175 Miller Street, Newark, NJ 7114


40.7183332, -74.1794141




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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Sights Private Social Club was founded as a private Gentleman’s club in the year 2000. The founder had the idea to create a private club for those who shared his interest in watching nude exotic dancing specifically by beautiful women of color. .

The founder was dismayed at the present atmosphere of the local adult club industry where crime and disorder was accepted as a norm. Some local strip clubs were often also places where drug use, fights, robberies and even homicides took place.

In addition to the crime issue, the Founder also noticed a huge difference in the exotic dancing that took place in local clubs and the Art of Exotic Dancing that took place in clubs throughout other parts of the United States. Exotic dancing in other parts of the country seemed to be taken more seriously as dancers and performers. The dancers actually performed and treated dancing as a true art form.

Also the men in other areas of the country who regularly frequent strip clubs accepted and respected the exotic dance culture more. For many in these areas going to a stipclub was no different than going to a regular dance club.

Another difference the Founder noticed in other clubs throughout the country were the attitudes of law enforcement towards clubs where nude dancing took place. Throughout the South and the Mid-West strip clubs were accepted and treated as normal entertainment by law enforcement. Unfortunately on the East Coast, clubs, dancers and club patrons are routinely treated as criminals and prey for opportunistic politicians seeking media headlines by looking tough on crime.

Believing that there were men who shared his interests, the Founder decided to create a private social club for himself and his close friends that was safe, enjoyable, exciting and filled with beautiful, young, nude exotic dancers. He wanted Sights Social Club to be a private club that men would not only be proud to be a member of but a club they wouldn’t hesitate to bring their friends, family members, sons, business associates and co-workers to.

Today, despite the many challenges Sights has faced over the years it stands out as the benchmark of excellence that its members have come to love and appreciate and other clubs have tried to emulate.

To those clubs we say, THANK YOU. Imitation is the best form of flattery.


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0 reviews for “Sights

  1. JerseyGuy

    Note to white guys: Beware of this club, you will like it. Devils hockey ain’t the only thing happening in Newark these days. If you don’t mind security and some paperwork this club is the best. Went on Friday with a friend who has been a member for years and I fell in love with this club. The only drawback was that I did not get a membership card that night. Other than that if you like chocolate and latina honeys this is the club. I liked Couture. Sexy, tall and a nice body.

  2. Sideways8

    Tight security, no cell phones allowed. I didn’t actually see ANY stage dancing. In the feneral room the dancers were on prowl for lap & private dances, and available for quick public dollar tip dances. Large, dark and swanky, but the availability, approachability, and easy ACCESS to female talent makes Sights a place to see

  3. Ugh

    no way will i go back

  4. nanaking

    best club in jerzy but they dont open till 1am mid which is very late… wish they open lil early like 11pm.

  5. the clubber

    club is great. i juz dont like the lights now is too blueish.. wat happened to the old bright lights.

  6. Reggie

    Best private spot ever.

  7. Wet

    This spot is off the hook. Bitches be butt ass in this bitch. Real good cap off to a night that you dont want to end. Gives you a chance to sober up before you get to the crib and get some pussy by a bad bitch in the cut while you’re at it. Bring some bread though, cause it costs about $25 just to get in. So $150 to $300 would give you a pretty good night.

  8. Alan

    Whoever said this club was real safe is was not kidding. I was a little hesitant going to Newark this late at night but a friend begged me to go with him and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been to many stipclubs in urban NJ but this place is truly the best. We pulled up and saw a line outside the club, that was the first time I had saw this before. There was a uniformed, armed guard outside checking I.D.s. Once inside there was more security. We were searched I think three times. I asked one of the security guys if my car was safe outside and he laughed at me and said “They don’t steal cars around here.”

    When we finally got in I was shocked. Women all over the place. There was about 20 or so women mainly Black but there were hispnaic girls and I saw at least 2 white girls. the girls were also of various sizes (which I like). Most of them were 7s with some 10s. I also saw a few girls walking around either topless or totally nude. It was worth it to me. I will use my membership at my new found place often.

