Fabulous Tnt’s Showclub



4630 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


38.899517, -104.74547




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Fabulous Tnt’s Showclub

  1. Kenny

    This is the best club in Colorado Springs. 99% of the girls are stunning. They are friendly, and will come up and chat with you, or join and chat with you for just the price of a drink $5.50. The table/lap dances are just $10 and are wonderful. The DJ keeps the music down so you can chat, and he’s not obnoxious like at other places. $5 cover after 8 p.m., which is super. Great for bringing in your own lady. Thurs nights are ladies night – free cover for them. Happy hour daily until 6.

  2. AssnTits5

    I hate it when three fat girls are dancing in a row…thats nine freaking songs of staring aimlessly into my beer mug.

  3. curtis17

    Have you ever seen skeletor strip? Come to this place and you’ll nothing but bones. Only giving 2 stars because the picked a great location with the gas station being across the street. I go slam 2 64oz beers before I come in so I don’t get shafted on beer. They also have sportscenter on tv while the strippers are on stage. Comes in handy when there is nasty one on stage.

  4. On the road

    I am on the road alot and have experenced many clubs. THis one is not bad for a community this size.

  5. Darren
  6. Jafey A.

    Nice place, inexpensive drinks, and I really liked the atmosphere. This place is worth giving a shot.

  7. Brian

    What a shit hole… can’t believe this place can stay open.

  8. Louvens

    good vibe

  9. Blue

    Went to tnt’s for the first time variety of girls was ok different shapes basically something for everyone…there was a red head that was my personal favorite had to tip her and let her know…

  10. James
  11. Joe

    was at TNT’s this past Friday night and I saw the most horrible scene. One of the managers was YELLING at one of the waitresses. While I was too far away to hear exactly what the reason for the yelling was, I can tell you that the scene was very obvious. I thought it quite unprofessional for a manager to tear down an employee in the main area of the club like that. Further more, I thought that the reason for having male staff in a club like this is to protect the female employee’s not treat them like some drunk a**hole. I do hope that the man yelling at that young lady was written up for such behavior. I went to TNTs to have some fun after a hard day’s work, not to see a young lady in tears. A very sad display of management and ownership if you ask me. I’d never have an employee with an attitude problem like that working for me.

  12. kaiser

    you have to be drunk to find these girls remotely attractively its like a cellulite convention..

  13. eddyL

    This place is ok. I’m from fla so they do things a bit different were I’m from. The only thing I didn’t like was that the girls seem to only be interested in the regulars that came in. I guess the fist full of money I had and was tipping the ones on the pole was not good enough. To have a conversation with when they got done. But I guess they were making enough money

  14. bill

    The club was great. Nice looking ladies, table dancies worth the ten bucks.

  15. fritter17

    The cover was 10 unless your military than its free which in my book that’s a plus and even if I had to pay 10 that’s not bad .Yes the have beer and liquor here prices are about 5.75 to 7 but the beer mugs are worth it or a pitcher I think for 10. Best prices for drinks in town by far.The girls over all nice selection I have been here a good 5 times and can’t say I can complain they go from hot to decent not a bunch of ugly girls and 1 hot one no I must say they are consistent with the girl quality. Lap dances this is where they fall off they are cheap but they ARE NOT LAP DANCES I mean they are not lap dances. They can’t even sit on your lap they take the don’t touch to a whole other level. It’s 10 for a topless and 30 for a full nude I tried both with some hot chicks but i still regretted it because they wore by far the worse. First I tried the topples they girl just kinda danced 3 inches from me never got closer. The full nude was the same she was just fully nude and it was 30 instead. They also have a pool table so it’s a great place to hang out for a guys night out beats your typical bar.Over all two stages nice lay out good drinks just sorry lap dances

  16. Lonnie N.

    I have traveled all over the south and east coast visiting many strip clubs. This ranks in top 3 worse ones. The only positive I found was the female waitress (Ashley), she was the highlight of the evening. This is a NO TOUCH club and the girls will let you know real quick even if you brush your hand against their leg in private dance (this alone is a reason I will not return). Also I had one decent looking dancer giving me a sob story about her mom has cancer and the money she makes goes to helping her mother…WTF !!! If you like a no touching club with dancers that have sob stories to tell and half the girls look rode hard then this is your place.

  17. XhXeXy

    Terrible. Went there for a birthday party. $8 cover, $5.75 for a sprite …and even that wouldn’t have been so bad if they had decent looking girls.. Highly recommend making the drive to Denver instead, the gas money is worth it.

  18. Mike

    Dude… my cock got so fucking hard when riley was dancing for me. I had to get up and leave because everytime I seen her fine ass walk by I got a chubby!

  19. Franklyn

    Fun night out with the bf and friends. Very friendly girls. Britney was gorgeous and crazy talented.

  20. Scott B.

    Took my girl friend there on a Friday night around 10pm. We like a good strip club. The place for a dance club had no energy. Tables of older men sitting with dancers, like a Knights of Columbus gone wrong. Couldn’t finish our $10.50 rum and cokes fast enough and go some where else.

  21. alfie
  22. mike k

    the very pretty redhead in there made my night. the waitress in there is on top of keeping the drinks coming my way. the dj plays great music. they do need a bigger parking area for big trucks.

  23. maxxy1

    Super fly best club in town

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