Christie’s Cabaret Original



1246 Pearl Road, Brunswick, OH 44212


41.2417386, -81.8418004




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Christie’s Cabaret Original

  1. Reggie

    Had a great time on saturday Honey is just the best

  2. Dude

    Without a doubt, the least fun club I’ve ever been to. The dancers are too busy getting eaten out by the fat fuck managers to even dance with the customers.

  3. TEACH


  4. Hank Jefferson

    I went down on a dancer at this club and I got a yeast infection on my tongue! Avoid this club.

  5. ChrisC

    Managment really needs to step up with the drink prices and get rid of the pregnant/ is exceptable-i know some guys like chubs but the club shouldnt be packed with them. Overall I do enjoy myself!! will always come here get rid of the trash SIMPLY THE BEST! dont except every girl that walks in BE PICKY for the clientells sake

  6. Dennis

    Had a very good time all the grils were cool I liked Raven she was cool.

  7. never coming back

    Hated it !!!

  8. tom
  9. bill

    had a great time

  10. BK45

    Ihave been going there in the afternoons and I am absolutely very happy to say that the few girls there everyday are exotic looking,sexy,happy,intelligent,ladylike,great to talk,drink and carry warm,loving,and smart conversation .

  11. Mike

    I love this club

  12. Been Around

    Slow during the day but some very hot ladies. Chloe very friendly and

    HOT body. Knows how to use it in a room.

  13. mav

    HOTTEST VIP DANCES ANYWHERE IN NORTHEAST OHIO! If you do not try them you are missing out!

  14. AssnTits5

    I love gentleman’s clubs. LOVE them. I know that’s weird since I’m a girl, but I can definitely appreciate the athleticism of these women. Well the ones that do fancy cirque du soleil stuff. Christies in Brunswick is amazing. The stage is in the center and surrounded by some very comfy leather chairs. Between the granite floors and the elaborate bathrooms, this place is fancier than most restaurants! No, I’m not kidding. The girls are friendly (obviously) and genuinely seem to like their jobs. I enjoy watching the acrobatics and dancing if the woman looks like she’s having fun. If you can clime to the top of a two story pole and do things other people can’t, you should own it! I can’t do any of that. It is extremely impressive.The drinks are a little expensive but that’s true of any club. There is usually a girl passing out cheaper shots, so that helps. Almost always a cover but they have a few deals on certain days. Couples night etc, etc. Great place for a different night out!

  15. The Big Man

    HOT SEXY Brunette “ROXY” Yeah thats right “ROXY” You gotta check her out. And don’t just stand there.. Let her dance for you… FREAKIN HOT!!!!!!

  16. john
  17. Sam Hanks

    If you like hillbilly dancers then this is the place to go. The few girls brought in from downtown are in your wallet before you get the first drink.

  18. Jay

    I was there on 7/11/14. Walk in and every girl looks the same. Rail thin with no body at all none of them had tits or a ass on them. The waitress is knocked up looks like she could pop anytime now. Sat there and watched men in plaid shorts flip flops dance around. I will never be back to this place.

  19. Rick

    The $20 dances have no contact or privacy. Better off just doing the stage tipping instead. The club is in a nice location and felt safe. This is the best club in Medina County but still falls short of what I have experienced in Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Bucyrus. Not sure if it is worth the cover and inflated drink prices to come here but if you are stuck in Medina, then it is much better than Sam’s Hideaway or Dance Saloon.

  20. Joe Black

    the female dj is the shit!!

  21. bob46

    I lked it. I dont uderstand the bad reviews? This is Cleveland and around here thi sis good as it gets. Its not the same as everywhere in the country !

  22. Juan

    Last time I was there I got my fist so far up a dancer’s cunt that I lost my watch. It was a nice one too.

  23. rate
  24. scott

    was there the other day. glad to see some of the old girls back.

  25. John Q.

    The location felt safe. I was here on a saturday evening 7pm-9pm and did not see any hot dancers. I went another time on Tuesday at midnight to 1 am and they did have a couple of hot dancers. The $1 stage tipping is fun but gets old fast. Pressure to buy drinks was minimal, which is nice. Not a bad strip club considering this is a small suburban city. Dancers here are not even close to what they look like at their website. But of course you probably knew that already. HOURS OF OPERATIONMonday – Thursday: 11AM- 2:30AMFriday – Saturday: 11AM – 2:30AMSunday: 4PM –…

  26. adamrod

    So I get it, it’s a gentlemen’s club and the girls are there to make money. But the ATM fee is ridiculous plus the club charges a huge percentage if the ATM doesn’t let you pull money out. It’s almost as if the club has a faulty ATM so you pull money out by paying a percentage of the service you’re getting. There’s nothing gentlemen about this club. And don’t even bother going to it on an off day. There’ll be like 2-3 girls and they won’t even go to the stage if there aren’t people around.

