Savannah Gentlemen’s Club



325 East Montgomery Cross Road, Savannah, GA 31406


31.9954142, -81.1130857




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Savannah Gentlemen’s Club

  1. lobo

    good call!

  2. johnny
  3. Earl
  4. Big Tom

    … smells like sweaty pussy…..

  5. hey ...

    Cool neighbor hood bar and there are pretty women!

  6. lllllnnnn

    Cool place!

  7. cool Cool

    Very Nice ladies!

  8. Lynn

    I Love this Bar! Cum as you are!

  9. joe
  10. Steve from Midway

    Go across the river to SC for some real action. Much better looking girls. This place is definitely going downhill.

  11. Country Boy

    Place sucks.

  12. Regular Patron

    Ava’s the best, the bouncers and DJ are cool dudes, the owner needs to take a Business 101 class or two, auditions should be conducted to minimize some of the questionable looking girls working there.

  13. sickened

    One of them strippers named Tori is real stank! I never smelt bad breathe coming from both ends like that before! It is like halitosis of the vagina! Don’t worry about dancin for me—Damn, I’ll pay good money for her to tend to her hygiene!

  14. Davey

    this place sucks donkey dick. ugly sluts act nice until money runs out, then they act like they dont know you.

  15. so stoopid

    I so stoopid I spent all my money on these girls

  16. $

    To the comment under this one…..If u cant run with the big dogs then stay your broke ass on the porcH!

  17. sucks

    donkey dick

  18. no good

    ugly women

  19. interested partier

    I may be experienced in many clubs, but I failed to finish school and learfn basic spellin. I so stupid.

  20. jayson

    i’d eat here lol

  21. Steve

    Is the hottie Vixen from Uncle Harry’s? she looks familiar.

  22. Fan From Orlando

    Ava is the best reason to visit this club. Lynn is awesome too but Ava is my favorite. Club could use an upgrade in the back restroom area where it smells worse than an outhouse and the AC could use a major upgrade.

  23. Nas-Tay

    place smells like sweaty pussy

  24. thr great!

    great place to chill at!

  25. Dr. Edward

    Lynn is the absolute most beautiful, exciting, talented female dancer I have ever had the pleasure to be with!!! See is worth the price if admission alone!!!

  26. cooolo


  27. Anon

    It’s alright

  28. Ricky

    Very Fun home town bar! Nice pretty ladies!!!!

  29. Savannah D

    great club under the new management.. girls are friendly, pretty, and easily approached, no scam artists… a great time every time I go

  30. Feature Dancer

    Last night for the Feature Dancer at Savannah’s Gentlemen Club very sexy lady one of the many very hot sexy women here don’t miss out

  31. Yes good good

    Top Girls that are very hot at this club…..Drew, Lynn, Ava, Malabu, Savannah, Angel, Leiha, and Honey!!!! Worth the trip there!

  32. hey!

    This is a great home town bar!

  33. texan

    i love this bar we have a great selection of girls thick medium small white black latino we all love having a good time there and dancer are all very nice love to see ya’ll come out.

  34. cust/Dr.

    Lynn Rocks! Great person who can make you laugh and give a good dance as well!

  35. meme

    great place to get conversation from lovely ladies!!!!

  36. Gary

    The only reason to go here is for Eve and Lynn they are smokin hotties!!!!!!

  37. visitor

    not worth the visit

  38. Dancer

    Merry Christmas! Lots of cheer here!

  39. okay

    Not many good looking gals here!Kinda getto too!

  40. Kev

    Lynn is a Goddess!

  41. Rick
  42. lllgg

    cool place!

  43. smell good

    All these girls smell like cotten candy! luv it!

  44. james
  45. Hell yeah!

    Lovely ladies! Check out Drew aND Lynn!

  46. good.

    great neighbor hood bar!

  47. Rob

    great place

  48. friend

    I love this bar!

  49. GABulldog
  50. lalag

    cool place

  51. dude

    Love hot blonds! Mariah is back!

  52. country boy's friend

    drove all the way from effingham to see nasty chicks.

    should have gone to SC

  53. Jessica saidian

    I was taken here for my bachelorette party. I had been here before, but

    usually came in late after a night of partying… I absolutely loved it! The

    manager was really sweet and bought all of us ladies a drink. I had a private

    lap dance from the MOST beautiful girl, and she was really cool to talk to. I

    loved it! I’m planning on having about 14 bachelorette parties, and the next

    time I have one while I am still in Savannah, I will definitely go!