    If you want a safe place to go in Newark with lots of women, this place is the place to go.

  9. Diane

    I came with my BFF and about 5 frinds and had so much fun,,,,thumbs up to manager Phoenix who gave us t-shirts ….tell that sexy lil lady to call me…lol

  10. kevvvin

    its ok there but i feel a lil scared with the guns and have 2 many b;ack chicks no offense just need more white and latins

  11. Al-P

    this is my spot I only go like every 3 months but this my shit Yall saying yall widh it was open earlier but is an after hr spot not a reg strip club

  12. Jizza

    Damn…. The best there is.

  13. AP

    Went with wifey 3 times and it got better every time

  14. SiteSeeing

    This club is great. Cover a lil high, but its worth it. Get a VIP dance, trust me its worth it. I wish they opened on Thursdays and before 12pm. I would spend all my $$$ up in this bitch.

  15. Long Money

    Damn, this place is off-the-meter. Best way to cap off a Friday or Saturday night is Sights. You will need about 200-300 dollars cash to have a good time. (No ATM in the Club!??!) Mostly black women with a few latinas and one white chick. All shapes all sizes all skin tones are there. The security is the tightest I’ve ever seen in club. Half the security is off-duty cops, but they are still wearing their guns, the other half is the typical “big muscle dudes” you see at every night spot. There is no liquior license so drink before you get here. Membership is selective, so if they don’t like you, you can’t get in.

    Have fun, and don’t say I didn’t warn you . . .

  16. Parkerbrotherz

    still strokin

  17. mikeybigballs

    lol… guys this place is great if you like black chicks, being a white dude, when i rolled up at 3am to this place off rt. 21 in Newark i was scared for my life. my boys brought me, they had been here before, .. let me tell you this place is fuckin great. i go every 2 weeks now..they have alot of girls a hot dominican a white chick and some hot black chicks and some LARGE black chicks for guys that like em’ like that there is like 20 girls walkin around.. no alcohol, bring 200 bucks and you will have the memory of a lifetime!

  18. Stripclub expert

    Safest club I have ever been to. 30 nude dancers of different variety, shapes and sizes. No alcohol but worth it.

  19. big b

    this is the best spot ever i will be saving my money for here and not bothering with the other lame clubs. time to go sight seeing

  20. M.J.

    ive seen bettter but its something i guess if your bored

  21. club king

    yo!!! did yall see mother phoenix.. she was freaking hot n hardcore.shit n damn it….wat a diva.

  22. EW


  23. Heartbreaker

    Off the charts and out of this world fun.

  24. Phoebe

    I worked there a few times and made alot of money, the guys where mixed and i was safe. I like that it’s in the cut and stay open so late..I’m going back – Hi to the mother of the house, I like to se a woman running things 🙂

  25. Jeff

    Best club.

  26. Ricky The Freak

    Nice….Just plain nice.

  27. skip

    don’t like going to a club that has armed security. not my cup of tea, to many ‘ghetto’ girls.

  28. King

    Best club in NJ.

  29. killathadon


  30. MrMann27

    This is the spot to go!

  31. B405

    Everything that was said below is true, but just one

    problem!!!!! recently the amount of girls and the variety

    has fallen off. I have been a member for 2 years but the

    last 3 times i went there were disappointing. it was a

    problem trying to find a big bubble ass with a pretty

    face…..they were mostly skinny…argh. I wonder what spots

    the girls are moving to.

  32. club boy

    we all know is the best club in nj but can they open a lil early like 10pm.

  33. Frederick
  34. Paulie

    The safest stripclub in Newark for us white guys. My 5 friends and I went to the Devils game last night at the Pru Arena in Newark. After the game we hung out at a bar for a few hours and did not want to go home. We went to a stripclub not far from the arena. Had more drinks and then was invited by some of the dancers to Sights. The security was unbelievable tight but worth it. We had to join the club first, were asked a lot of questions, were searched so many times I can’t count but it was worth it. Lots of chocolate beauties with big nude asses and firm breasts. My only complaint is no alcohol. I will use my membership at least once a month.

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