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1697 U.S. 40, Lawrence, KS 66044


39.0046629, -95.1870177




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Paradise Saloon

  1. Leming
  2. 12 year old boy

    Zack touches me!

  3. Harry
  4. Mike

    I think this place is alot of fun ! I have been coming here for 10 years or so and have to say that this club seems to have the best all around time for any type of guy. Also its important for me that the staff is friendly and they are just that. I have to say I well continue to be a club goer here for years to come.

  5. Fred
  6. James

    I have not been here in awhile until a few days ago. I have

    to say things have really changed! Cheap drinks and lots of

    new girls. Hot girls! I had a great time and I can’t wait

    to go back again!

  7. Joe
  8. john

    well i have not been in a long time. great idea big screens. best girls by far. friendly environment. but what the heii is up with the music. i maybe a old timer, but not even i want to hear that crap! btw where’s my girl “faith”

  9. Excell
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  11. Daniel

    I like this club everytime I go I have a good time. Also I enjoy the many dancers they have here.

  12. Sid

    The big screens are in basketball never looked better. I know where I will be for all the games

  13. XhXeXy

    Been to strip clubs all across the world and this is the only one that you need a membership to get in. What a joke.

  14. Joey
  15. Frank

    I have to say this club was very nice. Nice ladies,drinks good time well be back soon!

  16. Charles

    Good time had by my group also thanks Jenna and good drink prices fun time had by all.

  17. great time
  18. wow

    I was in there on Sunday night and i had a blast. There were more than enough girls to go around and the ones I talked to were all very friendly. I told the doorguy as I was leaving that I had a great time and he told me to keep coming on Sundays because they are sure to be an extension of the weekend…great fun overall and i will be there this Sunday too

  19. Jack
  20. Darkness Falls
  21. stormy
  22. Ron

    Best show in Kansas

  23. nate
  24. Andy
  25. Danny

    This club was an okay bar in the past(just okay)! Don’t know what has happend recently but I think this place is in the shitter. Damn! Think I just heard the toilet flush……Shithole

  26. brian
  27. jimmy
  28. Lance

    This is a place that always seems to have good dancers and they seem to have some new faces also. I have always had a good time at this place.

  29. flo man
  30. Jose

    I’m in love with a stripper. Scratch that. Strippers. This place was small but oh so worth it. The girls were amazing. And there were blonds, brunettes AND a redhead. The stage dances are a great teaser. And table dances? Ten bucks and worth every penny! There are daily drink specials and the bartender was a cutie in her own right. I will definitely go back. Maybe I’ll have to add the VIP to my review after my next visit.

  31. only the best

    Good place, good times enough said

  32. number


  33. ralph
  34. Bill

    I can see people liking this place that come to a club for socialization. You are so cramped in with everyone it makes you feel like you came to the club with everyone. Just not my way of liking things and for $20 a dance some privacy would be cool let alone have another man almost closer to you then the dancer.

  35. Loyal

    Nice! All thats needed to say

  36. The bac. party

    We showed up at paradise last saturday night the place was packed. There were aleast 2 other buses here besides ours. We had a group of 35 guys and we had alot of fun. I think they had right around 20 to 25 girls and they were all alot of fun. I want to thank everyone for the great time. I well remember this day for many years down the road. Holly,Passion,Sadine,Vanity,Macy,Breanna,Suzanne,Domino,Barbie,Willow you are all a blast and for the names I don’t remember you have to forgive me for I drank alot that night. We are probably going to stop back threw soon. Thanks and keep the party going!

  37. Drifter
  38. Mindy
  39. Old Hawk

    I Agree about Payton, I went in Saturday and she is HOT! I’ll come back just for her. Domino is definately a pro too. I didn’t see a girl there I wouldn’t have gotten a dance from, but the few girls I did were great! Staff was laid back and helpful too. I’m coming back next Saturday. Thanks Paradise!

  40. G

    Nothing but Flamingo Club rejects, best looking girl there was the bartender EM.

