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0 reviews for “Ziegfeld’s Secrets

  1. Larry G.

    I had never been fond of Ziegfeld’s or Secrets when they were located over by where the baseball stadium is now.Then, my friends started telling me about this place and how it is so much better. “Uh-huh” was my response. Well, my friends and I found ourselves here the other night. We walked in and there was a drag show going on. No dancers anywhere. I can’t remember the last time I saw a drag show. Maybe it’s because none of the drag shows here in DC have been impressive. And this one was no exception. But…hey…I didn’t come here for a drag show.Luckily, we found out there’s an upstairs!!! So, up we went and…my, my, my! However, even though things were “a-swinging”, none of the dancers were like…”oh yeah, baby!”…except one. Now, that’s is sad! Thank goodness friends here so we could continue our fun.The drinks here were made well!

  2. igor34

    Awesome music, one of the best DJs I’ve heard at a club in a long time. Great drinks, but bad dancer bringing his girlfriend to work lol who does that? It killed my buzz! Had to give them two stars for that.

  3. curtis17

    Hit up this spot last night with a friend, both of us being straight women. It was awesome! I have never experienced something quite like this! We stayed til closing if that tells you anything. If you are looking for something different then this is the place for you!

  4. adamrod

    Once upon a time in the distant past of NE DC there was a land of naked go-go boys dancing on counters, in showers on stage to music like the rolling wheat fields of Wisconsin swaying to the wind. That was up rooted with the promise of gleaming high rise office towers, luxury residential Condos and a baseball stadium.Fast forward today and once again a past remnant has resurrected. It wasn’t like the old days of course but nothing will be like the old days. The drag queens still perform on below but the boys are now tucked upstairs. In those days we didn’t have parade gaggle of bachelorette parties in search of the last wild hoorah. It was a men’s place where we can have fun not have to share it with a bunch of giggly girls in tiaras. In the old days there wasn’t a no fly zone with the go-go boys but now there are.In the end it is still a fun place for the night. The DJ upstairs keeps the crowds dancing to a good beat all awhile admiring the boys on the podium gyrate to the music to allure the next patron of his/her $1 bill.

  5. Becca H.

    THIS PLACE WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! We decided to go here for my sister’s bachelorette party and it was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We were there on Saturday night (cover was 5 bucks a person) so we saw the drag show and then made our way upstairs for an interesting time. There’s no way anyone can be prepared for whats going on upstairs. Hahah it was great.The guys were super hot, and so friendly. We really had a great time! I cannot wait to go back just for another fun time!!!I also wanted to mention that in one of the previous posts it says you need a male escort, this isn’t the case anymore, they were having some issues before with some women getting too rowdy so they enforced it but I called beforehand and the manager said that women are welcome without an escort!! Just thought I’d add that in here!! (Thanks Amy for reminding me!)

  6. Fred S.

    the bartenders didn’t know how to make fairly common mixed drinks and the location was in one of the sketchiest locations I’ve ever seen.

  7. ryan123

    Screw Ziegfelds… and Go-Go a Swiggin at Secrets!!!!So yeah I’m from NYC on weekend getaway to DC for the first time and I wanted places to go Party…… and since I Love the Black Men… I was like imma go where they are…I started out my Friday night at the Bachelor Mill, which was a complete womp womp (See that review)…. So I got in the car and googled Z/S and plugged the address in the GPS. Three minutes later I was on a dark industrial street with one neon sign in the distance….Prom dress drag queen After paying at the register you enter the main entrance of Ziegfeld. Here is where the drags perform. It’s a big bi-level area that kind of reminded me of a western bar. When I arrived some cheap looking prom dress wearing drag queen was performing some Shania Twain number. After seeing her set and yawning about ten times I was like…. Um I came for the Mandingo’s. Where they at?So in my head I’m like, “Where is the stairs to go up?” So I looked around and I started to see a trend…. People were walking towards the left corner door, which appeared to be an exit towards the smoking area. I followed and there it was the stairs to the “Secret Meat Factory.”Once up the stairs you turn left and walk into a massive dance floor with lighting, mirrors, lounge spaces, two bars and a whole lotta Mandingos. They were 3 dancers at the main bar and about 9 others scattered about the dance space. They seem to dance for 20 minute set then “rest” (or pump up) for another 20 minutes before reemerging in a different spot. They were all kinds of flavors and I am sure at least one should suit your taste. Overall it’s a great spot for partying. The drinks (you get a discount ticket for your first drink) were strong, the music was good and the entertaining was well … ballsey…. I had a great time and Ricky one of the Dominican dancers from Baltimore was a sweetheart… Wassup RICKY….

