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0 reviews for “Squire Lounge

  1. Ben

    Beautiful women very classy i give it a 10!!!

  2. Love Black Chicks!!!

    Does anyone know the black chick that works the day shift. What is her name and how is she personality and on stage. I was there the other night but had to leave right away but she looked pretty hot. She was the only black chick I saw in there so don’t know if I am mistaken about that or if she is the only black chick and regulars can offer some information!!!!

  3. Ryan W.

    I have to echo the comments of Mr. Vietnam L. Let’s get one thing straight, MASS sucks all around for strip clubs, although I’ve heard Western MA is a different ball game. But to put things in perspective and talk about the greater Boston area, the Squire is actually one of the best all around strip clubs with 30 minutes of Boston all things considered. The girls are in general “decent” condition with a few train wrecks and a few absolute bombshells. There used to be this one girl who I swear made me hear angels singing when she came on stage. Then I would get wood and my thoughts would go straight to hell. But I digress.The cost of drinks ($5 for beer and $7-10 for liquor) and the cover ($10 on weekends) are a little annoying but not enough to turn me away. Compare that to Centerfolds, the only other place with better “talent” and you are getting much better experience (see my review for Centerfold’s).All in all, people should see this place for what it is, a strip club, and realize that compared to everything else in the area, it’s pretty decent.

  4. Frank
  5. scott
  6. Big guy
  7. Jesse

    The person who hires the staff here obviously has no clue how to run a successful business and it shows by the poor talent hired and the unprofessional behavior of them.

    There are dive bars with far better looking and talented dancers-staffs and DJs.

  8. Justme
  9. walter
  10. fritter17

    HORRIFYINGLY horrible.The dancers are gross, the bartenders are WAY HOTTER. That’s the only plus about this place THE BARTENDERS You pay a cover to see filth. So trashy and a waste of money Better to go to the BANANA

  11. Michael

    I was pretty disappointed in this place. My friends and I decided to try a change from our regular club and we regretted it!!! The girls were strung out, the drinks were watered down, and they have the balls to charge a cover for that? The best thing was the food. there were more junkies there than a methadone clinic. you guys need to clean house!!

  12. know it well

    this club is run by a crazy old bat who tends to fire her best employees. she fired kiss, sin, london, and chloe. since then the quality of girls has really gone down. they seem to just be taking the glass slipper’s left overs. also chloe was my favorite. has anyone seen her lately??

  13. Annoyed.

    Annoying place. Tell them to make the pizza better, the drinks stronger, and for the love of Christ, make the strippers pick better music! I mean…Nickelback?

  14. Herb Z.

    The Squire used to be a great place years ago, but it has gone down over the past 10 years. I took a friend there on a Friday night, and was shocked to see the Crystal Meth Dancers. These women were gross, and Friday nights the best should be on stage. Food is OK….

  15. tonycluber

    I’m not big on handing out my money just to see a naked woman. But every guy has seen his share of strip clubs. The Squire used to be a lousy joint. But since the new ownership it’s gotten better. The girls now all work all under one umbrella along w/ Ten’s on Salisbury Beach and The Golden Banana. So their are some amazing looking girls, especially if you’re their for the last two hrs on a Saturday night 12-2. Obviously if you’re their on a Wed. Afternoon don’t expect angels.

  16. dick

    all the dancers are oxycontin coke heads. Dj sucks big dick. save your money go to the Foxy Lady in RI.

  17. Mattie

    Prescious? The jigaboo? She has so many stretchmarks they looks like a foldout road map. Black girls stetch marks are much more noticeable than white girls. Their boobs sag real low like their ansisters in National Geographic too.

  18. Larry

    great looking girls here now and very private dance area. pricey though

  19. Donnie

    Bar maids are older than my great grandmother,music is horrible,dancers depressing and fat,table dances are overpriced,too much yelling amongst management and staff,

    strippers are rude on stage to customers.

