La Mirage



1784 Wilmington Highway, Jacksonville, NC 28540


34.7369198, -77.4676092




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Credit Cards

All Inclusive


Public Wifi





0 reviews for “La Mirage

  1. josh
  2. Ian

    THis place is the best in town!

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  4. shaun
  5. paul

    well lets just say that the dancers are stuck up… they are hot but stuck up, and the bartender was a complete bitch. the dancers got bitchy if you didnt tip them, all that place wants is tips. but hot girls though

  6. jst a guy
  7. Jack
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  10. Big Bubba

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  11. jayden

    hey it was by far the best club that jascksonville has to offer i mean im a guy as much as any other one but the nasty crap some of these other clubs let slide, definatly makes me think twice about who im gunna pay to dance for me, but in la mirage i dont have that problem very down to earth people that dont take crap from anyone, some key girls to look out for Tenshi yeah best looking asian i have ever seen in my life then you have michelle and lets not forget barbie these three make that club look good! So definatly check that place out!

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  13. corey

    the girls in this club are all hott a few had bad attitudes but that is true with anywhere you go. i got dances from quite a few girls and they all had different styles so it was interesting and my favorite girl there was barbie. baby you are amazing and your hair is really hot. definitely worth going in and checking it out. BEST CLUB IN JACKSONVILLE

  14. Club Man

    You got to check this Place out!!! Classy Clean and a awesome atmosphere!!!

  15. Johnson12

    I got here with the BF when we want to cut loose a little. We always have a good time, few good looking gals, super friendly staff and less of the trouble you see at other strip clubs here.

  16. shawn

    ok club…. bartender was a bitch……… girls were nice, one was really ditsy… music was ok…. dj wouldnt shut up… drinks were a little strong… might go back there

  17. mario

    lets just say the bartender needs to get her act together. lose the attitude, and dont expect to get tipped when you act like that! drinks were to strong. very rude bartender. dj always kept talking. the girls were pretty good looking. as far as going back. um no

  18. The Man

    The Best ever!!!

  19. Couple In Wilm

    Girls are great! They were friendly and catered to the crowd with ease. Had one of the best private dances ever. Just an all around great time!

  20. Marine

    T always get treated very well in this club. I wont visit any other

  21. help

    ny style / leave it there

  22. vick

    i dont recommend this place… received horrible serbvicea

  23. steven

    never ever will go back. i was just visiting for the weekend, and had no fun what so ever

  24. john


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  26. John Boy


  27. awesomeman01010101

    i really enjoy the company of chase and nakita, they know how to have a good time, and make me laugh granted i don’t spend a lot of money they never hesitate to keep me company. they always have the most interested stories and adventures to share with me, and they know how to make a person smile. thanks for hiring some awesome entertainers!

  28. Big John

    Great Club……

  29. Niko

    Excellent Girls real Classy Club.. I’ll be back..

  30. mark

    get some good looking girls in there.

  31. st lawerence
  32. chris

    the girls look overworked and don’t seem to want yto be there

  33. Ben

    I’d say this is the classiest strip club in town. Topless only, but the girls make it a technicality. Drinks are always expensive at a bar, so expect to pay $3 for a beer. Fun, bright enough to see the dancers (who are generally gorgeous), and laid back.

  34. Girlie

    Best club in Jacksonville, N.C. by far!

  35. PAT

    I can go there everyday for months on end.

  36. Nitro

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