Master’s Gentleman’s Club



1901 Mr. Joe White Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577


33.7130731, -78.8995882



8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Master’s Gentleman’s Club

  1. Jessica from Ohio

    My husband and I have frequented a lot of strip clubs but this was the best one we have been to by far! The girls were absolutely gorgeous, great dancers and the staff was super friendly and courteous. I would HIGHLY recommend this club to anyone who is going to be vacationing in Myrtle Beach soon. A+++++++++++

  2. To Victor:

    I have coworked with Dannie and if she took one of my customers, trust me I would NOT want that customer back!!! She’s seen more dicks than a men’s urinal……….

  3. Timmy

    hi girls

  4. SUZIE
  5. jake
  6. Seymore Butts

    Love this place. Friendly, sexy girls. L & D, the hottest babes at the beach…. Well worth the trip to see!

  7. Too bad

    I guess getting off your fat ass and asking a girl for a dance is too much work for you. Naa. You’d much rather sit there and cry like a little baby cause you didn’t get any attention. wa wa wa

    Grow the fuck up.

  8. Ted

    Great club, go often

  9. Trent

    This is the perfect 19th hole.

  10. Thomas

    Wow. Who would have thought these girls charge for a dance? And I just thought they were doing this for exercise and they wanted to be friendly.

    If you want to spend dollar bills, try Nuttin Butt …. There the dances are about worth a dollar. Then girls that work here will know that all the cheap asses are gone and spend more time with us who don’t mind spending a hundred or two.

  11. Presto

    Always have fun. Bartenders always happy to see you. Most of the bouncers are easy to get to know and will look out for you when they do get to know you. Some of the regular girls are awesome. Some that work the circuit may not be. Just ask the bouncers for some help before you waste your money.

  12. williamB

    Excellent!! had a great time

  13. Sean

    What an amazing time. Friend had a bathelor party and everyone was treated like kings. Will be back girls when it’s less crowded! Thanks.

  14. To Ginger

    Why don’t you stick to “hoeing” in Charlotte and don’t worry about the girls at the Masters making more money that you can!!

  15. Will
  16. club patron

    girls you like won’t stop and the ones you don’t want won’t leave you alone. hard to relax its like feeding the chickens.

  17. #1

    What can you say? Sexist dancers in Myrtle Beach(Lauraleigh, Danni) and the most beautiful bartenders around(Lisa, Kari and too many others I don’t know the names of yet:-).

  18. Tops
  19. xdtj
  20. Chuck

    Being from California and being on a business trip, I rate this club right up there with Sapphires in Las Vegas. I’m not usually an “ass man” but whoever hires the girls must have the talent to recognize great “asses”. Wow!!! This clubs only downfall is it doesn’t have enough room to handle the amount of customers it draws. Also watch out for the dream team of Beckey & Lacey they only do doubles and you’ll be broke before you know it.

  21. Steven
  22. times past

    way over priced used to be good will find a new spot

  23. lexie

    money talks. Management knows. Everybody calls them “house pets “. Nobody cares, cause they make good money for the house. When SLED is in the house, they are always the first two know…..

  24. Tezo

    great big Club felt like I could move around with out feeling cramped.

  25. just a visitor

    i was here a couple of weeks back and terribly disappointed.. obviously the women here are for money but just way too greedy. this hot chic who was giving me a private dance, wasnt really.. all she did during the ‘song’ was try to convince me to get a totally private or whatever dance and i ended up paying her $40 for nothing but behaving like a salesperson…

    please dont rip people off like this..

  26. sam

    almost all of the girls are hot. The refs are hot and fun to hang around. And the girls know how to dress up in cute costumes. More girls should dress up change is good. But over all great place to visit.

  27. girrrl

    management is not giving us drugs in dressing room. The ” KID ” was a stupid bitch doing drugs in a bathroom stall on her own or with her druggie friends. Management can not be behind are asses all the time. If somebody overdose on something, they did it to themselves.

  28. Cherise

    I worked at Masters for six years. Spring and fall. I agree, the FUN club where we all made money has Fallen. I am embarrassed to admit I found myself selling bridges to make money, rather than being able to EARN it because the club is so out of control with too many dancers. I give a great couch dance/VIP. However, I found myself having to hustle/lie to compete with girls who are doing MORE than what should be allowed in a club. (To each their own on this issue. Yet, some activities should be sought in the Yellow Pages, not a club.) Ever since Brownies’, (The beloved house mom) departure, management had no regard for the girls. As a visiting entertainer, I was working TWELVE hour shifts just to average what I had made in the past working a normal 6 hour schedule. Again, I found myself LYING to customers, NOT my M.O., because pushing the envelope wasn’t enough to make a living……AS A STRIPPER for goodness sakes. I KNEW I was in trouble when I was fired for a three hundred dollar dispute, the cost of ONE VIP —(To put things in perspective.)— with a golfer I had known for many seasons. IIIIII am returning to Myrtle Beach this Wednesday, Sept. 5th for Fall 2007. I hope to be back at the CRAZY HORSE where I had danced until IT started going down hill with a new owner. The CRAZY HORSE again has a new owner. I hear it is MUCH MORE customer friendly. No more sixty five dollar promos. Plus, they’re taking care of the girls by offering a GREAT looking 50 to 60 girl rotation, where we can ALL make money, rather than 120 playing sharks and minnows! I hope to see you there. If for some reason, I’m not at CH, I will definitely be at SECRETS, more of a bar atmosphere than a club. I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE. I have danced at the beach for years. As always, I would love to catch up with the guys I’ve met in the past and guide the new ones in the right direction. If you have any questions about the clubs, or where I’ll be, kindly e-mail me. cherise in sav ga at msn (No spaces. Just did them to get address on site.)

