Steppin’ Out



1158 Main Street, Jay, ME 4239


44.559858, -70.235023




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Steppin’ Out

  1. Roscoe
  2. Oeoejjwt


  3. Tubby
  4. Yeti
  5. condor
  6. jku0-9

    nasty nasty ho s

  7. JM
  8. Ryan

    We came from a long distance away (5 states), 10 guys for a bachelor party and we had an amazing time!Believe everything you read here, it is all true!These girls are hot and sexy and fun and legit!

  9. Mass Man

    I came up from Mass a couple of weeks ago for some hunting. I got a nice buck and my Mainenah friends took me to “Steppin’ Out” to celebrate. Wasn’t to impressed pulling into the parking lot but once inside and saw all them naked ladies running around, I quickly changed my mind. You just sit down and they come jump in your lap. How cool is that? And there is nothing in Mass compared to those floor dances. Heavenly!! I need to find more excuses to visit the area in the future. Great club.

  10. Murry
  11. Jasper
  12. eric
  13. Swen
  14. erik

    this place is great the girls are hot and very talented. there is always alot of girls.

  15. Yetti
  16. Orin
  17. NoNo
  18. Travis

    This club is a whore house point blank… great for guys that want to fuck for cheap. Me and my brother went there with a couple of friends my brother got a vip with courtney, he paid $200 for the room and $150 extra to fuck. All good right… 2 weeks later he finds out the bitch had herpes cause he broke out with sores all over his dick, he’s dumb for not wearing a rubber but the bitch should of told him she had herpes. Any girl that will grind on a cock or rub her pussy in your face for $2.00 at a time is a whore.

  19. Haddly
  20. quinn
  21. Russ

    I was there Thursday too. It was kinda dead but I like it that way. Get a lot more attention from the girls. Of course it cost a little more trying to keep all the girls happy too but I had a great time.

  22. johnny
  23. Kujo
  24. Boner

    Headed up to Sugarloaf this weekend and looking forward to stopping in at least one night. Hopefully two. haven’t been for a while. Miss the place.

  25. Coy
  26. True

    LOL yeah its true, midnight is preggo with twins.

  27. Bill
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  29. Woo Hoo
  30. Bobby
  31. Sammi
  32. PJ
  33. Rich

    I must say I was impressed with how nice the gals were at the club last weekend. Hadn’t been to a club before with so many friendly girls. Had a great time. Hope to get a chance to return soon.

  34. Moe
  35. Ward
  36. Sally
  37. Bull
  38. Ross
  39. Bashful
  40. Turk

    Great time the other night. A little short on girls but the ones there did their best to visit everyone on a regular basis. Kinda nice to just sit there and watch at times and drink a few cold ones.

  41. loki
  42. Brad
  43. Cutie
  44. Sparky
  45. Glporgst


  46. Kitty
  47. Vovzwzfd


  48. Damon

    Floor dances,what more can I say. A great invention!

  49. Sly
  50. Shirely
  51. Brett
  52. name


  53. Ritzie
  54. Xjexlzzf


  55. Adam
  56. gdqkrbma


  57. LILY
  58. Big Guy

    I love this place. The girls are great. Atmosphere is great. The view is great. Fun time!

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  60. Chet
  61. charlie
  62. joe
  63. Bobbi Jo
  64. Jeannie
  65. Woofer
  66. Curly
  67. Gibby
  68. DannyD

    Had a great time there last night. Good crowd, nice gals, cold beer. My first time since two years ago. Hope it’s not another two years. Great little club.

  69. Emma


  70. LongDong
  71. ace
  72. Bill t

    I was in there recently. The girls were good-looking and staff friendly. There were several nice-looking blondes, which is what i like.I was very impressed, and cant wait to get back.

  73. Lori
  74. Chocolate
  75. Kenny

    My favorite place. Much friendlier atmosphere than those big city clubs. I enjoy the format and having the girls mingling all the time instead of dancing on the stage. And those floor dances, WOW!!, what more can I say.

  76. jamieC

    SEXY girls! could not have expected better! i had a great night, will for sure return

  77. Leon
  78. Suzy
  79. Bosely
  80. Zane
  81. jayson
  82. Patrick

    I’ve been going to Steppin’ quite a bit lately. The girls range from 6.5 – 10’s…mostly 8’s/9’s. All the girls are super friendly. I’ve found a couple favorites and had a great time in the VIP room. Highly recommend to locals and visitors!

  83. Rubber Duckie
  84. Rehkrhdl


  85. Sue
  86. Clyde
  87. Siagpagg


  88. Ronson
  89. Elrod
  90. Jimmy

    BEST club in the whole country! Hot gals and great atmosphere!

  91. Tree Hugger
  92. Central Mainer

    What a great place! I was there last Saturday and had a great time. Had several floor dances from Alexis,Mercedes and Renee. They kept me quite busy that night. Lovely ladies. And those lap dances from Ginger…Wow, she gets so close. The Sam Adams was ice cold and everything was great. Hope to get back soon.

  93. Bowser
  94. Millie
  95. Ram
  96. Jerk Off
  97. Tunk

    This used to be a good website, but the spammers are taken over this one too! Sucks!

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  100. Con Man
  101. Cobb
  102. yoYO
  103. Kim
  104. Scout

    Wow, nice girls in this place. Friendly and relaxed. Always willing to give a good view of the good stuff!! Nice atmosphere. I’ll return many times.

  105. Dodge
  106. Brewster

    Yeh man, this place rocks!

  107. Greaser
  108. Boston Boy

    Had a great time Saturday night. Snowmobiled all day in that cold weather and then got warmed up by the lovely ladies. Be back in February.

  109. Oshkosh
  110. Oscar
  111. Girly Girl
  112. sylvestor

    it’s a good place but there are more clubs out there guys. I went to 4 different ones last week alone

  113. JerryG

    Fantastic place. Had a great time everytime I’ve been there. Great gals, great time. What more can I say.

  114. Girly-Girl
  115. Foster
  116. Chas
  117. Vick
  118. daryl
  119. Herbie

    The best club next to Teasers in Key West that I’ve seen! Best club on the East Coast for sure! Thursday night Hustler, girls must be all working.

