Pure Adult Ultra Lounge



13200 East State Route 350, Kansas City, MO 64138


39.033734, -94.3636166




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Pure Adult Ultra Lounge

  1. Go Away Please

    i came last wednesday during the day and i gave a girl 20 bucks to stay away from me. she comes back to bug me for one more 20 dollar bill. i had it with her and left. i thought this was supposed to be a nice club but they are too pushy, i will spend my money when not pressured. i went to another club downtown off of 12th and chestnutt i believe…better and nicer staff.

  2. Brandon

    nice looking on the inside but that does not make up for the gilrs and too much pressure so i didnt have fun. they need to relax; maybe i will try the night, should be better than during the day.

  3. Boy next door

    This club is right outside my neighborhood, so it’s hard not to go. $5 cover, $4 beers, $5 shots. Two drink min. I’m not sure on the dance prices because they keep changing them. You have your choice of VIP room dances, topless low contact dances along the back wall, or top-on hands-off dances on the floor. The girls are good-looking (mostly tall, young blondes) but some spend too much time at the bar talking to each other and not the paying customers. It’s a pretty small club, and doesn’t really attract the high-roller crowd, but you can go and have a good time pretty cheap or a great time in the VIP for a little more. I’ll keep coming back.

  4. sywhta

    Some pretty girls, seems like there are alot of clicks between customers and dancers. The night DJ needs to mix in a few salads now and then and cut the cheezy banter on the mic.

  5. Mark

    Not bashing, just a poor club, deserves a poor review. The place is more interested in getting you drunk than they are getting you to buy dances. Even then, why would anyone want a dance from this place anyway. I wont be going back

  6. charles

    I stopped by to see if this was the same club from years ago. I had a stripper tell me the old manager Bob Ragar would give the girls coke and then try to have sex with them in the office. There was another manager named Jim who’s son worked there selling drugs. It was the drug supply capitol of kc in those days.

  7. Martin

    First and last time I will visit this club; the girls seemed as though they did not want to join me in the V.I.P. after I spent stupid money to sit there.

  8. disappointed

    my name says it all

  9. tim
  10. Greg

    Saturday night out with the guys. HOT HOT HOT female dancers. Has a great time and will be back for guys night out.

  11. big t
  12. Dennis

    Ugly women, high prices for VIP, they spend to much time getting you drunk and the women don’t get any money since your paying for all the drinks. Not that I would want to give them any money anyway. Bad club

  13. sfg


  14. Dan
  15. Sid

    Biggest ripoff in KC. Girls will steal you blind. This HAS to be a front for something else, ’cause as a strip club, it’s just rediculously badly run.

  16. anonymous

    girls are friendly

  17. eddie


  18. Mistake

    The nights are weaker, they push the drinks in your face. But if you must, go at night, the day is hideous. No girls and the one’s they have….Well there is much better in KC

  19. mj

    this club aint that bad

  20. '''

    this club has gone bad where are the hot girls that used to work there

  21. Baltimore, MD resident

    Very dissapointed


    Went to the club last night. Walked in and the party was there. These are some hot women that know how to dance. The first one to catch my eye was sexy in lace bottoms with a large rack covered in lace. I danced with Malorie, you should check her out cute blonde. The stage was hopping lights, music, you could feel the energy. The bartender was fast on the drinks no waiting for your drink. Dont know why people posting negetive stuff must be other clubs just jealous. I will be back for sure. This was on a wensday night. I bet the weekends are off the chain. See you this week end ladies. This was my first time here and it was well worth it.

  23. OZZ

    Was there only in day time. Small cover to get in but had snack food at bar that off set this cost. Drinks a little high but lots of buy one get one free specials. Good dances poor stage dances.Work the specials drink food & dance can make good fun for a few hours.

  24. Bye

    No wonder they spend so much time slamming the other clubs. They don’t want you to see whats out there. Went to 3 all have better girls and cheaper. Who cares what the renovations look like. I will never return.

  25. Guy from Nebraska

    When I first walked in I thought to myself not another dive, I went to get cash

    only to find out there was $10 fee so bring cash. I will get to the point this is

    really a good place, may not be much to look at, but your there to look at the

    girls and there are some fine ones to look at. I felt like I was in Heaven 🙂 See

    ya soon girls.

  26. Bare Down

    Q: Do you know the difference between this club and a 50-ton hydraulic press?

    A: You would feel less pressure if you were in the 50-ton press.

  27. luvboobs
  28. MIKE


  29. rick
  30. Grim Reaper

    If you’re curious what it looks like in a strip club when they’re just weeks from shutting down, go on in to PURE. Although they are trying to get every last dollar from the guys by charging top $ for everything, the quality of the girls is so low you wonder at first if they’re playing a joke on you. I have never felt so ripped off at a club. A scam like this should be shut down way before it dies on its own. Shame on these desparate fucks!

  31. what a joke
  32. jay

    i like it there the drinks is what makes it

  33. liljay

    thats why the club is 3.5 maybe we all need ipods


    AAAAAAAAwsome time at Legs we were made to feel at home the floor manager was very cool The women were hot as HELL I liked Roxanne very much the look of the club was incredable now we were there on a Monday witch should be the worste day of the week & the club was more then half so that there if your in the business tells you its a good club some drink prices are a bit high but at thesame time some are lower then other clubs

    Thanks Again

    The Evil Twin

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