Chicken Bones



14400 State Highway Z, Waynesville, MO 65583


37.8290745, -92.104748




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Chicken Bones

  1. Kim

    In a word this place is trashey

  2. Larry

    If you want to visit women with attitudes then this is tour place

  3. Austin


  4. moneyman2

    Not a bad place, wings are really good, beer is a good price. However now I will get to the bad part. I would stay away, not because of the place it’s self but I had a really bad experience with a local who lives there. A female, very aggressive and I think she hate men. But please any military stay away from this place until they get this woman out. Management, please message me back, I would like to talk to you about my nights experience.

  5. James

    I do not know how many coubs some of you all visited, but this is not the best club in America. It is a nice place though. In my opinion in the mid to late 1990’s the best club was Mons Venus in Tampa, Florida. I do not know how it is now though.

  6. Mandy

    What a let down

  7. Denver

    Run of the mill at best

  8. Mike

    When you are the only game in town, apparently you can be satisfied with mediocre. Big Louie’s is the best at mediocre I have seen in a long time.

  9. case

    has very good girls

  10. cops

    place is about ready to be raided.Advice: Stay out or end up in the paper.

  11. matt
  12. Brock

    Great staff, great management, awesome girls… All around awesome time!!

  13. Lookin 2 enjoy
  14. Ryan

    Love working there, make great money, and love the club!

  15. Ali

    What do people see in this place.

  16. Iowa

    The girls refused to get naked becouse the customers were not tipping well enough and the mgmt seemed to feel that was the way things should work even after i paid a stupid high cover.

    You can keep this place

  17. Eddie

    This place has way to much drama

  18. Slick Trixter

    Club is kept alive only because of the local military base. While there were quite a few more locals at this establishment than its closest competitor, there should not be a cover charge for the military. A NICE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!

  19. Mistercap12

    This place has a really cool atmosphere and theme for a bar but that is where the positive comments end. We were in town for a week and went to get some wings and drinks. The wings were raw in the middle and the wait staff was not interested in apologizing or getting us new wings. The sauces were good and so were the drinks. It was extremely crowded and all of the staff was rude. Do not waste your time going here.

  20. Mark

    I agree with Scott, a nice club in the middle of no where and not worth going out of your way for.

  21. confused

    Haha! I have to agree, it sounds like some jealous ex-dancers are trying to get back at Louie. 30 dancers in a club, you are bound to have some bad apples. That’s why they go through so many girls. You gotta weed them out!

    I was in the club last night and saw that they have some new young dancers. They are smoking hot!

  22. Louie Girl


  23. Tom

    Not worth the drive, just another club.

  24. YES SIR

    This club is incredible!

    Too much going on in one complex!

  25. Hanry

    Stop treating your customers like shit or they will soon become someone elses customer.

  26. harryharry

    The chef really has things figured out! Bar food at it’s highest level. Ignore the stigma. Come in and enjoy yourself!

  27. Chris

    This is the greatest strip club in the midwest.

    Hands down.

    Speaking of hands, I love those hands on lap dances.


    Ryan you can dance for me any day.

    I need to get a two girl lap dance from you and Lily.


  28. Jake


  29. Trever


  30. Chuck

    If I ever meet Big Louie, I’m going to shake that man’s hand. A+ establishment. If you drove 70 miles to a strip club, maybe that’s your problem. There are girls in this world that will get naked for you, without you having to pay them…

    Just so you know.

  31. Trevor

    Great club for poor blow jobs!

  32. RST
  33. john

    If I ever decide to go back to that giant trailer-park….. Maybe some of the girls will have been able to get some dental work done ( they make enough off those terrible dances )

  34. Judy H.

    Very good food. Everything I have eaten from here is delicious. The only issue I have is the staff will serve locals and ignore you at the bar for drinks. Super annoying.

  35. Mark B.

    Mike has got it right, this is a great place.I love coming here but not many people like to go because they it’s a strip club since it’s right next door to Big Louie’s. Atmosphere is awesome, the service is great, and they def have the best wings in town.