  120. Scorpio

    Had a lot of fun. Not much else like this in the state in terms of contact, which was a big draw for me. Looked like everyone was having a great time. Theresa seems like a nice woman with the brief conversation I had with her. A few of the dancers weren’t my type, but they still seemed pretty nice.

    $10 cover. At the start, they do free dances on the chair on the dance floor, and then move you onto the floor. Every girl is introduced this way. Then they all come out and do dances for you at your seats for $2 minimum. As the night progresses, more clothes come off, and the dances are a minimum $5. If you go out and lie down on the floor and get a dance with them, it’s $10 for half a song, and $20 for a full. Did that once with Allie, and loved every second of it!

    $200 gets you half an hour in the VIP area with the woman of your choice. I took Nadia up on that offer and was really happy I did. Had a great time!

    Wish they had a few more dancers there, though. There were several times where I was waiting quite awhile for any dancer to come over and spend a song with me.

    That aside, like I said, there’s really very little like this in the state. I had a great time, everyone seemed nice, and it was worth it! I just wish they performed a little closer to the Portland area!

  121. Chris

    There’s a new place in Livermore Falls that has dancers also. They don’t have a name yet. Was there last saturday.

  122. Emmit

    Great time Sat night. Thanks gals, it was fun. Catch ya next time.

  123. Pete
  124. Destany
  125. Dwayne
  126. paul
  127. BillyJ
  128. Pub Master
  129. Rob

    We are going up to Sugarloaf in March for some spring skiing and hope to stop at Davey’s on the way back. We did that last year and had a great time. About eight of us sat over in the corner and the gals took really good care of us. Great way to warm up after being out in the cold all day.

  130. Burris

    Great place, lots of contract with really nice girls. Nothing like it around here.

  131. Dierk

    This is the best club in the state of Maine IMO. Most contact and that’s what I go for.

  132. John Q.
  133. Billingsly
  134. Hung
  135. Chipper
  136. The man
  137. Zzqhtigq


  138. Lester
  139. Missy
  140. Dubya
  141. stan the man

    Well where do I start,Yes the cover has dropped down to $10.00 from the $12.00 it use to be,but with that comes prices to pay.Lets start with that champagne room aka whore house paying $190.00 plus being hustled for a tip for extras being offered from at least 3 girls that I have first hand knowledge of by me and my friends experienced.The famous line heard in there is that I only get half of that money the club owner gets the other half.(correct me if I am wrong but isn’t that the maddam??).Lets see what else oh yeah there is also talk in the audience that the maddam will not open the floor til she gets her share of those champagne dances..if its that important to her maybe she should do a couple herself..and let us guys there for the show have a show that stays the same and doesn’t change with her mood.So in conclusion this place went way down hill it looks like the management is awful money hungry and someone should let her know she doesn’t have a platinum plus there and go back to the way it was.PS if you must go in that champange room ask for Ginger,Naddia,or mercedes or should that be yugo!!!

  142. Umont
  143. Sheb
  144. Laura
  145. Whore Hound
  146. roger

    I was there on thursda and the place was dead.

  147. Salvia
  148. Bubba
  149. Fluffer
  150. Will

    I love this place. Not much to look like on the outside but lots to look at on the inside and touch too. Give it a try, you won’t be sorry. Been there many times and have never been disappointed. Cool place.

  151. TOM


  152. Annie

    I like it. They treat the lady customers well there.

  153. Ernie

    Great place, lots of friendly girls there. Naked friendly girls, what more could you want!!!

  154. Cool
  155. HappyCustomer

    This club is great! The girls are all attractive and really do a great job! They are professionals! They know how to do their job and keep it clean! Great show!

  156. ben
  157. X-man
  158. Scott

    This club is the BEST! Don’t waste your time with the rest.

  159. Big Dave
  160. Bert
  161. Ducky
  162. Wilford
  163. Emily
  164. Boss Man

    Nice place. Had a great time Saturday night. Looking forward to many more.

  165. Igixoazr


  166. RE: Leo

    I agree 100% with leo, closest thing to Canada ive been to..and these girls can put anything anywhere they want to!

    an open mind is a wonderful thing 😉

  167. Lurker
  168. Ollie

    Sucks, sucks, sucks, need i say more,and I’m not an ex. You ladies just think your all that and a bag of chips. Give it up or get some new talent. Same girls all the time. Old and run down money hungry bitches. Boring, boring, boring. We won’t be back that’s a guarantee.

  169. LeClare
  170. Chub

    Great club. I wish it a prosperus 2009 and hope it remains open for many years to come. Happy New Year to all the lovely gals there and thanks for many enjoyable evenings.

  171. JohnnyD

    Great time there Saturday. Merry Christmas to all those sexy gals. Thanks for all the great times there. I love this place!!

  172. clay

    well if you like their butt and pussy in your face maybe you should stop by the STD clinic because at least 1 of those girls goes there quite often that i know of.

  173. Dick
  174. Aaron

    Great club, hot girls, good attitudes!!

  175. JZ
  176. PacMan
  177. Brooke
  178. Sasha
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  180. Ralphie

    I agree it beats PP all to pieces as far as contact goes. Was supposed to go Thursday night but weather caused postponment until tonight(Sat). Always enjoy my visits. Besides the music doesn’t blow your eardrums out like PP. Man their msuic is load.

  181. Wild Jack

    Always have a great time there. Love the place. Can’t wait for the weekend.

  182. Rex

    The girls are happier than any girls I’ve seen that work clubs. Not on drugs, just liking their jobs and making me feel like a million bucks! They don’t act like they just want my money (sure they do) but still, don’t mind giving it when I get a sincere thank-you and a smile!

  183. Tech

    They do have great girls there. I love that Mercedes. Best club around anywhere!!

  184. Celine
  185. Barry
  186. Polecat

    Had an awesome time Saturday. Renee and Mercedes took good care of me. Had some great dances from Dallas and Tonya also. Also there was a tall thin gal that I hadn’t seen before, not really my favorite body type but she was awfully nice and got really close so she was really enjoyable. Can’t remember her name.

    Cold outside but very hot inside the club. Great night!!

  187. Steve

    What else can i say. A bunch of whores. But you know us guys we all like whores. Ask for Ginger. She will blow you in the champaigne room.