  29. Beny
  30. BIKER
  31. Jerry

    Great place, lots of women and good prices.

  32. my thoughts

    great club good dancers If you had a bad time you oll well. just because one time is bad dont mean every time will be

  33. To xxx:

    Actually, it’s a note to the guys to wear protection before they take you upstairs. Damn, that shit is gross!!!!

  34. SUX THIS!


  35. Bobby

    I’ve seen PLENTY of women come in and have a great time(unfortunately my wife included) so try to sell your BS elsewhere. My guess is your personality must just really suck. Well that and the craters you got there.

  36. Chaz

    I am not expert on strip clubs although I have been to a couple dozen over the last 15 years. I have been to this place twice and it is like no other. In NY, and Atlanta no touching is allowed. No so here. Very similar to Mars Venus (spell) in Tampa but this is just a bit better. Can’t wait ti go back. No cheap but very memorable.

  37. Bert
  38. Jimbo

    There on a Wednesday were some cute dancers there. Most were either AARP members or had bad stretch marks. But I could find eyecandy to enjoy the evening. Drinks were slow, but waitress and shooter girl were hot so I didn’t mind too much. One dancer latched onto me and told me multiple conflicting sad stories. Sober up, tell only one lie, and stick to it. Place was not as nice, dancers were not as beautiful or young as I remembered. I may be back on a weekend to see if things are different.

  39. dan

    best place in town

  40. Loved it

    I would personally like to thank all those who say they wont be coming back to Master’s. It’s usually too crowded in here anyway and a few extra aren’t needed. Thank you again.

  41. kp
  42. Mike S.

    Iys golf season again will be intown March 13 to 18 dant wait!! best of the best

  43. Mack
  44. gh
  45. To Victor , Vicki:

    If you have a disagreement with me that’s fine but when you bring my family into this that’s another story!! You do not know my family just like I do not your parents or your children. Your my problem, not your family. I don’t know them so I’m not about to judge them! It’s easy to talk shit on a keyboard but I have confronted you bitches before at the club and you didn’t say jack shit to me so I suggest you shut the fuck about about my family!!!!!!!1

  46. Fran
  47. I agree too

    this place is a ripoff!

  48. Sc bans lap dances?

    This is what is happening. Exotic dancers would have to stay six feet from strip club customers and those businesses would have to close at midnight under legislation approved by House panel Thursday.The measure would effectively ban lap dances, and strippers and club customers who violated the proposal could face up to one year in prison and a $1,000 fine. Club owners staying open past midnight could face three years in prison and a $1,000 fine.There’s documented evidence of illicit drug trafficking and those types of problems in these establishments.While courts have ruled that nude dancing is a form of speech protected by the First Amendment, they have also found physical contact that leads to prostitution and back room sexual activity is not protected.There is also talk of licensing dancers as independent contractors and have a work card to do business as an entertainer.

  49. just a guy

    this club has hot women not only dancing but also serving. excellent club best in town!!!!

  50. Phoonman

    The best club in MB period!!! Another great time!!!

  51. Alton
  52. hot4u
  53. Yep

    You get what you pay for.

  54. Great Superbowl

    went for the Superbowl party. Great food and friendly people. Great place.

  55. LOL

    But, make sure to ask, cuz these whore bags definately put out!

  56. Jennifer

    I went there with my boyfriend and it was okay. I liked this drinks the girl looked good not like trash. The really like to hit guys in the head with their tits. I have names that “the other head job”. I would go again. Also guy strip club on the other side for me. Yumm!

  57. Tyler

    This place wasn’t bad. Food was great, drink price wasn’t bad. Girls seemed to be a little pushy, some of the guy’s I was with did not seem to mind. Two amazingly hot blondes. Place has a mildewy odor though. I really did not have much neg to say until I read the previous comment left. It seems to me that an employee left that, calling cutomers fat assed and the “crying” Don’t bite the hands that feed you! Where would you be with out these fat assed whiners money? NO WHERE!!!! They are the reason you have a JOB!!!!!

  58. KY golfer

    many great looking ladies, friendly, sexy, sweet. Made a mistake going to Derrieres, but thank God we found you afterwards.

  59. Andrew

    Waste of time and money.

  60. Jeramy

    We were there Saturday night. Chelsea will you marry me?:-) What a beautiful creature! Back soon for your answer. 🙂 Oh well, it was worth a try…..

  61. shanks

    this place is ok not that impressive. The other place was way nicer atmospher and the drinks were more affordable. i thinki it was centerfolds?

