Wild Wild West Gentlemen’s Club



1540 Old U.S. 40, Salina, KS 67401


38.8444636, -97.6302873




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Wild Wild West Gentlemen’s Club

  1. Jim

    I love this place!

  2. ready steady

    good atmosphere, not a lot of drama. mgmt. needs to talk to a few of the girls about attitude. seem like they could care less

  3. freshshine

    Lap dances are well worth ith

  4. daddy

    best in the midwest for sure

  5. kc kid

    Excellent club. Candy,April,Michelle,Summer all were great to me.

  6. why?

    why would the club bother to SPEND money on bringing in features when they make a small fortune from the girls? their nightly “tipout” ranges from 25-30 on the weekdays and 40-50 on the weekends and when you keep hiring girls that adds up to alot. They have no problem with 25 girls coming in on a tuesday when there are 10 guys there the whole night and asking girls if they want to leave AFTER they pay their tipout b/c they still get their money and the girls get screwed out of theirs. They could bring more customers in if they would have GENUINE drink specials. Have a 2 hr stint during each night where a certain drink is a dollar (not some poorly made weak shot) Have $1.50 beer night or $2 jagerbombs or something like that. All in all the club is out for themselves, not the success of the club OR the girls. This club is/was the best but are slowly driving themselves into the ground and will soon be no better than the clubs in Wichita or Junction City. That is on the mgmt. They should pay more attn to taking care of the girls and bringing in more customers with money, not robbing the girls and customers.

  7. Justin
  8. !!!!!!!!!!

    way over priced. i didn’t think you could set a price on dances. i know at a certain place it is based on tips. i know i can take 60 bucks with me and buy the lady and i a drinks and get dances and still leave with a little money. i can’t go and spend what i make an hour on a girl to grind on me for 3-5 min. what a joke. you need a reality check.

  9. unhappy
  10. bh

    Love it. Great place to chill out next to dance floor. Drinks are priced well. Girls are good most nights. Can get away with more than most clubs, but the girls pimps are usually hanging out in the wings of the club making deals. Also the girls walk around asking for $ after stage dances. Still always have a great time here.

  11. me
  12. KC Jack

    I would just like to know if Scott is still the DJ Monday through Wednesday?

  13. travler

    i drop at least $200 plus when at a club, so i dont need girls begging for tips. turns me off, but have done it because they do provide the atmosphere. go to illinois if you want to see the real deal.

  14. Debbie
  15. tre
  16. Mark

    Can’t find any better club than this in Kansas

  17. Just OK

    Its OK nothing to get happy about there are better ones out there. But Thanks

  18. booty call
  19. Magicm
  20. spend more than i should

    but the girls are worth it. management should consider some upgrades to the physical like fix the uneven floor maybe retire some of the chairs with torn seats. still i go for the girls not the building

  21. Tbone

    One of the funnest strip clubs I’ve ever been in. Who would think that Salina KS would have better strip club than any I’d been in in LA. Best lap dance I’ve ever had. I did 2 that night. $20 ea. The first was fantastic and the 2nd was better. If you’re ever in Salina, It’s well worth the visit. $3 cover, the girls are nude, they bring you up on stage and do a ’69’ thing. It’s great.

  22. old reg

    could not agree with you more!

  23. sa

    what a lame club! more like a local bar!

  24. why????

    I hope my comment was not taken wrong.. I was not bashing the girls. They are all beautiful, talented, smart, and hard-working. I was bashing management! They make enough damn money as it is and keep taking and taking from the girls!! As if tipout isn’t bad enough they have sooo many girls it is hard for each girl to make money but they get more and more. Then the rule that a girls has to be ready 20 after her SCHEDULED time. That’s understandable but what about the stragglers, they know who they are, that come in late and seem to get even more than the 20 minutes. Yet if a girl is scheduled at 7 and arrives at 6:30 so she can eat or have extra prep time, she doesn’t get it! Isn’t that a bit of a double standard?? And heaven forbid a girl wants to leave early even after paying tipout, not gonna happen. But if a girl has worked her full 6 hr shift and sometimes even longer they can MAKE her stay as late as they need? What I’m trying to say is the girls are wonderful!!! The management is greedy and insensitive. Soon there will be no decent girls left because they won’t be able to afford to drive to work and pay the increasing fees and follow the ever-increasing rules…

  25. good

    good for you sam!

  26. huh??

    So it is ok for illegal sexual acts to take place as long as the girls are being polite? Doesnt make much sense. “But your honor, i did not know we were making an illegal transaction, she was so polite.”

  27. passing through
  28. ho's on a farm?

