Cadillac Lounge



361 Charles Street, Providence, RI 2904


41.8413529, -71.4173766




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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With the most beautiful women wearing nothing more than their smile and a G-string, it’s easy to see why the Scores Cadillac Lounge is the hottest strip club in the Northeast. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, this multi-level adult entertainment complex is less than one hour from Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts. The popularity of this Award Winning Gentlemen’s Club is legendary; as a matter of fact, no other club epitomizes the song Girls


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271 reviews for “Cadillac Lounge

  1. Frankie Avalon

    Summer definitely does. Not sure how many cocks she’s taken at once and if she’s taken a cock in all three holes at once while jerking off two guys at the same time. Does anyone know where she’s dancing now? That would be a great source of protein for her!

  2. Cum Daddy Cum Daddy

    Anyone have any experience with Summer doing bareback creampies with more than one dude at once? A few friends & I wanna put multiple loads in her one after another in that tight pussy of hers. She’s such a hot little blonde spinner. Anyone know if she does meetups otc?

  3. EddyRI

    Went on a Thursday night last week. Rotten odor was flowing by the bar. Dancer named Roxanne approached me and asked to sit. We told her NO and she got pissed. She walked away and hopefully went to freshen up

  4. Kat

    Sisi is back at the caddy now goes by Kat . Will do bbbj for the 15 min vip room $250 or covered fs. I coffered her an extra 100 and she gave me bbfscip. She gave me a kiss and made me promise not to tell. Said I was the first. Offered otc. Told me 750 for 2 hours unlimited pops

  5. Quin the Eskimo

    Hey what happened to the post about Summer’s cock and balls?

  6. Mcnulty

    Summer gets kinky in and out of the club if the price is right. She isn’t cheap but is reasonable. She has a nice natural body without tattoos. Smokes though I think. She has night perky and natural titties. I peeled off her pretty panties and her cock sprung out. Nice size and girth and functional. I started sucking and then her balls. She gave me. Nice big load when I inserted my finger into her pink little asshole.

  7. Quimby

    What’s Summer all about? Seems like she’s the only one at Caddi now. Does she do OTC? Get kinky?

  8. Local

    I got a nice BBBJ from Summer. She sucked my cock and sucked it good.

  9. Coppertone

    Haven’t been in a while. Anybody know who the hot girls are at Caddy now? A nice run down of the top 4 girls would be helpful.

  10. Anonymous

    Dahlia is gross

  11. Car Wash Guy

    At Cadillac they call the dancers chauffeurs
    because THEY drive YOU!

  12. dickyboy

    Been a while since I have seen any hot chicks with dicks here. They must be very passable or I am so drunk I can’t tell the difference.

  13. Lover Boy

    I met her in a club down in old Soho
    Where you drink champagne and it tastes just like Coca-Cola
    C-O-L-A, Cola
    She walked up to me and she asked me to dance
    I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice, she said, “Lola”
    L-O-L-A, Lola

    Well, I’m not the world’s most physical guy
    But when she squeezed me tight, she nearly broke my spine
    Oh, my Lola
    Well, I’m not dumb, but I can’t understand
    Why she walks like a woman and talks like a man
    Oh, my Lola

    Well, we drank champagne and danced all night
    Under electric candlelight
    She picked me up and sat me on her knee
    She said, “Little boy, won’t you come home with me?”
    You might also like
    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift
    Circo Loco
    Drake & 21 Savage
    Well, I’m not the world’s most passionate guy
    But when I looked in her eyes, well, I almost fell for my Lola


    I pushed her away
    I walked to the door
    I fell to the floor
    I got down on my knees
    Well, I looked at her, and she at me

    [Verse 2]
    Well, that’s the way that I want it to stay
    And I always want it to be that way for my Lola
    Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
    Except for Lola
    Well, I’d left home just a week before
    And I’d never, ever kissed a woman before
    Lola smiled and took me by the hand
    She said, “Little boy, gonna make you a man”
    Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
    But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
    And so is Lola

  14. Jonny Woops

    Went to the Cadillac lounge and met a girl that was a boy and she showed me her penis. Kay looked up at me and I saw tears rolling down her face. I knew then, I hadn’t misheard.

    “I have a penis, Sandra. When I was born, my parents named me Kevin because they thought I was a boy.”

    Now I was confused. The anger that I had been clinging to suddenly drained right out of me, and all I could do in my stupefied state was drop down on the couch next to Kay. I opened my mouth to speak, but didn’t have the necessary words.

    Kay took my silence as a sign to continue.

    “Everything was normal for my childhood. I was always kind of scrawny, but my mom told me once I hit puberty I’d shoot up like a weed. But puberty came, and instead of getting bigger I grew breasts. The shape of my body changed, became more womanly. My dad was pissed. I remember once when I was younger he caught me walking around in my mom’s high heels and he slapped the hell out of me for it. Said he’d be damned if his son would turn out to be a faggot.”

    She sniffled loudly. “I told my mom I felt more like myself than I ever had before, so she supported my decision to live as a girl. My dad disowned us both and left. I haven’t seen him since.”

    Kay fell silent and I mulled this information over in my head. Finally, I found right the words to say.

    “I don’t care, Kay.”

    She looked at me in shock. “…what? What do you mean, you don’t care?”

    I reached out and took her hand in mine. “I mean, I don’t care, Kay. I don’t care if you have a penis. I didn’t come here wanting anything other than your friendship, but when you kissed me something deep inside me woke up. I want you. I want every part of you.”

