805 Frontage Road, Greenville, SC 29615


34.8460512, -82.3209419




8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Bucks

  1. Sarah
  2. Marcus
  3. walt
  4. RCxBF

    Every thing was great ,the girl that was serving me (Lollipop) kept dancing to the music and rubing her ass on me and when I gave her only 2 dallors she sat on my lap and said sorry I fell.I loved it! I will be back!

  5. rhett
  6. Heaven

    I started dancing in this club three years ago and in the last three years it has changed. But like any buisness it must adapt to what will make it money and if changing something or going through a new system is what you must do then it’s what the buisness must do. I have seen a lot of ladies go that was sad to leave and new faces to come in to entertain the gentleman coming to the establishment. I hope to stay for a while longer in the club till I feel it is time for my own change. Platinum is a fun place to go and have the fantasy your looking for considering the amount of ladies that are dancing in the club. It shouldn’t be a problem finding the lady who best suits the man. Unfortunately a lot of clubs lack having a wide variety and Platinum Plus is far from that. Yea you have a few bad eggs in the batch but it doesn’t take long before they get tossed. So keep that in mind before you degrade a club. Nothing is perfect but Platinum does it’s best to accomedate the clientel with a variety and I’m happy to have had the first experiance dancing in Platinum Plus. That’s why to this day I am still there. Oh and just to let you gentlemen and ladies if your interested to know the pole dancing competition finals is November the 3rd. I will be apart of the competition I hope to see a lot of people there!

  7. Jessie
  8. Perry
  9. Scott Kelly
  10. Micheal

    I visited the club for the first time, it was huge, compared to what I have saw in the past. Really nice place, the music was a bit too loud, but overall a nice place

  11. SCGiver
  12. CC
  13. SCOTT


  14. Jeter
  15. Greg

    I wish the cab driver never took me here. Nepals was way better.

  16. JT
  17. Sammy

    This is by far the best club in Greenville. Checked out two others Godivas and Trophy Club and they were bad. Both were in poor repair and the girls they did have had knife scars and bullet wounds.

  18. Josh
  19. Mike
  20. MDAWG

    I have been going there for sometime now and i do like the club. The talent is always good. The private dances in the back are amazing with the right girl. There are some dark corners of the VIP room. My only prblem is the music is WAY TO LOUD. always has been. Some of my frineds skip this place for this reason alone. I will keep cumming back though.

  21. Kevin

    I had a great time, the club is huge, and I have seldom saw so many women in one place. The drinks seem a little strong, but overall very good. The staff is great, I left or dropped my cell phone, the next morning it was back in my hand before they even opened. A very classy place to visit, and I was glad to get my i-phone back

  22. Platinum GVL Sucks

    This club is the worst. They serve O’Douls in a cup after midnight. Then they want to charge you four bucks. DJ runs around like a jack ass on the main floor. Girls are pushy with attitudes to match. Whoever heard of tipping a stripper for sitting with you. Absurd. Also, love how the waitresses just assume you want to buy strippers drinks. I should have left when I was told it was five bucks to park in front. By the way, why an eight dollar cover. Same club in Columbia is six dollars and you actually can drink alcohol there and have fun with the girls. Do yourself a BIG favor by avoiding this place like the plague!

  23. big daddy

    what happened to day shift. i used to love going there. the day shift girls were the bomb. now alot of fat girls trying to dance. will do anything for a tip. they are young fat stupid and cant dance. i was so dissapointed dont think ill be back. and by the look of how many people were in there it seems alot of people agree with me.

  24. IAN

    If I could picture Heaven being a Strip Club it would be Platinum. I love this place. Dancer Canada and Kylie are wonderful. They made me feel like a real man.

  25. Knoxville_guy

    I had gone to Nepals before visiting PP. What a mistake! This place is huge. I left Nepals after only 30 minutes because it was so boring. I was not sure what to expect walking into Platinum Plus. PP ranks very high on my all time favorite clubs list. The quality of the girls was probably 7-8 on a 1-10 scale. I saw maybe 2 9’s and about 3 skanks. There was plenty of eye candy all around…even some of the girls in the crowd were hot. I had several lap dances which allowed generous contact. I will be back.