  36. randy

    the girls here are nasty. i got pulled on stage and the girl put everything in my face and the smell of B.O. made me about hurl on her. sry guys but NOOOO thanks

  37. james1412

    A group of us came here to hangout and have a few drinks, my friend ordered a burger and he immediately threw up outside so I’m not sure i would order food here. The bar top was a bit dirty, some of the bartenders have bitchy attitude and was unprofessional. Most of the waitress are very nice and friendly, they’re fast with their service for the most part. One thing I hate is how bad this place is filled with cigarette cloud, it’s so strong even my shoes smelled like cigarettes the next day, it would be nice if they can add like an air vent or something.

  38. Brandon

    Awesome girls, great times!-

  39. fuckery12

    Friends and I drive 30+ miles each way to meet up there on Friday nights, twice every month or so. The wings are big and priced and cooked just right. Food is very tasty. We usually go about 7 and the deejay starts about 9 after we are done eating. Great atmosphere. Good sound system. I and my friends are late-middle age and always get carded and have to wear a bracelet. Have never been charged a cover but I’m not into televised fights or whatever. We have seen the beginnings of some of their theme parties. Great place to people-watch. Nice crowd of clean cut young adults. Not a corporate restaurant but not a local dive where they hate outsiders either. Friend them on facebook to keep up with their events. Brian Muench on his guitar is a good time. A lot of the staff sit in and can really sing. Then Big Louie gets on the mic and hilarity ensues. I have not been there for lunch or any day except Friday and Saturday but Chicken Bones has been 100% enjoyable by me.

  40. Jessica

    Big Louie’s is even fun for the ladies! NO JOKE!

  41. Ron


  42. Peter

    LOVE IT!

  43. I agree

    I agree, if Im looking for attitude Id stay home

  44. whoever

    Mariah and Extacy are the two HOTTEST girls in there!!!!!

  45. Barry



    This club exceeded my expectations. I came here expecting to see a bunch of skanky girls shaking their nasty asses around. Little did I know, this place doesn’t have any of that! Nothing but good looking girls that are willing to sit and chat, or take you up stairs to rock your world. This is the first strip club that I felt like I got my money’s worth for the lap dance.

    I highly recommend Big Louie’s!

  47. Joe

    Big Louies with the Big Big girls

  48. Robbie

    Hire some pretty girls and your club might not be empty

  49. Ernie

    What an awesome place to see some beautiful women. This place is incredible.

  50. eddyL

    Chicken bones has been through a lot of changes since the first time I’ve been here.New management: I’m biased toward the old management. But new management made a lot of changes which I think helps there business. Pool tables were moved to accommodate more space.Next to Big Louie’s: Big Louie’s is a strip club. A lot of people come out here to drink than go to the club next door. However, alcohol is now served at strip clubs in Missouri since they are no longer “nude.”There is a cover to come in on Friday’s through Sunday’s. And free billiards on Sundays and Thursday’s.Overall its a nice place. Basically, its a soldiers bar. But locals do come in .

  51. Geoff

    OH MAN!! you have to go look at their website and check out their girls!! soooo hot! and that’s not all they have! you have to go see this place… SOOO AWESOME!!

  52. OVERRATED?!?!

    This club is amazing!!

    How can Big Louie’s be overrated?!?!

    they have the worst rumors going on about them…

    and they get better everytime i go there!

    im glad we won’t ever have to worry about them being off limits again!

  53. Jeb

    Theres nothing worse then high school age girls that have high school attituges

  54. AssnTits5

    I have lived less than a mile from this place for three years but never given it a chance until recently due to its reputation as a dive bar and junior soldier hangout. That being said, I was blown away by how good the food was when we tried it recently after becoming utterly disappointed and bored with every restaurant in this town. The food was awesome. I have ordered a variety of their chicken sandwiches and they are always spot on. Blew the overpriced cold chicken pebbles Buffalo Wild Wings serves out of the is the only reason I would go back. To savor the deliciousness, I have to put up with a dark depressing atmosphere. Sometimes we go there and we are the only people and I almost want to fall asleep, it’s so dark. Also everything reeks of smoke. I know that was the cool thing back in the 70s but in 2013, I don’t want to hot box with a bunch of people smoking unfiltered camels while I eat. They should really invest in a filter system. Also their bartenders are inconsistent. Some make great balanced drinks, while others make gasoline drinks or pure sour mix with no alcohol. The other thing i don’t like is they charge a cover for UFC when peppers and Buffalo Wild Wings doesn’t. But if you’re willing to put up with all I mentioned, it’s a good place to go with a group, have some drinks and get a good meal