  188. Booby Lover
  189. Carl
  190. To Joel

    AKA: Teressa. This is JM and i never mention that i was a ex dancer so maybe you should get your eyes checked and take a reading class and stop being so ignorant so you can get your story straight.

  191. jaws
  192. Diane

    I hired a dancer for a surprise birthday party for my husband and she came to our home and put on a heck of a GREAT show!! My husband will never forget it and neither will the rest of us!! We had a fantastic time and the dancer was so HOT that we are going up to Steppin Out to see her and all the rest of the dancers! I had never seen a stripper before and didn’t know what to expect, but it surpassed everything I imagined!

  193. Bugsy
  194. leroy

    how many times can you say this place sucks

  195. jim
  196. Tank

    Not much to at on the outside. Lots to look at inside!! Nice.

  197. Dale

    Great fun in the little town of Jay. Hot girls, cold beer and a lot of contact. What more could you want. Highly recommended.

  198. Gloria
  199. BobbyJ

    I had a fantastic time last night. Thanks gals for all those close dances. See you again soon.

  200. Reggie

    This is a really fun place. Most of the girls are very attractive, don’t have attitudes. The beers are cold and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The customers are nice, laid back people and the girls make you feel welcome. Good time.

  201. Lustful

    Great atmosphere, great talent – can’t go wrong here.

  202. Casey

    Best joint around. Sexy women and great atmosphere. You get more for your money than you do in Portland at PP that’s for sure. Up close and personal here.

  203. Dusty
  204. Bond
  205. frequent flyer
  206. The Grunt

    Ive been there constantly, everytime i go i always have an amazing time. The girls are great, lap dances are full out, and being around the women along is just a good time. I recommend going there

  207. Sammy
  208. Aston
  209. Ossie

    Grrrreeeaattttt!! Most fun east of the Mississippi!!

  210. Devon
  211. Bruce

    My first time. I’ll be back. Nice atmosphere, friendly. Great views from the floor. Bouncing boobies!! All I could ask for.

  212. Greg
  213. Bulldog

    Best around!!

  214. Bastard Child
  215. Corey
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  217. Ed


  218. Glen

    Very nice little club. Gals for everyone’s taste or you can be like me and enjoy them all. A couple of Sam Adams and a few floor dances and I’ve had a great evening.

  219. Phantom
  220. Grabby
  221. Brassy
  222. Norm

    I would say this club has all the hottest dancers in New England! Where the heck do they find these women?

  223. Nick

    The best stripclub ever, hands down!

  224. Ytllbsdr


  225. Bob

    I was there on Friday for first time. Great time. A low key place and the girls were friendly or at least most of them were. Can’t wait to go back someday soon.

  226. jerry
  227. cliff

    I think you meant to say drag queen and not dragon queen. We all agree she is a bitch. And this place is a dive. It’s no fun anymore. Guys leave your wallets at home cause the bitch at the door will sniff it out of you.

  228. Andrew

    Love these gals…they are always happy, which I find to be the #1 reason why I keep going back!! They are truly incredible to watch and interact with! Class A acts who know what good customer service is about!!

  229. costas
  230. Jeff
  231. Wjpafqex


  232. Dude
  233. Wally

    Small crowd Saturday night but still some really nice girls there. Mercedes always makes it a fun time. Quite a gal!!

  234. Tufu
  235. Bronson
  236. Oawtoduk


  237. Luca

    Going Saturday with a bunch of guys. Our best place to hang and have fun with the best girls around…

  238. seth

    great time will go again with the guys!!

  239. Chase
  240. DocErotica

    My Friday night experience at Steppin’ Out was really not all that much different from the Thursday night one. Steppin’ Out draws a good caliber of people: friendly, varied, and enthusiastic without being excessively rowdy. Exactly half of the ten dancers working Friday had also worked the previous night. They included Cassidy (dressed as a Persian slave girl), Tonya (as a redneck women), Treasure (as a soldier in a camouflage uniform), Carmel (as a dominatrix), and Ivy (as Little Red Riding Hood). You can find my description of these five in my other review. Carmen, one of the gals I hadn’t previously seen, came out in a tight, red sequin dress. She was a tall, thin brunette, with a Latino look to match her stage name, though she’s actually Irish. She was really skilled at flexing and flicking her derriere. Another first-timer for me was Natasha, who came out as a policewoman, handcuffing a fugitive from the audience. Natasha was an excellently proportioned Portuguese brunette, medium thin and with midsized breasts. She was the revelation of the evening for me. Her technique in the floor dances was among the best of the various gals I’ve encountered so far, right up there with Dahvin and Ivy. A third addition to the crew on Friday was Rain, also dressed as a police officer. Rain was tall and tanned, with a ponytail, a saucy gum-chewing expression, and medium-plus bust and torso dimensions. She demonstrated that she really knew how to pat a man down. A fourth addition to the team of performers was Raven, who is mentioned several times on the message board for this club (she apparently has some loyal fans), so I was anxious to see her for myself. I was expecting her to have jet black hair, but she was very blond. Dressed as a cheerleader, Raven had a spunky attitude, lots of energy, a medium build, and medium-plus breast size. Her lap dance technique was quite effective. The fifth addition to the group was Deidra, who, like Carmel, was dressed as a dominatrix. She had lovely chocolate colored skin and a pretty face. Her hair was done up with blond highlights. I spent most of my money on Natasha, Ivy, and Cassidy, but all of the girls were receiving plenty of interest from various men. I suppose I’d have to say that Ivy is the best dancer, overall, among the BIM girls that I’ve seen so far. She’s got a wide variety of sexy little flourishes, like running her fingers through her hair, which add nuance to her graceful movements. I’m glad, however, that each of the ladies has her own unique approach. Cassidy’s style, for example, is slower than most of the other girls and almost consists more of a series of poses than movements, but that allows her partner opportunity for a more tender kind of caressing than is possible with the more energetic dancers. Part of the joy is experiencing a variety of the different styles. I was also able to walk away from the evening with a splendid souvenir in the form of Cassidy’s G-string, winning it in the auction. For anyone still wondering why they might want to take a drive up to Steppin’ Out, consider a few of the highlights: some of the ladies brush their bare pussies across your nose or eyes; any will let you fondle their breasts during the lap and floor dances; many provide close up, intimate views of the promised land. The Baptist Church down the road from Steppin’ Out might have a different notion about the Promised Land, but we guys know where its truly found.