  26. Center 7

    You may come up in this club, and take one to the house. It may happen to you too!

  27. Scooter
  28. craig
  29. Benny
  30. Freddie Mac

    Pretty cool club. Place is huge and has a lot of girls. Got dances from Dasia and Rogue which were pretty good. Definitely nicest place in Greenville.

  31. Micah

    Great club

  32. REAPER


  33. Harry

    Kelly rocks

  34. Nikki
  35. ben
  36. Upstbkr

    Excellent service.

  37. hahahaha

    Sounds like Mike Jones is familiar with horses dicks.hahahaha!

  38. Justin
  39. G
  40. Jay

    Music too loud, but a nice place to waste a little time and a whole lot of money.

  41. Gary
  42. Greenville Guy
  43. name


  44. Gabriel

    Went there on Thursday. Place was packed and the radio station was doing a live remote. Lots of great looking girls and dances were pretty good. Wish there was a club like this back in Roanoke.

  45. Wunderbar

    Priscilla is great and the club is cool.

  46. Tim
  47. Paul
  48. Sidney
  49. Guy
  50. Tweet

    I’m a dancer my self at PP and even though I was skeptical about being a stripper and nervous all the dancers were very happy to give me tips and pointers and help me out(even though all of us are really each others competition). Hey even the cutomers were happy to help me out with some pointers too lol. Very fun open enviroment. After one day I love it! The manager and bouncer (Ron) are hilarious and very nice and understanding. I also love it that unlike most clubs someone always makes sure you get walked to your car so safty is a plus. I’ll recommend this club to anybody even if you dont buy dances the conversations that spark up are very interesting. I look forward to meeting some regulars very soon. “Tweet”

  51. Brad Perrot

    Came here last night and had a awesome time. Cant wait to come back here again

  52. Ron
  53. lu
  54. Sam

    Biggest titty bar I’ve ever seen. Dances were good, lots of contact.

  55. Carl
  56. Jeff
  57. Jason
  58. Steven

    Music is too loud, Cant understand a word the DJ says, lap dances are too expensive. Need pool tables in the club. A few girls and I mean a few are worth the trip in. Tabitha,Karri and Jessi are worth every penny.

  59. Vanessa
  60. loved it
  61. Karma

    I myself am a dancer at Platinum. I have been dancing for many years, and I have worked in many clubs in several different states. I chose to stay at Platinum because overall it is my favorite club. I am not going to tell you that it is perfect. Anyone to frequents places like these know how it is. But if I were a man, this is where I would choose. Even as a woman if I were going to go, this is where I would be. There are alot of girls to choose from, I guarantee that you will find at least two that you really like. Well, I look forward to seeing you at the club. Bye. Karma

  62. Sampson

    Gotta have the best looking bartenders I’ve ever seen. They are as pretty as some of the dancers especially the one named Susan. Every other stripclub in town has a bunch of homely fat ones.

  63. Larry

    visited again Monday night it was a bit slow, but nobody can beat 75 cent beer, with super hot ladies, and good hot wings. my tab for food and drinks was less than $20 and I stayed 3 hours, My dance tab was a whole different story LOL I hate to see Monday Night Football end

  64. Mark Wells

    I was very impressed with this club. Everything was great, I could not have hoped for a better time

  65. Techno

    I’m the best barback ever

  66. mc
  67. TKO

    Top Notch

  68. Terry
  69. Brian

    I was in town for the BMW Pro Am and visited this club. I couldn’t believe a city like Greenville would have a club this nice.

  70. Jake
  71. Jill
  72. willie
  73. Lisa D.

    My husband and I went for the first to a strip club. We had a great time. Treated us both great. Made me feel very comfortable. Private dance was great!! We both enjoyed it!!!! Sandy was great!!!

