PaperMoon Gentlemen’s Club



3300 Norfolk Street, Richmond, VA 23230


37.5705804, -77.471222




8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


8am – 8pm


10am – 7pm


10am – 7pm


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0 reviews for “PaperMoon Gentlemen’s Club

  1. dancer

    hey girls i have been dancing at this club for over a month now and the business is great and all the house fees have changed and there is new management at the club better than any other club in town and its clean not dirty like the other ones this is a true gentlemens club

  2. Hokie

    Returned to the Downtown Club after being away for about a year. Lots of girls, most of them were very attractive, also very friendly — compliments will get you every time.

  3. winston12

    Girls are no good. They looked bored. Lap dances were mediocre. Waitress were not much better. The only reason I gave it two stars was because some of the dancers were nice to me. It was disappointing.

  4. dustin
  5. mike

    Used to be a regular at Richard’s but the place has made a

    complete turn around for the worse over the past 30 days.

    Did the place change ownership? Some old lady that sits at the bar at night says she is the owner – what a dissappointment. Paper Moon is just a few blocks a way and

    has a better atmosphere. Lots and lots of girls and the

    bar looks and feels like a gentlemen’s club should.

  6. BALLA
  7. out of town

    This club is the best thing goin on in this town. Me and some of my clients went to this club the opther night and the manager could see that we were not from the area and striked up a conversation to make a long story short he went out of his way to make sure we had a reat time and all the ladies in the club were very nice and beautiful will visit this club everytime im in town

  8. Joey

    Don’t be fooled by the name, I’m actually a girl. I decided to

    give this club a try a few weeks ago. It looked like it had

    potential since the money was better than in Virginia Beach and

    Elizabeth City (the cities I usually dance). I guess I stay in

    the south making less than coming back to this club. The

    management is terrible; that guy, Frazier, is mean, plain mean.

  9. Pgh

    I used to have fun here, but no more. Frazier, haven’t you noticed the migration to the candy Bar?

  10. Jay

    Loved the atmosphere. The Bouncers were very attentive and the waitstaff were great too.

  11. lee

    $$$$$$money, money, money$$$$$$ Club is rockin!

  12. regular

    The music is too loud, you can’t talk to any of the girls and them hear you.

    The girls don’t try and talk to you.

    Not very friendly.

    The main stage is too high, they have no rail for the girls to use to get close, or put their heels on.

    Seats are comfortable.

    The girl who takes your money is begging for tips to take your money at the front door, and she did not provide a service worthy of a tip.

    drinks are average.

    Food is limited.

    You won’t get friendly with any of the girls as a first timmer, second timer, etc unlesss you outspend everyone ….who wants to be that guy.

  13. McSuit

    Let the dancers wear what they want! When they feel good they dance more, you make more money (Fraiser!). Drinks are too high priced.

  14. R. Jeremy

    Expensive for a go-go bar, all nude, which va doesn’t allow, and the prices would be understandable.

  15. bobby

    If you want a great dance get one with Maria she is beautiful and full of life.See you soon

  16. Oakland Fan

    Tatum Paige!! I think that was her name. She wears black and has fake titties!!! She has the face of chucky the killer doll. That face is horrendous lucky for her they have black lights. Not even a “black eye” could help that disgusting face.

    PS: Nice body! Butter face!

  17. jj
  18. Ron

    Amazing dancers!!! I enjoyed a vivacious group of dancers, they are not what I

    expected coming from virginia. They were classy and beautiful. Seem to love

    there jobs, excellent club. Look for Lux, very hot sensual dances.

  19. Lowe

    Way too expensive. (entry fee and drinks.) Not worth the cost.

  20. Orange
  21. mauricio tagle

    hot chicks, bad food!

  22. Hans

    Nice atmosphere,clean. Girls at night better looking and younger 7 to 9 ,Day 4 to 6 unless you have nght girl forced to work day for being late. Mgmt very tough with girls squeeze the girls hard 4 their money. Some very young girls 17 to 20 available. Girls will go out with regulars for $$$$.High turnover of girls- not many hang around for more than a couple of months.Weird cashier girls begging 4 money,what??

  23. jim

    best looking girls in richmond

  24. dancer 2

    club has not changed management. fraizer boyd is still the

    same sleezy owner. he treats the girls like shit and will

    fine you for no reason. he changes rules everyday and there is no structure in the place. only the young stupid

    girls are willing to put up with is ego. shave the unibrow. money is’nt that good because he takes it all from

    the girls. so guys remember when you get that lap dance

    that the discusting club owner is taking more than his share.

  25. Randy

    I have been to clubs all over the country and find Paper Moon to be one of the top clubs I have ever visited. The girls are friendly, the management and staff accomodating and the value is top-notch. I will keep coming back.

  26. nc visitor

    reminds me of some of the clubs in charlotte. Good lap dances and a lot of girls to choose from. Made a mistake

    and stopped by a place nearby first. Thought the place was closed – nobody was there and the place looked overgrown and in need of a paint job. Is it Richards or Ricks?

    Anyway we won’t go there. Thanks for a great time. We will

    be back for the ultimate fighting on the 25th and will bring everyone with us.

  27. big rob

    This is a great club cuz it opens at noon,tuesday-saturday

  28. New Info Update

    i noticed someone stated a while back that they thought monae had moved to miami…..For who ever is looking for monae I just found out she is working at Candy Bar partime so go check her out cuz I did! Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


    i have been goin to this club for quite sometime now and even though there has been management changes and staff changes the club has not suffered one bit still lots of good looking chicks and i always have a great time there

  30. I Quit

    A terrible place to work. The management is disrespectful, and working four days a week the house fee is $45 on weeknights, $55 on the weekends, adding up to about $1,000 a month. Ledger mistakes happen, but assuming resposibility does not. The “nothing bad ever happens” game is prevalent and everyone is subject to being stolen from by the club itself. The owner bad mouths his dancers, and allows management to do the same. “Bitch” is an all to common form of expression to describe an entertainer, in front of customers and other entertainers. If you argue a discrepency, you can be fined, and the fines for things such as leaving early are outrageous. $250 early out fine unless $100 is paid up front. The business is slow and the club doesn’t have as posh an interior as one would expect from a “platinum” club. Stained cushions, cheap lights, loud carpet, outdated televisions, drab walls, and dirty mirrors are what you’ll find at the Downtown PaperMoon. No matter what you are told over the phone, beleive me, the girls don’t make what the manager on duty will tell you. A total nightmare of an encounter.

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