Midnight Express



8998 Lewisburg Highway, Cornersville, TN 37047


35.2541089, -86.9472268




8am – 8pm


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8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Midnight Express

  1. Ringmaster

    I was a Bungalo cust. every friday & saturday night! I was there when Alvin owned it! Was there when his wife & daughter ran it! Even there when Jim ran it! Now I ‘ve quit goin there! Last saturday night Jerry and the DJ approached me offering drugs for sexual favors! One of the grabbed my ass and the other tried grabbing my dick! Boy I got really pissed off! I got in my car and wound up at midnight express! The girls are a lot prettier and friendlier here. It’s not much fifference in mileage. So, Look out Midnight Express, Their’s a PARTY going on Friday & Saturday night! At Your Club!

  2. red
  3. the EX Bungalalow kid!

    Jerry Prince, GROW UP! Your so called “Best club around” once was the best! When it was the only one in Giles county! You almost ruined club utopia (now Midnight Express) when you ran it! A few years ago the bungalow went totally nude and selling beer and almost got all three clubs shut down! Rummer from one of the giles county adult board member is that you’re bribbing the board I know for a fact you’re loosing customers with your bashing! Midnight express is a very nice club. It’s the cleaniest and most up to date around! Extra clean restrooms! Now your dad used to kept clean restrooms! I quess he didn’t allow you to jack-off your little weenie hollering your mommies name, like you do know! I bet Alvin is spinning in the grave over the way the bungalow is run today! GET A LIFE JERRY PRINCE!!!!!!!!

  4. M.E.S.C.

    well despite what you are hearing from some of these missinformed dumbasses the midnight express is still going strong, still selling beer and still have the cheapest lapdances around, but it is true that at this time we are the only club at exit 22 due to the other club shutting their doors as of january 1st so all the rumors you have been hearing or reading are not true we have no intentions of going down without a fight as a matter of fact right now come on in and get a lapdance and be sure to check out our beer special, $1.00 draft beer monday through thursdays all night long, yes my friends titties and beer still exist at exit 22, come see for yourself!!!!

  5. Exit 6

    Take down to exit 6 ! Unless you want the crabs! I want crabs I go to red lobster!

  6. for the record

    please keep all comments about other clubs off of our page, we do not want or welcome them here, all the games are over between the two clubs, if you have a comment about another club or have a problem with that club or an employee or even owner of another club please leave the comment on their page or take it up with them personly, this site was made for the rating and reviews of the clubs not your own personel rumor mill to try and damage another club, so in the future do some growing up and quit trying to stir up shit between the clubs, the problems have been taken care of and resolved between clubs so to all leaving all the bullshit comments ya might as well give up

  7. Kathy L.

    Look, I have danced all the clubs at exit 22 and exit 6! Know the owners, except at midnight express, and they’re all ASSHOLES! Jerry at the bungalow has a lot of nerve badmouthing the other clubs! He offered me lines of coke to fuck him and I refused! I luved coke at that time, but I’m no whore! Several girls did however! I felt sorry for his wife Blaze! Anyway, I quit dancing and I’ve quit drugs! It pisses me off forf him to bash the other clubs when he has as many or more girls using drugs! So Jerry Prince, GROW UP and stop badmouthing the other clubs! Call him and bitch! 931-580-5666 cell, unless he’s changed his number! I wish the clubs at exit 22 huge success!

    Love you guys,

    Kathy L.

  8. KIT KAT


  9. amen

    If you can’t say anything good, keep it to yourself!

  10. duh


  11. buck
  12. Customer
  13. TINMAN


  14. watering hole

    hey keep ur trash out of my club ..we dont want your throw backs

  15. jhon

    great club

  16. angry mad

    i thought when they got a new manager the place would change 4 the better . wrong!!!! after all they said what ever yall suck cya

  17. mike

    stop on the way back from ky this plkace sucks ass nasty girls dj sucks plays all ghetto music watriss very rude lady TRACY HER NAME SCREW YALL

  18. bungalow jerry

    My club is sinking faster than the Titanic! Tony, will you please send Ken’s gold club skanky dancers to the bungalow! We need all the drugs in our eyesore dump that we can get! Me and Adam are the elkton gays and are proud of it!

  19. mohawk

    You got your head on straight ace!

  20. nomo
  21. you know it

    i will be back had a good time

  22. disapointed

    had a bad time out their all girls were fuckup. alot of drugs

  23. /

    Awesome place

  24. what tha ???

    wow this is some funny s..t where do u folks come up with it. u know ya aint got much of a life to just sit round bashin each other like this GROW UP

  25. Jordan Kaiser

    wanted to try this place after the laws changed in Nashville.

    it’s in the middle of nowhere, it sucked, I felt more unsafe in here than I did in Nashville. I went and visited two of the Nashville clubs and still got lapdances. So there’s no reason to drive here.

  26. fed up

    Why is Jerry at the bungalow having his girls and people badmouth this club and the other club? I talked to one of his dancers at walmart and she said it was required to bash the other clubs almost daily! I’m sorry, but that is very SORRY of him! I will not go back into the Bungalow as long as he is owner because of this! Talk good about each other , no badmouth! You’ll have more cust. if you praise one another instead of bashing!

  27. sux 2 b u

    well the local boys will have to get use to it or go down tha road, nobody is twisting your arm to come in!!!!

  28. ha ha


  29. Trick Or Treat

    you guys doing anything on halloween?

  30. just say no

    thats ok we know who is starting all this shit again and leavin all the bad comments, and to beat all they whined and complained they wanted it stopped but they are still up to their old tricks, so i guess what goes around comes around, big boy, ya better call off your typin monkeys before you get your feeling hurt again!!!!

  31. Steven

    Isis & Lisa Marie are the sexiest babes around! Rencently had the best time at this club! I’ll be back soon!

  32. russ

    great atmoshhere beautiful ladies

  33. DJ ADAM aka Jerry's Bitch

    D.I.A. i got you a ass to stick your small cock in!

  34. shellshock
  35. jaily

    check out the club yourself whoever talks shit about this club is just mad because none of us would go home with them

  36. Roy

    This is my kinda club! Very beautiful woman & cold beer! Thanks Midnight Express for having the Best Adult Entertainment in this area! Test the rest, then come to the BEST!!!!!!

  37. Dr. Carls

    Some of the dancers and staff were all accustom to running the show by their standards, very low standards, they don’t like the idea of having real rules,real consequences,in the real world. For those who feel doing and selling drugs and a woman exploiting herself are good things, they are just quite simply a sad form of a life being.

  38. not happy

    this placeis going down hill. i dont no wat dude is talking about, but down hill for real

  39. k-dog

    this place is great and gettin better all the time, i seen the pics on your myspace of the girls and all the construction going on, can’t wait to see what the place will look like when you are done, i know its lookin good so far so keep up the good work guys, me and my friends will be back soon

  40. is that what you got

    this place has been trying to bash the other clubs. but what is happening is they are looseing biz and trying to do whatever it takes to try to keep afloat. keep bashing as yall go down. it aint getting you guys nowhere.

