Buds Tavern



3015 Lafayette Road, Indianapolis, IN 46222


39.8102798, -86.22095




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Buds Tavern

  1. Bud

    Hope you had a great holiday! For NYE, we will be doing a

    crowd favorite, our Piss in your Beer contest! See you


  2. new


  3. due


  4. Just better than the rest

    This club is just better than all of the other clubs in the city. This place has the girls, the sounds, the mood and service.

  5. Colts Fan

    Bud’s Lounge is the best place to watch the Colts win another Championship !

  6. go


  7. State Fair Fantasy

    Having sex with farm animals is as natural as putting your hot dog in a bun.

  8. Ralphy

    Totally dead. Maybe it will come back to life in May ?

  9. thinking


  10. Aaron
  11. positive


  12. Teddy


  13. fond


  14. Pisser

    Piss in your beer contest, tomorrow at 9pm!

  15. Jerry T

    This is the best club in the city

  16. Wine

    selection excellent.

  17. And

    I sing.

  18. Two Drunk Girls

    Two college girls from IU/PUI were at the club last night and got shit faced. Both stripped butt naked and danced on the tables ! Best young hot things I have seen for a long time. Much better that “professional strippers” over at Rick’s. Bud’s is the place to go !

  19. tooth


  20. Butler


  21. Aonw

    Great club

  22. ah


  23. turkey


  24. Khan

    Not what you think.

  25. warm


  26. Evan

    Fun place to hang out

  27. aaa
  28. re: Michelle

    Hey, I use to get lap dance when Michelle was a stripper at club in Chicago. Nice ass ! (she would do extras for another $20)

  29. Lost Dick ?

    Dick passed out in his truck, shit himself, pissed his pants, then went back inside the club and did some lap dances for some guy.

  30. Willy

    This is my regular club. However, it is way to crowded with race fans. I will be glad when it gets back to normal.

  31. Colts Loss

    The Colts loss is a bad way to start the season. However, once Peyton gets in his groove we will be just fine. The Bud’s Girls made the loss not seem so bad. The have a new girl named Sue that is smoking hot.

  32. Harry

    Place is just packed ! Great race club !

  33. Todd

    Only 20 dancers on a Saturday night. Business is slow slow slow.

  34. Night Champ
  35. Sean

    A + +

  36. lonely


  37. old hags

    hang out here

  38. Race Fan

    Sucks ! No strippers !

  39. power


  40. Ely

    Awesome little club. Never seen so many good looking womnen in one spot ever !

  41. Billy Bob

    Things got really boring here since the state fair ended.

  42. thunder


  43. Barack

    I am Barack Obama and I approve of Bud’s Lounge message.

  44. Xerox

    Too much fun !

  45. more


  46. Place is a dump

    So I took one there. Didn’t use the toilet, that would be nasty.

  47. occupy


  48. Lesbos Welcome

    Of course women from Lebanon are welcome. It is just a fact that over half of the “women” at Buds have really big dicks, sometimes it is hard to tell, and the other times telling will get you a “hard” !

  49. pornstar


  50. Mad Max

    Best club in the city. The girls make the club, and the girls cum the customers.

  51. SEX

    Sex in the washroom with a whore ? Are you nuts ? The crappers are so dirty I go outside to take a shit in the street !

  52. erotic


  53. wer
  54. AARR

    Best club in the world ! The Bud’s Girls are just the outstanding, the service great, wonderful club.

  55. Photos

    Got some photos with the Bud’s Girls. They are just so polite and friendly. Unusual for girls that are all 10+

  56. Jack Shit

    My dog is named Dog Shit . . did he crap on your feet ?

  57. Coach K

    Go Butler!

  58. BIG PARTY !

    It was a rainy day so a lot race fans had a big party at Bud’s Lounge. I got totally wasted.


    Neither Brads Gold Club or Buds Lounge have strippers ! That is zero, none, zip, nill. Why are these two clubs still listed on the Strip Club List. Both of these place are dumps and have no strippers. They should both be removed !

  60. ozzy
  61. Aunt Ethel

    Aunt Ethel won the last three pissing contest at Buds. That woman really knows how to piss. Unfortunately, she also lets go one projectile SHIT with ever new world record !

  62. JJ

    Shannon is my favorite of all of the Bud’s Girls ! She is just sexy and fun !

  63. count

    me in

  64. too


  65. muff


  66. following


  67. strip


  68. Poe

    We all got drunk and spent the night at Buds. We had a fucking blizzard and none of us was in any shape to drive home in the conditons. We slept on the floor, then had a breakfast of Bud Lite, and crackers. What a club !

  69. Black Cat

    Is your cat black ?

  70. Dead as a


  71. Crap !

    This club is nothing but crap !

  72. Big Boy Dan

    Sarah is my favorite dancer of all time. Great body with a terrific rack !

  73. Big Dogs

    I like Big Dogs.

  74. sPUD
  75. Pizza
  76. ff
  77. Al Gore

    On behalf of a grateful nation I would like to thank the staff of Bud’s Lounge for their work on global warming.

  78. facebook


  79. look


  80. short


  81. sixty


  82. Sometimes

    there are skanks here. Buy them a few drinks and you might get a hj in the restroom.

  83. big


  84. Rosie
  85. Outbound

    That is what we thought ! There is zero way all of those Bud’s Girls work here full time. We figuered they just came in and worked the race. This really is a one horse (race) city. I feel sorry for you slobs that have to live here all year long. Bud’s is the only good club, and when the race girls are gone you are left with nothing.

  86. Football Sunday

    Looking forward to spending Sunday at Buds watching football and the Bud’s Girls ! This club is just so awesome !

  87. Nobama 08
  88. senior


  89. both


  90. Cindy McCain

    is a regular a Bud’s Lounge the entire month of May. She loves race cars, beer and truck drives who smell bad. She is one hot chick !

  91. to Ginger

    Sorry about the Hurricane. Bummer. Unfortunately, you just missed the race season (May to Sept). The club is still fun but a lot slower the rest of the year. I think the girls only make 1 to 2 grand a shift until the next race season. The girls that just work the races apply at online. You will have a blast working this club even if you do not make a lot of money.

  92. hi


  93. Karl

    NBA finals at Buds was just awesome. The girls all took off their Celtics tops at the same time with one minute to play. Girls are just terrific !

  94. maxxy1

    i think the tenderloins are somehow getting better? not sure how that’s possible, but the one i enjoyed last night was probably the best yet.

  95. Jason

    Best club I have ever visited!!!

  96. Trucker

    Luv dis place ferr drenken

  97. Zeke

    Great atmosphere and a robust crowd

  98. net


  99. Sick Bastard

    Yes? I go to this cross dressing TV bar. No dancers here.

  100. Zach

    Karen looked so hot in her little Houston Rockets outfit. Really sharp girl.

  101. Moto Man

    Flew in from New York for the race and who do I see ? Carole (from Hot Lap Dance NY) there to greet me with a smile in her new little “Bud’s Girls” outfit. Small world. She said that she was orginally from Indianapolis and when Hot Lap Dance closed she decided to come home.

  102. erection


  103. monstr


  104. Blind Man

    Great club!

  105. Wee Wee

    I’d like to know who won the pissing contest? I heard there was piss all over the bar. Man, I wish I was there to see it!


    I love this club, but it is just to much fun ! I closed the place at 3am and had a hell of a time going to work at 8am. Ginny is looking gooooooood.

  107. Under and Out

    Nice little club.

  108. sun


  109. I know you . .

    You are Jack Shit.

  110. FANtastic !

    FANtastic ! The Colts scored 21 points in less than 3 minutes and the Bud’s Girls got naked in less than 2 minutes ! Both events were FANtastic !

  111. po boy
  112. Pickle

    Do not miss “Girls Gone Wile II”

  113. toe


  114. Tex

    As good as any club we have in Texas. This is a small club in size but huge in quality. Get a dance with Sally and you will be back in the saddle again.

  115. ?

    There are high ho’s in this club?

  116. Sam

    Just a fun place to have a beer with your buddies.