  55. Kevin

    Where is the customer service, I felt ignored even after tipping $5 bills at the stage on less then attractive dancers.

  56. The Lovely

    I LOVE THIS CLUB!!! The girls are mostly awesome and Lilly gave me such a great lap dance I had to come back and get another. I have been there 4 or 5 times in the last couple months and I cant wait till I go back!!

  57. KC

    Way over priced for what they offer. I guess they have a captive audience with the fort so close.

  58. Shawn

    This place lacks excitment

  59. Sidney

    I visited on 9/22 and in the space of half on hour I experenced the following:

    A dancer asking me if I could find her a “line”.

    A restroom so dirty that I sliped in puke as soon as I entered and a fight in the parking lot.

    I wont be back.

    I wont be back.

  60. Rodney

    Where did all the talent go

  61. St Louis

    Do the doormen have to look like the hoods there trying to keep out ??

  62. Wes

    Are you calling yourself poor? This place is incredible!

  63. Dave

    I have never been a big fan of this club, and after last weekend will no longer be a customer there. SHITHOLE

  64. Bobby
  65. Travis


  66. Rod

    I dont want it either

  67. Paul W.

    Once again this club was incredible and the women were amazingly beautiful. I saw a couple new, young girls, that will blow your mind.

  68. whoa!

    I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I go in to Big Louie’s sometimes a couple times a week and have never seen anything like that happen! Sounds like we have a couple of jealous girls trying to get back at the place they got fired from! haha.

    also, we aren’t allowed to talk about anything illegal on here… whether or not what you said is true… you can’t talk about it here! follow the rules!

  69. asdf


  70. patron

    Prices were high, girls were mediocre, bartender and door guy had major attitude. There were lots of empty, but I can see why. Not the place to go for a good time.

  71. JJ

    Unfortunately I have been stationed in Hawaii, Cali and Florida where the girls are HOT. All I can say for these girls is I was suprised they had all their teeth. SHOW ME? They showed me alright. Alright food.

  72. Jimmy

    The best Gentlemen’s club in America!

  73. Jack

    I love this club!

  74. Franklyn

    Good atmosphere, food and music!

  75. HOTONE


  76. blake alexander

    very nice

  77. R Skye
  78. want more of it

    I was here twice last week while visiting a friend at L.W. You gotta package this and sell it to all those shitty clubs out there. I will be back again and again!

  79. Seth

    Every time I go in to this club I am amazed! The girls keep getting hotter and hotter. You guys need to give John Randles a raise, he is doing good things for your business!

  80. Tim

    Life on a tread mill , not much fun just a grind

  81. Mistikae

    Think you got a good thing going, find some better lookin gals…

  82. Pamala

    Why do you keep all these Fat Girls; back when I danced you would have been laughed at for this show

  83. Sally
  84. Sam

    You must have went to the wrong club!

  85. Steve


  86. Howard

    A shit hole

  87. Moderator

    This is by far my favorite club in the US!

  88. Ray

    Keep it

  89. monopoly guy

    ohhh man! i had so much fun last night… awesome stuff, ladies!

  90. Kraig

    This place IS amazing!

  91. Tomas

    If I wanted attitude I would have stayed home

  92. Big Fan

    I was actually at Big Louie’s last weekend, and was very impressed with the girls and the atmosphere. I am from Springfield, MO and your club definitely outdoes anything we have up here! Illusion has nothing on you!

  93. Scott

    What a let down.

    I drove 70 miles becouse I beleaved the bull on this review page.

    Not worth my time or money

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