  41. T.D. Jakes

    This place SUCKS!!!

    Nashville clubs are better. (any of them)

    They advertised that they were better because of the new laws but they aren’t. Nashville clubs still have hotter girls and you can still get couch dances same as before.

  42. moses

    Isis, Cece, & Samantha are the best! Making plans to stop by again next weekend! Very clean club and everyone is very nice & frienly here!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. to mnx

    Well, you say half of the stuff is not true that people post on here MNX, which half does the Sonya stuff fall in? Because I do seem to remember her losing a lot of weight a while back and looking more and more skeletal every since then. Maybe her boyfriend is hoarding all the food from her(that could be a posibility certianly for those who don’t know him) or is there some truth to this post?? All i know is this,about 4 years ago Sonya was a pretty healthy looking girl and now she is lucky if she weighs a buck with her clothes on. CeCe also falls into that description also, I have heard on several occasions that both of them shared the same guy (i will just say that he was a floorguy there years ago) and last time i heard he had become somewhat frail looking himself . Here is my point, either she has a BAD drug problem or maybe there is some truth to what is posted on the bungalows page.. I for one would not trust sticking my dick in her considering all things being said and the circumstancial evidence that seems to scream this is a true posibilty!!

  44. Christina

    We have been going here for years and we have always had a great time. I have been going there for atleast 7 years and always loved it. The new and improved club is going to be great.

  45. misty

    My husband and I came to the club last week. We had a great time..the girls are hot…we really liked Carmen! We will be back!!

  46. It's about time

    I was at the midnight a couple weekends ago when the manager put some dumb ass out cause he was rollin a joint way to go bout time someone cleaned this place up GOOD JOB. also the ladies are fine. none of them look strung out like they use to or still do at the other clubs in that area again GOOD JOB Keep it up I’ll be back

  47. yep

    when the sign says queer convention at the bungalow figures you would head straight there, hope ya had fun at the circle jerk QUEER

  48. swollen

    Tuba u had the crab when u got here u must have come up from the boogerlow

  49. kojak

    The only thing worth seeing here is “Heaven” She’s a knock-out! Go to the wateringhole and you can see hot sexy babes! And of course one ugly one! LOL There is one who can tie her pussy in a knot!

  50. Party Man

    Finally found a good Strip club! Nice and clean, girls very pretty & friendly! Staff are the best! Clean restroom! Check it out, you’ll like this place!

  51. Where Wuz I?

    Most of us wuz home watchin Wrasslin u dumb fuck! Don’t u’ns know Raw wuz on Monday u stoopid fuckface? Rest of us was at home reading first grade speelling books & writing so’s we could post on here and and look real smart like the inbred who types bad comments in all CAPITOL letters. A few of us wuz home reading (or trying to) bout drugs so’s we could make more ridiculous accusations cause you’un’s clubs is better than our’ns iz. The rest of us wuz chasing sheeps and livestock cause we’z harny, and can’t get nary real-live woman folk. That bout covers it, I recken.

  52. truck driver

    I saw a crossdresser on stage!!!!!! I went to tip “IT” and “IT” showed me it’s penis! I will never be in this club again!! The dancer putting a tampon in my beer after I refused to give her a $20 tip on stage pissed me off, then a crossdresser! HELL NO I won’t be back!!!!!!!!!!

  53. just droppin in

    to say hey to tiny and all the crew

  54. to adam

    yep you can tell you work for jerry cause you whine like a little bitch just like him, to start off we haven’t said shit about you or anyone else but we haven’t been able to sink that into your third grade education heads, guess there are other people out there that hate you too but it wasn’t us nor has it been us posting the bullshit so get your facts straight before making an ass out of yourself like you have been on here, we could give three shits about you, jerry or your club but yall seem to want to always keep shit going, we have even called your asses out for a face to face showdown but you been to chicken shit to respond, now who is the internet pussies? now as far as kicking us out of your club you haven’t done it yet and we have at least a handfull of people in your club on a weekly bases, damn, don’t that suck? where is he? who is he? guess ya better start bein good to your customers since ya never know who’s in there or who they are even, but all has been well and there has been no problems for about a week but that wasn’t good enough for yall, you had to get on here and be the internet pussy and bitch and whine about something we didn’t do or have no control of, we could care less if jerry is fuckin you up the ass or vice versa, we don’t care, thats yalls business but we haven’t posted anything on here about you so get over it and move on, we have!!!! you can’t please everyone, someone is always going to leave bad comments, thats where freedom of speech comes from, but if your tired of all the bullshit as we are just do what we are fixin to do and pay the monthly charge on here so you can delete all the bad shit that people post, or should i say all the childish bullshit that is posted and thats the way it all will stop but again it hasn’t been us so chill out!!!!

  55. charlie

    need to come check the place out, hear it has changed alot since the new owners has taken over

  56. Tommy

    Had my first visit this past saturday nite! Will be back this coming weekend! Cece, Samantha, Devin, Desire, you Ladies are the best of the best!

  57. Nameless Trucker

    The male review wednesday night at mnx was a total disaster!!! Jerry came up from the bungalow and started trying to suck all of the male dancers dicks! He was asked to leave but he refused because “his lips had a craving for man meat” and he wasn’t going anywhere untill “somebody filled his waiting mouth with some hot man gravy straight from the tap” To make a long story short, Jerry reluctantly left the club and made his way to the truck stop up the street where he filled his stomach with some hot steamy man chowder from an unbathed trucker. After that Jerry and the lonely trucker held each other untill the early hours of the morning as the two compared body stench and gave each other back rubs…. I know all of this to be the truth because I happen to be that lonely trucker, and I am sad to say that I have aquired herpes from those rough but pleasureable lips that satisfied me and yet ruined my dick for the rest of my life on that fateful night.

  58. skeeder

    been a while since i been in here looks great since the change over

  59. the truth

    ok no bashing just the plain truth, all the clubs are ok but the midnight is the only one trying to straighten up the place and make it worth going into so from now on thats the place that gets all my business, sorry to the other clubs but if ya’ll would get your shit together and quit bashing the midnight and worry more about your own places you might get more business too but you have to act like the town idiots and cry and piss and moan about every little thing so my advise to the other club owners is grow up!!

  60. whiplash
  61. chuck

    love the music

  62. Jackie

    I’m still on cloud nine! lol Helluva good time sat. evening! Desire & CECE made me want to visit this place more! The girls are beautiful and nice! No trama like others strip clubs I’ve been in!

  63. confused

    Does a girl named Hunter work her? She may be HIV positive!

  64. midnight

    nope!, it says ladies night not sick twisted confused night, that is being held down at the bungalow, after all they need your help more than anyone does, business is so bad they have to put flyers on cars at other clubs and put up banners at the entrances of other clubs to try and drum up business, sounds like the doings of a desperate club to me!!!!