  117. Question ?

    Where can you purchase the new 2009 Bud’s Girls calendar ? Do you have to be a Gold or Elite member to get one of the new calendars ?

  118. Give me a break

    Hey girls, we all know this is NOT New York City or Houston or Miami. Sure you do not make the big bucks in this city, but you do not have the living expense either. Two grand a night is a lot of money in this city. I doubt the girls at other clubs even come close. So stop complaining about the money, your net income might actually be higher.

  119. Problem

    The problem is the club is just to popular ! It is the place for the Bud’s Girls and football. They need to buy some more chairs or something ?

  120. Number One !

    THis is always the number one rated club in the State of Indiana. Only reason is the Bud’s Girls, nobody else has anything even close !

  121. Moto


  122. Stever

    Everybody know your name.

  123. rudolph


  124. Zoomy

    We had a great crowd to watch the NBA final game between the Suns and Spurs. This is a great club for sports and girls.

  125. Hi Ho


  126. Ginger

    Hey guys. I am Ginger from Houston. My club was destroyed in the Hurricane and I am looking for a temporary home. Reading the reviews this sounds like a fun club ! How can I apply to join the Bud’s Girls ? How much to they make a shift. I normally make between 3 or 4 grand a shift in Houston. I know Indianapolis is a smaller market so I can work for less for a few months.

  127. Stickman

    Still slow

  128. Gay Blade

    Yes is this is a gay strip club. Having said that, it is has the most upscale floor shows in the Midwest. Bud’s Lounge has invested millions and millions in the lights, the sound system and brings in some of the finest male strippers in the country. All are welcome to enjoy the experience of a Las Vegas quality show.

  129. line


  130. Saints


  131. Homeless Shelter

    This place is like a homeless shelter except dirtier.

  132. k3


  133. oil


  134. Ed

    I love this place. Perfect white trash hang out. Old fat strippers and cold beer.

  135. I

    just stit myself.

  136. it's


  137. Race Strippers

    The girls that come only for the race are arriving.

  138. New Girl !

    That new girl from Cuba is looking good. Mucho gusto !

  139. bogus


  140. Tony

    Friday is the best day for Bud’s

  141. Thad

    Just a wonderful place to have a beer.

  142. fall

    is here

  143. COLD !

    Stopped by for a quick beer on the way home from work, it was colder inside than outsie. This dump needs a new heat system.

  144. Matt

    Best place to have a beer in the Midwest.

  145. Cold

    This club needs a new heater.

  146. 4th Grader

    I can’t wait until the college gays show up during NFL games. Maybe I’ll blow one.

  147. Goat
  148. Mr. Yuck

    Do not throw toothpicks into the urinals. The roaches will pole vault out and into your pants.

  149. Ken

    Isn’t this a gay bar?

  150. most


  151. dark


  152. Dan

    A real dive.

  153. Jasmine

    great club to work at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  154. Actually

    my cock FELL OFF last week. I think it was all the STC I have contracted at Buds over the years. That plus never taking a bath. I went to take a piss and it just fell off.

  155. Philip
  156. spanky
  157. Chang

    It is worth the drive just to see Karen do her thing !

  158. RIP


  159. Homer

    Love the Bud’s Girls ! None better !

  160. Marvin
  161. Ike

    Karen gives me reason to live !

  162. upon

    a star

  163. um


  164. GulfstreamJets

    Love the new Gulfstream Jets ! Being a VIP Gold at Bud’s is well worth the annual fee.

  165. Regina
  166. pj
  167. re: High SCL Rating

    I think you are right. It is the Bud Light dancers that always have Bud’s rated above Rick’s. It is always about the dancers, and Bud’s just has more and better girls.

  168. Dudee
  169. successful


  170. !

    Why do you want to watch your mother in action?

  171. Filth

    Homeless drunks refuse free food from this place because of the filth.

  172. Big Bill

    This place is a hoot ! The girls are all real, the fun times never stop, and the location perfect.

  173. Men Only !

    Boy did my little gay ass make a mistake ! This place is for like Real Men that drink beer and things like that. I was very scared ! Have a nice day ! Kevin

  174. Art

    Best girls in the city. The Bud’s Girls are much better than the Hooters Girls !

  175. stoner


  176. drink


  177. TMZ

    Rumor has it that this club will have a feature dancer this weekend. Her name is Ima Shitonu. She’s in her late 50’s, but still has one heck of a pooper.

  178. Kristie

    I love working here. I know I could make more money if I moved to a big city. But, I like it here, it is low key and easy. Just going to a party three or four times a week is not work. It is not all about the the money !

  179. bi


  180. an


  181. "Cocker" Spaniel

    Now I know why they call them “Cocker” Spanels ! Best blow job in my life !

  182. DJ
  183. Zoro


  184. Polo

    Great mix of customers. Interesting place to hang out, sort of like Paris ?

  185. Ax Man

    Best 2 for 1 happy hour in the city

  186. Mr. Big

    WOW ! I have never seen so many good looking strippers in one club ever !

  187. Photo Session

    Awesome club ! This Sunday you can have your picture taken with your choice of Bud’s Girls for free !

  188. This

    club has not had dancers in years.

  189. rebuild


  190. Petered


  191. mobile


  192. Customer

    Pay no attention to the maggots flying around, they will find the piles of crap in the corner after a while.

  193. nuclear


  194. Who


  195. Paradise

    This club is just like Paradise ! The Bud’s Girls are just like perfect !

  196. Yankee

    Tina is back from university for the summer. If you like long, long legs you need to stop by Buds. She goes back to school in the fall and she is taking her legs with her.

  197. Pacer Uniforms

    The Bud’s Girls will be showing off theri new mini Pacer Uniforms this Saturday night for the first time ! I can hardly wait ! I love this club, always something new and excititng !

  198. Bruce

    No way ! I am gay and only go to clean clubs.

  199. sed
  200. NFL Countdown

    Only one more day to wait ! Watching the Colts at Bud’s Lounge is where it is happening !

  201. november


  202. Wet Tyres

    Wet Tyres may be in order for tomorrow’s race ! Lot of us race fans hanging out at Bud’s until the skies clear. Last nite Bud gave us two rounds on the house ! Nice little pub you got going here near the track.

  203. Wine

    List which was already the best in the Midwest is now expanded ! We had an 81 Malbec ($950) that was just wonderful. If you love fine wine this is the club for you.

  204. Colts vs. Bears

    Bud’s is the place to watch the Colts vs. Bears ! The club is decorated for the NFL season and it looks like (again) the Colts will be in race to win the whole thing. All of Bud’s Beauties will be wearing their Colts Uniforms and they all look better than what you see at Hooters !

  205. lost


  206. Mark

    This is the place to see and be seen !

  207. tear


  208. high


  209. ever


  210. Just


  211. Tom Foolery

    This club should be called ‘Puds’. You can beat it any day.

  212. Allen

    That girl from Speedway is crazy (good crazy). Most fun I have had in years !

  213. Zoom

    Not a strip club. Some sort of hillbilly bar and we just left.

  214. Ian

    Terrific club. I like to drink Foster’s beer. They order some special, just for me ! Loyal club member.

  215. ab


  216. Dear Miss Peap

    Whilst you are inside Buds, downing a pint of Bodingtons finest, the truckers are fucking your sheep. Shit, shame and same sex sheep sell sold swell.

  217. YYZZ

    Nice place for a beer, but nothing special.

  218. cock


  219. Ben

    Besides have no strippers this dump is just disgusting.

  220. eh


  221. TP

    Spring time party at Buds is always a good time

  222. Italian Connection

    Italian Connection made it over for the race and to cheer on the team. We found Bud’s Lounge by recommendation of the other guys staying at the hotel. Not exactly how to describe this place, but it is a lot of fun, and the Bud’s Girls are gorgous !

  223. Kickoff at 8:30pm

    The kickoff for the Jets game is at 8:30pm ! However, the party will continue all night long. The Bud’s Girls are looking better than ever and there are more of them that have signed up for the full season.

  224. Carl Jr.

    I have never seen so many good looking women in my life. Just the place to be.

