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5000 Jefferson Street Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87109


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fantasy World

  1. David

    This was fucking awsome! go if you come to albuquerque

  2. DFJ

    Place is a bit dingy, a bit overpriced, but on Friday night every single one of the girls were smokin hot and the lap dances were amazing.

  3. sean

    hey its a great place but there is something that need to be worked on but other than that its a good place

  4. luke

    kicks ass

  5. Billy Bob

    It’s a cool club with some good dancers.

  6. Rem

    Is that Serena girl still working there? Roz or Roslynn Gallegos i think she goes by possibly. Angel and her will do ANYTHING for a few extra $$$

  7. silentonesouthside13

    Its a pretty good club Majestic and Star are good I got a firme private dance from one of the newer girls Mystery and it was worth my money, and plus she actually talks to you unlike some of these other bitches that get a dance and jump from one fool to the other. But theres also some nasty ass girls that are pure cokehead sluts and this one black chick that looks like she has a dick fucken nasty ass shit.

  8. ex customer

    I’ve been in there many times and not once have i seen anything worth while. Some of my friends have gotten hand jobs from a few girls and it is obvious that the girls are tweekers. those girls have no morals and i have dancer friends with morals. There’s a few girls like Majestic that need to go. Not only is she a poser who from what i hear was dating the FAT ASS manager but she shouldn’t show that pussy of hers it’s disgusting and looks like at any second will jump up and bite you. It looks like a hot dog that blew up in the microwave, so if this is the kind of stuff you like this is the place for you. If you don’t want a disease or drugged out whore DON’T GO TO FANTASY WORLD or TD’S FOR THAT MATTER.

  9. Visitor in Albuq

    Would not waste my time with going in this club.Probably one of the worst juice clubs have been into anywhere across the U.S.

  10. Dancer
  11. fritter17

    My my where do I start I’m from Dallas me and my friend came here I looked on the internet they had 4 stars more like 1 star totally nude misleading every girl that got on stage none of them were nude when I complained about it I was told that it was optional and that they only got nude in VIP weird how do u become interested in a girl when you expect to see nude woman and you see nothing you have Mexican sitting around the stage and the girls doing all this pussy poping on guys faces while they hold one dollar or two and they girls seem to like it sad music really is not that good dances are 25 bucks to much when you can’t even touch if I’m gonna tip allot of money should I be at least allowed to touch on stage I mean it’s not like they are nude on stage anyway they are fully clothed I really wish to give them a zero but unfortunately I couldn’t the Weoman were not that pretty done of them are very few the girls are built like then out of no where 3 males what looked like crack heads that came in the club and stood right in front of our table and blocked our view but to make a long story short if you don’t have very much money go there guys sit around the stage all day holding one dollar bills I will probably get more then in VIP I just being honest July 18 2014.

  12. lilK
  13. Brian Urlacher

    This place is pretty good. Some of the girls are nasty gothics chicks. Some are fat. But the ones that are hot definitly make up for the bad ones. The drinks are way overpriced. VIP is kind of a waste of money. Topless dances are probably the best deal if you get a good girl. Overall its good not great. Get rid of the nasty and fat girls and this club goes WAY up in my opinion.

  14. Dan

    It was pretty nasty last friday. I went to the club and left with some kind of rash on my face after one of the girls “majestic” put her privates in my face. I would not recommend this place to anyone, id thought the guys in the male review looked better then the girls at this club, And they were fully dressed.

  15. FLEX


  16. J

    Daisy sucks ass she cant dance when she trys to shake it her leg twiches to the side lol. That Malaya looks like a crow and she stuck up. Overall Id say the best ones are Buttercup, Dream, Riley, Mystery, and Alize. Based on attitude and private dances.

  17. MR me too

    LOTS of HOes

  18. MachOneStang

    Daisy, Mystique, Nikki, Paige, Sienna, Sierra, and Star are all great. The rest I would rate fair at the best due to either personality or looks.

  19. Enigma

    Friday night not busy. Seemed like a poor turnout for both the

    dancers and customers. Talent 5 to an 8. Nothing really

    caught my eye, except “Illusion.” Great stage dancer knows how

    to use that pole.

  20. mike

    lap dances do rock but dont get one from Malibu its a big waste of money she may look like barbie but cant dance worth a shit. My advice look at how the others girls do on stage and pick one of them.

  21. sexymama

    This place is the best!!!

  22. loves it

    so i went to the club the other weekend. I used to go…alot. havent been in a while….i just want to know what the fuck happend to those hot blondes….Lucky, Sky, Diamond, Alize???? They made the club good…they danced like it was meant to be danced….what the fuck? who are these bitches?

  23. Sancho

    The girlz here a hot as fuck!!! Odelay!!

  24. Michael

    This club is a lot of fun. I think it’s the only fully nude one in Albuquerque.

    Most of the dancers are really nice and are not really pushy when they ask if you want to buy a dance. Overall most of them are pretty hot, although me and my buddy went one night and saw some fat chick dancing. Don’t know what the hell was up with that, but blah… that was not a pretty site. I highly recommend this club.

  25. Gyakusatsu

    Good place. DJ is funny. Some of the girls are kinda trashy, but the good ones are GOOOOOD!!!!!!! I highly highly recomend Naughtia!!! She’s got a smokin’ body but is also very nice.

  26. James

    the girls who do good make up for the girls who suck.

  27. billyD

    Was their about a year ago not bad coming back to alb. for a few days got a vip dance from a girl with rose tats on her legs the only one that that showed it all she still working there and any know her name or what nights she works

  28. Billy

    This club is great, Luscious is awesome

  29. Timmy

    It’s usually good club to check out but there have been some hit or miss times.

  30. dubz

    first off, fuck the machonesstang bitchass aka tweek. so the club is aight other than the wannabees and the other old and i mean old gs in here. and lap dances rock here

  31. a


  32. jennifer

    Its a good club honestly. But it seems like the girls that have been there recently are really boring and cant really dance. I went about half year ago and the dancers then knew what they were doing. About 3 in paticular Cupcake, Mystiq and Malaya! Where did they go. Hope they will be there when i come back!!!

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