Teasers’ Gentleman Club



1127 4th Street, Sioux City, IA 51101


42.4944455, -96.3953029




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “Teasers’ Gentleman Club

  1. foxy lady

    I dont know about ya’ll, but I LOVE THIS BAR!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rather go to this bar, than anywhere else. I personally know the owner, and he is the bomb!!!!! Polly want a cracker? HA HA HA!!!! The dancers r awesome, ecspecially Maggie, and Kira!!!! WAHOOO!!!! More bang for the buck!!! AND…the lady at the door? Sara? Nice rack!!! LOL!!!! She is great. But do NOT mess with her!!! LOL!!!!! Hope to get back up there soon!!!!

  2. Yes

    Love the ladies! Went through Sioux City and found Teasers. I will be back

  3. austin

    Pretty nice looking girls but their a bit stuck up.

  4. Visitor

    Had not been here in a while, same girls nothing special

  5. Travel guy

    Had heard some good things about the club so I travelled quite a distance to see some fresh faces and a new locale. I should have stayed home because the dancers were nothing special…the drinks were overpriced…and the overall feel of the club was terrible. I like to visit a bit to see which dancer I would like to spend my money with. The first word out of their mouths was “Lets do a private dance” Very poor protocol in my opinion.

  6. Xanatos

    I was in on Saturday and had a great time. The dancers were gorgeous and very friendly. Looking forward to when I can visit again.

  7. Saturday night hot spot

    There was 14 girls….some hot some not so much but still fun. They have 2 poles. It would have been cool to see two girls on stage. Some reason there were A LOT of women customers. They are all over the place here. They could update the music. It was a ton of 90’s music. It was packed wall to wall by midnight. Its definitely the place to be and if you like to SIT get here by 11. Dances are only 20 bucks. Drinks were about 5 bucks not bad for a topless place.

  8. expatron

    club sucks

  9. John

    The girls are hot, talented, and nice. the service is good and quick. Good taste in music. I dont have a favorite dancer, I have 2 haha Hope to go back again soon and be able to stay longer!!!!!!!

  10. crazy eyes

    this clubs girls are nasty….nothing pretty about, but if you want a good lap dance this is the place

  11. Theman

    Club still sucks

  12. moneyman2

    This is probably one of the worst clubs out there besides Mavericks. The girls don’t want to work for there money. The few that were on stage. They were decent looking and thicker which is fine. They showed no enthusiasm whatsoever. I had a lady come up to me leaning all over me and tell me the show is not for free. I paid to get into the club and had just got there I was buying drinks and trying to warm up a bit. I’m not going to tip if your not going to work. After she hounded me for not tipping I left the club. I brought a lot of cash and was willing to tip. Definitely won’t tip if your not going to work!

  13. Out of Towner
  14. colorado

    had a fantastic time great atmosphere

  15. Dirk

    This is a very rude and boring club.

  16. Q
  17. jorge

    highly recommended great place beautiful girls and graet atmosphere

  18. Lilpixie

    I have been a dancer for over eight years and have finally decided to give this club a try. The reason I haven’t for soo long is because I have been traveling outside of my main area for work. Boy I wish now that I hadn’t. I would have had a much nicer time at Teasers.

    The city has a six inch law for the groin and face we

    must abide by. Plus customers may only touch the arms and legs. Those that thought dancers can’t be touched at all were misunderstanding or were told not to touch.

    The club treats the customers that come in on a regular basis like gold from what I can tell. The owners come in and personally greet those they recognize and those they know. If they don’t know you they make it a point to say hi if it isn’t too hopping. They make sure that the staff can have fun while doing their job the way they are supposed to.

    For dancers the bouncers are there for us, but don’t breath down necks in a way that is annoying. There is a great earning potential for the mid-west as long as you are willing to be there when you are supposed to and work. You can bring your own music in if they don’t have it already on the computer system. They have DJ’s on the weekends. They certainly know how to get the crowd riled up and have fun. There is slow-sultry music allowed before nine in the evening and after that it is kept hopping. Lot’s of rock, heavy metal; a little country and hip-hop played.

    If you are thinking of checking us out please do. It is a laid back, high class club.

  19. Kecia

    From a female piont of view, the girls were nice freindly, and know how to get a girl going. My husband enjoy’d it aswell. hehe

  20. poyo

    very nice club, usually good atmosphere. great girls especially this incredible PAIGE one!! she’s A M A Z I N G!!!, and all the others too!

  21. Lon

    Definitely a fantastic club.

    The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

    The dancers are terrific.

    The overall “feel” of the club is relaxing and entertaining at the same time.

  22. Traveler

    Dancers were good for the most part. Employees seemed to think they were out on the town themselves instead of there to work. Also, I thought the entertainers were supposed to be the dancers not the female customers. Kinda dissapointed.

  23. Yeah

    For food, they offer pizza and microwave sandwiches, beef jerky and such. The staff is very welcoming and patient. The waitress working was very fun, they could have 2 waitresses to accommodate the customer ratio. Now to the dancers. There is a variety for every man out there. A nice change. All of the dancers were beautiful and ready to work. They definitely know how to make a man smile. The music was outdated and the dj system is behind. The private dances are good, but the rooms not so welcoming. I’ll still be back.

  24. DJJ

    Drove down from Sioux Falls. Went in, had a beer, and left. Waste of time.

  25. friend
  26. PassingThrough

    Club is terrible.

  27. my name
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  29. Towner
  30. Jimmy

    It was a ok club..dancers do not let you touch them anywhere

  31. Man

    This club is one of the worst clubs I’ve ever been to in the US. There is like 35 to 1 customer stripper ratio. It’s more like a bar. The lap dance areas aren’t too private. Pretty much a huge sausage fest, no places to sit, most people have to stand and rub up against other dudes to walk anywhere else. Not even worth the 3 or 5 bucks to get in.

  32. DONNIE


  33. Scman

    Girls good looking but real stuck up.

  34. Road

    Always a nice time

  35. ak
  36. unbelievable

    I guess prostitution is alive and well in Sioux City. I got solicited/propositioned by 3 girls here the other night.

  37. Bob

    I thought the girls weren’t too bad at all. One of them seems to clear the stage each time and needs to be fired.

  38. Thrilled

    Had a very nice time relaxing here

  39. Jewelz

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