  62. Brad
  63. km
  64. Nice

    friendly staff and sexiest women in Myrtle Beach.

  65. Daniel

    Girls were great, food was OK but the shooter girl Kenzi was just phenomenal! Must have spent a couple hundred on just shooters!:-)

  66. saffire
  67. Jan
  68. Carsten
  69. Roger

    Without a doubt, Masters is one of the best clubs in the southeast. The drinks are reasonably priced, the gals are hot and its just a good place to hang out. By far, the best club in Myrtle Beach!!!

  70. Press
  71. Aurther

    You will get suked(dry)and fuked (out of your money)thats what I was told after going to the vip for a hour with lots of promises.

  72. NC traveler

    Huge main stage (the largest I have ever seen). The VIP dances vary by girl, but can be very good with the right girl.

  73. oh yeah

    guy with a headache, head hurts from too much jerkin off? They might be too old or ugly, but I bet they would still not f..k you…asswipe

  74. Victor

    Came to Myrtle for bike week and met Dannie. A truly amazing young lady. Made you feel like you were someone special. Would sit and talk to you like you were her long lost friend. Really made me feel like I had met a beautiful new friend. Can hardly wait for fall bike week!

  75. kenneth

    We came down for the weekend and had the times of our lives. If the refs are working, you need to get up with them. Two amazingly fun girls. We will be back next month. Don’t go anywhere girls!

  76. Jerome
  77. Juan
  78. Lonnie
  79. sexy grl

    Our managers are neat professional guys. Our house moms have to deal with a lot of bs so they hardly have time for anything, especially drink. Our bouncers are the best, always taking care of us. Never , EVEr ib 5 years I have seen one of them drunk during their shift.

    Us girls, yes some of us drink. But if you would have to deal with whiny, cheap, rude bastards like yourself every day, you would drink with us.

  80. Lance

    The widest variety of girls anywhere

  81. Too Hot!

    There were two ladies dressed in some type of fetish wear Thurs. night. They were hot!

  82. Mike

    Had a good…Met one of the “cool girls” there. One of the better clubs in MB…Niomi, hit me up…

  83. re:

    guess you haven’t you work there just like I do.

  84. DJ-Jack

    DJ plays a lot of the Same Rap and R and B songs. Does this club only have 10 cd’s in its dj booth! He sounded like he was chewing on the mike when he spoke.

  85. Allen

    Enjoy seeing some of the top Master’s girls working at other clubs this golf season. Im just like you, I don’t want to be there either.

  86. Tam
  87. Rich

    servers are great… quality of dancers is definatly above average

    a must in myrtle

  88. Boston

    You need to do something about the girl you have running the G-bucks…. De. I think… I was there Thursday-Saturday…. She is very nasty to your customers and the dancers as she was to me and my friends.

  89. Hot

    Large enough to move around without having to run into someone all night long. Great drinks and sexy bartenders.

    Say hey to Brittney for me. awesome dance.

  90. Guy

    Seriously, why are the staff at Masters posting on here???? Isn’t this a site for cutomers to review the establishment? It seems that there are many petty people that are employed there. I, personally like the Masters (minus the mold) but it takes away from the place to read things that are bluntly posted by the staff. Let the customer form thier own opinion, that is what this is meant for. Whomever takes it upon themselves to dispute a CUSTOMER opinion…BULLSHIT!

  91. tonycluber

    This club has come downhill fast. They used to be the best talent and service, but no more. Sad.

  92. I'm an old dude

    We old dudes have all the money. You young girls must be looking for boyfriends or the drug dealers. Which is it? It wouldn’t hurt to play some classic rock now and again. But than again it might scare off the broke young guys and dealers.

  93. WorldTrave

    Some girls are ok, but others as with most or ALL of the staff are on drugs! These employees are so messed up. My guess is that either the owner or managers are dealers, you’ll see if you stop in, not to mention they all drink while working. Wives…BEWARE!!! You can really get more than you are offered at other clubs. I have been to some nice clubs where the women are professionals, here they are out to make $ and will do WHATEVER to earn that dollar. In general the place is sleazy.

  94. dopeboy19

    A tradition unlike any other. Make sure to grab a hotdog on the way out from the homie working the grill in the parking lot.

  95. brian

    thank god I don’t pay for anything here as my company does because the girls are dirty whores, but hey, who doesn’t like an almost free blow job??

  96. larry
  97. Ken
  98. Tiger

    This is the biggest and best in MB. The DJ collects the tip out $< but if he got to keep it all, he would be making over a Million $ a year.

  99. Ok herpes infected cunt:

    Since you want to say what you want then I get to say what I want you two cut throating, dick sucking whores. All you do is get coked up and suck any dick that will take you upstairs. Everybody knows it! You don’t give a shit about the respect of other girls. You will do what you have to do even if it hurts other people. I don’t give a shit about both of you. I hope you catch AIDS! I just feel sorry for your children. I think their future would be better off without you! If any other girls read this post and they do the same shit to you, cuss them bitches out!! Trust me, they won’t say shit to you!!!