    I leaned forward and kissed her, hard. For a second she didn’t respond, but quickly gave in. She opened her mouth to me and our tongues entwined as we embraced. I went down town in the back room and we enjoyed each other thoroughly. Hard and tight inside and out I fell in love with a girl that has a penis and I met her at the Cadilac Lounge, thank you Dick, I am in love with her.

  15. Anonymous

    Ever wanted a Cadillac with a stickshift?
    Ask for Eldorado.

  16. Anonymous

    She was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. She was short with dirty blonde hair that had a slight curl to it. I love short girls. I must be the way they contrast my 6’3″ 200 pound body. She had large breasts, solid Ds, a perfectly round ass, and a sexy flat stomach with a pierced belly button. Her stomach was so clearly visible because she was barely wearing a shirt. I was a tiny white shirt embroidered with the image of a playboy bunny and her pants were a tight pair of blue jeans. She placed her hand on my erection. She slowly rubbed up and down its length. I immediately began imagining a threesome with this other stripper, cost me some money but was all well worth it.

  17. Hubby Peeper

    I am looking for a nice sexy t girl with a set of big fake tits, tight ass and big dick that would be willing to fuck my drunk slut wife while I watch. Is this possible to get that here at the Caddy?

  18. Loved it

    My husband and I went to The Cadillac Lounge last night. We were pleasantly surprised at the “adult entertainment” club.
    We didn’t have to pay to park, and there were a lot of girls to look at. My husband was able to collect a bunch of nude memories, up close and personal. We had women of all ages come up to us and dance.
    We personally went into the Full Nude club, and had a few beers, that were not overly expensive.
    The women seemed to be into other women, and when they wanted to touch me, and have them touch them, my husband was extremely excited.

    We like that we were able to go outside to another open bar area, where there was a full service staff, and more girls to look at. And we could smoke our cigarettes.

    I’m glad it wasn’t a tame, lame, same ole, same ole experience.
    We enjoyed ourselves immensely. And one of the girls, a Brazilian woman was extremely exotic, erotic, and seductive, especially in the VIP room.

  19. Brian

    We are a Fully Nude multilevel entertainment complex offering top of the line adult entertainment. We have full nudity and full liquor. The Cadillac Lounge offers VIP bottle services, plush VIP sections and have the only real “Sky Boxes” in the area. The Club consists of 5 bars, 4 stages, 5 VIP sections, 2 sky-boxes, 1 nude room, a beautiful outdoor patio as well as a Private Champagne room. We have a staff of over 200 exotic entertainers from all over the world. The Cadillac Lounge is a 2 time ED award winner for Best Club Northeast.

    Established in 2001.

    Since 2001 The Cadillac Lounge has offered the finest in Adult Entertainment!

  20. Bob Williams

    Bad bouncers and dancers try to charge you triple for a dance. Stay away from this shit hole, and on top of it all they are selling crappy coke that doesn’t even get you high.

  21. Anal Buttcheeks

    Hey Richard how does the staff accommodate if they don’t have what you want? Will they suck your dick?

  22. Anal Buttcheeks

    Hey Chicks with Dicks – try Summer. She’s completely passable and has a nice cock and balls hidden in her pretty pink panties. She likes having it sucked and will cum for you anywhere you want.

  23. Richard Rothman

    Great atmosphere, awesome staff, and a diverse group of entertainers. Always have a good time here. Absolutely love this place! Beautiful entertainers, friendly staff. Friday and Saturday nights they have over 50 girls, and always have the best alcohol selection in stock. Staff there will even go out of their way to accommodate if you want something they don’t have in stock. I strongly recommend this club!

  24. Fat Love

    Why do some guys like to fuck fat girls? I’m a little chubby and I don’t know what anyone could like in my body. Well, a ‘pleasingly plump’ woman, to employ an old-style expression, is highly attractive to many males, despite what Hollywood and Madison Avenue assert about the ideal feminine body’s size and shape. Be happy that you’re getting some romantic attention from guys, and trust that they know what they’re attracted to in a physical sense. (Should you become so overweight that it could cause medical problems, of course that’s a different issue.) Also, not all males are totally shallow, to many of us a woman’s personality and character are important factors in how appealing we find her. Still, those curves of yours likely are also a ‘selling point’ to interested guys. Many of my dates make me suck their dick cuz theres an old saying about fat girls suck the best dick is this true?

  25. Daryl MC

    Was here a couple weeks ago during Holiday. Placed was packed both nights. Felt safe with the additional bouncers and PVD officers in the location. Got a bottle both nights with Donna. She was a sweetheart and was very accommodating during my time there. Nice variety of dancers had a particular taste for everyone. Definitely will visit again when I return.

  26. chicks w dicks

    Are there any lady boy sluts still working here that like to fuck on cocaine OTC? This place used to have it all and no idea what the line up looks like or what the crowd is like these days?? So anyone out there been to the Caddy lately?

  27. Old Caddy Fan

    Yo this club is a BIG JOKE… waste of TIME… the staff are pathetic! need to clean house and get rid of nasty attitudes and all the drug dealers and bullshit people… NEED SERIOUS HELP! WTF is going on with Dick Shappy he is letting this place turn to a shit hole drug den. I guess he gets a kick back from all the drug deals going on at this place.

