Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club



225 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70130


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

  1. Rich P.

    Fun place! The girls here were a blast. They really know how to have a good time, and make everyone comfortable. We showed up with some people that had never been to an adult club before, and they had a great time.I hate drink minimums, but otherwise it was cool.We also got a discounted entry cost – probably because of a small rotation.

  2. Winfield Woodruff

    Loved the club, Cheyenne was incredible!!!

  3. alice

    I came to this club before hurricane Katrina and had a great time. My husband and I visited about 3 times a year.

    Last month we came to visit. The place on the outside did not seem the same to me. I asked the manager if I could look inside leaving my guest outside to make sure this was the same. He made me pay the covercharge before entering. Although it turned out to be the same club, the quality of girls and service were not the same.

    I was not very pleased at all. I will not return.

  4. harryharry

    This is the beat place to go in Mardi Gras day. Great club in general

  5. Davis

    The club was great, but GiGi Andrews was amazing!!!

  6. John

    Great time! They have food service now from the club across the street. Andrew Jaeger has moved into the strip club business. He is the chef over there! Best burgers in town hands down

  7. winston12

    Love this place staff and showgirls are the shit best place ever………

  8. eric

    excellent staff very friendly and informing. I was in the club Last night march 10 and My expierience was incredible. I purchased A vip room and the service was perfect. I cannot wait to return

  9. Trisha

    Dj Scotty Vane love’s tha Drama He will run this club down like he did in Nashville ask any club there they kicked his ass out thats why he had to go out of the Damn State for work

    (you all will be sorry )that he works there…

  10. Johnnyboy123

    Where do I begin as someone who does NOT like strip clubs….Four stars.why?they had every stripper do a lap dance for my bachelor buddy as he was tied to a pole. (the pictures have been burned…or so he thinks)we got VIP cards and beaver bucks for the next two trips (also both bachelor parties… go figure)and the first time here I got to just sit, drink and watch NCAA final four basketball with a girl from Kentucky… she may or may not have worked there… and may or may not have told the floor manager to f- off when he asked her why she wasn’t working… and she may or may not have been sitting on my knee the whole time…but SERIOUSLY. a hot Kentucky fan who never asked me to buy her a drink through a whole quarter of basketball?Shenanigans.

  11. zzz


  12. Johnson12

    Got in for 10 dollars which included both myself and my friend– it was a plus considering the regular cover at the time was 15 per person. However, that was the only “plus” regarding this establishment. The women were unprofessional, catty and rude. One individual dancer would get angry anytime I brought out my phone to take a photo with my friend. At one moment, she physically leaned over and shoved my phone out my hand and said, “no photos”. I wasn’t taking a picture of the stage or her, just a picture of my friend and I for her birthday. Extremely rude considering I had not once seen any sign stating that photography of any kind wasn’t allowed. However, a waitress did apologize for the uncouth behavior and comp’d us some drinks. The dances were average. Most of the women looked as if they had been picked off of the streets; tacky tattoos, frizzy, over processed hair, extreme body mods, etc. I’ve seen much better in Vegas. But for Bourbon street, it’s okay. Save your money and go to an establishment that prides itself on professional dancers and exceptional drinks. I wouldn’t have even gone in if the bouncer didn’t give us a discount. You may want to avoid this place.

  13. Kevin

    Me and my Wife love it here, by far the best club on Bourbon. Fiona is our favorite dancer there she is hot!

  14. Ann

    I love this place.

  15. mathewater12

    As a lifelong New Orleans resident that frequents Bourbon St. the staff at Hustler NOLA are the definition of New Orleans hospitality.. Danny Boy and his crew go out of their way to make guest feel at home were most clubs look at guest as a dollar sign..

  16. strip club junkie

    I am a New Orleans Native and I have been managing strip clubs for many many years and I have been to clubs literally all over the world, and this is by far one of my favorites. When I get off of work at my club I usually go here. The cover is in my opinion a bit much, but I don’t mind considering the quality of service, average number of dancers (very high), and the fact that it has a very comfortable, fun atmosphere. Bourbon St. has any number of clubs and with the exception of this club, they are either too fancy and have a stuck up feeling, or very run down with girls like vultures. The drinks prices are the same as everywhere else on Bourbon but yes they are high, but so are the prices at every bar on Bourbon, so I suppose I cant complain. Over all this and Barely Legal are my favorites, but Hustler is my favorite. The DJ’s are generally lively and entertaining, the girls are very accommodating and plentiful, and the prices for lapdances are quite reasonable in price and well worth the money.