  74. Cam

    Seriously chris does anybody care about the DJ in a club, just play be music. Improve your service, and move forward.

  75. Eddie

    Bonerville USA what else do I need to say!!!

  76. Eugene Baker

    Visited club was very impressed good party atmosphere

    beautiful girls and friendly staff. I’ll definitely

    be coming back!

  77. ken

    HERPES JAEN AT TROPHY CLUB.. redhead 5′ tall big tits,, getting fat has Herpes call the whore at 864-360-1065 or 864 639 0731 127 Quail circle Central SC 29630 she also works at H&R block in Easley ..”contract married” to Adrianne Santos pilot from Brazl .. possible terrorist.. and fucking a guy in Omaha NB that works on nueclear missles,,

  79. Brandon

    It was Saturday Night, you cant smoke in the city, but you can drink, after midnight at Platinum you can smoke and drink. Three bartenders told me I was having Bud Light or Miller Lite and the tap handles matched. That was weird something funny is going on, if they are city they can drink after 12, but never no smoking. If they are outside the city the are mis-representing there product or violating laws. Someone figure this one out. Overall it was a good time, but someone is not telling the truth

  80. Grant
  81. george
  82. jj

    great club!!!!!!!!!!

  83. warren
  84. Lil Jeezy

    Man this club if freaking awesome! Girls are outta sight gorgous but also very approachable. something for everyone at this place. couch dances are reasonable and well worth the money, drink prices are comparable to any night club downtown, and staff is very friendly (didnt feel intimidated at all) and guys if your like me with a little extra money to spend the 3rd level private champagne rooms will knock your socks off! overall whether your just lookin to kick back, relax, and have a couple beers or want to really go all out and splurg on an amazing night, this club has got what you need. i highly recomend it and try to go as often as possible. do yourselfs a favor and check it out!

  85. O Yeah
  86. Chris Lyon

    I’m the best DJ in the World come see me

  87. krzy
  88. Some guy

    I’ve never been to a better club. Hot girls, nice atmosphere, good music. The only downside is that it can get pricey, but the dances are worth it. Jewel is the best. Sweet, shy, and a great dancer.

  89. Keith Fisher

    Had a awesome time here……

  90. Robbie
  91. Mike Sucks

    The music is too loud for even young people. This is for customer commets not staff

  92. Sherry

    Love this place

  93. Derrick
  94. great times

    if being here 5 days a week makes me a regular then i am what i am just cant get enough

  95. Lee
  96. eugene

    great club everytime i go i have a great time.

  97. good guy

    i had a great time and the girls i danced with was not at all whores. they wouldnt even let me touch in a bad way!!!!

  98. Jerry's Right
  99. Ted

    This is a really nice club. Had a great time with the girls while I was there. Kylee is great and gives a wonderful dance. I will definetly be back.

  100. Fred
  101. RICK


  102. denis
  103. Jerry

    This Club is Awesome!! I have been to my share of Strip Clubs but this one is by far the best I have been too. Went upstairs to the SkyBox with Remy. We had a great time. I will definitely be back.

  104. David Allen

    This place is so much fun!! Can’t wait to come back in 2 weeks

  105. kyle
  106. giverrr
  107. dustin

    very nice

  108. Steve
  109. Country

    Can’t believe hicktown Greenville has a club this nice. Club is Cool and most of the girls are pretty Hot.

  110. Non Smoker

    I still rate this club very high, however the union of wifes and girlfriends have found out the secret. Several years ago, we men just had to make sure we did not return home with 2 dollar bills. Now with smoking laws, the only place you can go and come out smelling like this is one of the adult clubs. It not just Platinum all of them are smoke filled rooms. I think in years past the the smokers vs. non smokers evened out, however now everyone would cant go five minutes without smoking goes, all the employees and dancers just fill the room with smoke. Cant wait for a non smoking adult club for us attached men, since we cant get away with visiting without going home covered in smoke. Not saying there are not a handfull of clubs left with inside smoking left, but they are a good distance from Gville (other than the dump (rendevous) on Pelham. Thank you I still love the place, just cant go

  111. Chris Lyons
  112. Richard Hall

    Had a great time last night at the club. Dancers are super sexy and nice to talk to. Drinks are not over price!! Coming back next weekend..

