Vegas.

  4. Franklyn

    I highly doubt this place will be in business much longer.Club is TINY. No booze, no bar, no food, nothing but overpriced dances. It isn’t even BYOB, which I might be ok with. The dancers encouraged me to get hammered before showing up, so maybe this is a good place to go sober up at the end of the night? Either that or just chug a 4Loko in the parking lot before you head in, that’s about the only way to do it. Sketchy. DJ cuts songs short to keep the lap dances around 2 minutes long. Even if I had unlimited money to blow at this poor excuse for a club, I wouldn’t do it.

  5. Eric

    Ok, I don’t know anyone ANYONE who has visited more strip clubs than me, and I’ve got to tell you guys that this club SUCKS! I just cannot believe how pushy the dancers were, I mean, to the point of being COMPLETELY annoying. I don’t mind the cover, the expensive drinks, whatever . . . but management HAS to tell these chicks to chill a bit! Even though some of them were hot, by the end of the night they looked butt ugly JUST because of how goddamn pushy they were.

  6. srevicon

    rediculous cover just to get in, 1 stage, pushy dancers, and $5 bottle of water make this place not worth checking out unless you’ve got a ton of money to spend and are hard up for checking out live nude entertainment.

  7. AssnTits5

    You’d think the Spearmint Rhino would be A+ considering they’re an international franchise. But then again, KFC is an international franchise. My point is…this place is trash.For one, the decor from the outside doesn’t scream strip club. It merely states, “This was once a Benihana. We’re turning it into a titty bar.” Once you get in, things only get worse. 1. There were lulls in between the dancers. You’d think a strip club’s primary purpose is to get a customer’s dollar bills. Unfortunately this particular Rhino skipped out on their capitalism class. Instead you got one dancer followed by 15 minutes of an empty stage, followed by another dancer, then even more barren pole. 2. The energy got so low that the DJ started begging guys to throw their bills over the mic. Shouldn’t the broads’ dancing get the bills flying? Step your game up and this won’t be an issue.3. This place doesn’t serve booze, so during these lulls a cocktail was out of the question. The positive side of this is you don’t have drink minimums and you don’t have pushy servers. The negative side is that slow transition into sobriety. Sobriety is what drove me to the strip club, sir! 4. Finally, there is some nice trim in here. My boy said the lap dance we got him was good stuff, although I mandated to the stripper that she turn his ball bag into hamburger meat. I guess when you drop that imagery on a dancer she gets the point.All in all, skip this place. It’s got a $20 cover and despite some hot babes, the poor energy, garbage DJ (no Kid Rock or Lil B), and lack of alcohol make this a strip club worth skipping.

  8. Michael R.

    Very small place, but decent and clean. I was here on a Tuesday night, so it might have been a little slow, but there were not that many girls. The wife opted for a lap dance with a girl named “Shane” who was great! Lots of mileage in the lap dance room (within the law!). Cover was supposed to be $15 each person but the professional looking doorman let all four of my party in for $30.

  9. Dippy

    I can only assume that the other reviewers haven’t spent that much time in high end strip clubs. Stop complaining about covers, that’s just a fact of strip club life. I don’t know about that day those other guys went in, but there were 6 dancers there during day shift when I went in. I don’t care if the girls don’t dance when it’s slow. Put yourselves in their shoes. Would you want to get up there and shake your ass for 3 guys sitting in the back?

    Enough ripping on the other reviewers. I got a couple of dances from Jordan, a cute blonde with big fake boobs. She gave great mileage in the VIP. After that I had $40 left so got a topless dance from Simone, another hot blonde with big fake boobs (Yes, I’m a boob man, and no I don’t care if they’re real or fake) Simone was great and I was planning on going back and taking her to the VIP. When I went in tonight I was hoping to see Simone but she wasn’t working. Fortunately for me I met Dallas. Holy Shit! Rock hard body, perfect ass, fake C-cup tits and long dark hair. She rocked my world in the VIP and now I’m addicted. I wouldn’t get a dance from anyone else!

  10. Ron
  11. David Beckem

    Spent a week in SB working, this is the ONLY strip club for 50 miles! Small club, not alot of girls, but this is not LA either. They where friendly as hell and I really enjoyed hanging out withthem. I forgot the girls name, she is Latin, great ass, GREAT lap dance, they do alot of 2 for 1 and 3 for dances.

  12. maxxy1

    My sweater went missing while we were having a good time in the bar. The manager quickly contacted me to let me know he had found it and I could come back to grab it. I was very pleasantly surprised!! Usually once something disappears it stays gone! Very nice!!

  13. adamrod

    This place was a disappointing experience. Unconcerned jaded strippers moving about as if they are being forced to perform against their will. Untrained unsupervised crooked bouncers at the front door that attempt to rip off patrons any change they get. It’s a pain to come to this place and knowing you have to deal with the unstable inept bouncers just to get inside and get a lap dance by a “blackmailed” depressed suicidal broad on drugs.

  14. adamrod

    It was cool place. There were plenty of hot girls. The place is a bit small but I didn’t mind. They had hot Asian chick for feature dancer that particular night I went. This place is open till 4 am so that’s cool. At least Saturday night it was. The place is kind of hidden though.

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