    I see a lot of reviews bout the girls being ho’s and sluts and their pimps are at the club and blah blah. Well who cuz I must be wastin time with the wrong girls. Who is down for extras or who is cool with being touched all over? would be nice

  29. regular

    great place all around. the sexiest girls, best bar staff, and overall enjoyable place to frequent

  30. haha

    You are DEFINITELY not an officer, that I would bet on. As far as the law, different COUNTIES and TOWNS and even ESTABLISHMENTS have different conditions and laws. For instance, Wichita and Salina are BOTH in Kansas and in Wichita you have to have a license to dance, yet you do NOT in Salina. Just because there may b ‘x’ number of clubs that are all in Kansas does not mean they are anything alike!!!! Some are nude, some aren’t, some need licenses, some don’t, some are pastie clubs, etc… U r probably just another girl from another club that got fired after a week at the WWW cuz u r either dirty or ugly, or possibly both.

  31. whatever

    In response to your highly intelligent response, all I can say is ‘whatever’. Have fun trashing the club and/or the girls. If people are talking about you then we must really be sticking in people’s minds. Insecurity breeds jealousy breeds trash talking. If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t even post, especially repeatedly. Adios.

  32. Fan

    I enjoyed the atmosphere this is a great club! Girls are very hot and there is a large variety of girls!!!

  33. John

    Love the club. Great variety of girls. Different kinds for different tastes. Dances are worth the money with the right girl. Overall one of the best in Kansas. I would recommend this club to anyone looking for a good time.

  34. steve
  35. Locolobo

    Is was a nice club. Good looking ladies. All were polite and danced well. Yes the ladies did ask for tips. And I say ASKED. I have no problem with this. The economy has been slow and so has the clubs. Much better quality than JC. As for illegal stuff, are you going to church or a strip club, WTF!

  36. sweet honey

    this is one of the cleanlist strip club in kansas. the only problem i had was the girls stay in the back all the time

  37. what?

    How is 20 too high for a dance? that’s the price anywhere unless u go to a club where they will wiggle their butt in front of u for 30 seconds for 10. For a $20 dance you get to actually touch them with your hands anywhere but down there. It’s not expensive, you’re just broke or cheap.

  38. Visitor

    This is a great club. Great girls, good environment, and good drink specials. I highly recommend this club and stop by there whenever I get to Salina.

  39. out west

    Great time, short on girls. The place was crowded.

  40. i'll be back

    worth the time to come to. girls are great just to name a few to watch for; simonne, nikki, tiger lily, summer, and can’t forget sidney. only real problem too many cute girls, too little time

  41. Annymous

    This is the best club. What else can I say.

  42. Jimmy

    WOW! Best Iv’e seen in awhile!

  43. mr.heaterballer

    go look at the club in wichita they look preet but the girls are all stuckup or with there pimp its not like that at tripe www i,m a regural customer that spend big in this club all the girls know me.

  44. dancersman

    what a joke of a club hundred bucks a night girls should be the name of the club my girl dances 30 people in the club 11 dollars worth of tips thats about what 35 five cents a piece to see a sexy girl naked what a fuct up deal

  45. Greg

    Just didn’t care for it.

  46. Inspector J
  47. Brian

    Totally agree with Amazed. There are a ton of girls there. I went this past Thursday and there were quite a number of girls there. Nice place. Been there several times before. Will find a time to go back

  48. stephanie

    I just wish this club was even close to the way it use to be, in all aspects. I mean the DANCERS, CUSTOMERS, and the overall atmosphere and attitude here at the club. I love this club and I’ll never dance anywhere else in Kansas, EVER! But there’s really not much to look foreward to going to work for anymore. It’s just changed so much and I’m not sure it’s for the best.

  49. just someone
  50. Jon Brunning

    Don’t like the girls asking for money like a whore….

  51. NICK

    HeY had a great time there!! Thanks to all the ladies…thank you

  52. passin thru
  53. frequenter

    I think this is a great club. I heard about it through a friend who highly recommended it, he said I would love it. And he was right!

  54. cool
  55. Josh

    Nice club , friendly girls

  56. Hood

    Love the club. Hate it when there are call girls working the parking lot. It makes the place look low rent and gives the dancers a bad reputation. Also, watch out for the police. They watch the club very closely.

  57. mauricio m

    is there a better rate than excellent? because this club a rate overexcellent is worthy

  58. Jake

    I have seen alot better then this. This club could use some new faces. The cost for dances is also to high!

  59. traveler
  60. sometime custmer

    if you tight bastards think the lap dances are too high. DONT GET ONE!!! either that you would bitch if you got hung with a new rope. the girls are just making a living like all of us. a lot better one than you are apperantly. is that what pisses you off. at least you dont have to put up with jerks like you. only the oeople that work with you.

  61. Couple

    We love going in this club. Their very welcoming to all couples and make you feel very compfortable. The girls are great. There’s a variety of different girls there for everyones taste. The wait and barstaff are very wonderful. This is the best gentlemens club in the state of kansas.