  113. Hotcock Tn.

    Great club. Hope to see you pretty tri-cities,women soon at the pp.

  114. woobadtimes

    use to be the best now its just like the rest

  115. Tracy
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  117. Sammy P

    This Club is too Damn Gangster

  118. big d

    Amazing girls !!!

  119. big spender

    i will not be going back there its a whore house!!!!!!!

  120. Athena
  121. Chris

    Good Club, but the girls seem to have an attitude, waitress need to serve more quickly, syill a nice place

  122. Joey
  123. wondering

    Wondering what hours Tatum works. If anyone knows, please reply. Thanks!

  124. Clark
  125. Robert
  126. ASD

    Keep up the good work.

  127. shocked

    shocked by the comments. i went during the day. took forever to get a drink. girls were not attractive. got a twenty dollar table dance that was no different then if i had been watching her on stage. this place is a money pit. i spent twenty minutes there, $35 dollars, and had a bad time.

  128. Nick

    The music is way too loud.

  129. Phil
  130. casualguy

    This is a fun club with lots of dancers. Drawbacks are change in two dollar bills and the loud music and “wanna dance” hustle. Lap dance prices are negotiable here but I can often get the special two for $30 price, some girls charge two dances for $40. Some even more if they can. Pluses include they stay open very late after other clubs are closed. Open until 6AM on the weekend. They stop serving bottled beer at close to midnight Saturday night though due to blue laws. I bring ear plugs to this club in case the music is so loud it hurts my ears. I’ve worn them a few times. The club management responds to any comments about the loud music as saying they want a party atmosphere. At times it is like being at a rock concert but seems more reasonable lately. Lap dances from a number of dancers are excellent. However prices are negotiable and every dancer may have a different price. Works great if they don’t charge too much.

  131. Disappointed

    I cannot believe what happened in this club last night. EXCUSE ME BITCH!!!! I am there for MY fucking entertainment. If you have plans of putting your mouth on parts of me that you have put on parts of OTHER men, then get the fuck off of me. Ugh! If there are those out there that like sloppy seconds or even fifteenths, then so be it. I value my life and it is much more important to me than some slut who doesn’t give a shit about herself or her customer. I will definately be visiting a classier club next time. Platinum is off of my list.

  132. Morgan
  133. Des
  134. Kelly
  135. Bob White

    Awesome Club! Had so much fun, plenty of pretty girls and

    friendly staff. I will be back soon

  136. Tony
  137. Marty
  138. Mark

    Wow a Sunday night and its a ghost town, girls begging to get money, they will do anything

  139. Nate
  140. Weekend Traveler

    Platinum Plus is a upscale type of chain club. I went in on a Saturday night with a group of friends we got hit on almost before we set down. The girls can be very aggresive as far a hussling so stay aware of things don’t fall for the first girl that hits you.

    After we got settled in and turned down a lot of offers we finally hooked up with several women that made the night very enjoyable. Can’t say that there were any real ugly women in the place most were at least a 8. There was about any type of girl in there you would want to meet and age.

    We had a couple “sweet things” spend a good bit of the night with us except for when they would leave for another client or to but they always came back and would check to make sure we were “ok”.

    The dances were anywhere from 30$-50$ for a private dance which several of the girls if you would ask about them would give you 2 for 1 dances. Contact was allowed by both party’s for the most part except for private area’s. In the back some of the women were well “VERY” enjoyable to have on you other’s were satisfying then there were some that were a waste of money. We were surprised by this club thought it was probably one of the nicer upscale clubs we have been in as a group any of us have been in [Vegas & Canada still rank higher].

    On saturdays they quit serving alcohol at midnight all have to be off the table.