  241. Edwin
  242. Big John

    I agree with the Rooster. Greatest club around. Best I’ve ever been to anyway. Great gals and lots of contact. Love it!!!

  243. Merv

    Stopped in to Platinum Plus last night. Makes me relize what a great little club we have here. The ladies were nice enough there but those air dances they call lap dances leave a lot to be desired and of coures no touching. A lot different than those nude dances we get at Davey’s. And nothing compares to the floor dances. So those complaining, try PP and see what you get for your money.

  244. flasher
  245. Fletch

    Hope to get there again this Saturday, It’s been a while and I’ve missed the gals there. Always a great time. Keep the beer cold!!

  246. Bonnie
  247. Samson
  248. Remy

    Ha, Ha, Ha, I just read that review below where someone said the girls dance too close. What a riot, never heard of such a thing. That’s the reason I go there. The gals are nice, they smell nice and if there’s any possible way thay can get even closer I’m all for it.

  249. Ralph
  250. Dicky
  251. jill
  252. Cool Jay
  253. Goose
  254. Nekafbim


  255. Body
  256. Rooster

    I’ve been to a few clubs, and i have to say that this is the most incredible place i’ve ever been to.

  257. DAVE


  258. Leo

    to much hype about nothing

  259. Mango

    Going tomorrow night, can hardly wait. It’s my favorite place to have a few drinks and watch the gals. Never a problem and always have a great time.

  260. yazzi

    I totally agree. Try them all.

  261. Biff

    I had a good time

  262. Josh

    Had a bachelor party there, last week and we all had a great time. They gave us a bunch of party favors, like glow necklaces and blow horns and gave the groom a big baby bottle filled with booze. It was a riot! Sounds kinda corny, but it really gave us a lot of laughs! Good customer service!

  263. Philly
  264. Skidoo

    Lots of snow. Snowmobiling will be great as well as my favorite warm up place. All that lap friction will warm you up in a hurry.

  265. Denny

    Davey’s Dancer Rule!!!!!

  266. Muwnximm


  267. Hey Will

    Get your facts straight. Midnight is 100% pregnant with twins. She won’t be dancing for long. And who ever it was that was looking for the real name of Poison, you were wrong. Her real name is Lindsay

  268. Jeb
  269. Mainiac

    Classy and fun place!!

  270. Beiber
  271. Tony

    Cool place! Great bunch of girls.

  272. Dan

    it was just ok for me

  273. Berty
  274. Hsljkiuq


  275. George
  276. Brandon

    Headin to the Ballet right after the truck pulls at ole Farmington Fair!!!

  277. Willie

    This was the most fun I’ve had at a club in years. Lots of nice sexy ladies who were very friendly. Naked ladies and cold beer, what’s not to like. I’ll be back.

  278. Henry

    A good time had by all!!

  279. Dick Head
  280. Chief


  281. Harrington

    Getting ready to head there now. Looking forward to some cold beer, some hot women and lots of groping, LOL. Fun as usual.

  282. jordan
  283. franf
  284. Free Fall
  285. Bust A Nut
  286. Jim M
  287. Pifanger
  288. Sir Charles
  289. Fjpiqukc

    tYJJRQ imagine.,

  290. Brian
  291. Roy

    Great club, been going there for a long time. Always friendly. Big bang for your buck.

  292. Big City Visitor

    Thanks and Merry Christmas to all those lovely ladies who made my day last Friday. Your club sure beats anything we have down here in the big city. Hope to be back soon.

  293. Townson
  294. Bosley
  295. Rusty
  296. rick
  297. wanghanglow


  298. A+


  299. Chrissy
  300. Mowquvbz


  301. Westly
  302. Rain Man

    This place is so relaxing and classy! Man I wish I were there tonight. Maybe tomorrow will work out. I miss my girls.

  303. Paunch
  304. Scrub
  305. Pollster

    Best club around.Floor dances are the greatest. Up close and personnel.

  306. Ivan
  307. butch reed

    This is a really fun place. Most of the girls are very attractive, don’t have ‘tudes’and will provide you with a lot of fun for not a lot of money. The drinks are comparatively cheap and the atmosphere is fun and relaxed. The clientele are nice, laid back people and the girls make you feel welcome. Last time I was there,I realized at the end of the night how little I’d spent and gave my favorite girl an extra tip…they work hard and deserve it! It’s way out in the boonies, but well worth the trip!

  308. Boo Hoo
  309. Prince
  310. Buddy
  311. Dennis

    went last night for our yearly visit, had all my favorites, and some new girls who are great! clean upbeat club with great staff and girls who are fun and actually can carry on a conversation. The girls are not messed up like most clubs. The one I was talking to just built her house.

  312. Ziggy
  313. Ned
  314. Daisey
  315. chuck
  316. Zoe
  317. Sandy
  318. Laurel
  319. Tony(the Tiger)


  320. Enjoys Dancers

    I think that the majority of people who go to this club love it!! Especially the couples. They seem to have a great time. Everyone leaves happy and they don’t feel like they have been conned out of their money. They get their money’s worth and always come back for more. I don’t know why some people try to keep getting the overall rating down. Jealousy, I suppose. But customers will figure it out for themselves when they go there and it is the best dance club in Maine without a doubt!!! Really truly GREAT FUN! Go there and find out. You won’t be disappointed!!!

  321. Cole
  322. Jackson

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeee this club! The hottest chicks anywhere!

  323. Dough Boy

    Headed there Saturday night to see my gals. Can’t wait for those lap dances. Best around. Always will be. That’s my opinion.

  324. Big Tuna
  325. Tyler
  326. benjie

    was not impressed at all

  327. Snickers

    Bachelor parties are fun there. I had one last year. Had a blast. The girls are very accommodating.

  328. Freddy

    Great time there every time I go. Never a disappointment. Give it a try.

  329. Ray

    LOL. You can have the glass of wine, JM. I just want to cuddle up to my favorite gal in there. Wish I could afford to do the VIP thing more often. I really enjoy my time in there.

  330. Mudslinger
  331. Jon
  332. Trip
  333. CharlieC

    Woohoo, most fun I’ve had in ages. Man. those girls get close.