  62. dont get it

    On this site, the club is labeled as a nude club. There are a handful of girls like Summer that NEVER get nude. Been coming to the club for months now and never seen her drop the panties. Why work at a nude club if you are not going to get nude?

  63. the best

    This is still the best club in Kansas. Even more new girls, and still some of the girls that have been there for years. The ladies treat you the same as you treat them! If you’re nice and respectful they are too. If you are being an ass, expect a bitch.

  64. Former WWW Girl...

    Ok everyone, lets all reconsider what is being said about the club. After all, how many clubs can you think of that allow the girls to not only crawl all over you during dances, but allow you to touch? Come on now be serious! Each dance is worth every penny, and the girls work harder than you realize to make it that way! If you dont like the way things are, then im sure you can find another club to go to, but dont expect me to believe that you can find a BETTER club to go to! If you dont like the price, then dont get a dance, it doesnt mean that you have to bash the girls and the club online. We are all adults, now lets start ACTING like it! If you dont like the strip club, then stay away. There are plenty of people who do love it!

  65. great
  66. hmmm

    this place is slowly sinking!

  67. slopeks

    Outstanding Champaign room! Great girls with great attitude. Expect to be visited for tips after the dancer comes off stage. Overall the best club I have seen.

  68. Levi

    Love this club..Im addicted…lol!!

  69. reg

    not bad of a club could use some help in some areas

  70. Gary

    It’s Great !!

  71. notimpressed

    what a bunch of dirty ho’s place should be called touch an feel this place has no future will be shut down them girls let them drunk ass nasty stinking ass mfs touch all over them one right after the other how nasty can you be! what a turn off skankville

  72. Darrin

    I love the girls at the WWW!!!

  73. James Iassic

    Was my first time to a gentlemens club. I was very impressed with the females and all the surroundings!

  74. SoCal

    Great club…

  75. harry
  76. Wow

    Went in 3 days last week. Awesome girls!!

  77. BS

    #1 u aren’t an officer and #2 I don’t believe you saw anything illegal. If you are referring to people being able to lay down on stage to give a tip, going nude, and touching anywhere but the underwear during lapdances…it’s legal at this club dipsh*t.

  78. ok

    was not immpreesed! WILL not return way to many girls more than half where ugly! WHO the hell wants to see ugly girls?

  79. Dave

    Rose is something special. Don’t get in there as often as i’d like, but it is great when I can. This is the best place in Kansas.

  80. Fred
  81. LocalGuy

    I try and go there at least once every couple weeks. True, there are a few dancers that are less than desirable, but for the most part, they are awesome! Very friendly, the wait staff are wonderfull. The private dances are very wide range, but for the most part, with right girls, it’s damn sure worth your money! I’ve been to every club I could find in kansas, this is definately in the top 3 in my book. Only thing that sucks is the begging for dollars after every dance. That really blows, and breaks my attention from what came there to do!

  82. Kain

    I think this place is a joke! Not very impressive. The dancers are not very friendly. I believe I won’t pay a return visit.

  83. Local

    I have to say that I was not impressed at all. The dances are way over priced! Come on and get real on your prices. I’m sure that I won’t return.

  84. db

    what a fuct up place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Brad

    I finally made it to Shaker’s in Waverly Neb. I should’ve went to WWW instead. The girls there are very nice; however, they don’t hold a candle to the ladies at WWW. While the lap dances are 5-7 minutes (compared to 3 at WWW), you aren’t allowed the “contact” you get at WWW. Plus, you have to buy a $5 lap dance band, and pay a $12 cover (LD are still $20). They also give $2 bills for change; henceforth, tipping money doesn’t go as far. I’d like to wish the WWW ladies all my best and I hope to see you soon.

  86. WWW Dancer

    So…”Why”. When can you start as management? Lol. I agree with you about the money greed. It’s getting bad in there for money, and we aren’t getting any slack from anyone.

  87. jon

    this place is nasty maybe 3 goodlookin girls and about 20 ugly ass wores!!

  88. Darkwatcher
  89. Ari

    Visted this club both Friday and Saturday night and stayed until the 1:45 close both nights. Cover charge was reasonable at $5 and unlike what was said before change was returned in $1 bills. The average girls were probably in the 7-8 category but they did have maybe 5 in the 9-10 category.

    Lap Dances were $20 ea but it seemed the DJ kept the songs somewhat short averaging about 3 minutes per song. Still I enjoyed some of the best hands-on lap dances I have ever recieved. Some of the finer girls there include Tiger Lilly, a Vietnamese, 19 year old, weighing about 90 lbs, maybe 5′ tall, and a pefect body. She without a doubt gave the most exotic and hottest dances and surely worth a try. I also recieve multiple dances from Kitty, Taylor (8), Lucky (10), Candy (9), Pheonix (8), April (8), and Shanon (9).

