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37 North Road, East Windsor, CT 6088


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8am – 8pm


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10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Mardi Gras 2

  1. MediumPimpin


  2. patrick

    i had aload of fun if you no what i meen its really nice in the back

  3. Draco

    This club needs to empty the trash…

  4. Don Juan

    Great place and a good time!!!

  5. Reno

    Bartenders and shot girls are fun. once in a while you will get a hot dancer.

  6. mike d
  7. billy

    Great club, beautiful women, great dances!

  8. joseph1k

    MG2 has changed a lot in the past two years. * Good variety of dancers* New counter tops* New carpets * New lighting* New private champagne rooms* New furniture* New VIP bottle service area with private stage* New full menu inspired by 350 Grill ( No more bar fried food) * Weekly lunch/dinner specials* Happy Hour specialsI’m very impressed with the changes.

  9. MrBrownEyes2U

    Decent atmosphere and some pretty gals. Nothing extra special. Gals (especially the bar staf and shot girls)were very friendly. Dancers did a decent job but at times seemed bored on stage. Did a few LDs which were darn good. The food was excellent which is surprising because guys usually don’t come to a strip club to eat food but we grabbed a quick bite. The beers were nice and cold and the bar staff were very friendly. Good mix of music too. Down side is you can’t find out when a dancer you may like is scheduled and if you call they tell you there are lots of gals dancing that night so you never know who will or won’t be there. Its a crap-shoot. Seems the only way you can be sure a gal is dancing is to call her as most dancers give out their phone numbers without us even asking. Nice place to hang out with pool tables. The CRs are semi-private and I plan on taking a few of them in soon again. Not the best club I’ve been in but not the worst by far.

  10. Someone Special
  11. Big Jon

    The DJ is on autopilot and plays the same crappy songs everytime I’m there. zzzzzzzz Drinks are too pricey…

  12. Me
  13. Jack

    This club sucks, The Manager thinks her shit don’t stink and spends more time in the office smoking than behind the bar, has her fat ugly barbacks try to make drinks and they fuck it up.

  14. slimshady

    Need to get better girls and frienlier managment staff

  15. Sue

    This place is amazing and all the of the guys that say otherwise are overweight and disgusting and probably angry because the girls don’t want to go near them. All the girls are very nice and the prices are very reasonable. I’m a regular and I love it.

  16. Mr. Brownstone

    This place is hot!!!!

  17. Brendan Burns

    The women are hot and sexy

  18. Bill
  19. Mami

    I just want to say I love this fucking place. if we lived in CT we’d be broke. we both have our favorite dancer as a couple and thats Kristy. she is the best entertanier there, killer eyes lucious lips and a cute ass laugh. i personally have 2 fav’s one i dont remember her name but i remember her betty boop tat, the other is lexi, trust that when we go back to CT that’s were will be. as for all you man who dont like coughing up the money for some fun, go down the alley to get your kicks it;d prob be cheaper too. i give mardi gras11 a 10 a fuckin 10!!!!!!!!

  20. David B.

    I just got kidnapped and dragged out here when I should have been making it an early night and getting up early. So much for that. This would have been a 2 star review had it not been for the beer.This is a clean, nice gentleman’s club. They have a small selection of good beer, but it’s only $4.50 a pint. This is way below the normal strip club price, which is typically $5 for a bottle of Bud. That’s a huge plus. This is actually one of the cheapest places around for a craft brew.This was my first time here. I had been to the Mardi Gras in Springfield right after I turned 21. The thing I loved about that location was that they had a path cut into the stage so the bartenders could come right up to you to take a drink order. This location has the same path, but I never saw any staff taking advantage of it. They did have somebody coming around to take drink orders, though. I just opted to stand up and grab my own beer.Oh, and they have topless girls who dance on stage. You know the drill. The private area isn’t private, and you’ll get a dance right next to a group of other guys. This ruins it for me. Put up some curtains or something.I went to grab some money from the ATM. It charged the standard $5 fee, but had a $20 maximum withdrawl limit. That’s $25 in fees for every $100. One of the dancers assured me that the limit is normally $200, and it must have been a mistake. Either way, that’s some garbage. That’s honestly why they would have got a 2 star rating had it not been for the beer. It’s just unacceptable.I don’t think there are any other strip clubs in the area, so this is probably your only choice. Bring cash, and take advantage of the beer selection and prices.

  21. XhXeXy

    Mardi gras 2, is a titty bar in north- central ct. I’m not an expert on these kinds of bars, but the drinks are cheap, it’s clean and the staff is friendly. The dancers take off their clothes, men stare in amazement as they’ve never seen breasts before and people try to enjoy themselves.