  54. shitty experience

    When I had the cash the girls were all over me like flies on shit….My moneys run out and now, and I’m just sitting there like a pile of shit…Where’d the flies go?

  55. yeah!

    Smells like heaven!

  56. Jay

    Drew and Lynn are worth the trip!

  57. Tommy

    The waitress was rude and was asking for tips. I’ve never heard of anyone asking for tips. I did not like the fact you’re required to have a fresh drink at all times. I’ve never been to a strip club that required this. There were a few choice girls but I won’t be going back. I prefer a full nude one anyway

  58. yaya

    This is the hot spot!

  59. king of the shit balls

    These little whores make me feel “oh,..soo good about myself”. They really care about ME as a person, it has nothing to do with the money..I think they are in love with me!

  60. jojo

    The dancers should get a % of the drinks they sell but they don’t!

  61. Name Here....

    Getting dark there lately!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to see a mix of races, not just dark girls!!!!

  62. bla bla

    this is a hot spot for good conversation and libations!

  63. rinker

    Love this place!

  64. horny club goer

    if you see a girl named nikki, get a dance in the champagne room. ANYTHING, and i mean ANYTHING goes in there with her, including anal. make sure you bring a rubber and you won’t regret it. and she includes it all in the price of the dance.

  65. Traveler

    Agree with the last post. The place is a toilet

  66. Dr. Feelgood
  67. Tom

    It’s Great

  68. White Trash Hangout

    This place is certainly filled with dancing whores and a really disgusting trailer-park trashy crowd!This is a fun place to watch at all the stupid assholes spend the only cash they have on dancing vaginas! Fuckin idiots!!!!!

  69. nasty girls

    with meth mouth

  70. TNT

    You had better have all of your shoots up to date if you walk into this place. It is beyond nasty…..about 3 very friendly girls, but way nasty girls and nasty place.

  71. ab

    Drew, Lynn, angel are the best!

  72. Dissatisfied Customer

    My mife and i went in to have a few drinks and just experience the strip club world. Needless to say this will be our last trip in this establishment. Of course you expect girls to ask if you would like a lap dance which my wife agreed to knowing that there would not be any knid of touching by either person. Well to both of our surprise the girl put one foot between my legs while i was sitting and put her other entire leg around my shoulder and neck. The girl then started pretty much grinding her private part all over my face and shoulder. Next I had the other leg on my other shoulder. The dancer kissed on my neck and touched me in my privates. At that point my wife was very upset but doesnt show emotions much but I knew that went way too far. We had both decided to finish our drinks and left. This is when my wife got very upset and said we would never go back again. We both knew there is a no touch law so we did not expect this to happen. We just thought it would be girls with g-strings on and nipple covers without the touching. We ended up leaving and later that night I found lipstick and some sort of make up on my clothing. Sorry but I dont think this is proper behavior from a stripper, it seemed more like a flop house.Sorry we will not come back again.

  73. SGC Reg

    Ava has the best all around body and a great personality. She deserves to make the money she makes. I like the SGC but Terry needs to spend more bucks to make it look less like a refabbed diner in a strip mall. Its on the verge of “seedy” more than being a true “gentlemen’s club”.

  74. KC

    I like this Club, the “New Owners” have made some needed changes and the Girls just keep getting better and better

  75. haha!

    Drinks are forced on you here! I met Trinity, who asked to fuck her in the private room! This place will be shut down if they are not careful!

  76. Davey's right

    not sure why everyone so into Lynn – she ain’t that great – I wouln’t evn tak a second look at her in walmart

  77. Hell ya!

    I am A dirty old man! I admit that this is the best place in Savannah to get a dance that is worth while!

  78. Canuk

    Friendly atmosphere and good value, Lynn is friendly, hot and makes you want to come back again and again! She’s the best!

  79. Leigh

    I love this club. I’m like the youngest person there. And sometimes the only girl customers. The girls treat me so well.

  80. MAL
  81. coolllo

    place rocks!

  82. Boo

    Boo if you want nasty pussy go here

  83. lala

    Cool place!

  84. coollo

    cool place to hang out and cool girls also!

  85. boohoo

    Hole in the wall really!

  86. Bob

    Some nights there are plenty of girls but other nights there are only a few.. They should put up a schedule so people won’t waste their time going is there is no girls.