    Would recommend going to this place if in town

  141. jimmie
  142. Turbo

    Went there a few weeks ago and had a great time! I believe I had three back room dances in all. But there is only one that I really remember, Laura Lee! She was amazing. I’ll be going back.

  143. Bob
  144. James

    Music too loud.

  145. Kent
  146. AL
  147. OH WOW

    I decided to go to PP not too long ago and I met a chick named Cocoa, I

    got a dance from her and he pulled her g-string aside during the dance

    and she had all kinds of huge bumps/blisters on her pussy it seriously

    looks like HERPES. I asked her about them after I pushed her off of me

    and she just said keep your money and walked away in embarrassment.

    So I’m just letting everyone know buyer beware she has HERPES!!! I

    hope PP fires her.

  148. Randy
  149. Lay
  150. Brett
  151. Fluffy
  152. Gagster31

    Pp is a great club. I met a dancer named Harley and her dances are

    awesome. She has the best VIP champaign ever. It’s worth it. Check her

    out and take her up in the champaign VIP I can promise you won’t be

    disappointed. I can’t wait to see her again!!

  153. Ray
  154. Mac

    Place is really nice. Got dances from Carmen and Sadie both girls were great. I will definitely be back next time I’m in town.

  155. tonycluber

    Man, beautiful spot, probably one of the nicest strip clubs I’ve attended. BUT aside from that, I think the only thing I’d come back for is their pizza! lol (it was pretty good) Their music sucked, you walk out of there smelling like an ash tray from everyone else’s smoke, & I was not impressed with their females. Thanks, but no thanks Platinum Plus.

  156. John

    I had a blast at PP. A must see club.

  157. HERPES Jaden at Tropghy

    zil.. he flies for Dave owner of Secret’s strip clup in Feyteville NC.. call her at 864 360 1065



  159. mitch
  160. AJ

    Great Place

  161. Satin

    Come see me (Satin) at the Trophy Club

  162. Jamie
  163. Ollie
  164. Girth
  165. skabang

    some hot girls sorta pricey

  166. lonly man
  167. Thomas
  168. Joe Washington

    The club, staff, drinks and service was awesome

  169. Craiginsc

    I met Tatum tonight, she’s awesome. Shes beautiful and has brains she’s

    a rare girl. Tatum and I did many dances and they were GREAT!!!! Her

    birthday is coming up in a few weeks I highly recommend the VIP room

    for this beauty. She will give you the royal treatment. I can’t wait to see

    her again. Thanks Tatum for the wonderful company. Your a one of a


  170. Bull
  171. B
  172. Jenn
  173. Charlie
  174. Tom
  175. FnB

    great if you hustle, be wary size of club and number of entertainers leaves this place open to alot of shady shit

  176. Jimmy
  177. Becky
  178. winston12

    went there for the first time with a friend thursday afternoon…figured it would be a good time to check it out without the friday night yahoo’s….was impressed with the size & layout of the club…but as usual with most strip clubs….watered down drinks, over aggressive women….and worse of all….vip room dances had no official cost but after 5 dances…very nice ones too..was told that i owed $200…..and of course “a tip” would be appreciated. Went to find ATM in club..but told..”it was broken” yeah broken my butt…now here comes the real rip off…have to use credit card to get funny money…with a 10% surcharge….then off course bartender who handled the transaction wanted a tip….telling anyone who goes…bring lots of your own cash, drink bottled beer out of the bottle, and ASK what a dance costs…found out a friend who went with me was told i was ripped off…one dance only costs $40…but if you have more than one they drop to $20. So the girl who ripped me off killed the goose who laid the golden egg…i would have gladly come back to see her again..but not having been ripped off. total suggestion…find a better club…LUST is a good option in Greenville.

  179. settle
  180. Steve from SC

    My wife and I go there quite a bit. We love it. Its a great way to unwind. We’ve been married almost 19 years and use the club to spice things up. we like the variety of girls that work there. A little something for everyone.

  181. Re: Jenn

    Hey Jenn, Platinum is definitely the best place in Greenville to work. My friend and I drive down every weekend from Johnson City, Tn just to work here. Money is pretty good here and people are cool. Its worth your time.