  225. save


  226. 420

    Is this a club to score some ‘bud’? Hence the name? I’m coming into town for the redneck racing and I’m looking for some ditchweed.

  227. dave

    probably the only good thing in indiana

  228. Yang Sen

    Best in the Midwest

  229. Dick

    I’d be checking your bottle or glass on what you are drinking. They have pissing contests when the customer not watching. Smell it before taking a drink. Anyhow, this club has the hottest midget male dancers in town.

  230. JT

    The happy hours is the best in the city.

  231. ready


  232. where: when
  233. Hugh


  234. X Man

    Service in this club is excellent. All are friendly, progessional, and just do a great job. Nice girls too !

  235. Bentley

    Cidy, I love you.

  236. hardcore


  237. Elf

    Drunk Santa contest, this Christmas Eve!

  238. Oscar

    Best small club in the city

  239. City Planner

    This is the place for football. The Bud’s Girls make each and ever game special. The only thing they need to do is get more seating. I came late once, and had to stand the entire game.

  240. ho


  241. Easter


  242. Bunghole

    Best midget cross dressing transsexual dancers around.

  243. How filthy ?

    I saw a fly put kleenex on the toilet seat before it would land.

  244. Zipper

    Number One club in Indianapolis. No other club even comes close (which you can see by the 9.9 rating). All the girls are really sexy, friendly, and charming. The prices are resonable, and the food is terrific. We are lucky to have Bud’s Lounge in our fair city.

  245. Brad

    This is a low class red neck hillbilly bar. I love this club !

  246. Worst

    club ever.

  247. "buds girls"?

    who are these “buds girls”? are talking about the female customers??? cause they dont have STRIPPERS or a STAGE to dance on? so what “buds girls” are you referring to??? JUST CALL AND ASK THEM IF THEY HAVE DANCERS THERE AND THEY’LL TELL YOU NO THEY ARE A REGULAR BAR. OH WAIT, THEY DONT EVEN HAVE A WORKING PHONE NUMBER. WHAT A QUALITY PLACE…NOT!

  248. she's


  249. head


  250. Gay Man

    I am a long time regular at Buds. I love Buds because they have special nights for Gay Men, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I do not know who cums in the club on Sunday ?

  251. Wayland

    They just got the mix of girls just right. Love this club !

  252. one


  253. Last post

    Damn autocorrect! Correction. I meant to type two college guys, not girls.

  254. To Earl

    Is that what it was? I thought it was dropped bean dip that was on the bar.

  255. re: Russian Girls

    The reason they got Russian Girls is there is NO fucking heat in this dump ! (the Russian Girls are OK with the fucking cold).

  256. Anthony

    Best time ever.

  257. contest


  258. do


  259. Umi

    This is just a terrific little club. Sweet, sweet girls.

  260. Adam

    This club just has it all. The local girls, great drink specials, and even the food is just perfect.

  261. PIGS

    I like to fuck pigs. Not fat women, I mean real oinkers, pig Indiana pigs, they are just so sexy when they look at you with those eyes.

  262. to


  263. Piper
  264. Fast Frank

    I am crew member on one of the IRL racing teams. We are in Indianapolis for the entire month of May. The old guys knew about Buds but this was my first “rookie” trip to the club. What a wonderful find ! I had no idea that a small club could be so much fun ! The girls are all really good looking, the food was great, they play great tunes but not so loud you can not talk, and friendly, friendly, friendly. I wish we had a club like this back in my home town. No wonder this place is ranked as the number one club in the nation. Glad I have time to go back for a few more visits !

  265. Monday


  266. Porno Pig

    Last weekend they were showing two of Miss Piggy’s porno flicks at Buds. Wow, that is one hot pig !

  267. rx


  268. U. S. TENNIS OPEN

    Bud’s is having free food starting at 4pm for the U.S. Tennis Open tonight at 5pm. All beers are $1.00 and all mixed drinks are $2.00. Come and enjoy the girls and some great tennis !

  269. Yes !

    Of course is it OK to fuck your Aunts and Cousins. I would be careful about the pigs, what with Swine Flu an all.

  270. no


  271. WHY ?

    Does anyone know why Buds is listed as one of the top clubs in Ask Men.com, GQ, Indy Guide to the City, and other big time publications ? It is just a hole in the wall but listed as if it were a fancy strip club in Vegas ? Strange ?

  272. Gays Drink Free !

    Correction to the last post! Damn autocorrect! Bud’s has been packed with college gays since he restarted the “Gays Drink Fee” program for all NFL games. Bud is one smart gay !

  273. Favre
  274. Henry

    The girls at this club are all just so friendly. Hot little bodies serving big cold beers. Life is good !

  275. elves


  276. by Default

    There just is not a true men’s club in Indianapolis. I think these big time publications feel they must list at least one club from Indiana and since all the clubs are equally bad. They just list Bud’s Lounge becasue of its high SCL rating not because it is a great club.

  277. A +

    A + + + + + +

  278. Crazy

    Went there last night. About 8 dancers, most were average. There were 2 that were hot. Got a dance from Nikki and it was worth it. Will stop by whenever in the area.

  279. Gay

    Well all know this is gay bar and has been for years. Butt, there are indeed some of the best male strippers in the city at this little hot club. You big straping lads can have your girl strippers, butt (little joke), I get my guy strippers. The Strip Club List is for boys and girls and me (in between). Not a good idea, it is the law. (First Amendment) “Hey Handsome . . want to dance ?”

  280. Kermit the Frog

    Miss Piggy, it’s not nice to talk when you have a frog in your throat.

  281. everyone

    loves trannies

  282. Swine Flu ?

    I can only get Swine Flu if I guess a pig, right ? No way from just a friendly little butt fuck ?

  283. M

    Very interesting

  284. Deja
  285. indian


  286. Snoop Dogg

    Who let the dogs out? Because they are all over here. Someone, call animal control!

  287. shakespear


  288. Koop

    Lary Legand (Bird) was in the club last night and talked about the Celtics Championship and what we can expect from the Pacers (not much) in the upcoming season. What a great guy from French Lick !

  289. Michelle's Lap Dances

    Michelle Obama is giving free lap dances all day and all night at Buds. High class joint.

  290. mi


  291. Rex

    Good mix of customers. Service is terrific !

  292. after


  293. missed


  294. tonight


  295. sunday


  296. Crowded

    Me and some buddies went to Buds for the game. It is way to crowed for my taste. The girls are HOT and food was great, but it takes an hour to get a beer. We never did find seats and had to stand the entire game. Next time we are going early.

  297. very


  298. Dump

    This place is a dump.

  299. Girlfriend

    I noticed my girlfrined has a big dick. Is that normal ?


    What do you morons not understand ? There no f*&king strippers at this club. It is just a dirty, little, hole in half a f*&king wall !

  301. G + HIV

    I have both gonorreha and I am HIV positive. Most likely I have other STDs, but the doctors just stopped testing. I try to have sex with as many men as possible at Buds and always find some action. Nice place.

  302. garbage workers

    are the trashiest

  303. happy


  304. Wrecking Crew

    Hey GG we can not wait for you to arrive ! Tell us when your first night is on and we will come to give you a welcome !

  305. fi


  306. me


  307. back


  308. Slow

    Only 8 dancers in the entire club at 8pm.

  309. Billy
  310. Dick Long

    I have a very long dick. I think I would enjoy butt fucking a horse (again)

  311. Terry

    Leslie stole the show. What a body !

  312. troy
  313. rough


  314. Cindy likes Bud

    Cindy just likes Bud . . . nothing more nothing less

  315. four


  316. advanced


  317. Huh

    WTF? Sick bastards!

  318. College Girls

    This is a nice club to hang out with college girls. If you want a hookers/strippers go to Rick’s or Dancers. Both options are fine. No reason to make stupid repost.

  319. dining


  320. black


  321. Cracker

    Heard nothing but good about club can’t wait to get in town

  322. HHooooosss

    No, I think there are just HHOOoooooss

  323. Tzer
  324. if


  325. Charlie

    Terrific club ! However, the need an ANNEX building during race week. This place is way to crowded with race fans !