  8. K T.

    This is a fun place with a diverse crowd and a lot of high energy activities. The drag show is amazing and the ladies are talented performers. The exotic dancers are fun, respectful, and extremely professional. This place is great for a girls night out.

  9. billtheguy12

    Had emailed them several times on a group gathering. No response after several emails. Would have like to visit but based on lack of response I’m not patronizing.

  10. mathewater12

    If you are thinking of visiting Z’s you should like these two things:1. Drag Queens2. Nekkid menIf you don’t like at least one of those then you will not enjoy this establishment because that is their main focus. Men in Drag and men in their birthday suits. If you do like one or both of those things then you are in for an amazing time at Z’s. It’s a high energy strip club on the top and a saucy Drag stage on the bottom. There are three bars in this place to make it easy for you to get your drank on. The most annoying things about this place I’ve noticed are Bachelorette parties who come to “gawk” awkwardly at the men and the fact that sometimes the main ATM doesn’t have money in it (say what?!). Other than that I like this place a lot and every time my friends and I go we come home with exhausted from a night of dancing, laughing, and funny antics. The drinks are priced a little high but they usually have .50 cent or $1 off tickets with the cover charge and also it’s DC so it’s to be expected.Talent is abundant downstairs (singing and dancing in heels!) and upstairs (stripping ain’t easy), so I say if you want a wild night and you’re comfortable with the atmosphere check it out. Their site always lists the week’s events and special nights.Go dance the night away!

  11. David H.

    Truly enjoyable evening @ the club UNTIL it was time to leave. Club promotes 1/2 (of cab fare) price black car service to Dupont Circle. I came from there in a cab that ran $16.85 b4 tip. To go home I was quoted $20, no negotiating, by black car mgr. You’re stuck. Club draws no cabs and is in scary neighborhood too far from Metro. Had no choice, paid driver $20 at end of trip but told him calmly, w no 4-letter words, I felt cheated. He YELLED back “MARICON!,” which is Spanish for “faggot,” & launched into a tirade from there. That’s my last DC impression b4 flying home to Fort Worth, TX – where even we treat people far, far better. Sorry guys, won’t be back to endure being both cheated & insulted.

  12. sexy123
  13. Sara M.

    I am a heterosexual female and I was extremely overwhelmed with my first visit to this club, BUT even my very best friend on the world is a homosexual male and he was also very overwhelmed after first visit this place! So no matter who you are you’ll be extremely overwhelmed, entertained, and aroused!This place is very entertaining, especially on Saturdays which I highly recommend because of high-numbered crowd but if you prefer to attend when there are less people then visit there on Wednesdays to Fridays.People there are very friendly: dancers, bartenders, owners, customers and whoever is at the place! Lot of people there are pretty affable. Since this place is for gay community, despite of my sexuality I feel comfortable going to this place because I don’t feel left out. But don’t go there expecting for attention if you’re a heterosexual person, it’s rather pretty arrogant. Drinks there are a bit priced so if you want to get buzzed faster so my only suggestion is to order few shots or strong drinks to get buzzed faster than just beers unless you can ask bartenders what the most low priced beers they serve. Also carry cash, they don’t accept cards. They have ATM there but think about fees you’d have to pay to withdraw your own money!I also confess, because I am a heterosexual female and most dancers there are also heterosexual so sometimes I feel a bit uneasy visiting there because I know they’d hit on me. Not that I have a problem with this but the fact that Ziegfeld’s Secrets is a place for gay people and that the dancers turn their attention onto heterosexual females makes me feel how they treats the gay community is a bit degrading.There are pros and cons to every places. You may like this place or not. From my own experience, I really enjoy going to this place so it’s up to you whenever you want to attend or not! I love the vibe there, the vibe is really friendly and from my experience I usually want to stay there till closing time, leaving before closing time make me feel like my whole night is uncompleted!

  14. larry1

    does not accept credit cards. needs better location:( needs some up keep and better lighting/stages for the dancers. went for bachlorette party. was a blast!!

  15. harryharry

    Went for a bachelorette party and had the best time!! The guys were phenomenal!! The entertainment was top notch!