  41. Eric
  42. todd
  43. ryan123

    UPDATE: I went back to do a feature dancing night after being in LA for about 6 months and the place had DEFINATELY gone downhill. Due to the recession, the number of girls dancing here has sky rocketed (also probably due to the fact the Outhouse is on the brink of closing and all the secreteries within a 100 mile radius are now trying to be dancers to pay the bills), and in response to that, the management (which has also switched hands) is now super anal retentive about girls keeping to a strict schedule and strict hours. Plus they have employed undercover “customers” that go around and make sure that dancers don’t charge any more than $10 per dance, which is fucking ridiculous because that $10 5 minute long dance is worth $40 in LA! Not what you’d want as a dancer, at least in my opinon, so don’t go looking here for a job if you are a girl reading this review.For the guys: New management = more girls, better schedule control, and customer appreciate night once every month. And, as said above, better control over dance prices. BUT–when I went back, it seemed like every girl had gained 10lbs, so I’d say the quality of the dances has gotten far worse in the past couple of months.

  44. kcjed
  45. Yo momma
  46. J. Jones

    I enjoy myself here, the music is good and the company is fun and friendly. The club has made a lot of changes and all for the better.

  47. great club
  48. Shawn

    Wow and friend of mine and I went here for the first time was very impressed. I was with a girl named millie and I have to say she is fine. Also noticed another hot one Krista I believe her name was and a bunch of other real hot ones. I am sure to come back if it always looks as good as it did the other day/night I was there.

  49. luke
  50. Johnny P

    This place kicks ass. I come here at least twice a mo and never leave disapointed.

  51. tyty
  52. Tony

    Maybe it’s bad luck, but twice in a row I go there and the at each time at least one girl has a smelly butt and I sniff poop!

  53. Old timer

    Simply put this place is always a great time!

  54. JC man

    I have to say the girls are great, The staff is great and the people are good. I enjoy myself a lot and will not go anywhere else. It’s the best all around. I have been to many clubs in the past and this just keeps getting better plus the Big screens are great to watch the game when i am not busy there.

  55. Eddie
  56. Jay

    Left the bird to go here the amount of dancers and the quality was great. I called my friends and they all left there to join myself at Paradise. There was 8 of us and the 9 girls we saw during the day were all impressive! Have to say this was sure Paradise for us but in Kansas.

  57. dobs
  58. Rick

    I came here this last saturday for my friends bac. party and we had a great time. It was worth the drive from missouri. Thanks to all the fun and crazy ladies.

  59. The view

    I think that this place continues to improve and I am very impressed with the dancers and there prices this is a good fun place to go and relax.

  60. number 2


  61. Lawrence

    I have to say I really enjoy this club. The dancers are some of the best you are going to find around. Also the music is good. If people don’t like the type of music the club plays then don’t come to it. For me its the pretty ladies is the reason I go here anyway. To each there own but I truly enjoy this place all the way around!

  62. tommy
  63. Passion

    Hey guys I’m back I work many shifts throughout the week all are 3-10 so come and see me.

  64. bob
  65. number4


  66. Pablo
  67. My Favorite club
  68. EMT

    Love this place I have found a new watering hole but why are there so many complaints about schedules I am an emergency room tech I wonder if I can show up when I want to I must talk to my boss

  69. Dieta

    i miss yopu all and i hope that after my surgery on my knee i will be back!!!!!!!!!

  70. Trent
  71. flo
  72. Boredwiththisplace
  73. Harlod

    Wow! Thats all that needs to be said trluly Wow! What a great place!

  74. Phil

    Aubrey,Millie, Krista you are all amazing. Wow from there looks to there lap dances a A++. I well be back soon I can’t get enough of you ladies and yes I well be back Saturday for sure!

  75. mickey

    Paradise is my new favorite of the Lawrence-area SC’s. Much more down-home, the girls are awesome, a couple will even agree to not dance to crappy songs (ie hip-hop) and the not-really private area is the place to be! I like girls of a wide variety of body-and attitude-types, and the “Dice” covers them all! I will be back again and again.

  76. Pete

    Must say haven’t been to good ol Paradise for a bit. But pleasantly suprised by the changes. The music still needs some work but from what I hear, thats a change in progress. Girls have defintley upgraded since my last visit in 07 & seems like everyone on staff is getting along.This is probably the nicest club in Lawrence, watch out Bird & all stars! Love the tvs btw. I’m bringing some buddies for Saturday… see ya then ladies.

  77. Just there

    So 90 year old woman has relations with everyone and brags about it. What is this a whore house. Other girls where cute but i only have so much money. Seems like the club gets paid off. I just wanted to come and have a good time. And I did but some old women kept trying for dances.

  78. dr
  79. kaden

    Like the place looks to have good var. of girls. Good drink prices and dance prices are very fair also. Plan on coming back soon.