  100. Lisa Fan
  101. jb
  102. Mr Clean

    The bartenders are on the top of the game. Always ready to serve. Also notice comments about Deigh the one in charge of G Bucks, my opinion is she is good at what she does and very polite. I have been down for Spring & Fall Bike week for the past 3 years and spent a good bit of time in your club…

  103. Sampson

    Great club, Great woman

  104. .......STILL GRINNING......


  105. Bark
  106. jim
  107. TRACI
  108. lonelyfemalepatron

    Oh my gosh, okay first off my husband and I enjoy strip clubs and the attention we get from the sexy girls. This club must be used to old lonely men with millions because we had money and no one wanted it. I got more action from the guy customers begging me to take my clothes off than from the dancers. In fact all they did was give us dirty looks. We had like two maybe three out of the forty girls that actually were nice. It’s not even that we got ignored, i mean its a big club, I understand, NO, we were GLARED AT by the girls. I never felt so uncomfortable in a club before. PRETENTIOUS AS ALL HELL!!! PS. Keirston rocked!

  109. Brick
  110. Tha Rocc

    Great time. Went there twice on a bachelor party trip,it was the only strip club we hit up because we had such a blast the first night. Just be sure of two things. A: You have at LEAST $75-$100 with you when you go, and B: Be prepared to say NO a lot because the private dances aren’t really worth $25 and the dancers will really try hard to hustle you. The cool thing is that some will actually sit and talk to you just to chill, and not even bother you for a dance. That’s when it’s a good time.

  111. Jeff

    It was probably the worst experience I have had in a strip club in a very long time. We couldn’t get a waitress to bring a drink. We had to go to the bar for all our drinks. I won’t go back!!!

  112. lucky man

    Masters Clud a must see.

  113. DJ Supporter

    Jaded your a dumb bitch. Easy as that. Fifty bucks a night and a bar tab? What a dumb ass cunt you are. Your DJ says the same shit everynight, plays the same songs? NO FUCKING SHIT. It’s new to the customers that rotate out every night. They dont hear the “same thing” just like he has to look at your same saggy titties “everynight”. Quit hating on the DJ’s paycheck and get your own. Dumbass.

  114. Stuart
  115. Jimmy

    Nothing but rude girls here! Plenty of other clubs in town.

  116. Ryan

    Had fun but service was very slow and when I got my tab I think I was overcharged.

  117. visitor

    Good atmosphere, lots of talent, skimping on the bathroom, and private areas.

  118. EnglishGolfer

    Wow! What a great club, visited twice last week, all the girls there, American, Russian and other eastern european had a great attitude, were very friendly, talkative and not at all pushy. The lap dances were amazing and I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a fun night out.

  119. tim

    A must see club

  120. jenny
  121. Small fire

    Someone left a lit cig in one of the vip rooms. Fixed the next day.

  122. Joe
  123. NYC

    hey cricket, loved meeting you the other night. drop me a line if you want to get in touch. rmaguirenyc at yahoo dot com

  124. dawn
  125. NJ Golfer

    Want a dance Want a dance Want a dance … this is all I heard for the 30 mins I was there. I would have stayed longer but thats all I could take! These girls are like money hungry leaches you can’t get them off you.

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  127. kl
  128. JOE BLOW

    This club ROCKS!!! Always happening, and a few EXTRA friendly chicks!

  129. Roy

    World Trave – You are right about the more for your money at Masters, although I am sure not every woman is like that there. Most though are trying to support children, not meaning they have the right to be sleezy!But it is America, what can ya do, most guy’s love that shit, that is the reason they go to clubs, cause they can’t get any otherwise. If you want to see some hot ass, check out Crazy Horse in NMB next time you are here. They only thing Masters has on that place is the seats are better.

  130. Seymore
  131. christy
  132. Big Jon
  133. Whatever

    Tyler you STEW-PID bitch. I dare say the majority of the guys that come in here enjoy themselves and don’t bitch. The majority of the asswipes posting here have NEVER been to Masters but work at other clubs in the area and try to make their club look better. Probably like your dumb ass.

  134. re:CJ

    hey CJ, get your skanky ass back to Fantails site and stop advertising yourself here.

  135. candy
  136. Jack Meoff
  137. Nan
  138. bryan
  139. Rick

    Waste of time and money. This club has gone down hill just isn’t worth it.

  140. tracy
  141. Andy

    I forgot my glow sticks. Why didnt someone tell me this was a rave club. This is not for an older gentlemen.

  142. ginger
  143. David

    I use to like this club but I have to agree it’s gone down hill.

  144. jt
  145. One Big Ripoff !!!
  146. Patron

    Learn how to respect your customers!

  147. TC
  148. dancer

    Thanks Thomas. Need more gents like yourself…

  149. brandonresh

    First note: This is listed as a “Social Club”, this is a Strip Club! But this is the most classy strip club I’ve ever been to… And there are pros and cons to that… Cons you’re probably not getting a hand job in the back and definitely not on the floor. But you will see the hottest, sweetest chicks doing the craziest pole tricks ever! This place blew my f#cking mind, unfortunately not my d!ck.