  16. Dianne C.

    “Where are we going?””I don’t know. They said it was Secrets. A Secret? They said you can’t even google for it.”And so began the ride to my sister’s last hurrah. It got a little suspicious there when we were told that we were almost there.. but the area we were going through started to look industrial.. with big heavy machinery… and I was starting to wonder if we were going all dressed up to a mafia joint. But, there it was, just past all those cranes and piled gravel. Ziegfeld’s/Secrets (which can be googled if you knew the first part of the name).We got in early, and sat ourselves down at the bar area, where there were probably about 6 tall tables with four stools each. Our $10 cover got us a shave off the first drink, so we went to grab a drink, in between the boys dancing in their socks and undies on the bar and the men and women looking up at them, ready to hook those dollars. We also made sure to grab a few $5 hotdogs on buns. As the drag show was about to start, the boys on rotation, at the bar started taking everything off. And Ziegfeld’s had Secrets no more. When the show started, however, all eyes turned from the unclad to the performers clad in famous celebrities’ outfits, carrying on an outrageous show. The show was a blast, and the patrons who seemed like regulars were a blast.Partway through the show, though, we were urged to go on “upstairs”. So off we went, up the staircase right by the exit door to the right of the bar. And we entered a dark din of people milling about ogling the meat market hamming it up and touching everything but “those”. We eventually left, watched people dance where the drag show had been, and took off… with some of the girls’ eyes opened to the Secrets.

  17. eddyL

    Dirty penis smell got in my hair.

  18. Franklyn

    So, here’s an update on what I missed last time.The second floor can be accessed via stairs close to the left entrance of the club, or by a staircase hidden in the men’s restroom. Excited yet?The second level houses a dance floor, bar, and altars upon which sculpted strippers bare all, including their post-Viagra goods. Can we say hung?Anyway, just like last time, the drag show was hilarious with Ella Fitzgerald taking some great liberties with the crowd and pushing comfort levels to the limit. It was even busier this weekend, and bachelorette parties seem as popular as ever here.Come here for the drinks and drag, but don’t forget to venture upstairs for the strip show, too.

  19. Dane K.

    I feel like a real dumbshit after this.We sat at a table, had some tranny tell us it was reserved (for a bunch of gaggling bachelorettes).. So we move to new table. waited. and waited. and waited. we were waiting for what we thought were the strippers… but apparently we actually were waiting for the drag show. The whole time we were there, we had no idea there was another floor. it wasn’t incredibly obvious from where we came in that there was another area.. oops? Three drag dancers in we left and felt a bit ripped off at the $10 cover for a lousy drag show… I have to say though that the first two drag queens we saw were not that entertaining… their lead off was someone who just lip synched a Margaret Cho standup routine, complete with canned laughter… I doubt that half the audience even “got it” … I’ve never really seen drag comedy… :/ The drag crowd was a strange mix of bachelorette parties, guys with their girlfriends, and then the gays. Except for a few old men who waited at the tables for two around the stage, the bachelorettes seem to have gotten most of the rest of the tables reserved. I think the old men were in the same boat we were in: waiting for the strippers…$40 for admittance and two drinks. We left feeling gouged having seen no strippers. But now we know… Will have to give it another whirl, mayyyybe …

  20. Jason S.

    Many dancers are friendly and the 5-10 dollar cover is affordable. However, some of the security/staff have a bad attitude and will relentlessly micromanage dancer/patron interactions. To the point that a good time is put in jeopardy… I’m going to give them one chance to fix this, after that who know’s what’ll happen. *stuff like bad reviews, formal complaints, bad publicity, etc….*

  21. Weedman420

    Took my my friend here as a surprise before her wedding, and it was awesome as it’s so different! she got to run around with the men upstairs and watched a great drag show downstairs. My only disappointments are with the drinks.. they were all pretty bad, watered down, and expensive. But as a fun place to go, its a must at least once!

  22. fuckery12

    This place was way better back in the days…..Now it’s too controlled, too many women, and too big. I like the idea of that one strip club owner out in Las Vegas that banned women from coming to his club. Sure, the strippers are happy because most of them are straight and can get out of having to deal with the male clientele. And of course, most of the women I see there were only there because of their bachlorette parties. The strippers kinda just stand around for the most part, not much to see.

  23. Jacqueline G.

    Went here for a girls night out. Drag show was a lot of fun! Very entertaining and creative shows. 2nd floor was okay. Nude guys dancing on top of the bar table and two small stages. Thought there would be a little bit more than just dancing. There were a lot more people downstairs. Drinks are very expensive. $12 for a small glass of amaretto and sprite. But overall it was a really fun night!

  24. Mike Scaletta

    It’s ok

  25. winston12

    Does this place offer hot black stripper?