  65. Matt

    Its a great club

  66. cupid

    Looks like dia, dj adam, and hunter needs to have a threesome! I guesses hunter will need a strap-on! lol



  68. john

    wats the deal with the gansters and all the fights. not impressed

  69. cuz

    wat r u talking about…i got a blow job in the booth and a sack of coke they aint changeing anything but the nasty as carpet….

  70. someone

    I had a goodtime at utopia i will be back.

  71. rim-shot

    great place to party b back soon

  72. to clear it up

    to clear up any confusion, none of the girls were let go for any reasons although some did not like new changes and left, last week it was said we were cleaning up drugs fights prostitution and things of that nature, not meaning it was being done at the club but it would not be allowed at this club and to clear up none of the girls that left or let go was doing any of the above but it was to be known that it would not be tollerated at this club to anyone that was out there looking for it, we hope this has cleared up any missunderstandings that you may have had about our last posting….thank you

  73. lol

    what a joke did not feel safe tention in the air was thick sorry better luck next time if i come back

  74. badboy

    This place has changed! I thought the place at exit 6 was bad, but Fuck! Exit 6 don’t have midget queers on stage! I’m not lying! I was there saturday nite and a male midget was sliding down the damn pole! Some big,huge black dude was taking pictures! See him and he can show you!! I wonder about next door? I quess that’ll be next time i’m in this areas!!

  75. Madam Adam

    Hey bi guy, We at the famous boobie bungaslow cater bi guys and all gay guys! You’re top priority in our club! Why do you go to a club to see girls titties when we have boys showing their titties and tight asses and so on!

  76. Santa

    Samantha is a sexy little babe and her private dances are awesome! I’m in love with her! LOL Nicest club around and the restrooms a clean too! Enjoyed my visit and will be back after christmas!


  77. Steve

    What has happened, this used to be an awesome club, that was full of fun, friendly and attractive women, stopped by to see the renovated cleaned up club. WTF few women, not very friendly, dances are better in Nashville. Sad day for exit 22 next door only has 1 or 2 attractive women and they are always tied up so forget this exit, road trip to Huntsville from now on I guess.

  78. The Man

    I told ALLIE that she was very pretty and I’ve got 20/20 vision! Jerry, If she was working for you and you fired her, you’re either gay or a dumbass or maybe both! ALLIE ie a LADY! Treat and Respect her like one! Fuck, You’re embarrassed because you can’t find descent girls to work in your trashey dump! Bring in the fake titty show girls! Real men want nice titties, not oversized silicone fakes!

  79. bungalow sucks

    the Bungalow has been dethroned! All my friends can find me here from know on! Way too much drug use and lies at the bungalow for me!

  80. in reply

    it still is a good place, they just don’t let you get away with as much as the last owner did, thats why some people hate it….

  81. titties and beer

    this place is looking good, can’t wait to see all the new changes, see you even have a myspace page now

  82. drive by

    i was there sat nite and all i saw was a bunch of meth heads what happen sorry but im going a couple exits down their is a bunch of class acts down their.

  83. stinger
  84. wondering

    from the looks of things this is going to be the best club in this area to go to when they get done with it

  85. to hater

    we haven’t even started club bashing, we haven’t said anything about anyone but maybe we should start since we seem to get accused of it alot, its actualy dumb asses like you that cause all the problems because you run your dick suckers and don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about so therefore you are the one looking like a dumb ass, player hater, until you ask face to face if we are doing this and we give you a answer just ((((SHUT THE FUCK UP)))) the club down the road has bashed us from day one and we have sat back and found it quiet entertaining that someone could be so scared of us that they have to resort to silly ass childs games, maybe thats why we have 3 clubs and working on a 4th, because we are about business and not kids games!!!! now do you have anything else to say dumb ass???? just remember hater it is always better to keep your mouth shut and be thought of as a fool than open it and show everyone you are!!!!

  86. boomer

    this place ROCKS

  87. nasty 1
  88. JERRY


  89. The BEST Club

    Hey you dumbfucks! Go to The Bungalow at exit 6! All the hot girls work at the bungalw BITCHES!!!!

  90. paul

    all i can say is wow, the place is getting better all the time

  91. nope

    no ce ce is no longer here either and has not been for quiet sometime, last heard she worked at the bungalow, as far as christy she didn’t last long either, the new owners are very picky about who works there now a days and not hiring other club rejects but they do have some new girls in that are hot that are there on the weekends mostly, i understand they have been out on a talent scout mission so to speak and bringin in new girls all the time

  92. Teddybear

    Damn, You’d think that Jerry Prince from the boobieless bungalow would go to rehab and get off drugs, then go back to school and learn how to spell! Jerry if you’re going to bash a club that your JEALOUS of, at least spell right! Everyone know’s that it’s you badmouthing! Bridget the Midget lost her ass at your wanna-be club! So hopefully she’ll make up at Midnight Express!

  93. faithful customer

    yes this is a great place and getting better all the time, i’m pleased to see all the changes being made and that someone really cares about how their club is run and tries to make it a great place to party and unwind, i tell everyone i know and then some about this place, word of mouth is far better than any ole web page where people can hide and say anything about you like they do on here. keep up the good work midnight express

  94. jon

    First time in this place! It was OK! I don’t recommend the bungalow club though. I watched men slap and grab each others asses and thought it was funny until one grabbed my ass and tried to run his freakin hand in my ass crack! I don’t do that shit!

  95. first timer

    seems to be a nice place, alot of changes going on, girls could just be a little more friendly meaning not as rude, but other than that a nice place and i can’t wait to go back and see all the changes that i hear are being made

  96. Robert

    Dont know how the bungalo is doin it but the midnight is still doin it just as well. and is STILL cleaner and all around NICER club with $1 draft beer Dont worry aboout the Bungalo and Keep doing what you’re doing Midnight

  97. sideshow bob
  98. impressed

    the place is looking better already


    all ur bashing aint getting you know where.. dumb asses… keep on bashing as your biz fizzeles 2 nothing.. the bungalow is kicking your ass.. you need 2 be friends instead of yall being assholes

  100. rollin yhunder

    i read the reviews and went and saw the midget what the fuck didnt enjoy it at all thought it was a strip club not a gay club. i will go back 2 exit 6 they r cool and friendly out their

  101. gitter done

    this place is great

  102. ..

  103. BIG NEWS
  104. Mid10

    It had been years since I had been in this club, but I gave it another try Friday night. The atmosphere is much better than before the changes. Lisa Marie was very nice and her dances were great. I’ll be back.

  105. a fan
  106. rambo

    great place

  107. little jim

    Chuck, what the hell are you doin here? We thought that you was faithful to us here at the World Famous Boobie Bungalow Club Elkton, TN exit 6 off I-65! Just wait till Jerry sees this Chuck! No more gay porn or ass tagging! You had us believing that you liked dick not pussy!