  150. Bill

    This was my favorite club to visit when in Myrtle Beach but I was really disappointed the other Saturday night. The beer wasn’t cold and took way to long to get. I was bombarded by dancers and most couldn’t speak English. The DJ player alot of hiphop. Me being in my 50’s I didn’t want to here that. Hopefully when im back down things will change.

  151. re: va biker

    Get over it you redneck a-hole. This club wasn’t made for just you. Stay your redneck ass at fantails. Your sister will appreciate the income.

  152. Roxy Fan

    I was there Monday night and there was this sweet girl (Roxy) that took my breathe away. Sug, if you ever get on here say hi. You are one sexy woman!!!!

  153. xxx
  154. GL poster..........

    For some reason I can’t post this on the main board so I’ll put it here.OK, let me break this down to you so you can understand. Guys for example, say you’ve worked with a company for ten years and a position is available. You’ve been to college, you meet all the creditials, been a hard worker and are well over qualified. Another coworker has worked there for six months. They start spending after hours with the boss. He or she might be doing something unprofessional. One week later that coworker gets the job. Even though you were mentally and physically better, you didn’t want to blow your boss. Even though it’s illegal you still have to prove in court you were shitted out of the job. Wouldn’t that piss you off?? To the whores: A nymphomaniac starts coming up to YOUR customers and tells them,” Why are you paying her for sex? I’m so horny I’ll fuck you for free! Lets get out of here.”. All the sudden the money for your next coke fix is walking out the door with her. Wouldn’t that piss you off?? My fellow strippers, I feel your pain of having to work along side these crusty looking whores posing as strippers. I speak for you. BTW, guys, there are lots of horny girls at broadway. You will definitly get layed there.

  155. Hey 300???????

    It’s funny that my post got deleted. So I guess you will take my advice and buy a six pack of beer and pick up a 20.00 hooker.That would be around thirty dollars out of your pocket. I would guess that you only keep a fifty dollar bill in your wallet. I’m sure that hooker can cash your paycheck. Remember, don’t be picky. If all you want to do is get off, a mouth is a mouth even if you pick it up off the street.

  156. me
  157. Just passing through

    This place is really starting to clean up their act. Although not crazy about all the fees that they charge you girls to work there. This club should pay you to work there – You guys are great!

  158. Ha-Laughed the whole way home

    Are they strippers or sluts? They will do anything for $$$

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  160. nickstrip

    Terrible all the way around. I was in town for a hurricane party and needed to drown my sorrows after the Notre Dame football game, and let’s just say I’m one and done with Masters. Bartenders ignored me numerous times and the “money collector” guy would start sweeping up the singles while the girls were still on stage WTF!!! At least one girl touched the ceiling standing ovation from me.

  161. Gravy

    Great club, one of the best I have ever been to…

  162. nc

    I have been to quite a few strip clubs on the east coast and mid-west, and hands-down, this is the most entertaining club of it’s kind. From my week-long MB experience on the course and at Masters, I would’ve rather been at Masters. There’s something for everyone. The dancers are hot, the shot-girls are young and sexy, the waitresses are kind and flirty. It was just what I needed to get my mind off of work. Can’t wait to go back!

  163. Always fun

    My girlfriend wants to come down when the male thing is going on. When does that start?

  164. Too fun

    Brittney is GREAT! Guys if she’s there, you need at least a few dances with her. She’s a hoot!

    See you again soon girl!

  165. kristy

    you should be there

  166. STACY
  167. ben
  168. Josie

    The atmosphere of this club is way off, the Dj’s played NO PART in communicating with the crowd. Just blah blah (this 7 girls coming up, thus back down. As far as the girls, you could see them a little to much…chunky! The waitress and also the staff are quite rude, drinks took to long to make, even made wrong multiple times.

  169. squeegie
  170. Pa Biker

    Meet Dannie too. Didn’t see anything great. Just another stripper. Lots of better looking girls than her.

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  172. jacob

    having just moved here my girl and i went out to find a new spot. We stopped here and they charged her at the door thought that was pretty bogus. Then we got our drinks and sat there for 30 min and not 1 girl came over very disappointing. My girl likes girls as much as i do. Bar was nice very bright but we couldn’t have fun so we wont be back

  173. bj
  174. Phillip

    Had a great time 07/27/06 and 07/28/06. Special thanks to Dillon,Dee and Eden.

  175. winston12

    Great spot for volume. Lots of variety big ones little ones dark ones and pale ones. Rooms you have to share for a lap dance. Very little touching allowed to the dol house in NMB.

  176. George A.

    This used to be the best in MB by far. Over the last couple of years it has gone way downhill. I decided tonight to go and try it again. I left after 30 minutes. We got frisked going in. What is that?? Level of girls was weakThey have some guy with a BBQ grill selling burgers while you wait in line. Pretty bad there. It no longer feels like a classy place. Now just a strip club.

  177. hello

    nice club must see

  178. golf4me

    Loved the dancer Ellise beuty and brains and perfect ass

  179. Greg

    A lot of he’s who are now she’s work here. If you are ok with that great club.

  180. re: to Henry

    Two of the sexiest girls in Myrtle Beach. They have black and white striped tops. Well worth the trip to VIP.