    I’ll be back.

  334. Zeke
  335. Sptiz
  336. oceanwave

    I love it, the owners are exceptional! they are the most friendly and make everyone feel so comfortable, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  337. STOP SPAM


  338. Jake

    good dancers, good drinks, nice, clean club!!

  339. john
  340. alex
  341. Ian
  342. Jessie
  343. Xodfsfly


  344. neat club

    FUN FUN FUN, need we say more. obviously, the ones who are slamming it are all ex’s . lolol

  345. johnson

    Well was there saturday there was alot of people so this must be the place to go.Had a great time.Have no clue why that other club would have a better rating must be dancers trying to sabotage this one.All i can say is go see for yourself i am sure u will be pleased!!!!

  346. 8/23

    We find this club to be excellent. And we know clubs being from Providence. I had the most fun ever in a club!! We will return again and again!!

  347. Not happy

    Not really a good time at all, the girls have really bad attitudes.

  348. Sonya

    Went up there a few weeks ago couple of male friends. I patted a few of those gals asses and did a little groping. I think some of the guys liked watching me to that more than than the strippers. What a turn on. I hope I get that chance again. Fun place, everyone had a great time.

  349. DJ
  350. Barrart
  351. Gerald

    My buddies and I are going on our annual hunting trip and it wouldn’t be the same without stopping in to see the beautiful ladies at Stepping Out. Ya man!!!! Can not wait!!

  352. Big Pappi
  353. CLUBMAN


  354. Old Blue
  355. Jolly
  356. Zorn
  357. Fred

    Cal, if you can talk you gal into it, I highly recommend it, I took mine up there last fall and it was a total turn on. The dancers really enjoyed dancing for her. And later that night I got all the benefit from it, if you know what I mean. She was pretty hot when I took her home.

  358. Real McCoy
  359. West
  360. happyday


  361. Brock

    I can hardly wait to get up to the Loaf for some sking and a visit to the best club around. I miss those gals. Won’t be long now. A floor dance with Mercedes, can’t be beat!!

  362. Marty
  363. Hammer

    This club rocks. I travel all over and This is the best club ever!

    Sorry Clay, I’m not a dancer. You wouldn’t want me in your lap.LOL

  364. Brain
  365. Todd

    I just left there too. Had a great time along with everyone else. Most fun I’ve had in a long time. Friendly place. The girls are great. Lennnie, go to Platnum Plus and get some of those air dances. This place is to much for you to handle.

  366. cher
  367. Dallas

    I am Dallas I work at this club and I believe that we are a amazing club even if we all do not get along at times I will say that anyone on here who says this is a whore house and comments about girls being whores is mad because the girl probably turned them down. u obviously had it before you came in the doors. steppin out is awesome clean and put on the best show that’s fact!!!!ty xxx ooooo

  368. Lonnie
  369. Garret
  370. Swingers

    GReat Party Place

  371. LarryW

    I agree also. Best club in the state. Beats the big city club by a long shot. The girls are sexy and friendly. I’ll return evey chance I get.

  372. Grinder
  373. Porky
  374. Matt

    Boy, this place looks great! They really have vamped it up in there. The girls all have a great attitude, too. They are all friendly. I’ve never been to a club where all the girls are sweet. They must all be new. They used to have a lot of snotty bitches. Weeded em out and kept all the good ones.

  375. Lon
  376. regular

    Hot new chicks and all the BEST of the rest hehe. stay out of the dump in rumpforddd

  377. Girlie Girl
  378. Mick

    How can you beat $5 lap dances. Best value around. See for yourself.

  379. MJ
  380. Buzz
  381. Pat

    Been going there about every other month for the past year and a half. Wish it were more often. Never had a bad time there.

  382. Allan

    The wife and I love it!

  383. Richard
  384. Booze Bitch
  385. Digger

    Couldn’t be better. Except maybe a few more girls on so of those real busy nights. Most of the time there are plenty to go around.

  386. Sage
  387. Zorro
  388. Larry
  389. trevor
  390. Jan

    I went the other night with a couple of other girls. The dancers liked giving us lap dancers too. My first time. Wasn’t sure what to expect but we all had a great time. What a friendly place! I think I’ll try it again sometime.

  391. Joshua

    The girls here are really fun! If you are in that area, it is def worth checking out!

  392. Sid
  393. Stuart

    Great for warming up after skiing too. Ski trip this weekend, I’ll be there. Best warming hut around.

  394. Tail Hunter
  395. bb
  396. Stevie

    Great club!!!! Spent Saturday evening here and had a frick’en great time! HOT dancers, good drinks, great service! Everyone was having a great time– See ya next weekend!….

  397. eddie
  398. Bette
  399. Nathan

    Wonderful time at the club. Ladies were all beautiful, I highly recommend this club over any other! Great job ladies.

  400. Jason

    Took my girl there the other night. They treated her real well. She liked the lap dances as much as I liked watching her get them. Big turn on night. I’ll have to try that again sometime!!

  401. Jabber
  402. Second Saturday Swingers

    We are part of a Swingers group. Second Saturday of every month we go Swinging and this is a good place to start ;)!!Friendly girls, good drink prices, and great atmosphere!!

  403. Meyers
  404. Hank
  405. Jersey
  406. Polly
  407. Danny

    Had a great time last night. Thanks gals. Always have a good time there. Nice relaxed place with hot gals.

  408. Mark

    The girls are friendly, decent looking, and give a full touch lap dance for $2-$10 all night long. Even the ladies that accompany their guy have a great time. I’ll be there tomorrow night with 16-20 friends (men/women) and I guarantee ALL will have a good time. No condom no brains, seriously.

  409. Rufus
  410. Mass Hole

    Need a little more snow so I can make my annual snowmobile trip up in that area and then hit up my favorite night time entertainment. Nothing like getting warmed up by sexy girls grinding away in my lap. See you soon.

  411. Max

    This club has the best atmosphere and the prettiest girls in the North East, as far as I have seen. They make guests feel comfortable and definitely want to come back. When I go back to the Farmington Area, I will definitely drop by. Thanks girls!!!!