  108. Jack

    I totally agree with you man. lmao

  109. changes

    new owners and new management have taken over utopia and alot of changes are being made to clean up the club from drugs and violence and make it a better place to come party. remodleing has already started with plans to expand in the future, the owner has two other clubs one of them here in tennessee, the midnight express gentlemens club in smithville tn. you can check out their official myspace page, it also has a link to their web page or you can go to http://www.midnightexpress.us, they are rated the number 2 club in tennessee on here and hope to have this club right up there with them very soon.the midnight went from a little club that barely seated 100 people to a state of the art club that can seat over 500 people and we hope to be able to do the same thing with utopia in the future, but the new manager welcomes everyone to come out and have a good time but leave the bullshit at the door, we want this to be a great place for the people of cornersville and surrounding areas to come visit, party and have a good time with none of the problems like the club has had in the past

  110. dopeboy19

    I hate to admit I’ve been inside this place, but alas…. Actually, for a remote spot like this its not a bad club. They’ve got a great bar with cheap beer and Happy Hour, cheap cover, and a private area for those kind of dances if ya know what I mean.Mixed crowd here…. farm boys, truck drivers, curious observers. I fell into the last category. Had met 3 girls in town one night and they all wanted to come out here, so out here we went. I have to say I had a great time, I know what this place looks like on the outside, but the inside is an oasis of honky tonk nirvana. And the girls aren’t bad, especially the ones from Nashville. You can always instantly tell them apart from the local girls because they will only have a few demure tattoos strategically placed, will fall into the 7-8+ range, and have professional names like Carmen, Anastasia, Valerie, and Barbie. In contrast the locals might have 14-15 tattoos randomly placed consisting of things like a Rottweiler or a Raccoon on their backs, a scar on their tummy either from an appendectomy or a self service Caesarian, and have cute local names like Danger, Pothole, Overbite, and Backhoe. Anyway, if you go expecting to have a good time, you most likely will.

  111. yes sir ree

    hey guys this is jerry the owner of the bungalow and i want to invite everyone i know to come to the midnight express show club, this club is so way better than mine, it is not as nasty and unlike my club they do not have a bunch of crack whores working for them, thats why i am concidering shutting my doors and backing the midnight 100% and giving them my full support as the best club around so again to all my friends stop on in and tell em i sent ya and receive a discount at the door, as far as my club i know i have run it in the ground with my drug habit and getting alot of the girls strung out on drugs as well but you have to understand i had to do it because i have such a short peter and i felt the girls wouldn’t laugh at me as bad if they were stoned so for those that have been faithful customers i am sorry for my actions and in the next few weeks i will be closing my doors and moving away with my head hung in shame, the midnight has won the club war and they are truly the better club, thank you midnight for showing me what kind of ass i have become!!

  112. jinx

    Hey gabe, Maybe you need to go to the bungalow and let the girls put bloody tampons in your beer! You’d probley like that wouldn’t you! You probley have never been in this club have you? Is your name really gabe or is it JERRY PRINCE? Fuck Off QUEER!

  113. Nick

    Been to better clubs!

  114. john deere

    wow this is a redneck drug fest who ownes this place????

  115. hot chick is nasty

    hot chick we love our boss. jerry is great runs the bungalow how it is supose 2 b ran .. and not like a whore house.. and we love him 4 that .. free beer is great alven use 2 do it all the time .. its for customer apreciation cuz we love our customers at the bungalow they r the best..!!so (hot chick) aka ur grill if fucked up . did u get them test back from health dept bout them std that u got .. how skanky.. go pass ur std 2 all customers at utopia .ur so nasty.. and our boss is not gay he goes out with a hot ass lady.. ur mad cuz he turned u down. trash

  116. real

    Get real and quit hating.

  117. Hank

    Ole Tiny Tim must be used to looking at the dogs at the bungalow! Midnight Express has some sexy babes! So I quees the bungalow has crossdressers that get’s tiny tim’s tiny weiner had!

  118. good job

    i hear yall are putting the hole out of business, good job, keep up the good work there at utopia

  119. Kirk
  120. FAT MAC


  121. BEAT DOWN


  122. BULL

    To Real,

    The only haters is at exit 6! Yes the bungalow club! Jerry has to get on here and basmouth this club because he knows it is the nicest and cleaniest club between Nashville,Tn & Huntsville,Al. Cece is a very Beautiful Lady and a good friend of mine! Jerry at exit 6 is jealous cause he doesn’t know how to run a club! His daddy gave up on him years ago! I’ve been to the bungalow and it is nasty! Only dopeheads go to the bungalow! Anyone that praises the bungalow, has never been inside it! All my friends go to midnight express and brag about the great time and pretty girls and how nice and friendly they are! So Jerry Prince, think about it, If you was to clean-up your so called club, people might honestly give you good reviews! All your reviews now are either by you, or your doped-up crew! So, Jerry Prince, grow up and if you can’t say something nice about the other clubs, Shut The Fuck Up! Now, if you want to reply with some bullshit to me, Go ahead! I need a big laugh at your expense! By the way, I’ll give Cece a big kiss on the lips for you! She can’t help it if she’s all sexy and stuff! As far as Truck, I bet you’d be scared to meet him in a dark alley! LOL

  123. missinformed

    see thats your problem, you listen to what other people say to much, thats why you have to make things up as you go, let me once again clear things up for you all, now i will type real slow so you can all stay caught up (lol) no we are not ready to sell, in fact we are ready to buy and no bungalow is far from kickin anyones ass and we are not fuckin up, now to you clear view, you said you heard, see theres the problem right there, but you heard we went to the bungalow to get their girls, not true but yes we did go, they laughed in our face, not true, in fact a few inquired about coming to work for us, and last they threw us out, lol this one is not even true either as a matter of fact the owner ran out after us to meet or maybe be noisey, who knows but if you wasn’t there shut up till you know the facts!! as far as copying the bungalow, why would we want to do that, ok so now are yall getting the picture? now where did all the gay club shit start, yes from one of you imbreads around here, none of that is going on either, from any club as far as i know, and lastly about fuckin the owners to get a job, well would ya beleive it folks, that ones not true either but we really do enjoy all the bad press you have been giving us, we find it funny plus our business has grown by 50% so keep up the good work and we can’t wait to see what tomarrows rumor is, hey i got one we can start, you know mexicans love cock fights so lets say there are illegal cock fights in the back room, or maybe we have a stripper thats had a sex change, oh well we have seen all the other things you have come up with so i’m sure it will be something good, so don’t let us down….

  124. couldn't have said it better

    well put dr carls

  125. Vanderbiltprof

    Went there tonight, some pretty girls, sat around for several hours but was only approached by two girls. I wanted more dances but couldn’t seem to attract any ladies to my table. Tried smiling , eye contact and tips on stage to encourage them over to my table. Did get a couple of dances from Devyn, a beautiful young lady which gave a very stimulating dance. Dances were good, about what Nashville used to be like before the laws changed. Not very crowded or busy, but the dances just aren’t what they used to be. My suggestion, if the girls would be a little more flirtatious, bubbly and attentive they could make more money. I will try it in 6 months and see if it changes for the better or worse.

  126. stripclub junkie

    if this place is going to be as good as they say it is it will blow the other clubs out of the water, i see they have already made a big difference in the place, from girls to expanding to cleaning up the drug problem, maybe it will encourage the other clubs to do the same or drive them out one!