  80. Mark

    I came here with a friend as a guest I have to say that when it was time to go I got a membership of my own. This place is one of the few left that has class to it. The music, dancers, and staff were all nice to deal with. I have to say I got a dance from a girl named Vanity and wow what a great dance she gives. Does anyone know what days she works?

  81. George
  82. Stevedl36

    Nice place, we were in from out of town and trusted the rating on here. We weren’t disappointed. It’s small, and the music is on a jukebox soundsystem, but the girls are mostly attractive and mostly friendly, the drinks are cheap, the staff is pleasant, all in all a nice time.

    They did have a few girls that really impressed me, and I wanted to make a note about one of them – Becca really blew my mind. I have a thing for girls with glasses, a thing for girls with really perky natural tits, and a thing for little tiny, athletic girls. Becca hit the trifecta for me. She had the whole college coed thing going on. She did a great stage routine with a lot of pole action (I think she’s a gymnast), but when I went back for a personal dance she really brought it all home. I know she’s a Jayhawk, but she sure came across like a wildcat to me! I’m tempted to go back at opening time to see if she’s there before we leave town today.

  83. Jim

    I was here Sat the games were great on the big screens. This is the club to go to thanks Susan keep it up.

  84. jaime
  85. Ray

    The Flamingo can’t compete with the dancers here. Girls are so much younger and much hotter in VIP. Best value in all of KC metro.

  86. i will b back

    just though i saw thanks, had a great time. things changed alot since i was there last. hot girls with personalities! by the way. domino rocks! and i never thought i see j-lo dancing to country. girl that was hot!!

  87. Travis

    love this bar. And all of the girls are great. Love the crazy little redhead in black. Keep on a rocken me baby. Yes it true (Buckcherry) wrote Crazy Bitch just for Her.

  88. J.R.

    wow!!!! this is the best time I’ve had in a long time. I went in on a sunday…A SUNDAY I SAY!!!!…and it was packed. They had close to a dozen girls and ALL of them were beautiful. I especially liked Kitty, Becca, Cream, and Cheyenne. I recommend paradise saloon to anyone who wants to be in a very classy place and enjoy the company of beautiful women

  89. Timmy
  90. l


  91. Paul

    New girl Payton wow. This girl is great looking but gives an even better lap dance. Thanks for the great time see you soon!

  92. Charle
  93. Tim

    Wow this place was get I went here today for the first time in along time and have to say I was very impressed! I got there around 4:30 and they all ready had 9 dancers so I stayed for a lot longer then I intended to. Then in the time I was there another 8 dancers came in I have to say I was very impressed. Also I could not believe they had a bunch of different drink specials. I am coming back very soon I don’t know what you guys are doing but it sure is working this place was great!

  94. Chuck

    This is a great time every time!

  95. Lou
  96. Chloe

    Kristen choose to leave she had a good job offer sorry that

    it’s gone down hill for you. We are under going some

    modifications to the club still Bed Dances soon to come also

    new dancers and bar staff It will be up and running in full

    swing soon and hope too see you again!

  97. Female patron

    This place is obviously going downhill! A boycott would be a great idea since the owner doesn’t care bout nothing but himself.

  98. Wayne
  99. JR

    This is a place that I have not been to for awhile since money is so tight however I came here today and what a great time I had. There was a girl named cloie and she made for a great afternoon.


  100. first time topeka

    This club is truly a must see! Overall this has been the best club I have ever run into. The dancers are truly great! This club seems to be one of the best run clubs around. It truly is good clean fun. I never thought I would enjoy big screens in a club but I was wrong. This club truly has a great balance and nice lighting. The staff was also very nice. I well enjoy making this trip on a regular basic. Keep up what you have going !

  101. adam

    I go a few time a month and always have a great time. Bartenders are friendly and drinks are cheep. Sports of some sort or the other are usually playing on the TV so it wouldn’t be a bad place to hang out if they didn’t have sexy ladies dancing. Most of the ladies are average looking or better and very friendly. I have had some of the best lap dances ever at this club. Vanity is unbelievable, tall, hot body, beautiful face, great personality, and the best dancer ever wow. The place is always clean and the yearly membership for $10 and no daily cover is a bargain. Doesn’t seem to be much problem with bad element, mostly professionals and the like. I plan to keep going back again and again.

  102. Great
  103. Lanny

    I have to say wow keep up the good work alot of good looking new faces here! I well be sure to come back soon was there last night and wow a bunch of good looking ladies. I also have to say I noticed alot of improvements on the place that look nice and were long overdue. Also saw some new drink specials was impressed overall keep it up!