  17. joseph1k

    If you had me sit down and talk about the perfect gentleman’s club, it would be totally not like this place. Why 4 stars then? Because it does what it’s suppose to do. Be a clean club for guys to go that actually has some class.The girls – Attractive and much older than what you are going to see at Barely LegalThe atmosphere – Bryan the manager gave me a tour of the place and I have to say that this place is really awesome. Clean and sophisticated to say the least.Beer – Ehhh…. Just like every club in America. Limited to a few options and that is it. Overpriced as well, but duh you went to a strip club.Customer service – I always see that they are hiring for guys to work there, but the people that were in there were great and kind. I never had the feeling they were waiting for the bad stuff to go down.

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  20. nickstrip

    Fantastic establishment! Friendly beautiful girls, the manager Chris was incredibly hospitable and hilarious, and the bartender Dutchess pours the perfect drink. I can’t recommend the staff or facility any better. A must see in NOLA!

  21. eddyL

    Horrible and over pricrd. I expected more from this name. The strippers do a OK job but if you want a dance you gotta wait for them to come from VIP first!

  22. Brett

    6 dollars for a bottle of water! Some of us don’t drink! The girls, however, are definitely the best on Bourbon street.

  23. H james
  24. candy


  25. randy

    mike and the rest of the management staff doing an excellent job of taking care of the customers and insuring that things run as smoothly as possible. girls are extremely friendly,and professional.not always the case on bourbon street.

  26. Mantress

    Club rocks

  27. Leslie
  28. heisenberg

    Always my favorite club

  29. Ted

    I agree with the previous review.

  30. GirlLovingTheHoneys

    This was my 3rd trip to a strip club with my husband and I was very impressed. I have to admit, I get a little nervous going in, however everyone here made us, particularly me, feel so comfortable. The girls smiled at me so much and for the first time, I saw girls that I wanted to give money to, and I only wish I would have gotten a private dance. I have my first girl crush, but I don’t remember her name. The girls, one in particular whose name I don’t remember, were gorgeous. The place was very classy, inviting, and clean. Naomi is sexy and sweet. However the sexy girl with the perfect body, long brown hair, dark complexion, gorgeous face, and beautiful smile is…well…she disappeared on us or I would have gotten my first private dance…and loved it. She was a total turn-on. Very nice place for couples! I’d love to go back and only wish there were places this nice near us!

  31. Eli L.

    No trip to Bourbon Street should end without a visit to the Hustler Club. We visited on Thursday night and were amazed by the 2-for-1 drink specials, unheard of for a strip club. We came back on Saturday night and even though the drinks were back to their normal prices, the vibe of the club and the quality of girls was spectacular. Everyone was friendly, including the staff and bartenders, and focused on just having a good time with very little pressure for dances. Do anything you can to get up in the second floor VIP section – it’s expensive but worth it. It’s also cheaper if you buy your wristbands earlier in the day. VIP gives you a top-down view of the girls on stage, plus a secondary stage, and best of all, access to the Bourbon St balcony, where they restock the beads almost as fast as you can throw them at girls (or guys) in the street below. We stayed out til 6am closing our second time there not only because the girls were hot and fun, but because it was a great place to enjoy the Bourbon St vibe while also hanging out with mostly naked girls.Can’t recommend this place enough, and will definitely be returning on my next trip to NOLA.

  32. Rampage J.

    I did not like this place. Just four girls. The bathroom sucks. A’s cups and more A cups

  33. sam

    The service was phenominal I had my bachelor party there and It was something i will never forget

  34. Best

    looking girls in the city.

  35. harry
  36. Matt

    We had a great time over New Year’s Eve at the Hustler Club in New Orleans. I would suggest this to ANYONE who would be visiting Bourbon Street.

  37. Dreamer

    Girls are mostly great, but too many are not very good about chatting with the customers. Too many times I’ve seen girls just sitting at the bar, alone, when there are customers with whom they should be more friendly. Too many prima donnas. But many of the girls are really excellent and friendly, so overall the club isn’t bad. Almost all are gorgeous!

  38. tonycluber

    In town for a convention. Went to several clubs last night on bourbon street. Out of every place I went to Hustler was the best. I was greeted at the door, again when I went inside (club is gorgeous), and again when I went upstairs to the VIP. I normally wouldn’t spend the extra on VIP, but thought I might as well see what the hype is about.The staff where all very friendly, the girls are beautiful, and the drink prices aren’t through the roof like most clubs. In addition to all this, I run into Hugh “F-ing” Hefner!? This guy is just partying it up in the VIP. That’s when I said ok that’s it, this is my club now. Anytime I’m in NOLA I’m coming to the hustler!