  127. disappointed

    i use 2 go out to exit 22 strip clubs till i got married. noe im devoirced went to exit 22 and i dont know wat happened but wat a nasty places 2 go 2… exit 6 is were its at.. great girls no trouble will start going 2 exit 6 every weekend.

  128. big d

    good then, go down the road, we don’t need your cheap ass in here anyways numbnuts

  129. They're Great

    awesome club very clean nice beautiful ladies nicest club I have been to in a while “I’ll be Back “

  130. bobo

    Can I get a refund on my cover charge? I will never be inside here again!

  131. joe
  132. Re: Seemore

    Well “Seemore” (is it Seemore this time?), if you spent a little more time getting educated and a little less time being a cunt you would know in which instances you should “drop the E before adding the ING” while spelling!! I understand that you have relatively nothing in your life besides the Boobie Bungalow but that doesn’t excuse your ignorance. So once you check back in to read all the responses to your barely offensive post, I suggest you Google the term “I.P. address”. Once someone explains to you what it means you should understand how easy it would be for someone with a minimal amount of education to obtain yours from the message you posted on here!! Now anyone could pretty much have access to any of your personal files in your outdated laptop by tracking you with a “BACKDOOR ACCESS COOKIE”. Next time you get on here and try to be funny you should REALLY be browsing from a John Doe browser you stupid asshole!!



  134. shmoe
  135. to the cornersville queers

    to start out we’re afraid of nothing unlike our competition, and we’re thinking people want a clean, drug free, prostitute free, fight free place to come party without being afraid of the surroundings like other places, and apparently your the one without a clue, how many times do we have to tell you that you can’t be offering guys free blowjobs in the mens bathroom, thats why you were banned from coming back, heres an idea, go see the gay midget and his crossdresser friend, they’ll hook ya up with some action!!!!

  136. party animal

    no matter what people post on here this is a great club, i read all the comments then thought i would see for myself were all the things posted was true or not, well no they wasn’t in fact this is a great place to hang out and i will be telling all my friends about it, just goes to show you ya can’t believe everything you read not to mention very few people even know this page exists so all the negative comments must be coming from other clubs around, but on a bright note there are no drugs, no queers hangin out grabbin your ass or none of that posted like before so take it from a true customer this club is the one to check out!!

  137. skank pit

    was not pleased with this place. been 2 alot of clubs and this place and the one next door sucks ass.

  138. midnight express

    friday november 14th we will be having our grand re-opening there will be no cover charge and drink specials all night long so make your plans to be here

  139. on a serious note

    its just to funny what people will do and say about others to make themselves look better and i’m guessing so they will feel better about themselves as well but we are no stranger to this kind of idiotic behavier with all the cracks about the drugs, when club #2 was opened the rumors was the club was owned by the mexican mafia and there was ilegal booze selling and money laundrying and i’m sure there was more and it was only because the people were scared and we know that is the same case here the people are scared, as well they should be, but we made it through all the bullshit there and have been opened for over 4 years and still going strong and have brought the club a long ways from what it was when we started, so despite what you may read on here from the imbread losers we have been down this road before and will be many more times in the future i’m sure so this is nothing new to us having all this bad press just to stop our business but in the long run the better club comes out ahead because people see it for themselves and learn to not beleive everything they read, but one last question to the other club owners, how many clubs do you own? ok i rest my case!!!! see you all at the midnight this weekend, have a great day….

  140. plain ole me

    great club wanna come back soon

  141. hang in there

    the place is looking good and can’t wait to see it when its all finished, don’t listen to what all these other yahoos say, you keep on and you’ll have the best club in the area by far!!!!

  142. Shane


  143. James

    A nice place. It is worth the drive to get there

  144. to gabe

    well go ahead and do that and stop your bitch ass whining, don’t come back and don’t let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out, damn this is a club for men not whiny little bitches like you, go next door or go down the road cause no one really gives a flying fuck what you do but just do it and shut tha fuck up about it, you made your point so move on, you’ve already shown everyone your a fuckin loser so why keep it up

  145. Bossd Hogg

    I read the reviews on here ann checked out the Bungalow and wished that I’d pay attention to the reviews! I decided to chect out Club Utopia this time and the Wateringhole next weekend! WOW! Devin is a BEAUTIFUL! She’s perfect! I will be back friday and sat next weekend just to pamper her! Devin if you read this I hope that you like Red Roses Baby bacause your getting a dozen this weekend!

  146. tom

    this place rocks its so much cleaner and nicer then the bungalow…… the management knows what they are douing girls was very friendly keep up the great work mnx management

  147. saturday night

    i was in here saturday night and i think that it is a good place to hang out and drink and most of the girls that approached me were friendly but like any other club there is always a bad apple or two in the bunch. beer was cold food was hot ladies and staff were great had an excellent time will be back soon………

  148. lynard

    i had a great time here tonight, will be back soon

  149. Big Mo

    Hey now, Don’t be picking on Alley! She’s very beautiful and very clean! She sweet as candy and very nice! If all dancers was like her, It would be Perfect! She’s a good girl and gives good dances! Go to Club Utopia and get dances from Alley, Morgan,and Nikki. Tell them that Big Mo recommended them!

  150. puddin tang

    this place rocks

  151. Dancer

    The manager/DJ/bartender/bouncer/doorman is all in one named Christy and she is something awful. Yells at the dancers on the microphone and terrorizes the girls especially any new and fresh competition that intros . She constantly fines the girls for rules that she makes up as she goes along, with no warning. Like $50-$100 for petty things. She won’t hire help because she is greedy ( her words). She will make you work 40 hours a week and fine you $50 a shift if you call out. This club takes @ of your money or more. It’s a shame cause this club has potential. Watch out for Mystique, Toni, and Hennessy. They all have worked there a long time and don’t treat new employees friendly. I’ve seen them be verbally abusive to customers as well.

  152. wally
  153. Tony Montna

    Watch it now that Kens Gold club is shut down you will probaly be getting they”re skanks who had it shut down. Don’t let them ruin this club!!!!!

  154. ? hot chick

    so y do yall got 2 bash on the bungalow ? we doing wat we supose 2 do.. provide entertainment.. oh yes entertainment not hookers. yal act like skanks u get the skank treatment.. so yall please leave us alone we tried 2 let u work but we not hoes like u. we r entertainers we got respect unlike any of yall bungalow rules great entertainment always got something fun going on.does john no u r fucking with his bizness.. maybe he needs 2 know.wat u r doing 2 his bizness

  155. LoverBoy

    I agree with Santa, Samantha is the best! I enjoyed my dances from this beautiful Lady! This place is great!

  156. What a joke!

    Sea World has better looking whales than here!! This place is nasty!!! Nothing but huge fat women!!! Gross!!!!