  28. JJ Watson JJ Watson

    I got that big, big energy (Uh-huh)
    Got that real big energy (Energy)
    Hey, daddy
    When you gon’ stop playin’? (Yeah)

    Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy (Yeah)
    I can tell you got big dick energy (Uh-huh)
    It ain’t too many niggas that can handle me (Yeah)
    But I might let you try it off the Hennessy (Uh)
    Make ’em sing to this pussy like a melody (Make ’em sang)
    And if your bitch ain’t right, I got the remedy (Ooh)
    It ain’t too many niggas that can handle me (Ayy)
    Bad bitch, I could be your fantasy (Ayy, ayy)

  29. Rico Suave

    I heard Sissy lets her regulars cum inside, is this true?

  30. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    You should see a doctor Sissy’s hole isn’t a very sanitary place to be putting your mouth but more power to ya I would pay to see that. I love the cum dumpers that work here.

  31. Victoria Escort

    I used to stick my tongue up sissy’s sweet hole in VIP when we used to do the girl girl thing for the high rollers, she is a great party.

  32. Sisi

    Great to but on Sisi’s ass again

  33. Randy Macho Man Savage

    Those are not tattoos of eyes. They are flecks of poo.

  34. Big John stud

    Havnt seen Harmony in a while. Short white girl with dark hair and tattoo of eyes on her ass. Has anyone see her lately. I’ve been getting great bbfs with pull out dances with Kat since she has come back from desires. Use to dance at fantasies and before that as Sisi at the zebra. Also offers otc.

  35. Mr providence

    Anyone know If mariah works here?

  36. Mr providence

    Anyone know if Mariah still works here? I have not seen her in a while.

  37. Master Chief

    Got to wonder about a place where the girls strip down from body armor

  38. Les Nessman

    Giving this joint only one star because someone just got murdered here. Prayers for the victim and his family and friends.

  39. bbricardo

    yo this place is selling 8 balls and tranny dicks, shappy must have the providence judges in has back pocket.

  40. Billy Bob Billy Bob

    It had been just over a week since I had given the homeless guy a blowjob. All I had thought about this past week was his large cock sliding down my throat. I had avoided walking past him as I don’t think I could resist if he offered. I knew it was gross to give a homeless man blowjob in an alleyway but it was also so fucking hot.

    Today I had no choice but to walk past the alley. I needed to get to a class and I was running late and could not go the long way round. As I left my building and walked down the road he must of saw me as he popped out the alley just as I got there.

    “Hey beautiful.” He said.

    “Hi.” I said quietly.

    “Fancy another go?” He asked as he grab at his groin. I felt my pussy quiver at the thought.

    “I can’t, I’m late for class.” I replied.

    “What about later?” He asked, taking me lack of a no as a yes.

    “Only of you shave it and clean it.” I told him. I knew at this point I was going to be back here later. Might as-well see if I could get it presented better.

    “Deal.” He said quickly. I think he was shocked to have me semi agree.

    I spent my classes all day thinking about sucking that cock in the alley way and I was shocked. My classes finished and I headed to the gym for a workout. I put my workout clothes, which wear a tight tank top and yoga pants, and began my workout. I loved being in the gym, most of the people in here, boys and girls, were very fit. I would often come here to get turned on before going back to my room and fucking Mia or please myself.

    I stayed at the gym until it got dark. I was going to shower there as their showers were better than the dorm ones. But I thought it best not too if the guy really had done as I asked. I had decided that if he did not I would leave, but I also know that I probably would still suck him off.

    I left the gym and started on my way home, the gym was only a 10 minute walk from my dorm. As I got close I saw that his was standing at the edge of the alley waiting for me. There was a few people walking near by so I waited before going over to him. Once the area was clear I walked over.

    “Hey, I’ve been waiting for you.” He said.

    “I bet you have.” I replied with a smile.

    “I’ve done as asked.” He said as he pulled the top of his trousers down to show off his freshly shaved pubes.

    “Good.” I told him. At this point I had been thinking about his cock all day and I would have sucked it no matter what.

    He turned and walked into the alley, I followed him. He stood back in his little nook and I got in and stood in front of him. He nodded to the floor and I got the hint and got to my knees.

    “You here for a bet again?” He asked.

    “No.” I told him.

    “Then why are you here?” He asked. I did not answer as I did not want to admit why to him.

    “Well I know why.” He said as he slowly started to pull down his trousers. “You can’t resist me cock.” He stopped just as he started to show his cock.

    “Admit it.” He told me, stopping with his cock only half showing. My mouth was open slightly as I watched.

    “I can’t stop thinking about it.” I admitted to him.

    “Good girl.” He said smiling. That made me blush and I could feel my cheeks go red.

    He pulled his trouser the rest of the way down and his large cock flipped up. It’s was already hard from making me admit I was crazy about his cock. With it being freshly shaved it looked even bigger than before. I felt my pussy tingle just looking at it.

    “As good as you remember?” He asked.

    “Better.” I told him.

    “Now put your hands behind your back.” He ordered. I looked up at him a bit surprised. He was not this forceful before. I did as he asked anyway.

    “Good girl, now open that mouth and look at me.” He ordered again. I did as asked and looked up at him. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out to make my mouth even more inviting.

    “What did I do to get such an eager cock slut?” He ask. As he did he reached down with one hand to grab the back of my ponytail. The other hand grip his cock at the base. He pulled me forward a little as he pushed his cock towards me. He let the tip touch my tongue and held it there for a second. I kept looking him in the eye as pushed his cock into my mouth stretching my lips open. He used half of his cock to slowly fuck my mouth. He did it slowly for a few minutes before speeding up a little and going a bit deeper.