  181. larry1

    Girls were pretty and fit, but soooo unapproachable and rude. This club is NOT couples friendly. Wait staff was good, stage and club were clean and well lit, but it all felt very impersonal……more like being at a zoo than a club. Too big for my liking. Everyone in here acted as if they were being bothered…except the valet, he was very nice. Go elsewhere. 2 other clubs within .5 miles.

  182. Robert

    We were there this past thursday night and had a great time with some of the girls. We loved this place and will definitely go again. It is just lucky that none of us are big drinkers because we couldnt seem to get a waitress to wait on us and we had to keep going to the bar for our drinks.

  183. NC Masters fan

    Sorry clemson fan that you can’t win a b-ball game against the Mighty Heels(OK, not really that upset) but some of your points I agree with. Too much whining about what other girls do or don’t do. Imagine my shock when a guy sees a nearly naked girl and asks if she will do something extra. OMG HOW DARE HE! Doesn’t he know these girls are outstanding citizens in their community? Doesn’t he know these girls have PhD’s or at least a liberal arts degree in milking a guys wallet with thoughts he MAY get extras upstairs? But wait, THAT’S sexual harassment to think just cause she’s 90% naked that she’ll do anything else.

    Please you self righteous biotch. If you don’t want guys asking favors, just say no. If that doesn’t work, wear a shirt that says 100% Bitch. I’m pretty sure the guys will get a clue.

  184. She's coming back!!!!

    Myrtle Beach’s sexiest female is coming back to Masters! Welcome back LN! Missed you.

  185. hMM

    Huh? Headache from masturbating? Bet noone ever accused you of being intelligent.

  186. Arnold

    Best nights are Wed-Sat. Best times are after 9PM.

    The Masters has the most girls and the most variety in MB, plus it’s entertaining even when it’s too crowded to get attention, with so many girls walking around and on stage. If your object is to sit and talk, try Sun-Tue nights. I am a visiting golfer and I approved this real review to help other golfers. Most of the bad reviews are from other jealous clubs or guys going at the wrong time. Never go to VIP, unless you have test driven the girl in the couch room. If you can’t touch her in the couch room, definately skip the VIP with her, where you are no likely to get anything extra, even from the hot girls. If the girl’s first and only words are “do you want a dance?”, odds are it won’t be so good.

  187. Simon
  188. Re:Re:Re:

    Yeah, that works real well. What did LL blow the night she almost died of alchohol poisoning? No offense cause everyone gets out of hand sometimes, and I like her. But c’mon now. Quite a few of the barbacks as well as bartenders drink throughout their shift also. They need to beaware of what is in their system cause on night one of them is going to get a DWI or kill someone on thier way home. Management has that to cover their ass when this unfortunate situation occurs, it is bound to at some point. This place is infested with abuse of booze, pills and coke.

  189. kim
  190. kitty
  191. Karl

    Always have a good time..

  192. The Don

    We went last weekend and had a blast. The twins were awesome. We’ll be back bike week girls.

  193. kylie
  194. Don F.

    Club is awesome, the Gang wont go anywhere else. Naughty Nikki Rocks whatever she touches.

  195. Ditto

    Thanx Doc. Couldn’t have said it better.

  196. cruiser

    Its alright they overcharged my card and now I am fighting for the money back. Too many people to girls ratio and private dances suck.

  197. Clemson Fan

    Sorry, but after reading most of the comments here, I think I need a condom to read all the BS some of you paranoid schizophrenics post.(She did this, The house mom does that, The manager does the other) There must be just one stripper there that doesn’t do anything but whine. Everyone I ever got a dance from was pleasant.

    This is a great club or else it wouldn’t still be going after all these years.

  198. James

    Took an hour to get a drink.

  199. Danny
  200. Happy Guy

    Brittney Lee gives the best bj than anyone here!

  201. paul

    The Masters is missing one thing!

    A bed so that I could move in!!!

    A+ For the Masters Club

  202. Vance
  203. DJ-B.

    Great club! But needs a dj that plays different types of music.

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  205. derek
  206. local
  207. Fun time

    Went for Hard Body night last night. Unfortunately the hardest bodies couldn’t compete. Fortunately they were in the VIP room with ME, ME, ME!!!! OK outfits refs, but not to my taste!:-) Lust you anyway!

  208. Five Stars
  209. poonmaster
  210. lonestar

    haha bill.. that is what strippers do man. first timer?

    best advice – don’t go into a titty-bar in the daytime and expect any quality. the dayshift girls aren’t usually “qualified” enough to work the nightshift.

  211. pd

    nice club just too big. hard to get good service and keep drinks on table.sometimes beer not cold

  212. Va. Biker

    If you like nigger music come to this club.If you like rock go to fantails.Will try again at bike week but if the music doesn’t change we won’t be returning.

  213. Brandy

    Legal brothel in Vegas? Wow I worked there for 3 years and never saw that. These redneck strippers know everything!

  214. Happy

    The best club in MB! This is Ginger from Knoxville TN. See you during bike week at The Masters Club gentlemen! Be ready to PARTY! PARTY! PARTY!

