Spearmint Rhino



505 South Broadway, Santa Maria, CA 93454


34.9479496, -120.4361855




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Spearmint Rhino

  1. A B.

    The place is so cramped and so dark. Sadly, I have not seen any girls that even come close to the ones above. Those pictures above are very misleading in regards to what you’re going to find.It’s Santa Maria though, what do you expect from a small region? At least Santa Maria tried to bring a strip club for all the men of the Central Coast to enjoy (come on SLO! Now’s your chance!). They get a gold star for effort.

  2. richard95

    Great Strip Club!!! Went there for my birthday and it was awesome! Great service, girls and atmosphere. Small but it gives the place a more neighborhood-y feeling and makes you feel welcome. I brought my friends there and they all liked it. We all agreed Leela is the prettiest girl there. Definitely going again!

  3. John
  4. Chris W.

    Has to be THE WORST strip club I’ve ever been to in my life. It is so cramped inside of the venue that you cant get comfortable at all. Instead of charging you $15 right at the door, they charge you $10 at the door and weasel $5 out of you for a mandatory 1 drink. The girls were OK but had an attitude; I cracked a joke with one of them and she replied with “That’s why your broke a** isn’t sitting on tip row”—-When actually I was’nt sitting on tip row because the ATM WAS OUT OF MONEY!! Wtf???? Horrible idea in going there, will NEVER EVER go hear again in a million years

  5. Harrison69

    Came here spur of the moment and they actually were closed at 2 am not 3 am. The doors were all locked and I was bummed to say the least. Drove 30 mins to get here should have gone to SB..They Should maybe turn off their neon open sign..Their loss my bf had a wad of cash

  6. ganesh ruskin

    mostly beautiful girls, expensive and quick lap dances. really an immense amount of fun.

  7. hank

    the girls here are beautiful. of course there are a few fatties, but for the most part they are all at least an 8. some are nicer than others, it’s best to sit and talk a bit before comitting to anyone in particular. be warned: the dancer drinks are 10 bucks, one girl told me she preferred a tip anyday to a drink. makes sense, ik would too. during the day this place is a shithole, but at night it picks up and the gorgeous girls are more willing to talk. a couple of girls were obviously mothers, ew. but there were plenty of young attractive girls with no belly sag. i would definitely go back. oh, and topless dances here are a waste of money and time, next time i come into town i’m only going to spring for nudes.

  8. Preston H.

    Went in late on a Friday with a few friends for a Batchelors party, pregamed a bit before hand as called ahead and they don’t sell alcohol. Place was busy but only had one stage unlike bigger clubs, still had fun watching the girls strip and paid for the groom to be a danced by all girls on stage.

  9. n/a

    Worst disappointment in my 20+ yrs going to strip clubs. Being brutally honest (not mean) 1 girl weighed nearly 200 lbs and no personality, 1 girl looked like she’d been beaten up all her life, and acted like it, the last looked ok, but thought she was a gooddess … maybe compared to others? anyway, given the cover charge (rip off) and lack of talent, I’d never go there again. I went 2x hoping first time was just bad, but this place is REALLY BAD

  10. Jex

    well for it being the OLNY option in the central coast, it is kinda ok, but when lined up next to any other place i have ever been to in cali or oklahoma for that matter, it is a dive.

  11. Jack M.

    hahaha cant believe i found it! uhmm..alrite…here we go..i decided to go here when i came back to santa maria to visit some friends, as i had moved away for college down in LA. we figured since we were all 18 by then, we should give it a try. i was the only one of my friends with strip club experience, and geez, dont EVERRRR go to a strip club in a big city, and downgrade to this place!!! it wont be the same!theres only a cycle of like 7-8 girls per night. if you’re used to the LA strip clubs or santa barbara rhino, you’ll be deeply disappointed. its so dark in there, you could barely see their faces…which is probably a good thing! most of them are also older…which is sad, because we were hoping to find some high school classmates up there paying their way for school or something *sigh*. oh well…the price is $15 to get in…$2 minimum if you sit by the stage. the people there were soooo cheap. they’d sit close to the stage, but not by it. the place would be packed, but they still wouldn’t sit by the stage! cheap people! one of the dancers there…i call her big red as she was wearing a tight red dress, let me motorboat her as i sat stageside. that was pretty interesting….my friend i was with had a worse experience as his lapdance was ruined as the dancer started talking about her kids! why would she do that?!? i guess he instantly lost “it” with that discussion.if you’re looking for a place just to go and laugh some and hang out with friends, go for it. step up though and actually drop some money by the stage. i wouldnt waste it on a lapdance tho as they’re short here for some reason. you can also drive about 45 miles further south to Santa barbara and visit their rhino and see their pornstar quality women! =P

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