    My chin was soon dripping from my own spit as he carried on fucking my mouth. He had let go of his cock and now both hands gripped my head. Be held it still as he forced more of his cock down my throat. He got to the point where he started to make me gag. My eyes started to water as he held his cock deep in my throat. My chin was wet from spit and now my cheeks were wet from my own tears. He pulled his cock fully from my mouth, my spit still connected it to my lips.

    “Did you enjoy that?” He asked looking down at me with his large wet cock hanging over my face.

    “Yes.” I replied breathlessly.

    “Why don’t you take over then.” He said.

    I did as I was asked and reached up to grip his cock. It was wet from spit and I used that to stroke it. I lifted his cock up as I stroked it and leaned in to suck his balls. They were just as big and heavy as last time. I could barely get one in my mouth and I licked and sucked on them. He moaned as I did and let one hand rest on the top of my head. When his balls were wetter then his cock I moved back and licked my way up his shaft to the tip of his cock.

    “Take off that top.” He told me as I just got the tip in my mouth.

    I pulled back and lifted my top off over my head. I was not wearing a bra because the top acted as one when working out. My tits now exposed he reached down and played with them. I kneeled there and let him play with them before he straighten and motioned for me to keep sucking his cock. The alley was soon filled with the wet sucking noise of me worshipping his cock. I stroked it as I sucked it, taking his cock as deep as I could. I sucked his cock like this for a few minutes before he pulled back.

    “Turn around.” He ordered. I knew where this was going to lead but I was so turned on I would have done anything at this point. I turned around and faced the other wall.

    “Bend over.” He ordered next. I got into all fours for him, giving him a view of my ass in my tight pants. I felt him he ton his knees being me. His hands went to my waist and pulled my pants and thong down together. I felt the air hit my glistening pussy.

    “Fuck you’re wet.” He said as his fingers rubbed my pussy. I just moaned as he did. I felt him shift and then I felt his cock rub against my pussy. I moaned again.

    “What do you want?” He asked.

    “Fuck me.” I moaned back.

    With that he pushed forward and his wet cock easily entered my soaking pussy. I had to try and not moan as his large cock stretched me out. I had never had a cock this size fuck me. He fucked me slowly and let me get used to him inside me. Once he felt like I was ready he increased his pace. This time the alley was filled with the sounds of slapping flesh and my low moans.

    After a few minutes of fucking he slowed down. I could hear talking and realised people were walking near the alley. If someone came down they would see me naked getting fucked doggy by a homeless man. Again this turned me on more for some reason but I was relieved when I heard him walking past and not coming down. As he fucked me his hands explored my body, grabbing my tits and give my ass a few slaps and squeezes.

    I was getting close to an orgasm when I felt something wet hit my ass. I realised that he had spat on my. His thumb moved the spit down to my asshole. Before I can do anything his thumb pushed into my ass. Just as he did the extra sensation made my orgasm exploded. He kept fucking me and thumbing my ass as it washed over me and I had to bite down on his blankets to stop from screaming. The orgasm was so intense I lost vision for a second. When I finally came back around he slowed down and stopped. He pulled out and stood back up. I somehow managed to find the strength to get back to my knees and face him. He wasted no time in grabbing my head and forcing me back onto his cock. He fucked my face even harder this time and I could taste my own pussy juices. I felt him tense up and he pushed his cock in as deep as he could. His cum hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it as it did. He held me there as a river of cum went down my throat. Finally he stopped cumming and he gave my mouth a few last pumps before letting his cock flop out.

    “Fuck you’re amazing.” He said as he gazed down at my naked body.

    “So is your cock.” I laughed back.

    “Can I have your thong?” He asked. “As a memory of this.”

    I could see no reason why not so I slipped my thong the rest of the way off and handed them to him. He thanked me as he placed them in his pocket. I got myself dressed and left the alleyway. When I got back to the dorm Mia was not there. I showered and passed out as soon as I got into bed.

    After that night I did not see the guy again down the alleyway. I even checked one night to find all his stuff was gone. About 2 months later a car pulled up next to me when I was walking home one night. The window was down and a guy called out to me. It took me a minute to realise that it was the homeless guy.

    “Get in.” He said. I did as he asked and got in the car. As I put my seatbelt on he started to drive off. While driving he explain how he was homeless because he got lost in drink after a bad breakup. The drink made him lose his job and he got kicked out. He said that the first blowjob I gave him helped him to get his life back together. He had started to look for work again when I met him the second time and that confirmed his need to sort himself out. I explain that is was my pleasure.

    He asked if their was anything he could do to thank me. I gave him a smile and said I might know how. Not long after I found myself in the corner of a quiet car park, topless leaning over as he forced my head down his large cock. I sucked his cock like that until I swallowed every drop of his cum. We sat back and spoke abit about his new job and the fact he was moving away to get a fresh start. I stayed topless with my face a mess as we did. It was not long before he was hard again and he fucked me hard across the back seat before he came for a second time down my throat.

    I hoped you enjoy this story. Please let me know if you did.

  41. Abe Froman from Chicago

    So some other clubs have buffets or breakfasts, here do they have a sausage night?

  42. Lucianna

    So you can buy and 8 ball and milk the breasts of a pregnant Puerto Rican grandma or you can get a beef steak surprise smothered in dirty panties. Its all up to you but they have it all at this place !!!

  43. jimmy hoffa

    Hahahahah Yes the owners is Mr. Shappy and he hires all kinds of hot slutty girls including chicks with dicks. They do not discriminate here based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, disability, or age.