  215. Kevin
  216. re:Local

    enough about the management. How many clubs in Myrtle do you know that have a breathalyzer in dressing room , which is mandatory for all of us every night? They do what they can.

  217. bambam

    Sorry, not nearly up to the hype the employees here tend to write about.

  218. Jerry-NY

    I believe you met Giana. She did me the same way. All song – wanna go to VIP, wanna VIP, wanna VIP? Annoying.

  219. Chris

    Hey…Thanks to whomever said welcome back…I love the Masters and it will always be my “Home.” Thanks for all of the positive compliments and comments on Danni and myself (THE HOTTEST REFS)!!!! Hope to see y’all soon!

  221. let's see

    Above these comments there is a box that says rate this club to other clubs, just look at what the ratings are from here to Derrieres! I think I know where I’ll be.

  222. Re: Lance

    Are you fucking a one of the coked out pill popping barbacks or what? This site should be for guests not the scum of Masters. Keep your mouths shut and keep robbing the poor souls that for some reason come to that mold infested shak.

  223. Todd

    This club is a waste of time when i was there the drinks were awful and the strippers were boring and had no personality

  224. ED

    Not as great as it once was. Try Centerfolds around the corner had a great time there.

  225. Kh
  226. Herb
  227. Vin
  228. re: WorldTrave

    Please get back in your Ford pinto and carry your whiny butt to wherever you came from.

    Did you see any manager doing drugs? NO Bouncers? NO Girls? NO

    How’s the story go,

    A whore gives it to everybody. A bitch gives it to everybody but you. I’m taking it you were the later.

    Always love how someone has a bad time and wants to rag on a place and throw unfounded accusations.

  229. Donald
  230. Sly
  231. Markus

    Bike week isn’t my thing, but the girls did an awesome job making sure even the golfeers had a great time. Will be back whenever it ISN’T bike week though.

  232. Jealous???

    I keep seeing the same BS about this club. It’s great. Had fun. whatever. This place is a total waste of time.You can keep believing the BS the employees put up.

  233. NY Golfer

    IMHO the club has gone downhill.

  234. Preston

    Have been a local for a little while now and have found this club to have the friendliest staff to deal with. Bartenders are always on the ball, food is good but like Chris Rock said, “Nobody goes to Hooters for wings!”:-) Masters has the best looking girls on the strand.

  235. Donny
  236. jon

    club was great went on vday n the place was packed with above average looking dancers

  237. Asian man
  238. Keith
  239. Mr. Big

    Overall this is a nice club, especially for a group of golfing buddies in town. Even for being a strip club, I felt the dancers were a little too pushy. Nevertheless, the club has a great variety of dancers, ranging from 6-9. I felt the club has a decent atmosphere. The $2 bottled beer prices were appreciated, but watch the mix drink prices, they can run high.

  240. papa
  241. eric

    drinks are a ripoff and dancers a con artist be careful with your money.

  242. re

    I think Victor is not a customer. They dont need this shit. I think Victor is one of the cocksucking whores fighting for their rights.

  243. Dr Juan

    No matter what the haters wanna say, this is the best club in MB. They have the best quality of dancers, happy hour is good, and the food isn’t too bad(for a strip club).

  244. Guy with a headache

    Some girls here cry about not making enough money thats because the guys are tired of the bs here and also a lot are to old or just to ugly to be here. Stop your winning and go back to school to get your GED. McDonalds needs help.

  245. john
  246. Kicks
  247. Johnny
  248. Re: Lauraleigh

    When You said You’d be back Wednesday(Before Christmas), I’ve been back every Wednesday since. You looked marvelous the other day….. um….. Well every day, but it was really good to see You again. p

  249. To Henry:

    the girls pick the genre they like. IE: classic rock, modern rock, hip hop, etc. But not the songs.

    Just curious, what the hell are refs anyways?!?!?!

  250. ????

    I was there for “happy” hour. There would have been more cheer in a graveyard. Ratio of guys to girls is poor and most were marginal looking. The best looking women get pounced on for private dances. Expensive and not worth it.

  251. golfer

    Do not use your credit card for drinks or G bucks. A lot of time the club will add extra charges to them and most guys don’t even realize it. This is a scam the club has used many of time with a group. Also keep up with how many dances you get because the girl will never tell you. If you go to the vip make sure you get all your time. The bouncer will tell you times up way before it is. Most employees here are in on these scams. No one is looking out for you.

  252. Mark
  253. Tom

    I always have a great time at the masters, Its a must to make it there each time I come down.

  254. zack
  255. George

    typical corporate club-dancers were rude hustling as soon as I walked in the door to keep their jobs instead of making sure all “guest’s” had a good time

  256. jack
  257. joe bleux

    overall, my favorite strip club in the u.s.

  258. Donnie

    Very over priced club. Not much bang for your buck.

  259. lenny
  260. stripper***
  261. big dog
  262. Mass. Golfer

    Who let the dogs out? That’s all I got to say about this club.

  263. tammy
  264. Brandi S.

    Have a blast every time I come here. Great drinks, surprisingly amazing food, pretty girls and had no problems.