  326. baby new year

    Hopefully for 2010, they can clean up this dump, get rid of

    the stench and hire some dancers!

  327. ret
  328. Smitty

    The staff always make you feel welcome. Nice after working hard all day.

  329. everywhere


  330. bor


  331. Total Shit

    This club is total shit.

  332. place is


  333. lance

    there are no strippers at this dump! the owners of this shithole need to stop LYING! he needs to watch it causethe wrong person might read his bogus posts and drive all the way down to this hole in the ground just to find out he’s lying and beat the shit out him!!!

  334. Vern

    This club has an excllent selection of beers.

  335. love


  336. Dirty

    Place needs a good cleaning.

  337. Gay ?

    I heard that gay guys take baths ? Is that true ?

  338. LoserVille

    yep the owners of this shithole are still up to their old tricks! they keep giving this bottom of the barrel NO-STRIPPERS dive bar high ratings in order to keep it in the top list! what fucking retards, they actually think people are falling for their bullshit! LOSERS!!!


    This place is just like Hooters except better. The Bud’s Girls are all 10+ and when they start dancing and stripping on the bar you think you are in the movie “Coyote Ugly”. Thesw women are all playboy quality. Awesome !

  340. to: KEVIN

    Gays are NOT welcome at this Bud’s Lounge. Drive your little BMW to some fag bar downtown or we will kick you ass.

  341. R &C

    I just love this club ! All top notch girls !

  342. Froggy

    Smoking hot dancers and ice cold brew. Life is good.

  343. Papi


  344. Ban Ki-moon

    The United Nations would like to recognise the work just completed by the Department of Ionicsphereic Studies and Ozone Research at Bud’s Lounge. Your research on climate change and beer will make a difference.

    Ban Ki-moon

    Secretary General of the United Nations

  345. Theodore

    Always rated as one of the top clubs in the city. Very unique club.

  346. Pacman

    Best kept secret in the city. Terrific mix of customers.

  347. BUDdy

    Coming up in August, State Fair Day at Buds. Kids, bring your prized farm animals in and show them. Hog roast in the afternoon.

  348. Tin Man

    The club is going to rock all week end long with the NBA on the tube, and me on the boob (of Karen)

  349. Kelly Fan

    I am a big Kelly fan. She is my favorite of all of the Bud’s Girls. She just is so HOT, the body, the smile, the legs, perfection.

  350. Lou

    Nice club

  351. priority


  352. never


  353. hyu
  354. You're a ho?

    How much do you charge?

  355. Bud

    Bud’s Lounge just issued a position on global warming.

  356. Charliie

    The NBA finals party was a blast ! Sharon is my favorite !

  357. Girls drink free !

    Bud’s has been packed with college girls since he restarted the “Girls Drink Fee” program for all NFL games. Bud is one smart guy !

  358. your


  359. tree


  360. blow


  361. protest


  362. Ward

    always a good time at Buds,

  363. New Years Eve

    Not an awful place for New Years Eve. I was there last year and it not so bad.

  364. Stan

    The bad economy is killing the strip clubs.

  365. Dang it!

    I missed the contest. Had to get an enema last night. Who won?

  366. dancers


  367. Toad

    Raven is back to working full time. We missed her so much, glad to see her cute little butt.

  368. yes

    it is

  369. NFL Fans

    The Colts start a new season and a lot of us are ready for some action ! Bud’s Lounge goes all out for the NFL season and you know you are in the “Land of the Blue” when you are at Bud’s Lounge. Go Colts !

  370. Ace
  371. Doug

    Another good time at Buds.

  372. Diaspora

    The diaspora of the clinetel is complex. It adds to the total experience with systemic clarity.

  373. going


  374. maid


  375. silky boy
  376. coxic
  377. Dog Tricks

    You can have sex with my dog for $5.00

  378. results


  379. dog


  380. Porky Pig

    Who let the hogs out? Oink! Oink! Oink!

  381. trick


  382. Saint Elmo

    Karen just makes this club speical. All the girls are nice, but Karen is perfect !

  383. Next contest

    this Friday night

  384. Kingman

    Nothing going on here

  385. Doggy Style

    I notice a lot of customers bring in their dogs. I just love fucking that big black Lab . . she is fucking HOT !

  386. heat


  387. First Time

    I am from New York. I read the reviews about this club here on SCL prior to my trip to Indianapolis. All I can say is “Thank You” to SCL. Without this list I would never have found this unique little club. The rating system works and is a big help to out of town guys who are looking for the best clubs in a city.

  388. JET

    No idea why/how this dump stays in business. Total shit hole.

  389. Henry S

    Club is back to normal. Normal at Bud’s is perfect !

  390. Pierpoint

    HIGHLY OVERATED ! ! I live here and I agree. You out of towners come in for the races and see all this hot chicks and think these girls actually live here. WRONG ! They come in, work the race, and then leave on the next flight out of Dodge. Why don’t you come in this week and then tell us how you rate this club ?

  391. laugh


  392. Ricky
  393. FALSE advertizing

    are your “dancers” ghosts, cause i came in last night after reading all these great reviews but there was not ONE stripper in the place NOT ONE! AND NO STAGE! AND WHY DOESNT YOUR PHONE WORK???

  394. rush


  395. Economy

    The ecomony and the cold have killed the strip club business in this city. All the clubs are emptpy.

  396. monthly


  397. Ivan

    5 reasons this is a top club. Sharon, Lisa, Marty, Tina and Rachel.

  398. now

    or later

  399. Joe Bidden

    Thank you for your support.

  400. Paco
  401. One Big Party

    Buds Lounge is just one big party. The only exception is that I do not know any party that has girls that look like the Bud’s Girls ! All of them are just so smokin hot.

  402. stay


  403. are


  404. train


  405. Rick
  406. Vu
  407. Cusstomer Service

    I ask for a clean glass. The bartender told me “Go get fucked . . this is not the Ritz Carlton”. Nice place.

  408. speed


  409. half


  410. G

    This place is always rocking ! They have the best looking girls in the city. No one else even comes close.

  411. Sal

    This club rocks

  412. why was it a dud

    contest, didn’t you wear your frilly panties? this club might as well go back to having 50 year old drunk biker strippers.

  413. beer


  414. 500 fan

    Stopped in after the race. No dancers. Haven’t had them for years, I heard. This club should not be listed on this website. Had a beer and waited for traffic to die down. Will find a new place next time to rest.

  415. Simon

    First time here. Had a good time and will go back.

  416. Boring

    Only 10 dancers at 9pm on a Friday night.

  417. almost


  418. Nate

    Totally ganesh !

  419. cry


  420. Exactly

    Carole told me the same thing. She said she really did not want to leave New York and Hot Lap Dance but it closed suddenly. I know she likes being back in Indiana, but the money is not even close. We need to enjoy her until she goes back to the big time.

  421. Cool

    Last weekend, there was this hot dancer in there which I got a lap dance from. She had a bulge in her g-string and I asked her, is that a pickle or are you horny to be with me? Found out it was a chick with a dick. Still gave a good lap dance though. The bulge in back was a pickle in her crack that she was saving for later.

  422. bounty


  423. Larry

    This is an awesome gay club.

  424. Monday Night Football

    Free food and $1.00 beers ! I love this club.

  425. BD Party

    Kristie’s Birthday Party was a blast. (and Kristie looked dam good in her birthday suit)

  426. cigar


  427. two


  428. for


  429. a55wipe
  430. Rocky

    Great club, went home happy !

  431. Dog Sex ?

    Does your dog have teeth ?

  432. Thru the grapevine

    I heard Cheap Trick was playing here. So I went and they told me I heard wrong. Cheap tricks are played here. So I got one for $10 and left. OK bar, but they need to pick up the dead rat in the corner.

  433. Paul

    Friday night is “Girls Gone Wild” night at Bud’s. All the girls drink free if they show their tits !

  434. Chicago

    Yeah, Michelle use to dance on the Southside of Chicago. She use to make good money as a stripper. Nice ass.