  39. Anonymous


  40. billtheguy12

    I cannot say enough about this place and our bartender Karen! I came for a bachelorette party and I know most bars and club hate them! But Karen made us feel welcomed and made sure we had a great time. The atmosphere and music were great as well as the dancers. Very classy place and will be back.

  41. Eric T.

    Cons: I don’t think we went to the same strip club, fellas. Dancers demanded $2 tips and I saw one of them slapping the guys. Unclear whether or not they paid the dancers to slap them. Anyhow, I was expecting more, but then again maybe I shouldn’t be going to strip clubs on Monday nights.Pros: Amazing acrobatics. Saw one slide head-first down the brass pole from a height of about 25 feet, holding onto the pole with only her legs. I thought she was going to fall and crack her skull so I got ready to begin mouth-to-mouth rescuscitation with chest compressions in case that did happen, knowing all too well that this does nothing for traumatic brain or spinal cord injury.

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  43. blondeslp

    loved “Tricksey”!! This was my first time going to a strip club. My husband & I went together. I had soo much fun:) Next payday i’m back!

  44. Weedman420

    Duchess is an amazing bar tender! Super friendly and makes delicious drinks! Def. recommend coming here if you want a nice atmosphere away from the typical craziness on Bourbon!

  45. Nate

    The best time ever!

  46. fritter17

    So I came in so Larry flints hustler club on Bourbon Street this morning and there was this beautiful helpful bartender with bright red hair….Dutchessnot only was she helpful and patient but a whole Lotta fun we will definitely be coming back the party during the day with Duchess in the dancers… I highly recommend Larry flints hustler club five stars Dutchess the bartender five stars

  47. Steve Loukeris

    Here during Marti Gras, had high expectations, been to much better clubs though, drinks suck, that’s life I guess.

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  49. Nancy from NJ

    Hustler New Orleans was my first topless club and my hubby and i loved it so much we went 3 nights in a row. Got private dances the first night and private rooms the 2nd and 3rd night. Our favorite dancer hands down is Asia!!! Her body is perfect and she sure knows how to shake it! However I will say all the dancers are beautiful and we loved watching the ladies go up and down the 27′ pole! The people that work there made it a great experience for us and cannot wait to make another trip!!!

  50. anthony1

    I went there early in the month. When I went into the club, I was a single guy. I sat down and a drink. The female just walk pass me. Then when I went to leave the female try to get me to stay, but I left the club.

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  52. nolagirl

    i go to this club with my husband almost every other weekend. it rocks! the girls are friendly and interactive. they give ladies special attention. by far the best one there is lucy. she gives an amazing private dance as well. i definitely recommend this club if you are looking for a good time.

  53. timmykilla

    Jo jo and cam made my first experience in new orleans phenomenal. Honestly, super friendly and socialable. 2 for 1 drinks on top of the hospitality was a perfect way to started our vacation. Recommend this jointt for sure.

  54. Justin

    Chicks are the hottest but a few are a little bitchy, overall best club on bourbon

  55. junior


  56. curtis17

    We visited earlier in the night maybe around 10 or 11 and while not completely empty it lacked in the talent department. The cover on a friday night was $15 for VIP and $5 regular. From what I heard, this was the better option in terms of the the Harry Flint clubs, the other being Barely Legal. The girls at BL looking like pre-teens boys. Ew. For private dances you are taken back to a private area and the money is fed into a machine by the dancer. I believe we purchased 2 dances for $60(not too sure). Most of the girls were rail thin with no assets. There was ONE girl with curves. We invested in her. Shouldn’t there be a selection of girls?We were greeted quickly and our drink order quickly filled. My suggestion save your money.

  57. Will

    I have been to many club in the country, and I have to say that this one is one of the best I’ve been to.

  58. DANIEL


  59. stripforme123

    Stopped by early evening because it was 2 for 1 drinks primarily. The girls that were dancing had dead eyes and looked super bored while they were dancing which wasn’t entertaining at all.

  60. T

    Great location, girls fun to be around….

  61. robbie

    Excelent champagne service freindly staff

  62. JGirl

    mgt needs to take leasons from Cisco across the street on how to treat customers…other than that, there we some MAJOR Hotties there this past weekend…