  44. ChefMaggi

    Bianca was another one, hot piece of ass but wasn’t sure what was going on downstairs and didn’t want to ask and embarrass her or myself. I certainly didn’t want to get slapped across the face or ejected from the premises. Anyone out there with intel or her please let me know. Thank You

  45. ChefMaggi

    I used to be in love with the dancer here named Renata, she had nice ripe titts and a nice round ass and when I finally took her for a private dance I realized she had a penis tucked under her panties. She was very beautiful so I didn’t complain or make a big deal about it. I wonder if the owner knows about these girls having penises or he thinks he actually thinks he is hiring real women as it was quite hard to tell until u get up close and personal.

  46. rafi

    what is going on with this club, do they still have the lady boys working here?

  47. Treasury Inspector

    Hold out a UV flashlight and look for the guys with glowing hands

  48. Harry

    The robbery was at gunpoint. Ed Imondi was the manager who was robbed while counting money. Some of that money had traces of semen on it. Some of that money had way more than traces of it.

  49. Longdickdierks

    Bianca still work here? Brazilian with a big ass and tits

  50. Dano

    Your mother works here and sucks big black elephant dicks and she likes it..

  51. Crooked joe

    I can’t believe Cadillac Lounge has been robbed of $22,000 in singles Dick Shappy must’ve had a heart attack, was it an armed robbery???

  52. Rudolph Valentino

    They got robbed by an employee in disguise recently. Stole $22,000 in singles! He stashed the money by the railroad tracks. Wish I found it. I would have spent it right here just to help out.

  53. Victoria Escort

    Hello, just wondering if the Cadillac lounge is alive or dead these days??? I used to work here years back and the money was good. I think providence clubs have been all screwed up since covid came to town and they never recovered, so sad used to be a fun town to party.

  54. Old McDonald

    You like big cock? You’re in the right state, go find a Rhode Island Red!

  55. Joe 420 Hanson Joe 420 Hanson

    Hey what’s up JJ I like your big cock pic. My friend Ariel is the one bendin over in your profile photo, she used to love you for a long time. Hit me up babe I want to spend some time with you, peace!!

  56. JJ Watson JJ Watson

    Had a great time at this club recently. I haven’t been clubbing at all in recent months–probably a year at least–and stopped in for a while. First dancer I spent time with was good looking, average dance. Second girl was an absolute knockout, very sexual and sexy, and gave a superb and very intimate lap dance. Out of cash, had to end it all too soon. Hoping to return with more cash to get her in the VIP room for a while. What happened to the tyranny’s that used to hang out here? Always enjoyed them pulling on my dick.

  57. rhode.island.chauffeur

    Make a U-turn

  58. Paul Brown admin2

    hello world

  59. chris
  60. James

    Had a great time! Girls were great and had a fun time, will be back again!

  61. richard95

    Not just the best in New England! 20 min private room, 50$ for the house, girls charge between 100$-250$.Lap dances $35 in a private area, privacy always a plus.Massages for $25, 2 songs. Worth it. Let Stacey work her magic.Girls are Wild and Gorgeous!

  62. Fred
  63. devil
  64. Lover Boy

    I love this club & all the beautiful women too!

  65. B
  66. Butch Roarke

    This club is the real deal. Definitely the place to be if you want to have fun.

  67. Cody

    This Club is the best!

  68. pop
  69. dee
  70. Hennry
  71. john ricci
  72. Bruce

    Wonderful club, love the girls, love the staff they have all types of girls whatever your taste is whether you’re looking for a dance from a beautiful girl that doesn’t do extras or a dance from a brazilian or maybe not so beautiful girl that does offer such things, this is the place to go!

  73. Renata (Brazilian)

    I recently had the pleasure of dancing with a lovely young lady here last Thursday name Renata. Black hair, gorgeous face, beautiful smile, enhanced breasts( large c cup),firm legs and round Buttocks. We had an extremely fun time up stairs for 15 minutes. We continued where we left off in the VIP downstairs. I am now planning to visit regularly to sample her pleasures again.

  74. Brian

    Great Club!!

  75. Kirby

    My plan for the night was to go to Desire, but they were having their 5 year anniversary party and since I didnt have a ticket, they wanted $50. Eff that!

    So I found my way to Cadillac (it was in my GPS!), paid the $10 cover. Approached by girls immediately. Went upstairs a few times with 3 different girls. 2 were cool, the other one said that she’d get in trouble if I touched. I was asked by several women to go out back for a curtain dance. They were not shy about what would/would not happen back there. I did not. I think I’d go back to desire if I wanted dancing. If I decided that I want more then back to Cadillac

  76. Tattle


  77. Selinacaddy

    Got a private room with the very beautiful selina she was about to give me full service in the vip room when I brought up a rumor that she had herpes which she admitted to after bringing it up but I was very turned off by the fact she was going to do the job without telling me first thankfully I brought it up or would have been out of luck

  78. Dico
  79. Dan

    Best club in Providence

  80. toriJ

    didnt think id find such a great club in Rhode island but HERE IT IS! ill visit again JUST to see these girls and this lovely staff again, Thanks guys!

  81. Jack

    Lots of girls, lots of options but they better be careful or it will turn into the “Pink Palace”

  82. manny
  83. Bin
  84. Terry
  85. Pizza


  86. Yeahhh

    This place rocks

  87. Chocko

    I rate this club as the best in the area and sometimes visit Foxy LDY. fREE pARKING, CLEAN ENVIRONMENT, AND NO HASSLE ATTITUDE FROM MANAGEMENT. i REALLY LIKE THIS PLACE.