  435. final


  436. heavy


  437. below


  438. Total Crap

    This club is NOT good for anything

  439. B O H

    Where the fuck is the Board of Health ? How can this dump be allowed to serve food and beverage ?

  440. Toilet was

    busted so I just took a shit on the floor. Nobody noticed.

  441. S Joe
  442. movie


  443. MC


  444. 6 Touchdowns

    We all watched the Packers Game and history being made. Favre tossed in 6 touchdowns. The Bud’s Girls did their special “touchdown dance” on each score. Those girls are the best.

  445. Doggy Sex !

    My “DOG” only does it “Doggy Style” . . . what kind of weirdos do you think we are ?

  446. james
  447. side


  448. NFL Central

    WOW ! What a blast ! I have never had so much fun in my life as I did last night watching the Packers game at Bud’s Lounge ! This is the place for me for the rest of the season. The “Bud’s Girls” are just the best. I think I am in love with Stacy.

  449. bar


  450. having


  451. Whammed !

    I went to Carole’s going away party. Terrific party, lasted until 3am, free food, dollar beers, and the girls just went crazy. Good time, big hangover.

  452. Colts Win !

    Coltw Win ! The Bud’s Girls went crazy (and topless) for this must win game. The girls gave their all, which is enough even if we had lost. Hot bodies and cold beer. Life is good.

  453. Farewell Party

    As most of you know Carole will be going to work in Florida for the winter. However, she said she will be back in May to work the races ! A lot of us regular customers are giving her a “Going Away Party” this Saturday night.

  454. Nice Tires

    Hey man, your tires look good.

  455. Ratio

    Saturday night there were 20 dancers for 5 customers.

  456. Red

    Great location close to the track. Some really good looking girls at the place.

  457. P & D

    I guess you could call us pervertted and demented ? However, we prefer to be call “Liberal Obama Democrats”. Sexy swine night is tonight. No condoms allowed. These are all virgin piggys.

  458. toy


  459. pulling

    a train?

  460. Robbie

    The Board of Health should close this place. It is not sanitary.

  461. King Creole

    Go Saints!

  462. Hustler
  463. Right


  464. Chickens

    I have always enjoyed fucking chickens at Buds. Nice club with hot chicks.

  465. Fred

    Nice club.

  466. Victor

    First time at Bud’s. What a great little club ! I will soom be a regular, Karen is the best !

  467. Bye


  468. Str8 male

    I like small pussy.

  469. Bears Win !

    We all had a blast watching the Chicago Bears last night on the big screen. Lots of college girls from Butler and IUPUI came to watch the game. Nice girls all.

  470. halloween


  471. Lone Ranger

    They have the club fixed up for the NBA finals. Karen looks just smoking HOT in her little Celtics top. I think I am in love !

  472. Where's the strippers

    None here.

  473. Uncle ?

    My father is also the father of all my cousins. So the question is . . can I screw my Aunt ? (she is old, but HOT)

  474. thank


  475. Yummy

    This place is a shit hole with no strippers.

  476. Big Rig

    I have been hanging out at Buds for years. Good mix of cutomers, close to the track, and friendly staff. Great place for a cold one and just relax. The girls are just an extra special !

  477. fairy


  478. Pregame Warm Up Party

    The Pregame Warm Up Party will start at 5pm. All beer selections are $1.00 and there will be free food for all. This means ribs, chicken, side dishes and salad buffett. This is going to be the best season ever. See you all all at Bud’s Lounge for the kick off !

  479. another


  480. Small Pussy

    My cat has a small pussy, and she really like to fuck, when she is in heat, which is all the time.

  481. Steve

    Spring has Sprung

  482. Club Stinks

    I do not know exactly what stinks ? Maybe it is the piss in the corners, the vomit on the table or the stale beer on the floor ? This place is just a dump.

  483. Buds

    Yes there are always some GAY BLADE BUDS at this paradise. However, must of us are into sex with animals. I am into (literally) sex with dogs, big dogs. Some guys/girls/undetermined have sex with cats, horses, rats, pigs, cows, and some nice big birds. Lovely club.

  484. New Videos

    Bud’s has the new “Sheep Gone Wild” videos that were filmed at last years State Fair. There are some really hot sheep in these videos. Sexy, sexy, sexy !

  485. Tim

    All the girls are great, but Karen is special

  486. SHIT on ceiling

    How do you get SHIT on the ceiling ?

  487. TOO JAY

    NO WHORES, just some old dirty truck drivers. I have not seen even ONE woman in this dump in years.

  488. Awesome !

    The “Bud’s Girls” are just awesome. I have never seen so many good looking women anywhere. It is just awesome !

  489. different


  490. Drunk

    Is this place open on the 4th? I need a place to vomit and crap at.

  491. internet


  492. is


  493. finish


  494. P
  495. Crapper Dan

    Nice place to take a dump in the corner. I see the one I took last month is still there. Btw, no dancers anymore (for out of town race fans).

  496. Cough Cough

    This place is cold and dirty.

  497. Scott

    Not a strip club. Maybe people in Indiana will figure out what a real strip club is like.

  498. Tiger

    Sort of a shit hole

  499. Peyton

    It is sad to see this club trying to pass itself off as a strip club.

  500. number


  501. baby


  502. election


  503. potential


  504. Terrific Sunday

    We had a terrific Sunday with Carole and Krisse at Buds. The game was awesome and these girls are just so HOT HOT HOT !

  505. you're


  506. nail


  507. Tango

    Good place for a cold beer.

  508. Terrific Trio

    Bud’s Lounge & Farm Animals & Sex

  509. Interested

    I read all the reviews, and unlike you others (Nizzam in India) & no idea where you other idiots are located in cyper space, I actually went to Buds Lounge. It is just a “hole in the wall” with zero strippers. They bar lady said they use to have “ONE” and only “ONE” but she was lousy and quit. They do have photos of famous race car drivers all over the place, the picture of Foty Sr., Shumaker of Formula One, the “King Petty” and others. No strippers, no class, but they do have cold beer and some interesting customers as they are actually close to the track. And for our friend “Nissam” . . yes the owner (BUD) and the staff are all nice hard working Mid Western people with good values of family. Sincerely yours the only idiot that has actually been to “Buds Lounge: !

  510. Homeless Drunk

    You better not! That’s where I sleep!

  511. people

    who don’t have a life care

  512. lie


  513. Dr. D

    The place to hang with the gang.

  514. ghy
  515. evidently


  516. College Football

    Got the gang ready to go to Buds for a college football weekend. This IS THE PLACE. Love those Bud’s Girls, best looking girls anywhere.

  517. High Club Rating

    Does anyone know why this club is rated so high ? I went over to Ricks and thought it was almost as good and it is only rated 2.8 ?

  518. Cotton

    I agree that Sheila is smokin HOT. She looks amazing in those little short, short, shorts !

  519. Wine Selection

    They have the best wine selection in the Midwest. VIP guest are allowed to select from the private cellar. Two new Gulfstream Jets are now available for club members.

  520. You don't know

    Jack Shit!

  521. STDs

    Why does it burn when I take a piss on the floor? Looks like my little ‘Willie’ has a wart on it. I’ll just get rid of it with some sandpaper.

  522. Bored of Health

    We’ve inspected this place with a fine tooth comb. No gonorreha here. Just mold, crap, piss, vomit, used tampons, navel lint, ear wax and dead rats. Unless this is a new development started by you.

  523. Mirrors
  524. VEGAS

    This is a small club but the quality is first rate. This is as good as anything you will see in Las Vegas !

  525. Limited Production

    The “Bud’s Girls” calendars are for Gold and Elite members only. However, you might ask if there are extra 2008 editions left over. Lots of the same terrific girls !

  526. Andy

    Just a fun place to drink beer.

  527. Zoom Zoom

    Zoom – this is the place to hang out with all of the Indianapolis 500 race car teams. Sometimes, you even see one of the famous drivers. Great little club, well know to the racing teams.

  528. Mr T
  529. Oink

    Squeal like a pig, boy!

  530. No toilet here !

    Most of just shit our pants and keep drinking. To much trouble to drop you pants and shit in a corner. Cleaner as well.