  157. pj
  158. Great

    This is great club wouldn’t be worried a bit to bring my ole lady in here very clean no stink in here except when “dude” was here you should take a shower that’s why you are smelling rotten eggs. I’m glad you didnt like it that means you wont be back and we wont have to smell YOUR skank ass

  159. the bungalow

    please be aware that we have not been posting any of these bad things said about your club or your employees but we know who has been and we plan on taking care of it on our end to stop all this crap that has been posted on both our pages we know half the shit that has been said is not true and we want you to know we are sorry for the actions of some of our employees and again this matter will be taken care of, as we do we know you run a clean respectable club and are trying to clean it up and make it a better place and we have no problem with that and we in no way think that the things posted on our page came from you either but we think we do know who is doing it and we will be talking to that person as well but again we are sorry if there have been any hard feelings and maybe soon all this crap will stop, good luck with the club and hope to talk to you guys real soon, thanks again, jerry

  160. nah

    nah its more like you be a goober, you go around leavin the same comment on everyones page,damn dude get some new material if you want to leave retard comments on everyones page and quit using the same ole thing, or is that the only thing you have learned how to type?

  161. got a question

    well its been said many of times but no one goes into details so i wanna know right now, why do people think the midnight is trying to copy the bungalow? and better yet what is the midnight doing to copy the bungalow? or so yall say copying the bungalow, its been said alot but no one goes into details and i personely haven’t seen them copy the bungalow in any way, besides this is a fresh new club, why would they want to copy a has been place like the bungalow, it is run down hill for years and getting worse, i guess yall just say all that just to feel better about your own club, the owner of the midnight has three clubs already, how many do yall have? oh yeah just one so maybe yall should take a page from the midnights book and try to copy them, maybe you might learn how to run a club the right way instead of half assed, and as far as all this club bashing is going everyone needs to chill out and worry about their own club and not what the other is doing or how it is doing cause nashville clubs is kickin all your asses so cut out all the bullshit and worry about your place and not the other guys everyone is getting real tired of all this bullshit and the funny thing is is it probibly isn’t even the other clubs leaving bad comments, so all of you grow up and be men and not children and play all these silly ass games, and in closing, have any of you noticed that the ratings and good reviews have been going to the watering hole here lately and not hardly a bad comment one while yall are pissin in the wind playing around hurting both of your businesses, then again it may be the watering hole starting all this crap, so stop and think about that before you go to the others page and say something negative…that is all

  162. z

    we sell meth at utopia come anytime we sell it at the bar

  163. fast freddy

    the place is looking better

  164. midnight express show club

    tonight we are having our grand re-opening and everyone is invited to attend, there will be free cover and drink specials all night hosted by budweiser, also ladies don’t forget, ladies night is coming to cornersville wednesday december 10th with americas loverboys male review in the hose for you ladies, tickets for the event will be going on sale soon

  165. goat
  166. well lol

    well i guess he told your monkey ass, dipshit, now just go back in the corner and eat your watermelon and hush!



  168. Bill Jack

    sorry, it has gooten as bad as Nashville, new owners sell it back.

  169. TONY


  170. Satisfy customer

    This is an excellent club, best in the mid-south area.

  171. daniel

    hope you don’t mess this club up like the other midnight has with the smoking ban, they can’t see it is really going to hurt their bizz by letting in what few minors they are getting other than the bigger percentage of smokers they were getting and losing due to it, but rumor has it that this club will be going 18 and up and no smoking as well, hope the manager here has enough sence to stop that before it happens, unlike the manager at the other club making a real bad judgement call or the owner one, whoever came up with the bright idea to cut out smoking but if this happens here too guess me and my friends will start going back to nashville, they may have the no contact rule but at least you can sit down, enjoy your drink and have a smoke while watching some lovely ladies……thanks….daniel from murfreesboro

  172. Chuckymann

    Fine outstanding show bar! Will be back, Snow or no snow!!!!!!! LOL

  173. hal


  174. ?

    Does that bitch Ce Ce still work there or Christy the bitch who will not leave anyone alone when she is not wanted?

  175. to hood nigga

    shut tha fuck up and quit your whining, just go back to eatin yo fried chicken and watermelon and quit tryin to play with the big boys, nothin worse than a thug wannabe, best watch your ass if you come around here with that bullshit or you’ll go down quick

  176. freddy c

    nice place

  177. to felix tony

    or whatever you want to call yourself, are you just a fuckin retard or did your momma just raise you that way? our business is doing good and as said many times before (if you bothered to read) we do not have to bash other clubs, their reputations speak for themselves so we don’t have to waste our time doing it when they are doing a good enough job theirself, so really the only one here looking like a dumbass is you!! and to bring you back to the real world the bungalow is not kicking our ass in no way, but hey if they have more business by bashing us and talkin shit and thats the way they feel they have to do it then let them continue their little silly ass games, when we took over utopia we went to the bungalow on a bizz to bizz level trying to be friends but thanks to people like you that have to stick their dicksuckers in where it don’t belong and don’t have a clue as to what the fuck is going on because they are to busy trying to stir up shit that has not happened, so to you felix tony go get a life and stay out of everyone elses and until you truly know what is going on around you please do us all a favor and ((((SHUT THA FUCK UP!!!!))))

  178. wizbang

    nice club, c-ya this weekend, tell the guy with the taser and flash light to chill out though

  179. Snakeguy

    Place is on the rise, the DJ is really good, he plays music that appeals to everyone and does not play only Rap and Hip Hop. Remember many of us business men with money to spend are not 18. Met a lovely young lady named Brittany, intelligent, interesting and genuinely nice. Gave a great dance. Unfortunately as with most really good dancers she was in high demand so I did not get to spend as much time with her as I would have liked. Thems the breaks. Believe me she is worth the wait, those green eyes are stunning and I could look into them all evening.

  180. saylem

    this club is run by good people and it really is a fun place to stop in and have a good time. i used to work here (under the old owner AND new since they have become the midnight express) and even though i work in nashville now i still would stop in here and spend some money if i lived closer. alot of bad rumors about this place, but rumors are just that..rumors. and for the record i am a kens gold club girl now and the girls there are not nasty or prostitutes. why would you even say negative things about kens girls on this page? yes there are some scuzzles who have tried to find work in this area that came from kens but here’s a news flash: there’s a reason that they arent welcome at kens anymore. please stop putting down other clubs on these review pages. midnight express/utopia is a great place to have fun at and spend money. they don’t want to here about other clubs and peoples business. if you don’t like the place just leave it at that. we can’t please everybody. no reason to bring irrelevant names into it

  181. michelle

    lookin good

  182. whiplash hotchick

    well hot chick if u every did work at the bungalow u still would be their . sounds like u r into that gay midget show at utopia. stick ur dick in that. and the owner is definetely not gay. just picky wit his chicks sorry he turned u down.u must not b hot like u say he only goes out wit hot chicks.. free beer 6 till 8 tues and wed at the bungalow with great dancers exit 6 guys is were its at for fun.go meet the owner he is cool as hell and not gay

  183. Kurt

    its the best club around and for the most part the girls are okay… MORGAN rocks

  184. Come and get it

    We b hookers and have plenty of drugs and pussy for sell. Come on in and get we are waiting for you. Our drugs are off da hook!