  20. Jordan

    Had an awesome time there this afternoon. Got dances from

    Niveah and Bella, they are both amazing. I will definately be

    going back

  21. ,,,,,,,


  22. Matt

    Not a bad club. Planning on going there for my batch party. Every girl has something different to offer and its not I’m going to take every cent you have atmosphere.

  23. xxx


  24. Mac

    The black night DJ here kills the whole experience. The constant skipping CDs,the mumbling on the mic,his constant running back and forth and screaming when sports games are on are a major distraction. All the girls do is make faces on stage at him and bitch about him off stage. The music selection is horrid. I’ll never come back. The DJ is horrible!

  25. Happy

    I Love this place! The women here are perfect. A little bit brighter than your usual club, but these females are the most gorgeous gals I have ever seen!

  26. Sean

    Another good girl to see in the back is Kelli. Shes a white girl…nice tits…GREAT ASS!!! Gives a good grind and lets your hands wonder as well.

  27. Customer

    Place SUCKS! Stay away and save your money!

    All the old lady and old guy do at night is yell at staff on the floor. The DJ mumbles on the mic and runs around like a lunatic screaming at night. The dancers are unfriendly and mope at the bar. Table dances are too expensive for the low quality of girls here.

    They should pay customers to come here but they couldn’t pay me enough for the torture.

  28. Al

    Call Greenpeace…Lot of whales are beached here on the stage and need to be rolled back into the ocean.

  29. DriveBy

    What is the NO TOUCHING thing in Mass?? why not drive to RI and at least get close to someone?? Still in Puritan days.

  30. ryan123

    Veni, vidi, voci!Now, if you are familiar with Latin or famous phrases…….this is not the one you are used to. I will translate for you.I came, I saw, I vomited.”Cover charge? Fine, whatever. Alright, I’ll sit over in this seat….looks close to the stage. Wait, is that a white stain? What the fuck? Alright, moving along to the next seat. Oh yea baby, wave that fine ass in front of me. Hey, isn’t that a C-section scar? Oh, that is classy sweet thang. NEXT! Oh yea, shake your money maker. Wrap your hands around my neck……….hang on……..are those track marks on the inside of your forearms? You shall not be using my one dollar bills to be funding your addiction you heroin junkie.”So after about an hour or so, you get a one decent looking girl, a few that look like they belong on Union Street in Lynn as a late night “friend”, several meth addicts, a couple of coke users, another girl whose nose is so big she could smell like a bloodhound, a few freaks and nothing worth actually looking at.$8 beers? I’d rather buy $8 beers at Fenway. Boobs? I got the interwebz and social skills to get real women so I can play with them and not just stare. Ugly women? Nobody is perfect and beauty is skin deep, but aren’t strippers supposed to be attractive? If they are ugly, and they are strippers…….where is their inner beauty? (Probably not in the pants that is for sure.) This place qualifies as an upscale freakshow. I know plenty of guys who attend this place fairly often. These same guys blow through hundreds of dollars for lap dances and get no actual play. Funny thing is, they have semi-decent looking girlfriends. Me? I’m not into teasing. If I want to see the good looking ladies I got a g/f. If by chance I am dumped or on a relationship hiatus……..I can always pick up a woman at the mall, school, bar, church that look better than these “dancers”. YouPorn and various file sharing p2p programs are a solid alternative for your needs for nudity…..especially since the women you’ll see online are actually good looking. You want to blow your money? Just give it to me. I’ll do more with it then you will. If you want to get cock teased go deal with 18 year olds, they are less expensive and actually are in better condition. Sure they don’t have the new car smell, but they have less mileage.

  31. Prescious

    This is the guy u gave your # to when walkin 2 the bus stop call me!!!

  32. Stu

    You want to hear people yelling all day/night-watch miserable fat girls shake their cellulite infested asses on stage to nonstop hiphop music while emptying your life savings just to watch them? Not me and thats why I don’t come here.

  33. joe

    all the dancers are oxycontin coke heads

  34. Regular

    In spite the trash talk on this site this club is great.