  531. Seasonal

    Some of these girls show up in May and stay the season. Still, there about 25 to 30 girls that are full time. I actually like it when the race fans leave and the ratio improves.

  532. J J

    For you out of town race fans – Buds is only 5 miles from the INDy 500 track. It is worth your time to visit the Number One club in the nation !

  533. prancers


  534. WTF ?

    How in the fu#K did Bud get these hot Russian whores ?

  535. Young

    The club was backed with Memphis fans for the ball game. The girls scored big !

  536. go 2

    sleep in the corner

  537. Jacques

    Very nice upscale club with over 100+ dancers. All the girls are dressed in the finest gowns and have their hair professionally done before each performance. Expensive club but well worth the $250 cover charge.

  538. Mel

    Two for one drinks all night long. This is the place to watch the big name with the girls with the big tits.

  539. Go Colts !

    Went to Bud’s Lounge last night and the place was really rocking. Lots of energy over the new NFL season the the Colt’s. This is just a terrific club to watch some games, have a beer, and watch the Bud’s Girls do their thing ! Rated number one in the State for good reason.

  540. Big Bird

    That wasn’t Miss Piggy being shown getting porked. That was your wife!

  541. Jake

    I had a good time at Buds.

  542. cheese


  543. Pervert

    Is this place a jack shack? I love shooting my jizz on the floor.

  544. cloud


  545. throw


  546. nowhere


  547. Big Easy

    The girls make this club happen. What a super little place.

  548. William

    Gorgous girls and a very friendly staff. There is a reason it is always rated as one of the best clubs in the country !

  549. there


  550. guide


  551. Saturday Night

    On Saturday Night there were only 20 strippes in the club and less and 10 customers ! This club is just hoping May and the Race will save their ass. This economy sucks.

  552. larry1

    Experience of a lifetime.

  553. Colts Central

    I can hardly wait for the NFL season to start ! Me and ‘da boys always watch the games at Bud’s Lounge. The beer, the babes, and the Colts !

  554. Club
  555. re: Number One

    Yeah, I ready that article about Bud’s being the first club to be rated number one five years in a row ! Of course it is the Bud’s Girls that make the club !

  556. jumbo


  557. VODKA

    I told one of the Russian strippers I would buy here all the Vodka shots she could drink. She downed 10 shots in an hour and I left. WTF ?

  558. Barf

    The vomit I left in the corner after last years Indy 500 is still there! That could be the reason of the stench.

  559. Great Party !

    We all had a terrific time at the U.S. Open Party. Lots of guys stopped by on their way home from work. The Bud’s Ball Girls were fabulous !

  560. bad


  561. lined


  562. comedy


  563. Fast Eddy

    Bud’s lounge is now just full of race fans. Each night is a full blown party and it just keeps getting better. Karen and Valerie did the girls gone wild thing. The Danika team came in and gave each of us “Official” crew member hats. The service remains terrific as Bud has brought on extra staff for race month. The 500 would not be the 500 without Bud’s Lounge.

  564. three


  565. we


  566. NO SLUTS !

    Don’t call those things sluts ! That gives the word “SLUT” a bad name. Those things just dream of becomming sluts when they clean up their act. NO sluts at this fucking dump !

  567. To Strange

    Take a bath! You should take one at least once a week.

  568. live


  569. Sheppard

    I like to flock my sheep.

  570. Sh1thead
  571. encore


  572. print


  573. la


  574. Rock
  575. Bisexual man

    Nice selection of crossdressing pre-op shit eaters in the dump. I got my unwiped ass rimmed here last night.

  576. Race

    The girls that work the race are starting to arrive

  577. warming


  578. Mac

    Beer and big screen NBA !

  579. Bobby T

    Best club in the city !

  580. Maxell

    Best dancers in the city.

  581. Dungy
  582. Monty P

    Just to watch Karen walk aroung the bar is worth the drive from where ever you come from. That is just one fine lady !

  583. online


  584. No idea ?

    No idea why Buds is the only club from Indiana that has ever been listed in the GQ review ? What is it about this club that gets all this great press ?

  585. AssnTits5

    I in no way like car racing but this place grew on me. Picture a couple race cars exploding within a bar setting: wheels, hoods, etc all over the place.Four pool tables ($1 each), two dart machines, a mix of flat screen and old RGB tvs. I believe this place has food but I didn’t get any. I kept getting the $6 pitchers of Coors but I hope they have more than your basic swill beer.I went on a Wednesday night because it was karaoke night. The group of patrons were all very supportive of each other and friendly. The server and bartender were awesome too. Some guys playing chess.For some reason this is classified as a “dive bar,” but it is not. It is clean with functioning toilets and sinks. There was ample lighting and enough seating for everyone there. Nothing appeared to be broken. I love dive bars but this is not one.

  586. Mat

    This is my favorite club of all time !

  587. free


  588. Puds
  589. Austin

    Great service . . great little club

  590. Uno Tootho

    I stil hav one touuth . . do nut mak fum of ma.

  591. snake


  592. Total waste

    This place is a total waste of time.

  593. change


  594. Martin

    This club just goes crazy for the girls and the NBA finals. That a hoot ! Beer, round ball, and babes !

  595. Monday Night Football

    We had a really good time at Monday Night Football at Bud’s Lounge. I would recommend this place for all of your NFL needs. The Bud’s Girls make it a really pleasant experience ! You never need to punt.

  596. TOM TOM

    only one good dancer

  597. ice


  598. That fly became

    depressed when he saw how dirty your glass was, and then proceeded to drown himself in my beer ! Little fucker !

  599. AJ


  600. tommy

    dude, this is NOT a stripclub! this is more like a generic brand coyote ugly for in fact they ARE coyote ugly!!! yes, you will chew your own arm off in order to get the hell of there!!!

  601. My Girfriend ?

    Hey, I just noticed by girlfriend has a Big Dick as well ! You don’t think we are both banging the same chick do you ? Do you think our chick may be a rooster ?

  602. Pauley

    This one of the best clubs in the city. I will go back.

  603. Z Pac

    My favorite girl is Valerie . . just love those legs

  604. week


  605. T Davis
  606. INDY NO PLACE !

    That is what I thought. There is no way that many super hot strippers actually live and work all year long in a loser, hick city like this. Still, while those girls are here Bud’s Lounge is the best show in town !

  607. april


  608. Tooney

    The girls were great in defeat. The Pacers are out, but the girls are the winners !

  609. Number One Rating ?

    I think it is always rated number one because it is one of the few clubs where you can always have sex with the farm animal of your choice.

  610. Santa

    This dump doesn’t have dancers anymore. No presents for you.

  611. fair


  612. Mr. Ed

    You are supposed to pick up your pet waste. Why didn’t you eat it?

  613. I U Football

    Hoosiers will start the pregame tomorrow at Buds at 11:30 for early drinks. This will be one great party !

  614. Ray Man


  615. Bud's vs Rick's

    I find it strange that Bud’s Lounge is rated 4.7 while Rick’s Caberat is rated 2.7 ? For sure Bud’s is a better strip club . . but not twice as good ? Wonder why the ratings ?

  616. rt
  617. Sickened



    Unfortunately, I was cusious and went to both Buds Lounge and Brads Gold Club last Saturday. Buds is small hole in the wall dump with no strippers. Two guys drinking beer that were obviously truck drivers. Next went to Brads Gold Club that looks like it use to be a strip club, but again no strippers. A DJ playing loud music and two guys drinking beer that must have been the twin brothers of the guys a Buds ? Two clubs and so far have not seen even one strippers. Next went to Club Rio. There I saw strippers and then wish I had not. Went home alone, looked up some stripper videos on my computer and jerked off. Why is there not even one descent strip club in Indianapolis ? This is a big city, but not even one strip club worth a shit.

  619. Paul L

    Always a good time a Buds. Small enough that you know every one and every one knows you. HOT girls, all local, and all real.

  620. oh


  621. Elmer Fud

    Love those “Naked Pigs Gone Wild” videos at Bud’s Lounge.