  185. wildman

    Thank You CECE! Had a great time last night! Don’t do the bungalow no more! Went to check out the wrestling and all I saw was queers called Madam Adam and one called Fag Jerry doin the 69 hollering cum in my face you bastard! I got sick and left!! Thanks Midnight Express for having the coolest club in town! Special Thanks to CECE for the wonderful time! Wink, Wink!

  186. Jerry(owner of the bungalow)

    Weel i hav to say guys, I weel concead to you that yall have the beter club. Allthogh i still thank my plase is more intertaning. It should bee obveous to everybody that this the reel jerry because i spell like a Fourth gradeer with downs sindrome!! My fat ass drunk of a dad neva tought me how to spel big words befor he died of being ashamed of his stoopid ass son. Weel i recon ima gonna go molest a kid four a while then count the monies that ima not makin at my club. If anybody runs across a street hooker pleas send er my way so i can fucker in tha ofice while my crosseyed girlfriend serves flat coke and overpriced beer to my three costomers. i mite just get adam to fingerfuck my ass with that deformed hand of his, mmmm ima all horney now. got to go fellas, just wanted to tell yall tat yall are tha best arond heere!!

  187. keith w

    tiny and tha crew are doin a great job on cleanin this club up and the new part is lookin good too

  188. save the whales

    well maybe you shouldn’t bring your mom sister and girlfriend to the club no more!! we are going to have to start charging you by the pound!!!! we have no sign out front that says all you can eat buffet, take their fat asses to the truck stop!!

  189. clear view

    nasty girls fucked up owners. i heard they went 2 the bungalow trying 2 get their girls and they laughed at them and thru them out.wonder if they are going 2 copy what the bungalow is doing. midnight express wishes they can compare

  190. BIG A

    what we got is 3 clubs. what do you have.



  192. dandy dave

    nice place, looked a little run down but i see that they are remodeling and fixing the place up should look alot nicer when they are done, everybody was real friendly and the girls were nice, quite a few lovely ladies and some not much to look at but you have that with every club and oh yeah to let ya know being there are alot of comments about it lol, it was along ways away from being a gay club or anything like that so whoever posted those comments must not have been to the same club i was at over the weekend cause this place rocks, i will try to get back there soon as i can being that i’m workin all the time and have very little time for fun but this past weekend was fun

  193. Gross

    Nothing but beach whales! If I wanted that I would have gone 2 sea world!!!!!


    this place is going down hill fast. what is the new owners thinking. you got 2 bash the other clubs cause you are afraid of what? you dont have a clue do you guys.

  195. hood nigga

    yo who eve left tha comment bout tha dude they call adam at tha bungalow need ta do so mo fuckin reserch better cuzzz every one at bungalow knows he aint no mo fuckin queer he fo sho gets tha pussy so who ever made tha comment made there self look like a dumb ass so get ya facts straight before you say dumb shit and tha bungalow is tha shit

  196. coolness

    Awesome girls . . . take the time to make the trip

  197. hunter

    to D.I.A Please, Please cum to the wateringhole and ask for HUNTER! I want your black cock in my pussy then my ass! I will give you the best blowjob you’ve every had!!!!!!!!!!!!


  198. Stripper Magnet

    Tiny…I know we need to come down there…but when we do you better be ready because you know we are gonna buct the place wide open like we do in Smithville!!!!! You know it will be one hell of a party and you better have room for us to crash…lol

  199. Matthew

    wuz here lastnight had a goodtime and seen some fine a$$ ladys

  200. goodtime

    What the FUCK! Was there friday night and some bitch was so fucked up on beer,whiskey and drugs that she passed out in the dance booth! LOL She was ugly as hell and looked like she should be in a horror movie! LOL They called her Joy! I was told that the other two clubs has already banned her fucked up ass!

  201. To Wayne

    We have good girls here! We have pretty classy girls here! You must have been next door! The only ugly girl that has no class is Christy that bitch can’t get a hint and take no for an answer she is the only skank in the club!

  202. just a dancer

    i work at club utopia and have been here for a while and just so ya’ll know the comments being posted on here they are being made by customers and dancers from other clubs we are not anything like this web site makes us look. I happen to enjoy working here and always have alot of fun and there is no whinning and moaning if you want to find out just come in and see. I think if you always belive what you read then you are the ignorant one and u know what there are druggies everywhere you go and there are assholes everywhere you go also so unless you have been in here and have had a bad experience STOP BASHING MY CLUB grow up and take a look in the mirror and to half the ppl leaving messages on here you need to stop doing what you doing grow up and take care of your kids before you worry about anyone else………….

  203. fuckery12

    Nice place, friendly crowd, beers in a cup are a buck on tap. $5 cover, show CDL for free entry.

  204. JIM


  205. The one

    Candy, Devin, and Allie are all precious LADIES! So whoever wants to badmouth these beauties must be from one of the other clubs! Grow-up! If all you’ve got to do is badmouth each other you’re a sick motherfucker! Grow-up and get a life!!!!!!!!!

  206. mac
  207. Spongebob

    Nice, clean club! Very nice & Friendly girls! Helluva birthday parties here! Will be back asap! You want be disappointed, unles you’re queer!

  208. j d

    this place is great nicest club in around

  209. agreeing with last comment

    i agree with the last comment, i have been in there once and felt like they should pay us to come in there, now i know where deja vu’s around the world finds their one ugly girl for their clubs

  210. 2 no dance 4 u

    did ya ever think about growin some balls and asking for a dance instead of sitting around waiting for them to come to you, damn dude, ya want something speak up, don’t just sit in the corner and assume they will all run over to you, did you ever go to the tip rail and tip the girls or did you play the cheap ass and just sit around trying to get a free show? if you don’t show interest in them and tip every now and again they won’t fool with you cause they figure your cheap ass won’t buy a dance anyway if you haven’t tipped any of them so why waiste their time tryin to ask you if you wanna buy a dance, next time try spending a little money instead of being a tightwad!

  211. Ron

    Alisha gives a helluva lapdance! This club is nice. Professiolly run. I travel from ky. to al. twice a week and this is a pit stop from now on! Thank you Alisha!

  212. Wild Bill

    Samantha is the best dancer in the state of tennessee! She’s not only beautiful, she’s NICE! She’s not strung out on fuckin drugs! Desire is also a very nice and a very pretty girl! Thanks “Tiny” for having a great showbar with beautiful ladies and great adult entertainment! Coldest beer in town!!!!!!!