  104. Shizzle

    Allstars wants your red rags, your blue rags, and your yard maintenance skills. This place wants your appreciation of hot tits and ass. Later Player.

  105. o


  106. mjb

    I had a great time. Go KU!

  107. Stan

    So Krista is back?? What days does she work??

  108. Biff

    this is the place to go

  109. Dancer

    New to paradise and just love it!

  110. carl
  111. Anthony

    I was there for customer appr. Wow alot of ladies impressed this place has turned back and I have to say I was impressed. I saw a bunch of dancers I’m not sure how many but alot and they seem to be pretty high quality.

  112. kc man

    love the new changes and drink specials it rocks. the new owners are great.

  113. !!!!!!!!!!

    was in on saturday night and had a blast. everyone is so nice it’s like everyone knows eachother. will be back as much as i can loved it.

  114. Mikey V

    Who was the hot blond exotic/Asian girl working Monday night? didn’t get a chance to have a dance with her, but if anyone knows her schedule???

    Sabre/Sabra – is a sweetie?

    Place is a lot of fun and some very attractive women! 2 4 1 drinks on Mondays is a great deal. This place should be packed with the improved talent, sports on TV, and cheap drinks. They won my business back.

  115. twiceayear visitor

    Nice club with an A plus staff and very attractive and friendly dancers. Saw Valentine Wed night. She has short black hair, the beautiful face of a model and a petite flawless body. She is also bright, sweet, treats you like the boy next door and gives great dances. I guess I can’t marry her, but will dream of her for a long, long time. Hope to see her again.

  116. ROB
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  118. Dave

    Great club, great drink and dance prices. Kagen is absolutely smokin! Hot body, beautiful face, perfect lips and very sexy. So easy going and eager to please… this club has really came a long way, will return often.

  119. KC Joe

    Best value anywhere. Full contact for $10 – been all over the country and you can’t get that any where else. Girls are fine – but the $ can’t be beat.

  120. N


  121. Alex


  122. Pipers pimp
  123. Tanner
  124. luckydawg
  125. The old one

    I have to say was there tonight and I was quiet impressed. Cascade,London,Honey,all were great for the others I can’t remember thanks for the good time I will be back soon.

  126. pimpin
  127. gary

    not bad new girls cumming

  128. name


  129. yes
  130. big tip'r

    I always come in when in town. lots of changes, lots of girls. i usually just stop thru have a drink and go. girls usually dont stay with me long since i dont get dances. but this time a girl named London did. i enjoyed her time, although it made me stay and drink way to much. if you read this, im sure the tip was well worth it. just showing my appreciation. see you next time. and maybe i will get dances from you!

  131. Topeka

    I have to say I went to paradise tonight and was very impressed! I see that there are many new pretty girls. Also good job in getting Legz I had a great time am going to be back soon.

  132. Cal

    Best looking strippers in the city

  133. jeff

    Under new management. Doesn’t suck anymore. Very friendly staff.

  134. DG

    This is my fav club in the KC area. $10 membership fee(yearly) for entrance and gotta buy a drink when you get there. Pretty fair. The girls are all friendly and professional. I love it.

  135. ks
  136. Jonny Wad

    I like coming here although the music sucks now, but I don’t go there to listen to music.

  137. ed

    a very nice place to come and enjoy good looking women.

  138. just another person

    This is a pretty good club. The new managment does a hell of a job. The girls are getting better. There are many that are very hot. They really know what they are doing.

  139. Pookey

    Love this little club it is a jewel

  140. Neil
  141. Kansas City
  142. CJ
  143. Dan

    Very laid back club with friendly girls. Seemed like more customers than girls and the drinks were a little pricey but that won’t stop me from going back. Every dance I got (at least 3 diff girls) were great!

  144. JJ
  145. hello
  146. Ron
  147. Larry
  148. Jeffery

    A great time was had by all.

  149. Drew
  150. ON LOOKER

    I have noticed that as other places around seem to be on a decline this place continues to inprove. I keep seeing more new dancers and good drink specials. Also you can tell from talking to the dancers they are happy here and treated well. Thanks Apricia,Callie,Jesse,Jenn,London,Vanity for the great time our group well be coming back again soon to see you good looking ladies. Also yes our x-mas party we had there with you ladies was great.

  151. V. Good

    Best show in Kansas. I drive from Johnson Co 2-3 times a week. Keep up the standards.

  152. I like it

    Hot Hot new girls……

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