  35. Kingfish

    Like the improvement on the wait staff and dancers and no more hip

    hop all the time

  36. john

    great place go there alot

  37. timmykilla

    place is the fucking bomb! angela is a beast on the dance floor! but the beers are overpriced as shit! overall the vibe and dancers are very personable and friendly!

  38. Mistercap12

    I honestly wish I could give less than one star. The managers priscella and amber cursed my friend out for having ONE drink. Plus we had a DD. When were tried asking why we were cut off we didn’t get a legit answer as to why. Priscella then continued to call my friend fat and that she had no right being in a strip club. After getting told to leave, my friend called asking for the GM and got on the phone with priscella. After being talked over got spoken to like that she didn’t matter – she got told “okay sweetie”, laughed and hung up on. The dancers have a right to be here .. I’m pleased to be assured that our lawyer will be calling “The Squire tomorrow” . She tried calling back and priscella purposely answered the phone and was rude once more. Priscella and amber are assholes, condescending And be assured that the girls lawyer will be calling tomorrow to speak with the manager of the residence “and ruining the reputation to this place they deserve to be fired for making my friend in tears and physically uncomfortable. Never come back and demanding a refund after being to this disgraceful establishments.

  39. sam


  40. zak

    great time

  41. thinman
  42. steven

    some of these girls are really hot..

  43. visitor

    Is Lexi or Lexus still there? Cute white girl w brown hair

  44. mr. important

    I must say I have been going to this club for a very long time and I never seen a dancer like “Nadiah”. She’s been there for about 2 months and i must say not only can she dance but she is the most prettiest girl the club has. She’s is exoctic lookin. If you go in look for a girl with a tattoo on her left buttchick that says “sexy” that the gorgeous “NADIAH”. LOVE DAT GIRL!!!

  45. Julian

    Abandon all hope ye who enter.

  46. ed
  47. j s.

    Went on a Wednesday night for the first time recently. First they charged me more than they said over the phone,at the door.After we paid a guy came over and gave us free passes.Then my chair broke as I sat in it(I’m 110lbs). My soda cost as much as the beer. I didn’t really find any of the dancers interesting. The club it’s self wasn’t bad. It was a very medicore experience. Maybe the dancers are more interesting on the weekends? Don’t most of these clubs change dancers as often as they get new urinal cakes?

  48. Squire Tuck

    Daytime sucks.Nights are best. Prescious-day dancer- has stretch marks that are gross.

  49. Tony

    This club has one of the worst reputations of any stripclub in New England for screwing customers and staff.

    As long as the Old Lady is running the show here this place will continue to be operated way short of its financial successful potential.

    The main reason everyone avoids this place is her and Archie.

  50. joey

    club sucks atmo and enviroment overrated

  51. Christina V.

    Definitely not the worst strip club I’ve ever been to. It’s a decent size, nice big bar and a couple stages with plenty of comfy chairs. Of course the ladies aren’t top notch but what do you expect in Revere? Never had a private dance or anything here but it’s always fun. I like that there’s no credit card limit at the bar but also last time I was there it took quite some time to get a drink. Overall good spot.

  52. Matthew M.

    As strip clubs go, this place is great. Decent prices on drinks (comparable to other bars), small to no cover charge, clean, and spacious. The stage is wide and well-lit, with a single pole, and there is a separate bar, separate tables, and seats around the stage with plenty of space. The place is clean and not too crowded.And the girls? Fantastic. Beautiful, talented, and for the most part personable. They don’t mind talking with you, and they seem to get into it, instead of looking dead inside. Decent prices on the lapdances, and the place isn’t sketchy or skimpy in that regard. My girlfriend loved the experience when we went there together.Overall, I fully recommend the place, and I know we’ll be going back.

  53. honey
  54. Roy

    Come on down to Awesome!! Creature Feature on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

  55. LB

    The booze is watered down. The Crown Royal here tastes like cheap bar whisky because it is. Everyone complains about the phoney booze. The dancers will use you to get expensive drinks and blow you off once they get them.

    Better off going elsewhere.

  56. jack

    Now you can feel save in there.