    see you soon…Gold Card Member

  63. Andy
  64. Lester H.

    I was on Bourbon Street one salty afternoon, vainly searching the municipal library, when I took a wrong turn and ended up at the Hustler Club. Upon coming to the realization that I was in the establishment of a fellow Kentuckian, I decided to do some investigating. Much to my surprise, the “Hustler” club has nothing to do with playing cards. Try as I might, there wasn’t a game of canasta anywhere to be found. I quickly came to understand that this place was completely unsuitable for the type of “hustling” my grandmother had honed against the ladies at the senior citizens center and been so kind to teach me. What I did find, was a number of very lovely and incredibly friendly young women, probably assembled there for a local red hat society chapter or temperance union meeting. In all fairness, I do not believe words can accurately express the friendliness bestowed upon me by these lovely ladies. The women were so kind as to point me in the right direction of a drink, since I was extremely thirsty from the long walk through the thick, humid air under the intense Bayou sun. The lovely sirens also gave me a hand in finding a comfortable place to sit. Since I was alone, they showed such thoughtfulness by joining me when a proper place to rest had been located. Never had I experienced such kindness! These Southerners truly lived up to their friendly reputation. They must’ve really enjoyed my company because once all seats around me had been taken, one decided to have a seat on my lap. I thought this was strange, considering we had just met, but I’m not one to judge the customs of others. Unfortunately, it was growing late into the evening, so I never did find the library and am, therefore, completely ignorant of Huck Finn’s adventures. Also, I met Ron Jeremy (total money-hungry skank) and the beer was way overpriced. I’ve also heard horror stories about credit card overcharging, so don’t let them have it, dumb ass.

  65. larry1

    I never really have been a big strip club guy but I find myself in them more now than when I was younger. It became somewhat routine for me to hit this club because it allowed smoking, before the ban smh, and I would go here and quietly sit and enjoy my cigar. Although there has been a smoking ban to hit Louisianana, Hustler was able to accomadate its smoking clientele with a courtyard at the center of their building. This is a life saver as I have developed the habit of finishing cigars here I don’t have the time to finish at the cigar lounge. When I’m forced to leave the lounge at 10pm I come here put in my earphones and zone out to music while I enjoy a drink and finish good cigar. The staff here is pretty solid and has always been welcoming toward me. The girls are pretty kool too, I sit and talk to them from time to time. I think it is easliy the best strip joint in New Orleans that I’ve been to, including Penthouse which is aesthetically impressive but the staff and dancers are a far cry from the ones here. I know that many people who go to a gentleman’s club because its somewhere to smoke but it’s all about the vibe and the space for me. And this place has both. Club Breakdown 1 – 10 scaleGirls: (7.5) About 60/40 white to black dancers sexy bunch for the most part and pretty cool. Bartenders: (8) They make it around the bar fairly well to make sure you’ve been tended to.Floor Servers: General Admission (4) They usually flock to the crowds I’m assuming because thats where they would get the most tips. If your’e by yourself may as well go to the bar yourself. VIP (8) Pretty good on checking on you to make sure there’s nothing you need.Club Apperance: (7) General Admission Spacious ground floor with one large stage and two small stages. VIP is a little smaller as ground floor stage poll extends to the second floor but variety of seating and private dance booths lining the side wall. Unisex bathroom

  66. Abby K.

    While on a trip to NOLA, my friends and I came here on a spur of the moment decision. It was my first time at a strip club and I was a little hesitant, but this was the best part of the trip. Everyone here was amazing, talented, and beautiful! There was a $10 cover, and I didn’t have any cash (I know, I’m the worst), but we still had a great time! The girls were so kind to me and my friend, who were clearly a little uneasy at first. A great first strip club experience!

  67. Stoner Dave

    Micah is smoking hot and so are most of the other strippers. Bartenders are also hot. Had a great time but had to wait for drinks because they had only one waitress.

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  69. Arthur O'Bannon
  70. Franz Yasko

    Went there for a bacholer party and had a great time!!Dancers were very attentive and accomedating.

  71. redheadlovesnola

    best club ever! at least for new orleans – my fiance and i went to 2 other clubs and of the 3, hustler’s was the best.

    first of all, as a woman, if i walk into a strip club w/ my man, i expect attention too. the hustler women are CONFIDENT, which means they were not afraid to approach me, or my man, and take care of us. i was not given any looks, nor were we avoided at all. every girl SMILED at me. this is important in my book.

    second, these women were there to entertain. not look bored, or angry, talking on their cell phones, giving half assed performances. these women made sure that if you were watching, you were going to enjoy. i may not be a lesbian, but i love women, and more importantly, confident women. if you come out and behave like you’re not comfortable in your own skin, you’re not worth my time.

    on that note – third – beautiful women! not all of them were my taste, but they were all well put together and i fucking LOVED that they did not have make-up caked all over their faces! it was soft and subtle. (i’m a whore for natural beauty, and these women had it!)

    fourth – we purchased the vip access, and were well taken care of on that 2nd floor. including our couch dance (yay eva, we love you!) i felt at home there. the club is CLEAN, neat, organized. the wait staff is professional (and they’re gorgeous too!)

    the only negative in my book is the PRICE OF DRINKS. but this is all over the french quarter and not exclusive to hustler’s. thank god i don’t require copious amounts of alcohol or i’d be broke right now.

    i can’t wait to go back to new orleans, i can’t wait to go back to the hustler club!