  88. Stan

    I Can’t get enough of this place!

  89. Al
  90. pope
  91. as
  92. cliff
  93. Robert
  94. Craig
  95. Bobby
  96. Paul
  97. Jay
  98. Niz

    Great place, great dancers, great private booths

  99. Joseph

    Andrio was rocking..

    Had a word with her first and then he did exactly what we agreed on…

    True to her word…

    See u soon Anrio..

  100. larry1

    They have a great space that’s not utilised properly. The behavior of staff and dancers were good. The dancers ranged from average to above average. The cover prices are high. The place was okay. Check it out if interested. But there are better options in Providence.

  101. Stephen
  102. katie
  103. Steve
  104. diego
  105. joseph1k

    I love Lana! She’s the best there! Nice , hot and sexy!

  106. LunchTime_08

    I have never been there at night, but during the day is awesome. The girls are pretty, young and in shape. Maya is a Goddess, with a wicked smile. She is my new best friend.

    Like in all clubs there are a lot of turnover with girls, which causes the prices to change per girl. I’ve been charged any where from $25 to $40 for a full nude dance, but never complained, based on the quality of girl. I think the owners set a base price for the girls to charge for dances, and then they girls mark it up accordingly. It is sales after all. Some girls will let you touch, while others will not, at least during the day. Daytime is the best for all clubs, cause there are no crowds, the prices are lower, and girls will flock to you. Once you visit a few times you will get to know the girls who let you have some “extra fun”. Great club over all.

  107. Nate Dogg
  108. Timmy
  109. winston12

    bouncers are thugs w bad attitude

  110. Kimbo
  111. Freddie

    This place rules

  112. Worcester

    Have tried all the clubs in Providence and this is the best. Day times near the end of the week are very good – great selection of dancers – somebody for everybody.

  113. markba

    This is one of the best if not the best club in RI.

    Do you shopping with the girls some are real pricey but others are well worth the price.

    Most girls are friendly..ask them nicely and see what happens….

  114. Mass Guy

    Really a great club. There is plenty of free parking and a lot of space at this club. There were at least fifty girls working here last night which was Saturday.I was with the Boston crowd and this place certainly was worth the ride down.

  115. Rob
  116. Ron

    Went here to see Alexa Ford, she was hot!

  117. Wayne
  118. Sal
  119. Joe H

    Enjoyed this club a lot on Friday. Renata Is Sensational very friendly and very good in the CR Room.

  120. John

    Had a great afternoon at the CL due to Violet…she was incredible. Personable, articulate, witty and a pleasure to spend time with. I wasn’t sure how she would be in the Private Dance because she said she was shy, but she was amazing upstairs…and not shy, just quiet! Great day because of her.

  121. Gman
  122. Panda
  123. Bret
  124. Link
  125. kim
  126. Lynn


  127. Hjn
  128. WOW

    Sat 4/12 blonde brazillian dancer….incredible!!Does anyone know her name?

  129. Wade
  130. Abe
  131. Bill Murray


  132. jimmy
  133. M B.

    I wanted to give negative rating but there is no option. I have been to gentlemens club before but not a rip off place like THIS. They should earn their money honestly. This girl discussed for some amount but later once i was in the booth asked for more. I gave her entire amount I took out from ATM but she lied in front of me that the amount was less than what I withdrew feom ATM. Such a B***H. Either the ATM was fraud or the girl IS. When i refused to give her extra money, she justed stopped 2 mins into dance and walked away. The cashier asked me to talk to the manager and that guy is not ready to listen to anything. All they want is to get rid of people who understands their tactics. Such a shady place. If you are a gentleman or a gentlewoman, I would rewuesy you to respect your dignity and not go to this place. I am sure they are least bothered about such reviews and will never take any positive actions to serve their customers better. TRY YOUR LUCK IF YOU DONT WANT TO LEARN FROM OTHERS.

  134. Gimal

    I rate this club the best in town. Definitely #1

  135. Alec
  136. gabe
  137. Harold Sr

    I was here last Saturday night for a bachelor party and had the best time of my life at a strip club. I will be back soon! I spent some time in Champagne with Charlie, she was well worth it!

  138. Charley
  139. Peter
  140. Pauly
  141. Sam

    The food on the grill outside was excellent.

  142. todd
  143. Dennis

    love the Brazilians!

  144. Nick

    Came by for a visit. This place is really nice. Girls were plentiful and hot. Drinks were good. Music was current. Good show keep up good work!

  145. Greg
  146. Atlantic city

    Place is great, but Jasmine is a con. Worth the money, but be careful with her.

  147. Tiny
  148. Gag
  149. po
  150. Traveler

    Recently traveled to Providence, RI and visited this club. I went on a Friday afternoon (no admission fee) and the place was chockfull of beautiful and exotic dancers – brazilians for the most part. Agreed with prior poster, The majority of the dancers are scaled betwwen 6 and 8. Some 9s, but didn’t see 10s – maybe you’ll have better luck with the night crew. But anyway, back to the review, the club inside is fairly sizeable. Plenty of varieties and attitudes. The drinks are not as cheap as other posters claimed. I paid 6 bucks for a beer. But that’s OK, it’s worth it. Lap dances are great – strongly recommend you bring lots of cash. I spent over $400 and I didn’t regret spending that much. I had a GREAT time.