  57. Ken

    Dancers sit ath the bar like crows on a wire-they never move. They talk too much at the pole instead of dancing. Barstaff is awful and unattentive. DJ mumbles at night and is a distraction on the floor skipping around (on crack?).

    Managers-doorstaff are nice but look powerless to change things around. Stay away. Spend your money elsewhere. Seriously.

  58. Katie H.

    Note to The Squire:I know you don’t trust those amateur hos enough to change in your actual changing room, but the ladies room? Seriously? I mean, the girls were nice enough and I met a new one every time I had to pee, but this in itself creates a problem. You meet nice girl in the bathroom, hear her life story, why she’s doing this, and 5 minutes later? Her vagina is in your face. And you feel OBLIGATED to tip her well, because now you “know” her. No fair, Squire, no fair. Also, ew. I know its Revere, but have some standards. No one wants to walk away planning a visit to the clinic the next day just to make sure they haven’t contracted an airborne STD. And thank you for being the first on a list of strip clubs I’ve been kicked out of. But honestly, all those dudes in there were enjoying watching all us girls dance next to the stage more than what was going on up on the stage. Sincerely, Katie

  59. JJ

    Nice place no hustle so the dancers are friendly and some of them were very hot

  60. Steve

    If I wanted to hear employees getting yelled at,being miserable and doing bad things-I’d a stayed at work.

    A whole lot cheaper.

  61. Hard

    No cover is great. Drinks are not too expensive either. Decent environment for a club, though kind of bright. Some of the girls dancing were superhot. Others were not so hot. But love seeing that pussy shaking in my face. Not bad for Boston.

  62. the cracker

    bar people are generally slow to pour, and most of them are 50 yrs old plus. I really do not like to go to a strip club to be servered by my mother. dancers ofter disappear in the back, the money is not back there it is out in front, duh.

  63. Anastasia R.

    I am a sucker for great customer service. I took my best friend here for her last birthday along with a crew of about 6 other fine lady likin’ ladies. I like these smaller places because you can sit right next to the poles and runways. I like the up close and personal.We were there for about 2 hours. The girls are friendly and happy to talk to you while they are dancing. (I like that.) The shot/massage girl was relaxed and pretty so she didn’t have to be pushy. I got a 15 minute massage and again she was able to talk to me. Points there. The DJ took requests and we got the birthday girl a lap dance which didn’t break the bank. But what really impressed me was the security staff. We were sitting across from some middle aged Yeah-Dudes who weren’t tipping as well (we had a bigger group) and didn’t like that we were in there very much. One of them “accidentally” bumped into my date’s chair muttering something obscene and continued to his side of the runway. Before he even sat down, 2 giant bouncers were intercepting him and kicked all 4 of them out of the bar. I don’t know if they had been causing trouble before, but the response time was amazing.

  64. greg

    better than centerfolds

  65. Nate G.

    My brother and I went to the squire to see some titties jiggling- and we did. That being said, the quality of the strippers is below par IMO.A private dance will set you back $30 + tip and lasts one song. Weak.Also we went outside for a smoke and were asked to leave by security when we came back in? WTF?do yourself a favor and go to Mardi Gras in Springfield if you want to see some nice strippers in a laid back atmosphere.

  66. Mickey M.

    Boobs are boobs. Anyone going to a strip club knows when a good night is, and when a bad night is. It’s easy; Monday afternoon? Not a good time. Friday night? Probably a better day. Last time I went here was on like, a Tuesday. No idea if it was amateur night or not, but it wasn’t a good night. We went simply because we could; which is hardly a good reason.Anyway..we go, and settle in near the stage..and there are a few decent looking women working. We spent most of our time drinking and hanging out. One of my friends never threw money down..just never understood the point of throwing money around.then.this woman with a gigantic ass gets on stage, and my friend is hooked and he can’t stop staring. I’m not sure if there were any other women on the stage, because her ass was in the way. My buddy though, was in love. He tossed bills down like her ass wasn’t the size of a small Prius.So, I guess it’s an A-OK place. Ya might just find out your buddy loves gigantic butts, and that’s worth the trip alone.