  72. ..
  73. Mike

    best place to be at on bourbon

  74. ...

  75. mis


  76. Missy

    I had a private dance from the most beautifully charming, absolutely sensual, and sexually appealing woman i’ve ever seen. Perfect. I love you all on principle!!!

  77. adamrod

    Duchess and Chris are pretty much the best things that have ever happened to the world… Chris’ award-winning performance as champagne room guy #1 and bachelor party dude #3…is second to none in terms of acting in strip club video reels. Life is good at Larry Flynts Hustler Club.

  78. M. Mills

    Always have a great time here. Almost every dancer was sexy as hell everytime i go, and just a relaxing yet hardening experience.

  79. Cheri A.

    One night during Mardi Gras I was on Bourbon Street and it was crazy crowded and I was becoming a bit claustrophobic. My SO and I noticed that Larry Flynt’s Huster Club was empty.During Mardi Gras all the cheap son of a bitches do not want to pay the cover to get into the VIP area so we decided to duck in here and get away from the crowds.We went upstairs and there were more strippers than patrons and the balcony was empty so we grabbed a couple chairs and took them to the balcony and watched the crowds below.Minutes later the strippers came out to where we were to entice the crowd to come in the club and hundreds of beads came a flying. The strippers threw the really cheap ass beads back at the men and called them cheap mother f$%@^$ers. It was hilarious. The nice more expensive beads the girls gave them to me.I now have hundreds of beads and I never once had to show my tits.

  80. Jon

    $10 dances are great.

  81. tim garner

    1 good clud

  82. J

    Enjoyed our visit.

  83. David

    Yeah- I bet it was that skanky stevie bitch that shorted you the $10! Wake up Deja Vu that bitch is stealing from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you going to realize that you dumb fucks!!

  84. josh

    i never thought i would say this, but i might just be in love with a strip club. Complete perfection. The most Beautiful Women in New Orleans, hands down.

  85. Andrew

    This club is just fabulous ! The girls are all terrific and the service is wonderful !

  86. XhXeXy

    The best strip club in NOLA! Really professional staff and the girls are hot and not too pushy.

  87. Matthew
  88. StripClub431

    After visiting Penthouse on vacation, we decided to go to Hustler as Penthouse girls didn’t have any boobs, all nice bodies and booties though. We hoped Hustler would have girls with boobs. When we got there, the staff was nice. I explained to them that we had come from penthouse and wanted to see boobs but didn’t want to pay if they weren’t going to have dancers with boobs either. So they let us in for free to see if we liked it. Let’s just say I felt like I needed a tetanus shot after going in there. I appreciate a real body on a woman, as does my husband, but they were of very very low quality. When we went to leave another staff member stopped us and asked why we didn’t sit down and I told them the quality wasn’t good. So he offered to let us go to VIP for free to see if we liked them better. Let’s just say there wasn’t much VIP going on in my opinion. One girl had boobs, but had rolls to go with it. I am by no means perfect, but we walked right out. The man who let us in took our feedback in stride, but we were in there for maybe three mins and went back to penthouse. I would’ve given one star, but the nice staff made the extra star possible.

  89. rob
  90. Bentli Ann

    Best club in the world!Miss you guys!*****Five stars

  91. Shana Garrett

    I brought my husband and brother to show them what a REAL club had to offer. They were blown away! The girls were hot, clever, and entertaining. The DJ was hilarious, provocative, and absolutely on point. Money well spent…I’ll be back, and Im bringing my boys with me!

  92. Stephanie Baimbridge
  93. baron

    Run down club. Girls are a little on the skanky side. I had a private dance with a beautiful girl, but she had the worst breath and the stinkiest pussy I have ever smelled. She wanted to rub it on my face, but somthing not right was going on down there.

  94. Rich

    Save your money for a real club, like Ricks or Goldens. I made the grave error of asking one of the dancers about a very small scar she had, mind you, I am a cancer survivor and have the same scar, and I was sober when I asked her. She told me to go and explitive myself, in more ways then one for the question. Also, my cousin made the mistake of giving a hundred dollar bill to the drink girl and getting shorted $10, humorously one of the dancers was sitting with us the whole time and witnessed the whole thing, so she went and told her manger that it was true we were shorted he said TOUGH EXPLITVE. You can go to far better and cheaper clubs to get scammed.

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