  412. Len

    I agree with what Mark said. They do put their butts right in your face like their pissed off or trying to get even with you for having to dance. I think the girls or someone writes all the great review. The dances really do stink.

  413. Thor
  414. Stalker
  415. Courtny
  416. olie
  417. CyberTechie
  418. Cooper
  419. Handly
  420. Stu

    Good time. Very friendly place.Great girls and the lap dance were incredible. Will go back next year when I come up.

  421. 10

    This club is a “10”!!

  422. Dana

    Hitting this club for the Thanksgiving Weekend, all three nights!! Been looking forward to getting up to Jay to see all those lovely ladies!

  423. Sara
  424. Cal

    What a great night. The gals told me to bring my girlfriend next time and they would turn her on too. Sounds like fun, I think I’ll try that.

  425. Trey
  426. Fosse

    Best gals around. Love those floor dance. Check it out.

  427. Ridge
  428. mike v

    Compared 2 different shows this past weekend and found that there are much nicer people at this one..drink prices the best around and the cover has dropped back down to $10.00.Great variety of girls.Glad to see that mercedes and carmel are there.. Will be back and feel there is no other place to go!!! At least the dance prices are the same from all the dancers!

  429. Kurt
  430. Boss
  431. Pedro
  432. Tim

    We went Thursday and Friday. Was at the Reggae Fest, and made sure we went to Steppin Out. Once was enough to make us go back!!!

  433. Erick

    This place rocks out with hot girls and good drinks! What more could you ask for!

  434. Ann
  435. Club Guy
  436. Billie Jo
  437. Lil Bastard
  438. Hod

    I like it when there are a couple of females customers there. It’s enjoyable to watch the dancers work them over. Saw that a couple of times when I was there. A little extra bonus for a great evening.

  439. Rocky

    Although I really like this club, it’s nice to know that there’s another close by with dirrerent girls. Varity is the spice of life they say. I’ll check it out.

  440. Jersey Girl

    Great club in North Jay! My boyfriend and I had a blast at this club. The girls are hot and I love that they get nude. Down here in NJ the girls are too prude!

  441. Camron
  442. plumber
  443. Baker
  444. Qxucrfjq


  445. Phil

    Just ok for me. Nothing special

  446. Fuller
  447. Little Joe

    Wishing I were there tonight but I gotta wait until Saturday to go to my favorite place. Fun, Fun, Fun!! Great place to relax.

  448. Bruski

    My favorite place. Hope to get there Friday night. Love those floor dances. Greatest club around.

  449. Butch
  450. Kevin

    Great place, had a blast..

  451. Manny

    Great place. I have a fun time there every time I go. A couple of Sam Adams and a bunch of naked girls grinding away in my lap is my idea of a great evening.

  452. sim
  453. formetokno

    great place

  454. Donny
  455. Seadog

    I always have a great time at this club. Great atmosphere, friendly staff and dancers, beautiful women, cold beer. I’m never disappointed.

  456. Red Neck
  457. BillyD

    Great time there last night, small crowd so plenty of girls to go around. They were all working the crowd pretty good. I thought Rene was really hot. I hadn’t seen her around there before. A few lady customers were there to enjoy the lap dances. That livened the place up a little too. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back again.

  458. Conan
  459. Birch
  460. Doggie Style
  461. Winston
  462. Bo

    Best club around. Might not look it from the parking lot, but inside it’s a nice friendly place with lots of sexy gals waiting to sit in you lap. What would be finer.

  463. Grub
  464. Flossie
  465. Lois
  466. WebMan

    Thank You so much for such a wonderful experience everyone. You gals are all so breath taking and the bar guy was incredibly nice. I will come back every time I visit the Farmington area. Maybe skiing will last until may and I can get more visits in. Wish I’d known about the club before.

  467. Sloth
  468. Baxter

    Had a great time. Makes me horny jsut thinking about going back. Wish I lived closer!

  469. Joseph

    Great!!! Second time there, even better that before. Had great lap dances from all the girls and floor dances from four of them. What a view. I’ll be back.

  470. Ericka B.

    I so love this place!!! Best place to go in Maine!

  471. Snooki
  472. Miss Muffet
  473. Big Joe
  474. frank


  475. Jared

    What a place! Beautiful Women, like I couldn’t believe it! In Jay Maine, omfg, they are HOT HOT HOT!! and I ain’t bullshitting ya!

  476. Betsey
  477. Lance
  478. Beantown Boy

    Next weekend I’ll be up for my snowmobiling trip and get to warm up at my favorite place. Looking forward to seeing my favorite gals. Always a good time there. Best part of the trip. See ya, gals.

  479. Miles
  480. falker
  481. Lennie

    What a disaster. I just left their. Amatuer night. Nothing but dogs, and stretch marks that glow in the night. Get real, holloween is over ladies.

  482. Keith
  483. happy customer

    fun place

  484. Lisa
  485. Srcub
  486. ZZ
  487. Wuss
  488. Warrior
  489. Brewer
  490. Broad
  491. Toddster

    Hunting season in a month and I’ll be up there to visit again. Wished I lived closer, I’d be there every week. No. I couldn’t afford that but I’d visit often. Love them gals.

  492. Harry Joe
  493. Farley
  494. Cam

    Girls are all nice here. Something for everyone. Mostly all friendly. Lots of fun.

  495. ricky
  496. Cap
  497. Bostonian
  498. Ed T
  499. Cutsey
  500. Jimbo

    I agree, best in the state. In fact in many ways it’s the best I’ve been to. Not the fanciest or biggest but has the best contact I’ve had anywhere. And I’ve never been to another place that has these great floor dances. And the Maine site here should be updated but I do believe that Diva’s in Bangor is still going strong in it’s new location on Harlow St. Nowhere near as good as Steppin’Out however.

  501. Aster
  502. Joey

    Was there on Saturday. The place was so packed, I couldn’t find a seat. Need more girls although the ones there are knockouts!!

  503. heath
  504. Jonesie
  505. Wee Willy
  506. CJ
  507. Bobbi
  508. Mainer
  509. Smurg
  510. Happy

    All it takes to impress me is a lot of nice naked girls and a friendly atmosphere and this place has got all that. The beer is cold too. Love this place.

  511. Dogg
  512. Big Bill

    Good girls

  513. flash
  514. Hustler

    I fully agree with Scott and Big Guy. This club is the best around. THE BEST!!!!!