  213. Gabrielle's VIP Club

    Gabrielle’s V.I.P. Club will be hosting its annual Ms. Exotic Nashville Competition Saturday, October 26th from 10 till… Any dancers who wants to compete is very much welcome to compete… Cash prizes for the top 3 dancers. Come join us along with 102.9 The Buzz for our Halloween and 4th Anniversay Party that will be going on All Night long! Prizes are being given away to our customers as well courtesy of 120.9 The Buzz. Wear a costume and get in for Free Cover. See you there! You don’t want to miss this Party! 1711 Hayes Street, Nashville, TN 37203

  214. junior

    I think I saw the crossdresser there friday nite! A dancer also pulled a tampon out of herself and put in my beer because I wouldn’t pay her tip-out and late fines! I complained to the manager and the girl denied it! I showed him the beer and was asked to leave!! Screw her and this club! I’ll try the wateringhole next weekend! If i’d wanted to see naked men and drink beer with used tampons in it, i’d rent a gay porno and got my ole lady to bloody -up a playtex! Angry and won’t be back!!

    junior hill

  215. deja

    The one at exit 6 family used to be owner of utopia, and lost it! He ran it down, and ran cust. off with his drugs and allowing queers to cum in the place! Now the bungalow is going down and out! Hurry up and maybe Midnight Express can buy the dump, bull dozer it down, and put up an club!

  216. Me

    This club beats Nashville any day of the week

  217. cannon ball

    ally is the worst dance i ever got she put her pussy in my face omg that pussy stinks not worth the time or money!!! go get ur pussy checked nasty bitch

  218. Not True

    I know for a fact the girls are not like that here. The only one that I would believe would be Christys nasty ass but all the other girs HELL NO!!!! They dont ask you to put condoms on and they are not hoes!!!!!! So quit making shit up about these girls they work and go home you probaly got turned down and you had to make this nasty shit up!

  219. cody

    it is a good club.

  220. joey

    was at the bungalow the other night and seen and heard they had lost some of their girls to other clubs, so i was wondering was they starting to leave a sinking ship or whats the deal? one girl said she was thinking of coming to work here cause they were getting treated better than at the bungalow, she said by next weekend to probibly come see her over here and she is one of my favorites and if she leaves to come work for you guys you have gained a new customer

  221. J-Man

    This club is the best! Even though I say yes ma’am to the strippers…

  222. to karma

    well to start out, yes i monitor all clubs cause its always nice to see whats going on, as far as the bashing, we have not done, we do not have to, we do not play those kind of silly ass games although we have been bashed from the get go but thats just because everyone is scared they will lose business and thats understandable, its just like a new dancer coming in and the rest of the girls automaticaly hate her cause they are afraid she will make more money, but as far as getting a grip, we have a grip and we look bad in no way, so for you like all the others, please know what you are talking about before you post a comment and show your true intelligence!!!! thank you

  223. about sonya

    she no longer works at this club, she was fired over a month ago, so as far as health issues we do not know nor care but as said before she no longer works here so if that is all that was keepin ya away come on in she’s gone!!

  224. karma

    sounds like the club owner is monitoring all reviews on this and other clubs around them.. get a grip and stand on your own 2 feet buddy.. and stop the bashing .. cuz what comes around goes around.. you are making your selfs look bad!!! ……karma……

  225. i was there

    i was there and never seen anything like that happen, so get your facts straight and know what you are saying before opening your dumb ass mouth, and enough of this club bashin back and fourth bullshit, everyone knows you are scared of being put out of bizz so you make up shit up just to make your own club look better, well i’ve been to your club and you couldn’t make it look better if you tried and you need to worry about all your stoned, drunk wacked out bitches before you start worrying about someone elses!!!!

  226. Lo33

    This club has really improved it is one of the best around…come check it out yourselves. It Rocks!

  227. 2 the boys

    thats alright too, they have been trying to get rid of the riff raff and make it to where it is a better place for people to come and have a good time instead of looking like your walking into a bus station with a bunch of bums hanging around so i guess what they have been doing so far is working, theres quite a few ass holes that don’t come in anymore, well i know of at least 2 anyways, you and gabe, so keep up the good work midnight, weed em out one asshole at a time till its a great place to hang out again, shame you just have to clean up the last owners mess

  228. bootie hunter

    i got goneriea from one of them girls that i wount say who good luck guys hope u dont catch anything take a roll of the dice at this club nasty whores

  229. j p

    Bungalow es el mejor club no tenemes crossdressing queer

  230. the club

    ladies night is coming to cornersville wednesday december 10th and we’re doin it right, we are bringing in the male review for your entertainment ladies. americas loverboys will be here wednesday december 10th and tickets will go on sale soon. tickets will be $5.00 in advance and $10.00 at the door the night of the show so start making your plans to be here ladies and get those tickets early, we plan on having a great show for you. if you need more info please give us a call at the club 931-424-1006

  231. re re jax

    Jerry you should invest ine a spell check program for your computer kept is spelled KEPT not KEEPED fkn retard

  232. Hot Chick

    NOTE: Jerry Prince is badmouthing this excellent club! I worked there and got smart! Alvin lure cust. in with free beer only to get them drunk and take advantage of them! Jerry does it so that cust. gets drunk and don’t care about the girls with Aids, Claps, Staff Infections, VD, & god knows what! So Jerry, Quit putting down my club and get over me quitting the Bungalow! I’m never coming back there! I’m not going to meet you at the truckstop, so QUIT CALLING ME! I have a wonderful boyfriend and he’s cool about me dancing! And I don’t think Leann is a HOT lady like you claim! Grow Up! LEAVE ME ALONE!

  233. adverage guy

    this place is not the best nor next door. atleast the bungalow is haveing porn stars out their next week

  234. FBI

    Thast Alisha is the sexiest babe around! I’m the FBI (female body inspector) and this girl is guilty of making a man’s penis rock hard and making men fall in love with her!!!!!!!!

  235. ???

    what happen? who got beat up???

  236. larry
  237. Re Tiny Tim

    Thats funny Tim. I was in there and they had hired pretty new girls. You must have been some where else.

  238. jeff

    Very Beautiful Ladies !!!!!!

  239. Jacob

    This place is a barn. The only place worse I’ve ever been to is right next door.

  240. Ralph

    Damn Tim, Utopia sucked dicks when Big Jim & Jerry ran it! Jim couldn’t afford it so he the judge forced him to sell it to John Henry! Jim wound up buying the bungalow dump from Alvin’s widow! Jerry put Jim in the grave with his Gasy ways! A big embarrassment to the Prince family! Jerry’s momma still holds her head down with shame in public! Now all the dopeheads are at the bungalow! John Henry finally sold Utopia and the guys that bought it realized that Jim & Jerry had ruined a good club. They had to change the name and give it a facelift! Hat’s off! They done a good job! It has become a good, nice, & clean club! The girls are very pretty and friendly! So Tim, (aka Jerry Prince) before you bash this club with your lies, Go to all three clubs in giles county! You’ll find that I’m telling the truth and that you’re full of shit as always! Grow up JERRY and get a life! No wonder Blaze left your sorry ass!



  241. Jack in the box

    This past friday and saturday nites was fantastic! First visit was friday an ISIS’s kindness and beauty talked me into coming back saturday nite! Will be back this weekend for sure!!!!!!!

  242. qwerty

    had fun and will be back

  243. Jax

    Wayne & Carebear are a GAY couple! They’re use to GAY SHOWBAR”S like the BUNGALOW CLUB! You can bet that they’ll be at the male review! I go to the Midnight Express and All the girls are pretty and most are very nice!

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