  26. tonycluber

    If I could give no stars, I would. We had a bartender tell us that we didn’t pay for shots. We collected money for our shots and left it on the bar, yet a bouncer told us they “reviewed the video footage,” and we would be in trouble with the cops who they called. It is was total BS and we paid for all of our drinks at their CASH BAR. I will never go back and I recommend that you never go.

  27. me

    well i like it…lol

  28. joseph1k

    i’m all about entertainment….who doesn’t like a good stripper? male or female i’m always down to watch some t & a, and in this case, c, b & a. preferably i enjoy a song and dance with the traditional progressive strip tease, not so much at secrets, buuuut i’ll let this one slide just this time. i come here on a thursday night for a bachelor party. i get there, it’s in the middle of nowhere really, i have one of my girlfriends with me and i’m meeting all my guy friends there. i get out of the car and approach the building to be startled by the big signs – all women must have a male escort – or something to that effect. great, my male escorts aren’t there yet – but the manager explains this is relaxed on thursdays – we’re in. $5. cash only bar. luckily i was prepared to make it rain. he gives us the brief tour – and the place is huge – the downstairs was not open when we were there but the upstairs, oh yeah….big shit poppin’ – and i mean BIG. so it was a little dead, which made it a bit awkward. mainly b/c the strippers almost outnumbered us and they are everywhere, on platforms, on the bar, standing beside you…and they are fully naked (except socks on their feet for the tips)…and they have huge erect penises that they are not shy about rocking it in your face and spreading it where the sun doesn’t shine (for most). which is great, i’m used to wv strip clubs, anything goes…but come prepared for overstimulation, there is porn on the tvs, penises flying in your face, and mirrors everywhere so you are catching buttholes out of the corners of your eyes…but the strippers were all sweethearts and the staff was friendly. not necessarily a “chill” bar, but really fun. bring lots of cash and your a game. and you should probably do some shots of tequila. it’s the type of place that you take that extra step.

  29. rogerrab2

    Sexy men, reasonably priced and strong drinks, friendly staff, drag show, 10$ cover charge, and good music!

  30. StripClub431

    Well certainly not the same since the move from the old location. It was a little sketchy at first but now they have found their footing again. Ella and her ladies of illusion are always a great time. Billie Ross is the BEST!

  31. Tim S.

    One of DC’s best places for great music and dancing! Be sure to check out Thursday night “shirtless men drink free” hours. DJ tim e rocks the house every Thursday and Friday night. Don’t let the hot, naked dancers distract you from his amazing music.

  32. richard95

    Not sure why it’s called a gay bar. With the annoying bachelorette parties that come here, it’s not a gay bar. Too bad, Secrets used to be fun.

  33. Mike W.

    It’s ok I suppose. The drag is kinda low brow, but if you’re here for the “petting zoo” you’ll certainly enjoy yourself.

  34. Johnnyboy123

    I visited Ziegfeld’s/Secrets for the first time, on a recent trip to DC (also a first!). Approaching the club in a cab, late Sunday night, the neighbourhood struck me as one that might be used for the disposal of bodies, but any concerns I had disappeared immediately upon entering the club, as both the door staff and bartenders were warm and friendly. The space, itself, is fantastic! The decor may be a little dated, but I found it charming–not everything has to be à la minute. The bar area, just inside the doors, overlooks a large performance space, additional seating and a second first-floor bar. The drag performers provide a classic drag show w/ a larger-than-live (in personality) hostess/emcee; it was nice to see the audience, young and old, tipping the performs, as is customary. Upstairs, there are two more bars, a dancefloor (that was ill-used, the night I was there–bad customers!) and, as promised, *VERY* scantily clad go-go fellas, each one more attractive and…ahem…talented than the one before. I also found the clientele to be a charming mix of young, hot “studs” and more mature, friendly gentlemen; I sensed no attitude from anyone. I hope the locals keep supporting this establishment, so that I can return the next time I’m in DC.

  35. XhXeXy

    I always have a blast here with all my guy & girl friend!! Non-stop fun and laughing all night 🙂 drinks are good & very entertaining. Gay. Lesbian. Or Straight like myself you will enjoy …