    The club normally had 2 dancers on stage and each girl did 2 dances normally getting fully nude. One thing I thought was tacky was the fact the girls would leave stage and approach everyone in the the club for a tip after they finished dancing. But on the positive side you had three options; you could just say no, you could tip them, or you could ask them if they were available for a dance. This was nice since I normally don’t like chasing down girls and most clubs only the ugly or fat women are constantly mobile looking for dances.

    The club drink prices were also very fair with bottled beer at $3.50, $3.00 drink specials and soda (coca cola) $3.00 for a 32 ounce glass. The waitress staff was equally impressive and wasn’t harrasing for tips though I took care of them.

    Overall, the weather was awful with icey roads and I think this club normally has like 30-35 girls on a Fri/Sat night. This club, is well up kept, clean, does need to replace some counter stools but otherwise well worth a visit. Also, the address says the club is on Stae Rd but the maps will show the club on KS 140 and State Rd running paralell. I suggest calling for directions.

    I’ll be back if I ever come through this way again.

  90. Honey
  91. kc man

    this place is way over priced for what you get. i will not be back

  92. Sam

    Finest club in kansas without a doubt i drive an hour from wichita to go see the girls there. We have multiple strip clubs in wichita but there is no point in going to any of them with this club only an hour away.

  93. paul
  94. Smokeless

    By far my favorite club. Great mileage. Great gals. I only wish it weren’t so smokey and that I lived closer. Now I can only get there once or twice a year. But I look forward to each visit.

  95. custy

    kinda weird that all of a sudden more “customers” would be submitting reviews, and similar, unflattering ones at that. Sounds like a few girls from other local clubs that just couldn’t cut it to get a job trying to lower the rating here maybe? Jealousy just means they’re doing something right in Salina…

  96. adam

    wild west rocks fav strip club in ks

  97. guest
  98. PleasedOne

    Definitely the best I’ve been in.

  99. KSguyinDC

    I visit this club everytime I am home and trust me – this is the real deal. All this talk about being over priced is non-sense and it is most likely coming from a few folks too broke to even be out there. The women are fun, the drinks are cold and the back rooms are smoking hot. Trust me, in the 6+ years I have been going there, the faces have changed but the experience never has – always a great time. I’ve been all over the US and you will not get more return on your investment of 20.00 for a lapdance, trust me on this. Until next time..

  100. walter

    this club is dirty and the hygiene of the alot of the girls is bad… but not all the girls are this way. they are rude and all they care about are the black guys who dont give them money anyway. if your black you can get whatever you want for free.

  101. ha ha

    only if you new how much the joke is really on you!! ha ha ha!!!!!!!

  102. johnny
  103. dancer

    That is why we don’t work at Wal-Mart. We don’t do what we do because we just can’t keep our clothes on or are too stupid to do anything else, we do it for the money! As long as someone will pay me $20 for a dance I will do it (although I usually get guys who want about $100-200 worth). If you don’t have the money to spend, then don’t come in. Take the door fee and go buy a Playboy magazine. Try finding a club where you can get as good a dance )if any) for a cheaper price. Any place I have gone the dances have been $20 and NOWHERE I have gone do you get the same quality of dances or girls.

  104. adamrod

    A good place to hang out and drink a few beers. They have beautiful girls and good food overall I love it. Prices are the same as others places. I don’t have any complaints from this place

  105. Mike
  106. notamused
  107. M
  108. mel

    best in kansas

  109. lol

    what a lame ass club!!!!

  110. farmer1

    hell of a place, gotta go back a third or fourth time, it always gets better, will miss ya bunny

  111. all Smiles
  112. tommy

    Only complaint is the pandering after every dance. If we want to tip, we will.

  113. amanda

    hey hey hey this place is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. money
  115. Martin

    Fun Crazy Wild

  116. 1st time

    1st time ever to a strip club. A+. Beautiful girls, very good value, the girls really work hard for your money. Private dance was nice and slow, well worth the cost. Will definately be back! Bar was packed but the girls made the rounds and were very nice!

  117. just me

    all in all good club. most of the girls are friendly and approachable. Sometimes get a little slow but have never seen any major problems, or a lot of soap opera antics. Asia it was good to see you tonight. Glad you were bored and came in.

  118. hey greg

    Stick to Alize and Taylor then because the girl with crazy hair Brook will do anything for a price. Unless you like that sort of thing.

  119. Mark B
  120. bob

    can you say history boys an girls? that is wherer this place is headed? the history book!!

  121. officer

    This place will not last! I been there a few times an both times seen illegal activities. I am suprised it has not been shut down yet. It is a strip club not a whore house come on management! You should get a better grip on your business or you will lose it.

  122. roach

    nice ladys there that all i can say

  123. love strippers

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