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1601 West Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80223


39.6789357, -105.0067885




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PT’s Showclub Denver

  1. Satisfied Customer

    I have been in on two occasions. Friday nights both times.. I had a great time and got alot for my money. The last dance I had was great. I can’t wait to go back.

  2. yo


  3. Adam Z.

    This was my first and last time going to a strip club. I told my first lap dance ever that this was my first dance and she took advantage of my nativity. Paid for a $40 dance and when she asked, ‘do you want more?” I said “yea.” While “do you want more?” might be common knowledge to some, I didn’t know it meant more money. I didn’t know if that was part of the dance or if they only said that to tease you as a part of the dance or if she was being nice because it was my first time. I had NO idea what to expect. I did understand that $40 was topples and $60 was full nude. I upgraded to $60 for full nude and apparently “more” meant $40 more. While I can understand, this is how some of the entertainers make their money because they’re accustomed to guys/girls knowing the jargon. I did not know the jargon and feel taken advantage of. What was I supposed to do? Say “wait a minute, I don’t understand” just to piss off a dancer and potentially have a bouncer kick me out for asking? I had no idea what to expect. After that, I sat in one of the corners with friends, upset if what had happened and set a bad tone for the entire night. I didn’t want anyone to come up to be because now I thought everyone was thinking, “oh, fresh meat; let’s take him for what he’s worth.”I’m not really a social guy but expected at least to be treated right. I’m happy to pay what I say I’ll pay for but not happy when I’m being milked for cash. While some of you might be thinking, “tough, get over it” this is still a business. I don’t want anything, I’m not aiming for anything or whatever; I’m just disappointed with how I was treated.

  4. Bob

    PT’s is a great club with lots of good looking dancers

  5. AssnTits5

    Still pretty good.

  6. Dippy

    Went in on Monday. Not sure how this club has a 9+ rating. It’s not the worst club I’ve been to, but it’s certainly not deserving of a nine. I give it a 5 at best. The talent was mediocre at best. Only one girl in the joint that had a 9 body and her face wasn’t that great so I’d give her a 6 overall.

    The nude dances were okay. I didn’t even get the names of the 2 girls I got dances from. Doesn’t matter I probably won’t come back.

    On the plus side, nobody was pushy and the girls I talked to were friendly enough. A real sports bar feel. Not very classy.

    I went to the Penthouse club on Tuesday and that place rocks. I’ll write a more detailed review for that club on it’s page.

  7. Rob

    Nina is smoking hot, personable, and gives an amazing dance.

  8. joseph1k

    PT’s has many beautiful dancers who give less than legal (Very Hot) lap dances. I have 2 issues with the club. 1…..Paying a cover at the door then being charged an additional cover to enter the lap dance area. Give me a break…don’t they make enough on the $7 beer and the $5 soda ? I understand the need for a cover at a strip club, however, don’t section the club off and charge additional money for your customers to roam the building. Such business practices display the desire to squeeze your patrons rather than gain their loyalty thru quality service and enjoyable entertainment. 2nd issue…If your type of crowd is the baggy blue jean, sideways baseball cap, cheap bling wearing, gangster wanna be ….who doesn’t own a shirt with a button on the front…….this is the club for you on a Saturday night. Not the club for me

  9. Shiho F.

    Heard rave reviews about this joint but it was pretty mellow for a Sunday. Maybe because we got there around 5pm. Ran into someone from my hometown, that was quite interesting. A few of the guys were amazed that me and a girlfriend would be hanging out there. One of the guys asked if we worked there. That was the biggest compliment of the day.

  10. PJ

    Best club I have been in. Girls don’t hustle you none stop for cash. Dont get me wrong, in the full nude side you will get offered VIP time, but it is not a pain.

  11. Mike

    Nothing special. Strange layout which does not facilitate mingling.

  12. loves it

    i love this place. pay the extra $5 for the nude side and the girls are all over you for the dollar bills. grabbin’ titty and ass and everything- who needs a private dance!!!

  13. Eric

    The best in CO!

  14. cp

    great doorstaff

  15. Cool_Dude

    This is really best.. Better than the vegas strip !! I got a girl who was so friendly with me, she allowed me to touch her entire body… Awwsome dude…

  16. mathewater12

    Nope. This place sucks. A stripper stole from my friend..and the management will be beyond condescending about trying to address an issue. Screw this place

  17. trey

    Cellulite city

  18. paul

    DO something about the smell in the table dance area under the air conditioner! pew it smells like death!

  19. maxxy1

    Great place. The girls are ok. Some hot most just ok. The Girl from porta Rico is a pushy one. I went in the afternoon and you can’t beat a $3 cover. Beers are $6. Not bad. All in all I was pleased.

  20. markcsprings

    Friday and Saturday nights are unreal!! Amateur nights … couples nights … hookup with patrons nights … door staff and parking lot staff are great … public dance floor ..far better than anything in Vegas (one of the most regulated cities in America believe it or not).

  21. dog

    smells like death in table dance area

  22. Justin
  23. don

    the weekend afterhours (2-4)is awesome

  24. Franklyn

    First time coming here for a bachelorette party. I wish there were more guy strippers, but that’s unreal. Some of the girls here were a little raunchy.. Good show for all the dancers though. Had fun screaming my ass off and Im sure the bachelorette did too.