  515. Baldy
  516. BillyB

    Fun time Friday night. Couple of really nice girls I hadn’t seen before. Liked them all except one and she was getting a few dances from some of the guys. I’ll be back.

  517. Joel

    Sweet!!! This was my first visit and I’m going back. Miss them naked gals already.

  518. Rosco

    What a way to heat up these cold nights. Hot naked girls, what a concept. Can’t go wrong there.

  519. Kingman
  520. Benny

    Went there a couple of weeks ago. Had a few dances from Tonya. She got sooo close. Wow she’s sexy. Some other pretty nice gals there also. Love that place.

  521. Little Willy
  522. AlanG

    Thursday was my first time there. I been to many clubs and haven’t experienced anything like those floor dances. WOW!! I’ll be back for more of those. Girls were all great and I had a great time.

  523. Andy

    It’s a great little club so why would the ladies have to write things about themselves. From what I hear, it’s the other way around with former disgruntled employee(s) trying to discredit the place. Come see for yourself guys, everyone seems to be having a great time everytime I’ve been there.

  524. Babe
  525. yogi
  526. Sunshine
  527. Curser
  528. Gaser
  529. Sam

    same ole girls over and over. you need new talent

  530. Jed

    I had such a good time Thursday night, I went back Saturday. Good thing I don’t live around here, I’d go broke. Spent a lot of money on floor dances, but it was worth it. Back again in mid summer, can’t wait!

  531. Big Johnson
  532. Icky
  533. Big Johnson

    Great time there. Can’t wait to go again this weekend!

  534. Dominic

    Laid back atmosphere, no pressure to spend your money, but you’ll want to. Dance are great with lots of contact and nice views. My favorite place

  535. Freddie

    No matter how cold it gets outside, it’s hot inside. Great place to warm up in those sub zero temperatures. Hot time.

  536. Randy

    These chicks are hottttttt!! On the way up in Jay who woulda known?????

  537. Stephen

    The funnist club ever. The hottest girls with the best attitude. Almost all of them are 10’s!!

  538. Sock It To Me
  539. Alan

    Nothing like Steppin’ out to a hot time in Jay after a cold winter day. It’s my favorite place to warm my bones.

  540. Sugar
  541. Don

    gotta love this place

  542. Bear
  543. Franklin

    Best club around. Fine bunch of young ladies there.

  544. Tonka
  545. Ysmcbucs


  546. JD
  547. Vince

    Great place. Laid back with a friendly atmosphere. No pressure to buy drinks for the girls or yourself. Just go and enjoy the fine ladies. Good variety, something for everyone. I like them all, along with a cold Sam Adams or two.

  548. Sal
  549. Dapper Dan
  550. Dingy
  551. Brody

    Small non distinctive place on the outside but hoppin’ on the inside. Most fun one could have in a small town. The girls were friendly and loads of fun, and of course sexy. Very sexy.

  552. Sugarloafer

    This club is great! And I golf and ski at the “Loaf”, so this works great for me and the guys. Will be back!!

  553. Curt
  554. Dorff
  555. TW
  556. Nina
  557. victor

    I’ve been going also but it’s always the same old girls.

  558. Harry
  559. Burly

    Girls, girls, and more girls! Great place to be on a Saturday night. Great fun and cold drinks!!

  560. Roland
  561. Dzagohld


  562. Taylor

    Ladies are nice but the music really sucks

  563. Murphy
  564. Hiyngejh


  565. KT

    Anyone there under the age of 30? A few of them needed to retire years ago.

  566. willgoback
  567. Stud
  568. Whiner
  569. Steele
  570. Jay

    Say do you dancers keep putting things up about yourself to make you look better. So shallow.

  571. :)

    Had a great time!

  572. JRK
  573. Ralston
  574. Clair
  575. Mac
  576. Fonz
  577. Zack
  578. Sam the Man

    Great time there. Can’t wait to go again this weekend! Miss my girls.

  579. Simon
  580. BJ
  581. Kendall
  582. Trunck
  583. Walt
  584. Sledman

    Hey Snowman, hope you get up here soon. We gotta hit the club up again. That was a grand time. Cold outside, hot gals inside. Can’t wait!

  585. Rapter
  586. Douglass

    Hottttttttt girls, funnnn club, way better than the others!

  587. Shawn
  588. Saoidvpz


  589. Spencer

    Love those girls. Cool bartender. Cool door dude. Cold beer. What’s not to like. I’ll be back.

  590. Rollie

    WooHoo!! Girls there are fine looking bunch. I love it there. Home away from home!

  591. Baby
  592. Morris
  593. Clint
  594. THib
  595. Oprah
  596. Fergie
  597. Rover
  598. Jr
  599. TomP

    I wish I was up there tonight. I gotta wait until Sat to get to see my honies. Looking forward to a good time as always.

  600. Cyp
  601. Flav

    Got some hot looking chicks! A lot of new ones, too!!

  602. Red
  603. Teddy


  604. Zeana

    Went there with my boyfriend the other night. I was a little skeptical at first but I enjoyed it. Getting my first lap dance from one the girls was a real turn on. For my boyfriend too. I think I’ll try it again sometime.

  605. Duqevgey


  606. Eli
  607. Beth
  608. Yavhfsdc


  609. James

    I paid twenty bucks for a floor dance and got the butt stuck uo my nose too. Not just for a second but lomger than can hold my breath. You can push back with your hands or even turn you head if you have to breath. This whole thread is retarded but I have to agree the butts do go right in your nose. Not sexy. Not a turn on. Not going back either.

  610. Burt
  611. Russell

    You are right about the big bang

  612. Loafer
  613. Bobcat
  614. Yqcnkwll


  615. Chip
  616. Davey

    Davey’s Dancers is BIM and BIM is Davey’s Dancers. Same ole bullshit with a different name.

  617. Mauty
  618. T. O.
  619. Snowman

    Hardly wait for lots of snow so I can get up Farmington way for some cold days snowmobiling and some hot nights with the gals at Steppin’ Out. Paradise!!!

  620. Trav

    Best Club in the State. In fact, there are only two still operating. This one and PP. So this site is VERY OUTDATED! Should keep up with the current info. Diconzos has been closed for almost 2 years and Josephs for 5-7 years!!