  151. cookie
  152. Von Dutch

    only thing good is the girls who do xtra’s!

  153. Chris

    Stopped here on Friday night. Fun Club, good drinks and plenty of hot girls, Quinn, Sativa and Tay gave great dances.

  154. Rodeo
  155. Lewie
  156. Ryan
  157. David

    Thanks for a great bachelor party

  158. Tara
  159. lip
  160. Phil
  161. Worth the Drive

    I recently visited and had a good experience at the club. The time I was there (a Friday afternoon) there were lots of dancers and lots of variety in the types of dances available at different price points. I found the clientelle and many of the girls to be fairly upscale. I liked the variety – some really attractive women with more of an attitude and others who might not have been model material but offered more “value”. Frankly I like the fact that there are some less than perfect dancers who are willing to spend quality time.

  162. Keith
  163. Yeah

    Nice pretty girls who will give you all you need. What more can you say!

  164. Kidd
  165. Joey

    My own bachelor party was the best I have been to. The club was great the ladies were wonderful. Thanks Jazmine!

    The Cadillac Lounge is the best by far. High Class all the way. Thanks for the memories!

  166. Gary
  167. Donald

    I cant wait to see Teagan Presley and Alexis Texas here in August!

  168. J
  169. Scott
  170. Garry
  171. Bizzy
  172. nil
  173. neil
  174. charlie
  175. JR
  176. Renata Brazil (Steve)

    Had a wonderful time at the club Renata was so good did two privates. Viva Brazil thanks for the recommendation Steve

  177. Tommy
  178. RoadRunner

    I always have a good experiene at this club.It is larger than all the others and there are many different aeas that I can explore and get lost in. Always a different experience here. There are no clubs in Mass or Conn that even come close to offering what this place does.

  179. mew
  180. Yellow
  181. Pablo

    First time at this club and love the selection of ladies. Did a champagne room with Renata fabulous. Mandy was pretty good too will check it out next time i am in Providence.

  182. Danny
  183. Tim

    great club

  184. ann
  185. Winston

    I love this town!!

  186. Marty J. W.

    A seedy club with handsy girls and lots of touching in the private dances! My only complaint is the girls are a bit bitchy, the lap dances are a bit pricey $25 (topless) and $35 (nude). But the girls usually make it worth the money.

  187. clubber

    Providence certainly has the best clubs in the country. Bar none

  188. Chuck

    Love the Brazilians!

  189. Gord
  190. Kid
  191. Lance

    A friend has been hounding me for years to visit this club with him. I finally gave in and all I can say is why did I wait so long ? I’ll definitely become a regular even so the club is an hour away as the clubs in MA are a total waste of time and money. I was very surprised how cool & friendly the entire staff was. Girls seemed very sweet and didn’t hound me for any dances. Went early evening on a Thursday.

  192. Fin

    A few hot Asian girls here!

  193. Great club overall

    I spent hundreds of dollars a night on dances with the brunette w/ glasses. Then I got some dances with another girl, and now the jealous c neveah tells the other dancers some bs to scare them away if she sees them talking to me.

  194. Aaron

    Great club. Could be better. Not very diverse. Came to check it out for a celebrity friend of mind. Need the right club for him to go to. Wish this club had a bit more diversity. Could have made it my go to. Try some clubs in Mass if you’re looking for big butts.

  195. Renata

    Thanks for the recommendations from the list only Renata was there on Thursday. I had a wonderful time she told she was married so i will be there to support her and Stephen.

  196. YellowShirtGuy

    I had the wonderful opportunity to get private dances with 4 of the girls. Francial and Sam really stood out. I am going back there again just to see them both..

  197. fuckery12

    I haven’t been that many strip clubs in my lifetime, but this one was quite… different…I’m very used to the tame, mundane strip clubs where you sit, you drink, and you watch girls get naked. It’s these types of strip clubs that reflect the attitude “well, why don’t you just stay home and watch porn instead?”Cadillac Lounge? Quite different. Is 15 bucks a lot for cover? Yes. Are the presence of cops everywhere somewhat shady? Yes. Is the place a dump? Yes. But are the girls here… *ahem*… DTF? Yes!!! This is the strip club experience that counters that old wive’s tale you’ve heard a million times. Think of Cadillac Lounge as more of an… interactive experience. The girls here won’t just shake their fun bags in your direction. No, they’ll reach over– mid act– and grab your junk, while giving you cerebral damage with their silicon breasts. I was like Balboa in Rocky V: brain damaged from the 1800 psi boobage. And to top it all off, they have a grill outside! How awesome is that?? Boobs + BBQ + beer= MAN HEAVEN.

  198. Jeff
  199. cadplayer

    I go to all of them. This one is the best next to Fantasies

  200. Sid

    My boys and I had my divorce party here, best night ever!!

  201. I love Renata

    Renata is the hottest girl in Rhode Island!

  202. pete
  203. Don


  204. smokeeater
  205. corey
  206. Tommy

    Nice big place Hot dancers! Great dances too!

  207. Will
  208. dane
  209. Frank
  210. Opie
  211. Yimmy
  212. tonycluber

    I’ve become quite the regular here. Yes I’m a female but do enjoy the occasional gentleman’s club. This one is probably my favorite. Not many options in the Boston area and while the hour drive is not the best part of the night, it can be worth it. The best part is the music. They play hip hop / strip club music as they should. Many other venues I’ve been to play 80’s rock old man shit! That makes me want to leave immediately regardless of what the girls look like. On the weekend it’s pretty crowded but in a good way. Not too crazy like you can’t get a seat. The only thing I really don’t like is that it’s a $50 minimum if you want to use a credit card at the bar. Doesn’t make sense since most people will want to use all their cash on the ladies. Don’t go in expecting to see models, some are rather trashy looking but I’ve found that at most places. Overall I’m a fan.

