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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Book-Em-Dan-O

  1. Sarah Lynn

    This club rocks! I have never had more fun working in my life!! The dancers, co-workers, and clientele are respectful and extremely nice! Everyone has a great time at Book’em Dan’o 🙂 Kellie is an awesome boss and she has gotten me interested in the adult entertainment! Working here is amazing yay for boobies 🙂

  2. derick
  3. money

    I was at this club last weekend (7-21-07)and frankly it was the worst club I have ever experienced. The women (besides the blonde)were not appealing at all. In fact, the brunette had a larger gut than my brother. Sorry, but that is fact. I will not spend my money here again. Sound system did not work. It was a complete joke.

  4. some1
  5. Dan

    I can’t say I like this place. This place lacks energy and too many of the dancers are not very attractive.

  6. John

    This club has gone down the drain, when they reopened it back up it was very good cuz they had alot of new and good looking dancers but now a couple of months later it just sucks. Prices for drinks are to high and the DJ just plain outright sucks.

  7. to 2010 booken-dano review

    just who and the hell do you think you are to review a club than put them down. just what f cking credentials do you have to make these statements. a response would be nice, oh bright one

  8. kyle

    Fire that damned DJ, he sucks. Make sure the girls shower. Demand that the bartenders don’t roll their eyes when a designated driver orders only soda.

  9. customer

    The club is so much better now after the renovations. It is Book’em Dan’o again, FUN!

  10. Tony

    I had a great time!! Atmosphere was cozy and inviting. Dancers were fun and looked great! Couldn’believe the drink prices- cheap for a strip club! Can’t wait to go back!

  11. julie
  12. 2010 Book Em Dan 'O Review

    2/7/2010 – Was there on Sat Feb 6th – Saw 3 dancers total. Two white girls and 1 black girl all thin/average builds. None of the girls were cute.

    Hours: The club is open 4pm-2am Mon-Sat and is closed on Sundays.

    Management: This club just got bought by a woman and she has been running it since the New Year 1/1/2010. There is no more prostitution in the club and she is cleaning the club up.

    Private Dances: The dances are $25.00 and $50.00. The club makes $5.00 and $10.00 off each song. The $25.00 dollar dance is done in the open near the back and the $50.00 dance is done in a semi-private room. Customers can touch the girls on both dances but can only touch breasts in the $50.00 private room.

    Crowd: The crowd is mixed. Mostly white but some mexicans and black customers.

    – The drinks come in very small cups.

    – They have a pool table there.

    – The club is downstairs but it is not that small it is a decent size.

    – If you can get on base pay they pay the girls $350.00 for the 6 day week.

    – The club is somewhat a dive bar. Not gross but not a very nice looking club.

    – Would not reccommend girls looking to make big money to travel to this club unless very close – but probably a waste of time.

    – Girls do a lot on stage for a few dollars. The dancers were letting customers touch all over them for one dollar at the stage.

    – The NEW manager’s name is Kelly – call her to book or work.

  13. LilShane

    Kelly has done an amazing job with the club since she took over. The remodeling looks great and the atmosphere is FUN!! The service is great and Kelly goes the extra mile to take care of her customers. She is continuing to improve the club and I wish her luck and success and can’t wait to come back in!

  14. regulars2006

    The prices for drinks are OUTRAGOUS;yes but other wise I keep on going so it cant be that bad.

  15. Anonymous
  16. motorcycle twins

    club is ok, nothing special. used to stop when dustyn owned it. now that was a club then.

  17. Joe

    We had so much fun here! Can’t wait to come back. My friends and I trying to plan our next trip back. The beer was cold, the dancers were hot and fun! Thanks 4 puttin up w us!

  18. dancer

    the club is still being fixed up. It is slow put still happening.

  19. Matt

    Nice try to clean this place up, but a failed execution

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