  87. whatever...

    sleezy place!

  88. Horrible

    Place is horrible. Don’t waste your time.

  89. Bean

    Check out Lynn, you won’t be disappointed

  90. kkkkkyyyyy
  91. self help

    Worth your time…Drew, Lynn, and Angel!!!!!!

  92. me

    When the crowd is right this is the hot spot! On Certain nights it seems even the best lookin girls have to work real hard for a dollar! What the?????

  93. odate

    Lynn and daisy are great pics check them out!

  94. jack


  95. Howard

    Club good, unlimited beer wednesdays and wings too-

    Check out the Cameron Diaz’s twin sister, Lynn’s great any night!

  96. John
  97. miss kitty

    i work there and thats not my name but the club is good there are to many dancer not enfough costomer!!! i love this bar but i am going to be changing clubs due to lack of costomers. all the girls are great very nice watch out for jordan lil miss drama queen the dance’s are worth the money and the champain room is a nice experaince i am a pole acholic like many other girls there if you want to have a nice fun time check us out we start dancing at 7 pm

  98. terrible

    place sucks

  99. kit

    Friendly girls!

  100. AG

    Lynn has to be the best dancer there! HOT!

  101. cute girls? i dont think so

    my wife and i go to gentlemans every once and a while, she nor i have ever been impressed.

  102. unknown

    go check out lexus

  103. Brunswick boy

    stopped by from out of town (Brunswick), the dancers don’t look clean and they also look strung out.

    Next time, I’ll go south to Jacksonville for a good club. Savannah has nothing for me.

  104. master

    If you want more than just a dance from a girl this is the place to go they may be ugly but its worth the money for a “dance”

  105. whitey


  106. SavannahGuy
  107. .

    You mean cotton? Moron.

  108. lol

    When a dancer comes from a rich family and has medical insh. she doesn’t need to be dancing to make a living!

  109. Scott

    First, let me say my wife & I are (were) strip-club virgins before coming here, so we did not know what to expect. She brought me here to celebrate my birthday last Sat night, did not know what to expect, but I at least did not expect to be bored! On to the review: $5 cover for both of us, excellent! Prompt service from the bartender & waitress, neither was pushy, drinks were cold, excellent! Excellent music! Overall atmosphere was chilled and relaxed, didn’t feel like there were any thugs around anywhere. Also good. Comfortable private dance rooms (at least the lap dance room, didn’t try the vip). All good. Dancers were very pretty, the few that actually spoke to me were sweet.

    On to the bad: Dancers come and sit with you at your table, chat you up, etc etc. That’s well and good. But they are all about the ladies. Two dancers joined us at our table at different times during the night, and they just started chatting up my wife without even acknowledging I was there. I may as well have been invisible. Granted, they were gay, but c’mon, not being into guys doesn’t mean you have to blatantly ignore us. One even sat right next to me, in between my wife & I, and didn’t even offer a hello or a look. Not what I expected from a ‘gentlemens club’, maybe they should rename it to the ‘ladies club’? Top moment of my night there: watching Ava give my wife a lap dance – she is a knockout and the dance was hot, but it’s said that someone else’s lap dance was my top moment considering it was *my* b-day. Second fav moment: dropping a few bucks on Apple whiloe she was on stage, got to chat with her for a minute or two, she’s another bombshell, and seemed sweet. My lap dance left me wishing I could return it for a refund. So, maybe we’ll go back, maybe not. Plenty of other clubs to try next time we’re in the mood. If we do go, I will treat it like a bar – good music, drinks, maybe some pool, and I’ll forget about being entertained by the gals.

  110. Frank

    This s Frank, I am the new owner of the SGC. We have made substantial improvements in the club, new bar stools new TV’s

    and we are in the process of recruiting new girls. The current

    atmosphere has changed to a civil and polite experience. We look forward to negating the previous comments and making your next visit to the SGC a memorable experience. FRANK

  111. pervert

    ugly whores

  112. brad

    first time in the club. where were everybody. i enjoyed lexus

    and adrian. they were the best looking girls in the club. who

    was the tall skinny white chick. man she was threw. ill b back

    as long as those girls are working thee.

  113. agreement

    smell is definitely sweaty pussy, terrible thing in 100+ degrees. Fix AC

  114. regular

    Dont think u will find Lynn in Wal mart! Maybe you just dont know quality! If you are looking in wal mart!

  115. gogd good!

    Good place!

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