  67. Jeff

    place is good to watch a game or get a drink and dance. I like it and stay out of the drama

  68. B>B>B

    Hire some bartenders that

    are worth looking at

    wo runs this place a blind person

  69. Dan

    gets better every day.

  70. dave
  71. Alex G.

    It’s a hike, but with two stages, slightly brighter lights it’s the place to be. I also liked the fact that the strippers would talk with you at Squires. They don’t take their job too seriously. While it’s not A+ talent, the B crew is more fun.Avoid Glass Slipper. If in Boston, go to Centerfolds; although I prefer Squires myself.

  72. The Truth

    The worst club in Mass. Makes King Arthurs and Glass Slipper look like a classy Vegas stripclub.

    You pay top dollar and recieve substandard entertainment in return. A total rip off. They should pay customers to see Amature Night. Its that bad.

  73. Marco

    Best table dances anywhere! Why pay big big bucks at the new Golden Banana to get what you get here for much less.

    Night girls are better than the day girls and the food is fantastic!

    Amature nights are fair-nothing spectacular.

  74. jimmy

    gone way downhill

  75. Paul

    Bellas HOT owww

  76. AssnTits5

    This is an easy one, I won’t be back…Area – It’s in a pretty nice spot, lots of parking and food and even a gas station. You can get all the necessities before or after (wink wink) you leave the club.Club – As for the club, It’s once of the nicest i’ve been too, very classy and clean. Two thumbs up. Lot’s of open space, which I’m not a fan of but it’s good for viewers to know.Girls – I wasn’t really impressed with bodies or moves. I did have a conversation with one girl though, I asked her to give me the low down and she said this place is really strick and expensive and that the only reason she works there is becuase shes the only one of her kind. She told me go to Cheaters in RI for a real strip club experience.Drinks – AvergaeStaff – Lots of them and they look mean, I like to touch, I could tell they didnt tolerate that at all. Boo!

  77. Ron

    Waste of money and time. Amatures night line-up is disgusting looking and the club will use house dancers so what few customers don’t run out screaming for the door and eye bank. They yell way too much here at people…

    Dancers are stuck up and don’t circulate around the club..

    Its just a miserable experience here.

  78. Night Girl

    Our night DJ Archie is the worst DJ in the business. He’s useless,rude,perverted and a very unprofessional. I can see why everyone bitches about him. The music sucks here! Really does.

  79. Brian A.

    eeeeeeehhhhhhhhh. When I first turned 21, this was the first nudie bar I ever went to, so I thought it was awesome, but after being in other, more better strip clubs, I can’t help but feel a sense of emptyness each time I walk into the squire. Half of the girls should not be stripping, since they are not attractive, the layout is pretty bad (sitting at the bar, you are 30 feet away from any naked broads), and the strippers and waitresses are relentless in getting money from your pocket. Good things include the friendly bouncers, bartender, and the relatively moderate prices for drinks. and the bathroom is ritzier than the actual club, strangely.Overall, I would only go the Squire if I am close to home and need a quick fix of boobies, but other than that, there are better places.

  80. BIG BEAR


  81. Maria

    I feel terrible for the night girls having to listen to such a horrible DJ! I couldn’t understand him at all. He’s very rude and arrogant like he runs the place. When this club gets a new night DJ I’ll be back. The pathetic DJ ruined the whole night for the girls and me.

  82. Sucks
  83. AB

    A.J. is a knockout

  84. adamrod

    All the dancers sat together next to the stage most were great they danced great but I noticed sum didnt get fully nude but shout out to the best dancer adrianna* The drinks are very overpriced we talkn bout $9 for a beer yes I said 1 beer. N private lapdances are $30 for one song 2 for $50 !!

  85. stripforme123

    Let me start off by saying don’t bring to much money. Most of the strippers are hot. The lap dances are not cheap 2 for $50… Rip off. Lap dances aren’t worth it, you are much better watching them strip and throw some singles their way!!

  86. barChick
  87. scorpio
  88. Shane

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