  622. Nasty

    This place is just NASTY

  623. Pure


  624. THANK YOU !

    We just wanted to say “thank you” to Strip Club List for providing such a useful web site. Without this rating system we would never have found Bud’s Lounge (we only go to the number one rated club in any city) and we would never have seen Carole. Thanks again to SCL ! You are the best !

  625. dud


  626. today

    is monday

  627. giant


  628. air


  629. Amos

    This club is the best for special events. They decorate and make sure all the staff are tuned in for the event.

  630. Carey

    Dylan is not bad, but the rest of the girls are dogs.


    The roof of this dump is really leaking. Good thing, it sort of washes aways the urine and beer that is on the flooor.

  632. Good Customer Mix

    Buds has the best mix of customers of any club in the city. Because of the quality of the girls I might be sitting with some doctors, truck drivers, lawyers, bankers, and construction workers. That is why I love this club, it is just one big happy family !

  633. Shit Beer Float

    Bud’s is a true innovator.

  634. York
  635. Shitty
  636. Homo

    They have installed a Depends machine in the corner, from what I hear. So now when you crap in your pants, you can get a new diaper.

  637. Manic Man

    Best club in the Midwest !

  638. o
  639. Jack o
  640. gene
  641. vip


  642. NO RAIN !

    We are all here for the Moto GP at the track. Hopefully, NO RAIN, but the race will go on even in the rain on special tyres. The “Bud’s Girls” are really fun. First time here and it is different kind of club. One of a kind for sure ! See ‘ya at the race.

  643. ya


  644. Richie

    Our customers have ranked us as the Number One Strip Club in the State of Indiana. Yes, we are a Gay Bar, and Yes our strippers are some of the sexiest men you will ever see anywhere. The lap dances are always a cumming experience. Strip clubs are for strippers and we have some of the best. All of you straight guys are welcome to explore your inner gay. Maybe you are gay and just do not know it yet ? We can help !

  645. Track Man

    This is the best club in the world ! I have never seen so many hot chicks in one place in my life. It is like “Girls Gone Wild” except it is not on TV. It is realy and you are part of the action. Heaven on earth.

  646. good


  647. T>P

    No strippers at this hole.

  648. Touchdown

    Going back tonight, last night was too much fun !

  649. Little Bo Peep

    I always like to stop by Buds for a beer after I get off work. The boys at the bar always give me a free cold one. I don’t know why they like me or my sheep so much ?

  650. excite


  651. come


  652. Sub Z
  653. sneaky


  654. Elm

    The blonds has a huge rack.

  655. A+


  656. pulled


  657. Mr. T

    Fridays are my favorite night at Buds. Girls gone wild !

  658. Free Pizza

    Bud bought free pizza for all of us as we watched President Bush say farewell. He saved our nation from attack for seven years. Well done.

  659. poor


  660. ox


  661. London

    We just flew to London on Bud’s new Gulfstream 650 Jet out of Indianapolis. Cabin crew were all dancers from the club. It cost some serious money but being a Diamond VIP at Bud’s does have benefits.

  662. rate


  663. tv


  664. swer
  665. camp


  666. RJ

    nothing going on at this club . . zero

  667. Mikey

    Great place, I always have a good time with the girls. Prices are lower than other clubs.

  668. Willie
  669. rapidly


  670. Emerson

    The two new “German exhange students” make this place better than ever. Going to be a good summer !

  671. Goof Ball

    WOW ! What a terrific little club !

  672. Pimp

    Cindy wasn’t very good in bed though. She’s always drunk. Anyhow, this club needs new midget male dancers.

  673. Nascrap Fan

    After the big redneck race, I stopped by. There was a person with no teeth there and it made me think of my home state Arkansas. Made me horny. I don’t know if it was a he or she, but had a pretty mouth.

  674. ha


  675. Evert

    Karen has the best rack in the city . . and they are real !

  676. permanent


  677. Yankee Doodle

    Buds is the only really nice club we have in Indianpolis. All of the other places are just way to loud for an normal adult. But, all we need is our one great little club. Thank God for Bud’s Lounge !

  678. Zek

    Place is packed with race fans ! The girls are all 10+ !

  679. luv


  680. My name is Earl

    Fun club, not to fancy, just right for beer and babes.

  681. T O

    The club is always having these great parties. Tonight is NBA night. Should be great !

  682. C

    Best collection of dancers I have ever seen !

  683. Palmer

    Just a fun place to hang out with some really good looking girls. Friendly girls in a great atmosphere. Best club in the Midwest for sure.

  684. mobility


  685. the Dude

    this club abides

  686. chocolate

    droppings from my bunghole litter the floor here.

  687. Frank

    Nice place to hang out with friends.

  688. Ricardo

    Hmmm… a strip club without strippers?????

  689. zombie


  690. Hip Hugger Girls

    The two girls we hired that worked at the Hip Hugger before is closed (RIP) are super nice.

  691. Two CLubs

    This place is really two clubs. One club when the girls that fly in for the races are here, and another club when they just have local girls.

  692. Nigel

    Bloody awful

  693. Charity Donation

    Well done to Buds ! Buds again this year made a very, very generous donation to our charity golf outing. They do this each and ever year. We all need to give the a big Indiana “well done”. Just a super bunch of folks at Buds.

  694. yellow


  695. super


  696. Hillbillly Bar

    This is a filthy, redneck, hillbilly bar with NO STRIPPERS ! Yes, the is NO STRIPPERS ! Total shit.

  697. Nujmber One

    This is the number one rated club in Indiana. The customers have spoken.

  698. Super Bowl

    Bud is bringing is some free pizzas for the Super Bowl. Cheap bastard most likely will get them for $10 for a large.

  699. Slick
  700. Monster


  701. dream


  702. above


  703. flash


  704. PT

    What a blast ! Karen is insane !

  705. Norm

    Nice corner bar.

  706. can't

    you see

  707. here


  708. huge


  709. video


  710. JACK

    off, jerk off, spit on the floor, shit, crap or vomit. The only thing for sure you will not find a clean place on the floor for it to land.

  711. sound


  712. New Girls

    We just hired two new girls that worked at the Hip Hugger in Kokomo before it closed.

  713. That fly just took a

    crap in my beer !

  714. sweet

    and sour

  715. Nizzam

    My name is Nizzam and I live in India. I have never been to the United States but would like to some day. Me and my friend selected 5 clubs THAT DO NOT HAVE STRIPPERS and made hudreds of fake reviews to place them in the top 15 clubs on this list. The owners of Buds knew nothing about this as they are not a strip club. IT WORKED and we even had Buds as the NUMBER ONE CLUB IN THE UNITED STATES. It was a joke and it worked. Easy to “spoof” URLS and make it look like we are in your country. Have any of you ever been to Buds ? What is it really like ? I am sure all owners and workers have good values as it is in the Midwest. Look forward to coming to your country soonest, Nizzam.

  716. walk


  717. Dr, Phil

    Yes, you can be gay, BUTT with only other gay sheep. (like you get it from a Ram)

  718. No Girls

    This club hasn’t had dancers in years! LOL. Last post probably came from the Pathetic Joker everyone knows about. A gay man with a tiny penis. He hates great clubs like the Hip Hugger.

  719. forward


  720. Tin Cup

    This is our club to hang out after a golf outing. Girls are terrific

  721. Shocked !

    I guess I just get shocked ever year when Bud’s goes from the 50 or so girls ever night back to the 25 to 30 girls. I will ajust, it just takes a while.

  722. out


  723. Sgt. Pepper

    Just an awesome club. Best in the city by a long shot.

  724. on


  725. Farmer Browns Dick

    is “brown” for a reason. Love those sexy sexy pigs. I have a pin up of Miss Piggy in my bed room. Love those porno pig videos.

  726. WTF

    No heat at this dump.

  727. barfing


  728. You say goodbye

    I say hello

  729. T N T

    Best “after hours” club in the city.

  730. The Pimp
  731. Chester the Molester

    Is this the bar that the perverts and demented go to?

  732. Sarah

    Sarah Palin will be live and on stage at Bud’s Lounge following here speach in Fort Wayne this morning. She is looking fine and will get my vote for sure !

