Teasers Men’s Club



156 Ramseur Street, Durham, NC 27701


35.9927365, -78.8986794




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Teasers Men’s Club

  1. Jim

    The dancers only care about the regulars. Drinks are too expensive. No private rooms, no food, on the positive side the decor is nice and clean.

  2. LuckyDog

    Outstanding atmosphere – very relaxed. One of the classiest Clubs I’ve been to.

  3. Kyle

    I thought this club was just okay. It didn’t blow my socks off or anything

  4. Eazy

    I went in this club a few nights ago. Got a dance from Naomi and Jaden Loved it. the girls are so friendly and they bug you about dances like most clubs. i enjoyed the talks. does anyone know when Jaden works shes hot!

  6. Bruce

    The girls here are HOTT!

  7. Conventional Dog

    A row of five more or less private rooms (with thin curtains serving as the fourth wall facing the passageway) has been added upstairs with its own sound system. It’s not cheap — $100 for a little over 10 minutes, payable in advance — but the dancers try to make it worth it. Nothing unlawful, but excellent lapdances.

  8. travlenthru

    Tuesday night- $12 cover, $4.25 bottle beer, $6.75 Vodka/Red Bull, $15 table, $20 couch. Topless. Very clean and secure. No private area. Couches line both side walls, but some dancers allow considerable contact. Stage is floor level with no barrier between you and the dancers, so there can be a good amount of grinding when you give a stage tip. There was a good mix of girls, average build, too skinny for my tastes, small breasts, large breasts, white and black, but no Asians when I was there. Good dancers, but not the best I have seen. This is a very classy club, without all the expense and pressure of a high dollar place. Do not expect nudity or unlawful contact. The girls asked if I wanted a table or couch dance, but I was never pressured. Some will just and sit and talk if things are slow. I spent most of the evening with a nice young lady who just moved to the area. Ariel and I talked for over three hours, about everything, as if we were old friends. This is a great topless club you should visit when in the area.

  9. ed

    Very nice place to spend an evening. Excellent dancers.

  10. joseph1k

    Really, really bad experience. $12 at the door, then the strippers were unfriendly. There was one lonely dancer on the pole when I walked in, performing what may have been the most uninspired dance I’ve ever seen. She looked like she was literally counting the seconds until here set was up. I sat at a table by myself for about 15 minutes and never got greeted by a waitress or a dancer. I took my cash and bolted once it became clear that I wasn’t going to get even the pleasure of a hello from the ladies there. Amazed this place is still open with service that bad.

  11. John

    My favorite club. Relaxed atmosphere and attractive dancers.

  12. Johnny

    My favorite place to relax.

  13. steve

    best club in the triangle

  14. Ol'Boy

    It was a lot of wasted space but I had a great time on a Friday night regardless. This beats all similar clubs in Raleigh.

  15. mizer
  16. BullCity!
  17. bill

    not my cup of tea

  18. Bill Williams
  19. Tim K.

    Not a bad club. Some cute girls, decent drink prices. I was there in the summer and it wasn’t very busy. More girls than customers is a good thing for the guys.Odd part is the main “stage” is right on the floor. First time I waked in, I almost just walked right into the girl performing.

  20. adamrod

    It’s not bad. I went early on a week night and there were only three other guys so the place was empty. The girls weren’t bad.

  21. William

    Always a fun time.

  22. Raleigh

    Drinks are a ripoff considering the level of talent. We got charged 12 dollars for a redbull/ vodka. It was so slow one night, the waitress was doing a lapdance. I mean slow…. 5 girls and one waitress.

  23. Truck driver


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