  621. Gabe
  622. kyle

    best north of the mississippi been to a few in my day.

  623. sarah

    ohhh yaaaa had a blast!!!!

  624. Jester
  625. First Timer

    I’d never been to a place with this format before. I like it. No stage dancing, just lap dancing and those great floor dances. What a view, up close and personal. Hope I get a chnce to take in the views again.

  626. Stan
  627. jess
  628. slush
  629. Ronald

    This club is rocking! Nice looking girls, mostly all 10’s!!

  630. Noah

    We had a great bachelor party there. They all danced for him at once out on the floor. That was the coolest thing I’ve seen!

  631. Hard Worker

    Hey Stan the Man- We are not just money hungry-We are money STARVED-so don’t forget it. Do you have a job? Expect to get paid for what you do? So don’t we, stupid!

  632. Custer
  633. Frankie
  634. Colt
  635. Murph

    What a weekend. Had so much fun Friday night, I had to go back again Saturday night. Just as much fun the second night. Blew a few bucks but it was worth it. I don’t get up in this area very often. If I did I’d go broke. I would recommend this place to anyone. Except of course, to the guy who thinks the girls dance to close, LOL

  636. Sean

    Yeh, I took my gal there a couple of weeks ago too. The dancers seem to enjoy trying to turn the girls in the audience. And they did. And I got the benefit of it later that night if you know what I mean!! Thank you Davey’s Dancers!

  637. Kelly
  638. Boston
  639. Billy

    Greatest club around. I’ve had many visits and have not been disappointed.

  640. Horse
  641. Regis
  642. Gjeqqvgx


  643. jamie

    this place kicks ass the best around

  644. Carlson

    Great time Saturday night. Thanks gals for all the attention. Up close and personal, that’s how I like it.

  645. Ex-stripper

    I worked there and the place sucks so i quit

  646. calvin

    you must really piss off allot of people for them to keep writing about you. I guess that’s what happens when you get fired.

  647. Louie

    Highly recommended for a good time with a bunch of sexy girls. If you don’t like close contact with horny acting women, this place isn’t for you.

  648. Peter
  649. Joe Cool
  650. Zonk

    Try them all but I think this one is the best.

  651. Handley

    Yeh, finally the stars are aligned and I’m off work so I can go tonight. I love Thursday nights. Not quite so crowded and I can get more dances in. Can’t wait to see my gals.

  652. Ringo
  653. River Rat
  654. the wiz

    Had a great time back on 3/12, girls are hot, more relaxed atmosphere than the BIM days. There was a hot petite blonde that made my night. Do not know their names except for three, ginger, mercedes, tonya. There were at least 8 dancers that night. Will go back again soon.

  655. Wee Willey
  656. Jedi

    I agree, tons of fun to be had at Davey’s.

  657. Wilson

    Great time Saturday night. Big crowd and they could have had a few more girls but Dallas was there so all was well. Hope to return soon.

  658. Dancer
  659. Blue
  660. Mike

    Had a really great time last night, the ladies were all beautiful! Loved the female wrestling too, that was kick ass sexy. Keep up the excellent work ladies.

  661. Luke
  662. Carlton
  663. Cleo
  664. wicket
  665. Smitty
  666. Chewy
  667. Alton

    There was a small crowd last night. But I had a great time as usual. Savannah and Dallas were two hot blonds. Hadn’t seen them before. Midnight was really nice to me and I had a few floor dances from a couple of gals whose names I’ve forgotten. Nice night.



  669. Door MAN

    I’m the door MAN and no, I don’t wear a bra . lol. you guys should get a life. go to work and you won’t have time for all this bullshit.

  670. Benji

    I’ve been to a few clubs, and i have to say that this is the most incredible place I’ve ever been to. You’d never know by the outside but it’s hoppin’ inside. Lovely ladies.

  671. dalton
  672. Morgan
  673. tex
  674. Flake
  675. Busty
  676. Rosey
  677. char

    This place really sucks

  678. Thirsty
  679. Rev

    Never had a bad time at Steppin Out, and I have been a bunch 😉

  680. Willy
  681. Les
  682. Ken

    The BEST!! Raven, Rene, Mercedes, Amy, Kurtney, Dallas, all the hottest gals in Maine!!! I saw them first hand!

  683. Harlow
  684. Buster
  685. Sassy
  686. Jolene
  687. Gene

    Not the fanciest club in Maine but a great time. Small town atmosphere and cute girls. I had a good time and most likely will be back some day.

  688. Junior

    Great time had by all. Low key, no pressure to buy drinks. Friendly gals with close dances. What more could you want.

  689. Corky

    There ain’t no such thing as to much fun but this comes close. Great time.

  690. Beryl
  691. Robert
  692. Drinker
  693. Giddy
  694. Mark

    These girls were so hot. I totally didn’t expect to be as impressed as I was. Angel was unreal…

    Thanks for a great night.

  695. bernie
  696. Bastard
  697. Coke Head
  698. Ex Dancer

    Who quit because of all the bull s–t. to all of you guys reading this bull it is the owners that is putting all this bull up here just to make their club look better. F–k you theressa and Dave.If the real people out there really know what you are like they would be very dissapointed. You are heartles people.

  699. Jonathan

    Headed to Stepping Out next weekend! It is only THE BEST club in the country! Looking forward to seeing those gals. They are hot and horny just the way I like them!

  700. Connor
  701. Big Ben
  702. Kerry
  703. Gerry

    Best place around. Great girls. Fun time.

  704. Weasel
  705. Abe
  706. Boozer

    I think the dances are great. They must be sexy cause they make me horny. Woohoo!!

  707. Al

    Came up from Mass to see my girls. Always the BEST! We snowmobile and then head out for a night of good fun with hot girls and good drinks!

  708. Cubbie
  709. Bud
  710. Captain Kurt

    Haven’t been there for a while, gotta get back. Loved those gals. Tonia was always my favorite but most of the others were pretty nice too. Hope some of the same gals are still there.

  711. Skitch
  712. Masshole
  713. JJ

    I had a great time Saturday night! Will be going back as soon as possible!

  714. YoYO'S

    and hoes

  715. Fran

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