  733. Good question ?

    The previous commentor got is half right. Some of the Bud’s Girls just fly in for the races. But, most come here in May and dance stay until September. A few of the hotties live here all year. The club will really slow down now that the race seaon is over.

  734. No dancers ?

    Obviously, you are not into (literally) farm animals. The Indiana State Fair and Sex Show is extened to 17 days this year. Lots and lots of sexy farm animals to dance with, all night long.

  735. play


  736. Me too

    Me too ! Since Carole left us for Florida for the season, Sheila is becomming my favorite as well. All of the Bud’s Girls are hot, but Sheila has that something special. Actually, she two of those something specials !

  737. Thank You

    Thanks to Buds for their generous contribution to our annual chariety golf tournement. You gift is appreciated by all the kids.

  738. Hank

    Dirty. No strippers.

  739. reunion


  740. again

    and again

  741. Less than 20

    There were less than 20 dancers at the club on a Saturday night. Business must be slow.

  742. Purdue Night

    Me and a bunch of Purdue Grads are all going to Bud’s tonight to celebrate Thursday and get trashed.

  743. the


  744. tomorrow


  745. at


  746. Strange


  747. sea


  748. was


  749. Purdue Fan

    Me and my gang make Buds our Purdue palace for the season. The Bud’s Girls are just the best. Most of the time they have free food for game time. Love this club.

  750. blue


  751. so


  752. combat


  753. hotel


  754. it

    is cold

  755. day


  756. adult


  757. guess


  758. milf


  759. Oliver

    Very nice upscale gay strip club.

  760. sadistic


  761. dert
  762. Ghandi

    The path to inner peace is lit from within.

  763. Blind One
  764. greater


  765. evil


  766. Zero

    Zero is the number of strippers at this dump. Why is it always rated so high ?

  767. Depends ?

    I found the “Depends Machine”. I got out a couple and used them to clean the tires on my truck. I have been shitting myself for years, never change my pants or anything, just one of the Bud’s regulars.

  768. Floyd

    Nice small club.

  769. roach


  770. Tom Terrific

    We all a blast last night. They should do the Italian Pizza Party theme more often. The Bud’s Girls really were in great form (literally) and boy can they dance !

  771. fire


  772. CAUTION !

    CAUTION ! For INDy 500 week and Brickyard 400 week the professional hookers/dancers/strippers/cock suckers/ are all over this club. The rest of the year, not much is going on, except TINA who sucks cock all the year.

  773. mean


  774. criminal


  775. let's


  776. Question

    Does Carole still work at Bud’s or was she seasonal ?

  777. Miss Piggy

    Do pigs give good blow jobs ?

  778. Carole

    You will love working at Bud’s Lounge. It is a fun place to work. BUT you will not make any money. I was dancing at Hot Lap Dance in New York when we were suddenly shut down by the police. The money was great. Here at Buds I only average about $2,000 a night, somtimes more sometimes less, but on average you can count on $2,000. I am only here until December. I am going down to Tootsies in Miami for the winter. However, I will be coming back to Buds in May for the racing season.

  779. Darvus
  780. Eddie

    Place is packed with race fans. Last night there were about 50 of us that had to hang out on side walk waiting to get in thep place. Well worth the wait.

  781. Daniel

    Memphis vs Kansas ! The girls all have bets with the guys and hopefully will get naked !

  782. blueberry


  783. ninety


  784. Well Done

    The gang at Bud’s finds a cure for Cancer!!! LOL

    Are you kidding me, this web site is supposed to be a forum for strip clubs (which Bud’s isn’t)not somewhere for some delusional owner to try to advertise how great his hole in the wall club is!

  785. Lezbo

    No nights for lesbian women? That’s not fair. This place is a sausage fest all week.

  786. Horse Shit

    The name of the horse I rode in on.

  787. Legal Opinon

    Is the pig your sister or your cousin ? In Kentucky the law is the law.

  788. Cheer Leaders

    Bud’s Lounge had all of the Bud’s Girls do a practice run in their sexy little Colts uniforms. They actually have some dance routines that set and ready to go. This is going to be another terrific NFL season at Bud’s Lounge !

  789. Anderson

    Good selection of imported beers

  790. Total

    fucking dump.

  791. tie


  792. pi


  793. betrayed


  794. account


  795. uncle


  796. fox


  797. Regular

    A bunch of us regulars are giving Carole a going away party tonight. This is her last night at Buds before she heads down to Flordia for the winter. She will be missed by me and all the regulars.

  798. ment


  799. off


  800. Race Man

    This club is crap. However, for the INDy 500 week and the Brickyard 400 race this club has about 50 of the most expensive whores in the world ! TINA (from Canada) made over $20,000 just sucking the cock of Big Roger (Penski) for like 3 days in a row. This club is crap the rest of the year.

  801. little


  802. time


  803. Las Vegas

    Bud’s Lounge is only club in the city that has Las Vegas type feature shows. The feature shows are at 8:30pm and 10:30pm are just spectacular. They have a live 15 piece orchestra, the lights, professional features, and the food is next to none. This is a must for one and all, just spectacular.

  804. Huh?

    You love transmissions?

  805. Light Loafers

    Very nice upscale gay strip club. Lots of lawyers, doctors, pilots, accountants and other professionals. The floor shows are spectacular ! Bring your gay lover and enjoy a jam packing fun !

  806. KFC

    Tell me more about the dipping sauce and the chickens ?

  807. entertain


  808. old


  809. balls


  810. Brickyard Fan

    Here for the Brickyard Race. The are NO Fu*king strippers at this hole ! Like none ! We went to Brads Gold club next and it was awful, went to Rio then went back to the hotel and jerked off. Piss poor city for strip clubs.

  811. favorite


  812. am


  813. Al

    This place sucks !

  814. Cindys lap dances

    Cindy McCain used to dance while at USC. Nice bolt ons up front, at least back then. She did extras for another Budweiser. Maybe Bud’s can make both of them a feature?! I’m there!

  815. Ted

    Best club in the city

  816. Me too (maybe)

    I think I had the same dream where I shit myself. I done so much hard drugs it is . . . . fuck . . I forgot what I was thinking . . fuck . . I just shit myself again. Luckly I am Buds and no one will notice.

  817. Leaks in roof and

    mold on walls.

  818. Trailer Park Trash

    A lot of inbreeding amongst the strippers.

  819. Eric

    The girls are all wearing Celtics and Laker tops (only) for the NBA playoffs. They look awesome.

  820. Snow

    Joint was closed just because we had a little snow.

  821. its


  822. Norman

    This is a small intimate club where you always feel welcome. The bar tender ask “what is your favorite beer?” I use to live in the UK and love Bodington’s Pub Ale. On my next visit to Buds the bar tender brought out some Bodington’s Ale that purchased just for me ! I am only customer that drink that particular beer. Talk about customer service. That is how you become the number on rated club in the nation. They keep customer service number one.

  823. Admirer

    Carole is back from the coast and is looking better than ever. She is my favorite Bud’s Girl of all time. She has the best looking butt in the business !

  824. Queer

    I go here alot and try to pick up men. Smells like piss and barf in here most if the time. I love to see roaches try to steal a sip of your beer.

  825. Good Times

    I always have a good time at Buds. This club has the girls and a party atmosphere each and every night. This place is just a notch above the other clubs.

  826. State Fair Fan

    I love the State Fair and all of those nakes sexy farm animals.

  827. Monday Night

    HIGHLY OVER RATED ! I came in last night to watch the football game. ALL of the girls that were here for the race season are now gone. The club is still OK, but nothing like it was last week This place is WAY OVER RATED !

  828. Number One

    This is the number one club in the city. All of the other clubs are tied for second. It is all about the girls.

  829. New Jets

    Bud’s International just purchased two new Gulfstream Five Jets for use by Bud’s VIP Gold Members. Bud’s London will be having a special 10 year party in November. VIP Gold Members must sign up for the free trip no later than September 8th.

  830. snowy


  831. give

    up ?

  832. What


  833. alive