  22. Sal

    i went there on a wednesday day…club is pretty relaxed…and had a lot of girls for a day shift..bartender is very sweet…watchout for the free drink hags tho…

  23. anonomus

    nice place

  24. Brian

    Put a lot of time and money into making it look great for the customers and the girls thanks mngt

  25. Jason

    its ok not the best

  26. hglover

    well, the girls for the most part were sexy, one was a total bitch to me, told me to go home because i didn’t pull out my wallet the second she came over. The lap dances are only 20 bucks, which is a plus, but i really don’t like when the “private” dances are in an open area where bouncers and other patrons are watching while you get your dance

  27. John Johnson

    Best Place in town!

  28. Bike Mike

    Star Rocks. Enough said.

  29. Tom
  30. florida dude

    was there last night and had a ball!!! what made my night was the waitress, she was fastr than i could keep up with! dancers were cute but this witress was awesome!!! all i can say is don;t loose this one!!! our batchelor party was awesome thanks to her!!!

  31. only reason to go

    the only reason to go is to see bella. she’s hot makes a hell of a drink and since she is a waitress on the weekends she has more time to give u one on one attention. she pays more attention to u then the girls do! tip her well and u will have a ball!

  32. jollyrocket

    don’t know who’s writing these other reviews. but this is one of the better clubs around. i can’t say i’ve ever seen an unattractive dancer here, most are very hot, and they are friendly and accomodating. dances are reasonably priced. just bring the right attitude, enough money, don’t be cheap, and you’ll have a great night.

  33. PatsFanMike

    Girls for the most part were OK.Great bar staff!The shot girls are hotter than some of the dancers and friendlier too.Good food but we can eat anywhere….we came for some eye candy and fun.Management needs to weed through the lower cheap hard looking dancers who drink too much.They bring the club’s standards down.Who wants to get a LD from a drunk dancer?Just food for thought….

  34. new guy
  35. mr.s
  36. Mr.Booblovit
  37. Denny

    This place has no hot girls at all, hardly any girls for that matter, lame.

  38. Jeff
  39. Ed

    I like this club. The club is small and everyone in my opinion is personable. I have been here a few times and I will keep coming back as long as I am in town. Been there during the day and night and I find that the girls are way hotter and nicer during the day.

  40. Peet

    Had a great time. Talent for all tastes-Small, Big, Natural & Kinky. I’m goin back soon!

  41. poopie
  42. kenny

    i love michael the bartender

  43. Jon

    Club has a nice laid back atmosphere. You hang out and talk/drink or party like a rockstar. They have the hottest bartenders of any club in Hartford county. I’d like to see a couple of they on stage.

  44. Steven
  45. Egbert

    I was pleased with the quality of girls. Surprised that 7 girls out of 9 were a rating of 7 or above in my book. Will be coming back more often soon!!

  46. Jim
  47. stripclublover69

    club was so much fun. the girls were hot the bartender was gorgeous and the shotgirl hillarious she definately helped make my evening fun. the overall pricing of the club wasn’t bad, about 4 bucks a beer six bucks a bar shot and 20 lp. girls there range between 7-9 with a couple of 10s!!!. will be back

  48. someone
  49. Bored-o

    I like the place, but I wish the girls would do more than stand around during their stage times.

  50. mick

    girls need less food and/or drugs.

  51. Jimmy
  52. Mike
  53. Johnny Walker
  54. J
  55. Marc
  56. T-MAn

    CLub has a pretty selection of women. Dances are good and well priced. A nice, clean club.

  57. Leroy
  58. someone who knows better
  59. will

    not bad

  60. Peter
  61. hello
  62. Jack Black
  63. Jeezy
  64. Johnson12

    I’ve been to Mardi Gras just a few times, and to those who described the girls as beautiful and the bartenders as friendly, you must be thinking of another place. I want to relay an experience I had last night, which will be my last visit there. There was a cute blodevdancer named ‘Baby’ and she agreed to a lap dance with me. She made the customary pitch to go to the champagne room to get that ‘extra specia’ treatment and I told her that I would rather not pay the house fee and would rather give it to her instead, hopefully to be able to ‘enhance’ the lap dance. We agreed on a fee of $150. I gave it to her and then said I had to go to the bathroom. She said ‘I’ll wait right here I won’t go anywhere so come right back.’ When I came back a few seconds later she was up on the stage dancing. I waited a few minutes but she didn’t even acknowledge me. Finally I said something to her and she acted like she had never met me. I then went to the owner, a woman named Jordan, and complained that this girl had basivallu stolen $150 from me. I asked them to pull the video and look at it as proof. They did, and said it was just too grainy to tell how much money had passed hands. In the meantime, the owner said ‘why on earth would you ever pay a girl in advance?’ Well, I suppose that’s a good question, but I’ve never ever ever had a dancer do anything like this before anywhere else but I’ll certainly take that advice. The owner knew deep inside that this girl was lying but she refused to acknowledge that. She told the dancer to ‘sit down and wait while she finished her discussion’ with me. The dancer, ‘Baby’complained and said she as tired, had to go, etc, etc, but the owner told her to stsy. She ended up leaving sneaking out. When the owner saw that, she went over to the door to try and find her, she came back in and I clearly saw her mouth the words ‘she’s lying’ to one of the managers. However she wouldn’t admit thst to me or make good on any of the money that was stolen from me nor did she accept the compromise I offered. You can go and make your own judgement about Mardi Gras and see if the whole place is as bad as I think it is. That’s your choice. But if you go, stay away from the dancer named ‘Baby’ as she is a robber. I’m going to put this on as many advice or review as I can because I feel that I was really wronged and management just didn’t give a rat’s ass. Jordan said ‘go ahead’ when I told her I was going to do that. So here it is. Be forewarned.