  213. Rex
  214. Don Juan
  215. Blu B.

    Was looking for something to do Tuesday night and saw the pink neon lights so I stopped in to check out the Cadillac Lounge which is now Scores. I was pleasantly surprised for a Tuesday night there was a great selection of entertainers with a really hot massage girl. They even have late night food from the grill the wings were excellent!!! Got a few dances with Pheobe very European and seductive too. I would go back here again. Staff was really cool too. Two thumbs up!!!

  216. RAY
  217. Da Wiles

    Love this place !! Best Strip Club in the Greater Providence

    Area and Vicinity !! Vicinity is HOT and gives it up in the

    CR !!! So does Destiny, Charity, Kimmie, Paula Jones, Monica

    , Lew, Insky, bald dudes lol……………

  218. Jasmine

    Great club & great management…had a great time..this place ROCKS!

  219. Stevo

    Watch out for Ariel. Great body, personality, and dancer but a bit of a scammer in pricing. Didn’t have the energy to argue with her when I was there. Club is great overall though.

  220. Junior

    First time I was here and liked the club alot. I thought it was the best ive seen in new england.



  222. Tom

    Great place with a good atmosphere…keep up the good work

  223. Jake
  224. jim
  225. Devin
  226. Johny
  227. Shaker

    I always have a good time here. I rate this club as the top in Providence with Foxy running a close second.

  228. Bob
  229. Papa

    Have some hot Asians here!

  230. Kat
  231. Midget
  232. Billy

    Was there last night, had a blast. I cant wait to come back.

  233. sean
  234. Brett

    Charlie…….I think I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. Lid
  236. Harry
  237. Kevin


  238. Smoke
  239. JonathanReid

    Fantastic Time spent here! Definitely recommend.

  240. edd

    nice relaxing cub

  241. Lisa
  242. Bilbo
  243. Geno
  244. Ari rules

    Haven’t seen any reviews on Ari, so just wanted to let you guys know that she gives great lapdances. She reminded me of Jessica Chastain and yesterday she wore black lingerie with a garter and fishnet stockings. Her breasts are firm and she smelt great. Enjoy.

  245. Ken

    I love this place!

  246. Aaron

    I had my office Christmas Party here and we had the best time, girls were hot and kept us all very happy! Keep up the good work Cadillac Lounge!

  247. Carl

    Good Atmosphere, Decent night out

  248. Andrei

    Im vergin in binan laguna

  249. Happy Camper
  250. Danny B

    Well worth the ride from Massachusetts!

  251. Damian

    Great food outside on the Cadilliac Grill

  252. Newcomer

    New here from Connecticut and can’t believe how much fun this place is. Unbelievable

  253. ST

    Had a great time at this club recently. I haven’t been clubbing at all in recent months–probably a year at least–and stopped in for a while. First dancer I spent time with was good looking, average dance. Second girl was an absolute knockout, very sexual and sexy, and gave a superb and very intimate lapdance. Out of cash, had to end it all too soon. Hoping to return with more cash to get her in the VIP room for a while.

    Overall an excellent club. Watch out for price variability. A price with one dancer is not a guarantee of the same price with another–talk to her before going upstairs. Music was too loud and too intense–screaming your head off into a microphone while someone smashes an electric guitar behind you does not mean you’ve recorded music but that’s pretty much what was being played for 2 hours. Oh well–can’t have everything.

  254. HappyGuy

    I went to this club last sunday and it was amazing…i had great time out there with Audrie..she is very gorgeous and amazing out there..Other girls are looking good and very friendly and they say what they do and what they don’t and really worth every Penny…the girls out there are not Pushy ….Will be back there sooon

  255. Raymond
  256. donnie
  257. Andrew

    Had a great time, spent some fun times in the private area with a couple of lovely Brazilians

  258. Joel

    This place is pretty nice. Girls are hot and plentiful …Good bang for your buck and lowered cover charge Sun through Tues New Laser show is pretty cool seeing girls on stage and laser bouncing off their hot bodies!!!

  259. eric

    There is not a better club around anywhere !!

  260. Joe
  261. Ernie

    Love the patio bar, nice place to smoke a cigar and relax.

  262. dojo
  263. Bob M.

    This a strip club like any other but be sure to keep your wits about you. They’re a lot bolder at ripping you off than any other place I’ve been. What I thought was a 40 dollar dance ended up being 200 dollars; completely cleaning me out of my allotted money. Given it was early in the night, I paid it, not wanting to be the reason my friends bachelor party got kicked out of the strip club. Gentleman, remember that it is 40$ PER SONG FOR A PRIVATE DANCE. KEEP TRACK OF HOW MANY SONGS AS WELL! She had neglected to mention the per song part. Waking up the next day, I realized that not only was I misled into thinking I would only be paying 40$ but she had added an extra 80$. I had been there for 3 songs and got roped into paying for 5.She did give me a free t-shirt, but that only felt like she was twisting the knife.

  264. Dave

    Had a great time here this weekend, Hayden looks amazing.

  265. Leo
  266. Mark
  267. Mike
  268. John
  269. dean
  270. Dennis
  271. poe

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