  27. staff
  28. pizzaman

    what can I truly say other than Sasha…. I LOVE YOU ! She is the hottest dancer I have ever met in my life. if you are ever in the area of Brunswick stop in and see her and tell her the Pizzaman left a great review for her and you wanted to meet her too! She will steal your heart. Her dances are hot and she is a blast to just hang with. Enjoy!

  29. Interested!!!!!

    Had a great time in the club good looking entertainers and great service from the nite bartender Lisa!!! Can’t wait to go back and have a few drinks and some dances!!!

  30. frank
  31. Easy rider

    not worth your time

  32. Carl


  33. Erik

    I was in the other night, and had several dances from Susie. She is 20 years old, brunette, with a body that won’t quit! She’s also fun to talk to, and gives a great private dance. I will definitely be back.

  34. J

    This is my favorite club in northern ohio. However, I think it is worth traveling to Columbus, OH or Dayton, OH if you are serious about spending large amounts of money at a strip club. The clubs in northern ohio are rather po’dunk and hillbilly feel to them. If you want Vegas style strip club then Columbus, OH is probably the closest thing to them.

    Also the wait staff at this place is rather rude…

  35. TheManInTheYellowHat

    If the rules would stop changing, maybe the talent would stay and make some money.

    Every season is change the manager time.

    Drink prices have REALLY got to take a drop. They are almost as bad as gas prices!

    Still, you can usually find at least one hottie working here at any given time.

  36. joe m

    Was here while in the area on business. Will return.

  37. Ewwwww

    I went here this last weekend and these girls are pretty shameless. No class. The one girl I kept getting dances from told me how she escorts and handed me her number. Wow like I really want to go out with u aids infested ass now. Maybe if u didn’t prostitute yourself to everyone. Not only that there were girls that were so wasted, drunk high, I don’t even know, that they couldn’t walk straight, let alone give a dance. And no u can’t dance for me if I just watched u get fingerbanged by some dude, slut. If u let that guy do it how many others did it to u and how far have u gone with other dudes. Eww totally disgusting, the management needs to do something about this classless place.

  38. Robert

    Wow this club rocks ! Very nice and clean and hot ass girls !

  39. dick

    watch out for diseases in this club!!!!!!i’m not joking !!!stay far away from this club…

  40. nightmare

    their was this beautiful little girl named angeline.. so beautiful and sweet.. doesnt belong in this kind of place.. if any normy guy had a thought in their mind they would have a normal convo with this sweet girl… she is one of the most faithful girls every.. great club love it

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  42. mark

    to many black bitchs drinks are to dam much dancers suck they do not know how to dance mangement sucks they need to bring it back to how it was when they first open up

  43. Bunny Fan

    was there on saturday night Bunny is just the hottest blonde i have seen and shows a great time in VIP

  44. Dave
  45. ragingbull

    one of the worst i have been to…

  46. Fred Sampson

    Last time I went here I got molluscum contagiosum and Hepatitis C. Be careful boys. The BBFS was not worth it!!!!

  47. Bucky

    I alot of the girls escort for the right price.

  48. Brett

    I was in the other day and the day bartender(Lisa) was so fun to talk too! Can’t wait to go back to see her! Keep up the good work!!!

  49. Tim

    I think this club rocks!

  50. pissed off

    Actually spent over time near 2k But went there last night half hr went by no one came up to me! this place and dumb ass floor managers are just plain stupid!

  51. Jonny

    I came in last week, and had a great time. thanks to all the girls that showed me a good time…

  52. Just Me

    Always a young lady ‘with child’ on stage.

  53. ryan123

    Very nice inside, like most Christies locations. Big stage in center. Private rooms are also nice. Location is safe and convenient. Some good looking girls too. Definitely worth visiting.

  54. Steve

    TO the two girls sorry I lef on you, We did shots together patron, I like what we talked about so get back at me here, figure out the meaning of this too- espm269 at theYhoo .com

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