  65. Don
  66. Richard Head

    Hot Bartenders and some real hot dancers, you’re always going to have a few pigs in there. You can get some action in there if you know who to ask…

  67. John S.
  68. Jersey John

    Very fun evening yesterday.Very young talent.Drinks less than 4 dollars.Lap dances had me at ATM twice.You only live once.

  69. Kevin
  70. f
  71. rude

    i found it very rude that I was in here on a sat. night and was talking to a very pretty dancer but the shot girl had no problem interupting me. I am used to shot girls coming up while i am with a dancer but they don’t try and steal me away from the girl i am with. the girl seemed drunk and completely ignored the dancer i was with trying to take the show if u will. i bought a shot just to get her to go away and she didnt do anything but hand it to me. i have been in here before when there is other shotgirls and every single one of them will stick the shot down there top minimum. one girl will deep throat the end of the tube to clean the shot off and put it down her shirt as well as always offering the shot to the girl before herself and gives a little show with the girls letting them take the shots from her mouth!!! she is the seller not this little wanna be hustler.

  72. Mack
  73. Heaven
  74. Derek
  75. MrPine
  76. Dan
  77. big lou

    haven’t been here in a while but girls are definitely hotter then before. Still a couple 4 or 5s mostly boozers but had a lot of HOT girls on who know how to trick for a dollar and work the pole. Dances are worth the money and they added new champagne rooms that look pretty cushy. Pops is still makin great soul food. Not a bad place at all.

  78. John

    There are never enough chicks working here.All seemed miserable and ghetto style.

  79. Rocko

    Its got it goin on!!!

  80. jen

    the managers are so fake

  81. Happy Guest

    Very nice and personal atmosphere.

  82. ryan123

    My fiancé and I went to this club the first time tonight (09/29/16). We got there kind of late, about 11:45, ordered drinks and sat to watch the dancers. Compared to other clubs it was honestly pretty boring, but we made the best of it. At 12:40 one of the workers came up to us and stated that the last song was going to be played next and if we wanted a drink to go order it now. We decided to get another drink. My fiancé asked the bartender at 12:41 if they had last call yet and she stated no. We completed our order at 12:43 (payment). At 12:47 we received our drinks and stared to drink them. We sat at the bar this time since the dancers were done. At 12:50 the bar staff started telling us we had to leave, when they closed at 1. We told them we just got our drinks and we were going to take our time because they were strong (rum&coke). The manager stated we had to leave then. We explained again we just got our drinks he stated he could reply with a “jerky comment,” but was not going to. We asked what his comment was and he stated that every bar in CT had a last call at 12:30. We proceeded to ask him why he then served us at 12:43, and receiving our drinks a few minutes prior to him asking us to leave. At 12:56 he stated we had 4 minutes and the entire bar staff continue to mock and make fun of us even though they technically were not closed yet. The bartender who served us then gave us plastic cups to pour our drinks in so she could wash our glasses. At that point my fiancé finished her drink, but I was still working on mine. I decided since they gave me the plastic cup to bring it outside to finish it. It was my second drink of the night and I was completely fine, just annoyed at the bar staff making fun of me and my fiancé. A bouncer eventually came out to tell me I could not bring the drink outside after they kept trying to kick me out. So I finished it and put it on the ground. It’s frustrating that a bar manager cannot even stick to his own laws, and continue to throw them in your face. After working in hospitality and clubs for years I’ve never come across a staff so rude and unprofessional as this one. If you don’t want to deal with an establishment and get off your lazy asses, then do not own/work at one.

  83. Matty
  84. CG

    The dancers are really friendly, the atmosphere is good. It’s a good place to chill and relax & watch the girls.

  85. Thomas
  86. not the same

    its not the same without bella the shot girl!!! she was one of the funniest nicest girls they had (do i even have to say pretty as hell). never thought id get such a show for a three dollar shot!!! I heard she worked at a different club as a bartender, where is she??? i guess its your own fault for slowly running ur club into the ground with ur rude greedy girls instead of holding on to the honest ones that make u money!!!

  87. waste of a trip

    don’t waste your time. the service is slow unless you sit at the stage which isn’t worth anything since the girls are nasty. the customers are now young and rowdy and belong at a normal club not a strip club, the dancers all looked drugged out. Waste of money.

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