  25. ron

    Ugly chicks

  26. JustAnotherGuy

    This is my favorite club to hang out. The day girls are very friendly. There is plenty of variety with respect to the girls. Most of the girls here sit down with you for hours without pushing drinks or dances. The lap dances in the afternoons are the best value. The songs are longer, girls are friendlier and the ratio of guys-gals is in our favor too. The drinks are reasonably priced. Only negative is the massage offered by a girl dressed like a waitress… complete waste of time and money.

    Enjoy the time spent with the lovely dancers… and avoid the massage girl !!! But for massage, I would rate this club a 10+

  27. felixnada

    This shit is whack $15 dollars cover and it aint nothin but skinny ugly girls no ass no Tittes just skin and bones a square might like it but this shit is weak im talkin bout the one on Havana dont go.And the bouncers are Haterz at the club but on the strret they weak just had to throw that in, Brothaz dont go aint worth it can do better just grabbin sumthin in Traffic!####

  28. ken kenniff
  29. harryharry

    I stopped by this place for a party with friends. I’m not a big “showclub” person but I’ve been to a few in my time. What made this place stand out was the friendly & professional staff, the lack of pressure tactics in selling, and the overall cleanliness of the place. Those are three things you rarely find in a business like this. First off the staff was both friendly and professional. The bouncers were fine with me, and I’m sure they have had to endure some idiots over the years leaving them a little gruff. The bartenders I dealt with were very friendly and not pushy or forgetful. The entertainers were likewise friendly, had no problems explaining how things work, and no pressure tricks or flim flam like other places. The lap dance area is worth the extra charge as it keeps it small , and uncrowded. Again the entertainers were friendly , engaging, and very good at what they do. I didn’t see food mentioned other than ‘pizza’ on the drink menu, but I was too distracted to bother. The music tends to lean towards hip hop and rap, but every so often you will hear rock, or classic rock. Let’s face it, it’s not a lap dance without ac/dc. The management was present and active in keeping things running smoothly. The clean bathrooms were a surprise , because I expected at least graffiti or broken sinks, but everything was in good working order. Parking can be a little dodgy if you don’t use the valet service. All in all my friends and I had a great time and I stayed after they left. A good time is a good time after all. As far as pricing goes, it’s typical and not all that outrageous. The only thing I found out of line was the $6 fee for the ATM. That’s just silly.

  30. winston12

    Every drinks at this place is expensive.

  31. JAMES


  32. XhXeXy

    The girls here are, on average, about a four. They’re not hot. For most guys, you wouldn’t try to pick these girls up at a bar, seriously. Regardless, the dancers in this club are some of the rudest and most arrogant I’ve ever seen in a club. Avoid this place.

  33. CSGuy

    Had a great time there this afternoon other than one really pushy dancer. The more voluptuous the dancer, the better the private dance. Private topless dances were long and very stimulating. I hope to return again soon.

  34. Burke

    There is little better than getting two girls in the same booth and watching one of them fist-fuck the other right there in front of you for about 5 minutes. Only cost me $100 for each girl. This club rocks.

  35. Dewey

    wow, this is a bad club

  36. allan

    uh-mazing club, with enough variety and activity going on to keep anybody happy…. the place is buzzing with 5 dancers at a time on thursday afternoon… and the nude side… don’t even get me started. For $20 you can get two handfuls of heaven… ESPECIALLY if you get a 7-minute private dance with Ginger. Best body I think I’ve ever seen…. definitely going back.

  37. dillion

    So nasty

  38. hunter

    This club is nasty with dirt dirt not good dirt! The bad germ dirt!

  39. wess

    Pay less get more out of the girls!

  40. John
  41. timmykilla

    This used to be the best strip club in Denver, but apparently things have gone downhill. It was super slow here, seriously maybe 30-40 people. We still found a couple of dancers with fantastic attitudes. After we were there for about 2 hours the bouncer told my friends they had to take off their ball caps… Whatever, No big deal right? Except at least 1/3 of the patrons had hats on. When my friends brought that up, the bouncer stated it was out of his area and he couldn’t do anything about it. Seriously? Yea sure, they’ll take off the super offensive United States Navy hat, and the equally offensive Adams county hat. Not a single person said a word about the no hat policy for the 2 hours prior to the douchetastic bouncer, not even the manager that escorted my ex navy friend to the atm upstairs.. Too bad the evening had to be killed by Mr. Douchetastic. We left, we have no problem spending our money closer to home.

  42. denPL

    Overall, a great place – occasional long wait for a drink, occasional pushy dancers. I do NOT like the “rub girls.” I’ve been asked point-blank for money twice by them (after politely declining a massage) – I’ve never, ever been asked for $$$ by a dancer after declining a dance. That’s my ONLY complaint:)

  43. larry

    Lots of broke bikers! unattractive women

  44. Timmy

    Good value, time flies

  45. stripwatch it’s like myspace for strippers and their clientel.

  46. eddyL

    This place isn’t too bad. The girls can be hot one night and really bad another. The drinks are decently priced and everyone’s pretty cool. Private rooms are great but expensive.

  47. door

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