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  266. mm
  267. Stephen
  268. Steve b.
  269. Elmer
  270. Robbie

    Ref’s r hot, a little to many girls

  271. brent
  272. Jackie
  273. Dave

    Awesome referees! Will be back. Love you girls.

  274. FU
  275. Brook B.

    **The Best Club on the Strand**Alotta Hot Chicks

  276. Mitch

    Had a great time with my wife, the staff was very friendly

  277. Art Gordon

    Huge club and more sexy girls than you will find anywhere else. Quite a few I’d love to take home to the wife!

  278. re: Jim

    The girls commonly called “The Refs” have new outfits now. But their outfits match so I guess their new names are the twins.

  279. Carl
  280. Xman
  281. Alex

    8/18/06, Customer service needs improvement

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  283. DAVID C.
  284. Mickey

    My buddies took me here for my last hooray! Like the DJ asked, “Do you reaalllly want to get married?” Yes, but not to the one I’m supposed to!:-)

  285. billy

    Sure am glad this place is supposed to suck. If it was a good place, there would have been standing room only last night. Oh wait, IT WAS STANDING ROOM ONLY LAST NIGHT. Oh well….

  286. Diane
  287. Island Boy

    Hello Brittany. I miss you. I hope to see you again soon! I have much tickling to give you!

  288. ethan

    haha – sounds like the dj is being defensive. i agree with the stripper. i wouldn’t want to pay a stupid dj either. it’s not like they are doing anything. they are pushing buttons, drinking, and looking at tits. get a real job dude. stop complaining. you obviously make more money than most uneducated douchebags like yourself. so, stop snorting your coke for a second and re-evaluate your situation. if you are making as much money as they chick claims, then you need to be audited and pay taxes like the rest of us customers that ultimately pay your salary anyway. maybe if the strippers didn’t have to pay you wanna-be pimps so much, then they wouldn’t charge us so much.. so fuck you.

  289. Josh

    Skybox is great. But I guess it depends on who you’re up there with.

  290. Neil

    Bartenders were great, food was good, Dancers – – -money hungry, drunk, waste of time. Yes, it is there job to make the bucks, they should actually do their job to earn the dollars. Get rid of the hoe bags and make the place a high class club.

  291. geebee

    Agree with Billy I was Sat. and Fri. OMG

  292. Hans
  293. jj
  294. Clubhouse Rocks

    We went to the Masters Clubhouse the other night. Very relaxing area. Nice and quiet where you can sit and talk with the girls in front of a fireplace. OK, it’s fake, but it’s the ambiounce.

  295. fred
  296. Masters is KING

    Yeah…sure you get all this bull about Masters going downhill. I personally don’t see it as going downhill. It has its good times and bad times just like all strip clubs. You can take this to the bank….it beats all other clubs in Myrtle Beach by a long shot

  297. Lapaholic

    I like this place. Always very beautiful woman, touchy feely laps dances. Always a good time. ONe draw back – music is too LOUD!!!! Are all DJs deaf!!! One good thing about tunes is it is not always rap!!! Variety in nice in music as well as ladies.

    Lots of nice Russian girls here BTW …

  298. Dezz
  299. no thanks


  300. Bob
  301. julie
  302. IL_Golfer

    Forced to pay for seating or you will stand up Thu – Sat. Babes are ok and range from 5’s to 7’s, no 10’s. Fun, crowded and great choice of women on the floor. Watch out for them trying to get you for the house mom’s tip out or even getting you to pay for the bouncers tips. They ahve all kind of scams to get your hard earned cash. Decent place for your typical topless club. Oh yes the bouncers like to cause severe pain if you get rowdy, can you hello hospital?

  303. Eddy
  304. harryharry

    Enjoyed the experience for my bachelor party. Lots of women around the place and it’s kept clean for a smoking environment. Staff and bartenders are great. They do hold your credit card for 150 so be aware of that. Alexia was great. Even took the time to have a conversation with me after and shows good hospitality to clients. They have free admission cards in taxis and other places. Try to find one or pay a cover. Drinks prices fair. Def need to go if you in town for a bachelor party.

  305. TS

    Went there on 8/25/06 and thought it was excellent. Most of the girls were incredible.

  306. Prez

    Literally and figuratively the HOTTEST CLUB in Myrtle Beach! 🙂

  307. re: Henry

    You may just want to ask for Dannie and Lauraleigh. Most of the time they’re like Siamese twins!;-)

    Like Hery said, they are the sexiest girls on the beach.

  308. Jay

    It’s ok

  309. Steve

    It is good

  310. kenny

    i was down there for the fall bike rally and all i can say is tell drew the bartender, go yankees from virginia

  311. Gary

    We had a great time Saturday night. The women were sexy and the food was awesome as well. Never thought about going to a strip club to eat before. Was happily impressed. What is this battle of the girls thing Wednesday?

  312. Dr Feelgood

    Masters is the best club in MB. All these people can knock the Masters if they want to, but its the best deal in town. No where else can u see the number of hot gals in one place. The drink prices are very reasonable especially during happy hour. Most of the negative comments are probably made by other clubs posting on here.

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