  36. yanard12

    Hadn’t been to Secrets since I left DC in ’09. Returned to town recently and decided to take my best friend who had never been to the new location. Imagine my surprise when upon entering, the club looked like it did BEFORE they moved it to begin with. It was dark and dingy, as if a seedy bar from a horror movie. That aside, we entered and approached the bar where there were three completely nude dancers shaking their D!@ks and looking as if they were disgusted to be looked at by us. THEN, we ordered drinks. I ordered a double shot of Makers Mark on the rocks. After the bartender figured out what Makers was, he had to ask the other bartender how much it was. Low and behold, my double shot cost me a whopping $25!!!! WTF!!!!I asked if he was sure and he said $12.50 per shot. Christ Almighty, I could buy a whole freakin bottle of Makers for $25 at the Liquor store (OR Walmart in Juneau, AK), so why would I pay that for a double shot??? Because that is the kind of friend I am. My BFF wanted to see the guys and had not been to the new location, so I stayed, paid the $25 and sat down.The dancers were amazingly handsome as usual, but SO NOT as friendly as I had remembered. They finished their sets and went backstage, or to the bar to talk to one another. No Hello. No smile. Nothing. And I am supposed to make it rain??? I think not!All in all, I was sorely disappointed at the whole encounter and NEVER plan to visit this establishment again. SMHThe above review was written a couple of days after my visit (10/15/15), and posted to Facebook. After over two months, today I noticed there had been no response from the club and commented. Below is the response I received from the representative of the club…….”ZiegfeldsSecrets Dc You’ve already made up your mind, we can’t help the fact that you cannot afford a drink, our pricing is standard for the size of the venue and payroll we have to open our doors. Sorry that you cannot appreciate a venue that thousands of people enjoy, every weekend. I’m sure there is a classy bar somewhere else you can enjoy.”Needless to say I was absolutely floored to think that THIS is how they handle a customer service issue. It only served to totally convince me that my money is better spent elsewhere. I told them as much in my response.

  37. Lilly L.

    Nice place enjoyed my time with friends. One of the dancer to be specific (white guy with fake ass and small D) has a very nasty attitude toward all customers. If they kicked him out then it would be a great place and they get my 5 star. P;S drink price and cover fees are fair to me. The stuffs are friendly and very welcoming to everyone. As a visitor we did not felt left out but welcomed.

  38. Jean Paul A.

    Quite possibly the worst LGBT night club I have ever been to. Bouncer was incredibly rude, drinks were extremely weak, music was terrible, and bartenders were old and fat. An absolute waste of $15…don’t waste your time.

  39. D B.

    I have been going to this place for a few years. The place was a lot better when they had the rule that a female had to be escorted by a male. Since that rule has been discontinued the place gets over run with packs of annoying females. It would be nice if they would allow gay men to have a bar to themselves. Whenever their is a pack of these annoying females there the dancers act differently and go out of their way to display their straightness. I guess the greed of the management won out.

  40. XXXbeast

    Wowza !!!!! Bring your cash and leave your expectations and inhibitions at the door!! This place blew my mind, and “thrusted” me outta my comfort zone !Bring cash bc the bar only excepts cash! The upstairs has entertainment not for the faint of heart ! Good lookin guys with lots of hanging fruit, doin some crazy bends and poses and flying in the air. Seriously impressive stuff!!!! If only there was an Olympics for this type of thing! These guys would all be gold medal winners. I wish that this place was a bit more upscale, in terms of the interior design, but the ladies and men of secrets definitely provide enough pizazz to keep you engaged and laughing for the rest of the night! The drag show has many solo performances and the ladies are blunt, sexy, badass and not afraid to tell it like it is. One of the performers, called out a group of ladies next to us for being thick, thicker, and thickest. Not the nicest thing to say! If you’re sensitive then this is not the place for you. Great, fun, interactive show!! Most of the staff was pretty nice, but some of the guys were not nice- mainly the sassafrass door man who was rude as soon as our bachelorette party arrived. Guess he’s not a fan of girls !

  41. Jeremy L.

    So, I just have to say I was skeptical…I hates the old Secrets. So when I hear that it was reopening you could say that I was less than enthused, but WOW!!The place is great. I mean with the exception of the red carpet everywhere I loved the space. Its huge. Two floor with dancing, bars, stages. Such a fun time!! I think that the great thing about it is that it is more dance club and less strip club; while they are still there and a definite attraction, its not just about the naked boys.The cabaret show was great!! I’m so glad to see Gigi Paris Couture again!! I’ve so missed her since Chaos closed. And the dancing boys!!! Oh my, what to say? The main attraction was definitely Brad (formerly a bartender Cobalt) so beautiful!!I’ll definitely be back…BC – I know I used them, but after Brunch at the Beacon, Jacks, Windows, and the Green Lantern all before Secrets…I don’t really remember. Oops!

  42. AssnTits5

    THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You gotta see the drag show is fantastic. Then make sure you visit upstairs. I was not prepared for whats going on upstairs but IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super HOT dancers!

  43. Harrison69

    The staff is as rude as they come. It’s a sad, sad place.

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