  182. Shaun

    Cool place, girls were hot and there were a lot of good looking girl customers too. I didn’t think most strip clubs let women in but there must have been about 30 there on Friday night. It’s a great place

  183. Freddy
  184. Trent
  185. JB

    Had a great time at this club.

  186. Matt
  187. Chris55

    Im a regular at this place and I usually have a great time but this last visit

    was not a great one, I met a dancer by the name of coco, she seemed

    like a nice girl so I got some dances from her, they sucked! We got back

    out to the table and she charged me way too much for the dances and her

    attitude changed quick. She was saying she’d eat me for breakfast and all

    kinds of crazy things. I would definitely stat away from this one she’s


  188. Blake
  189. Cliff

    Really like this place. I’ve been going here for years and the women just seem to get better looking. Definitely one of the better clubs I’ve been too.

  190. Shifty
  191. Clint
  192. joe curtis



  193. Jim
  194. popdizz

    I was here at PP the other nite Got to talk to Tatum for a second.. Anyone know if she gives bjs She is very sexi an I would like to feel those lips on me.

  195. JP
  196. Ed
  197. lil half dead

    everyone stop bitching. platinum plus is the shit ! dancers or customers,go somewhere else and i bet you come running back. always got alot of customers and always got alot of girls. its the place to be in greenville !

  198. Hill
  199. Dave

    What can I say? No really what can I say. Oh yeah Women

  200. Kerry
  201. joe

    i loved this club!!!! the girls are great and very respectful

  202. Gentleman
  203. Tom

    Great place…! Cheat drinks.. Hot girls had a blast will be going back very


  204. Earl
  205. William

    Was in Friday night the Feature was hot, I will be back tonight. The inside of this club is unbelievable, I would not have espected to see that type of club in Greenville. Truly upscale, in every area

  206. Lyle
  207. Undercover

    Great Club overall,nice girls for the most part,some are pushy some are not,Drinks could be a little cheaper but it is a strip club.

  208. Reggie
  209. angel

    the girls r hot and they r very considerate.they r very soft and they r all different. they all allow different things

  210. MrDoneItAll

    Tatum is new to the club. A true MUST SEE!!! She is thick with natural

    36DD’s. Tatum is Beautiful. I highly suggest her. She’s all the way from

    Kansas I think that’s what she said. She does dances and VIP like no

    other. Platinum Plus did great by bringing her on over here I will definitely

    be back to see her this weekend!

  211. Will
  212. Wayne

    This club is pretty nice, a few of the girls are playboy material, however most are at least average or above. Too many waitresses too often blocking the view.

  213. julie stovall

    it’s awesome!!! the girls kick ass.

  214. Kendall
  215. Ralph
  216. Harold
  217. Dana
  218. noydbs

    notihng to say stay away if you can

  219. Roger

    Expected to see a club like this in Vegas not in Greenville. Nice place, girls were great, drinks were reasonable and I had a wonderful time.

  220. Mr Woodcock
  221. GoingtoseeTatum

    My favorite girl is in town tonight and I’m going to see her. I highly

    recommend you all do the same. Tatum is awesome, nice beautiful soft

    breast, soft sweet smelling skin and the BEST lap dances around. They’re

    even better up in VIP where there’s more privacy. She makes VIP so

    worth it. Go in and ask for this RARE one of a kind as soon as you walk

    thru the door. You won’t be disappointed at all.

  222. daw
  223. Balla

    Great Club

  224. Ty

    A top of the line club.

  225. BigMac

    This club has too many disgusting women working. They try to get you to buy sexual favors you don’t want. Then, they get mad when you say no. Also, the music is too loud and the dj sucks.

  226. Frank
  227. Delmar
  228. Tub
  229. Tatum

    I work every Thursday thru Saturday during the evening.

  230. acw
  231. Cali
  232. Gavin

    Great place, music is good, dancers are hot, definitely best place around G-vegas

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