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0 reviews for “Harry O’s Club

  1. Review

    If you go into this club with the expectation of an up scale strip club, you are in for a rude awakening. It is not real clean and extreemly small. The best night to go is on a Friday where they have the most variety. It is definately a more relaxed atomosphere. Be prepared to get alot of attention, especially if you are spending money. The dancers are almost all latino ranging from dark skin to light skin. There is one stage, one bar, and one pool table. The quality of the dance will be greatly determined by the dancer you choose. Not all dances are equal. The best looking girl in the club will not necisarily give you the best dance. There is almost no privacy in the “private” room, but everyone there is usually in their own world and probably not looking at you anyway. Most of the negative reviews about this place are from people who prefer the stuffy mirror and neon light strip clubs who are looking for runway type models. This is definately not that type of place. This is more of your seedy neighborhood pub with a dance floor dumped in the middle. If you go, go with a group of friends, lots of cash, an open mind, drink alot and most likely will have a good time.

  2. curtis17

    I was there last Monday to grab a few drinks before the Nets and Warriors game and had some good food and good drinks. Everything is priced reasonably the bartender really makes you feel welcome. If your ever in the area and want good food and good vibes then this is definitely a place where you can find it!

  3. richard95

    I took a chance on Harry, and he didn’t steer me wrong. The front doors are nice, but on this dead-end block of Lawrence St, you don’t even know if you’re going to find the place open, much less people inside eating and drinking. It ain’t fancy here – kinda like smallish midwestern town adds dining hall onto some existing public structure. But the bar area is nice – it feels like the restaurant was an afterthought. Regardless, the chicken caesar salad is very good, and the server I had was friendly, fast, and just plain old knew how to take care of me in my rushed, glued-to-iPhone state.I was thanked as I left, too, which I always like. And it doesn’t happen all that much. Props to Harry. You ain’t fancy, but you’re a swell fella.

  4. KR
  5. BIG D
  6. Johnson12

    First, before I go into the food or the drinks, I would like to touch on the staff of this establishment. Rarely have I gone to a bar/restaurant where every tender, every waitress, and even the owners are so much a part of the draw to keep a visitor coming back. They are amiable, very much attentative, and never do I feel rushed to buy another drink just to enjoy their company at the bar. It’s easy to get on a first name basis with them, and best of all, they’ll remember your name (and what you drink) on your next visit.As far as the food goes, definitely a step above your normal pub grub. You’d be hard pressed to find something to complain about. The food is fresh, tasty, definitely not overpriced, and best of all served with a smile. It’s hard to find a better deal than the $5 appetizers that are served between 5-7PM. All in all, great people, great food, great place, great times.

  7. joseph1k

    Came here for lunch a couple of times. It’s a quiet place for lunch if you want to discuss business or be left alone and not deal with the hustle and bustle that surrounds metrotech at lunch time. There’s plenty of room here and you don’t feel like you are fighting with other patrons for a spot to put your purse / coat.The food is not exactly memorable but it’s consistently OK. I had the potato leek soup the other day and that was probably the best thing I’ve had there. They make solid salads and sandwiches and burgers, with reliable service.

  8. Facehoser

    Went to Harry O’s today and was surprised to see that three

    out of the four girls dancing were actually quite attractive.

    Got a dance from Carol for $60 and left quite happy.

  9. mr D


  10. Justin S.

    We went to Harry O’s for our post-work Saint Patrick’s Day drinks and fare and it was, overall, not bad. Harry O’s is divided into a bar area and two dining rooms. The bar area was the most crowded, and even then was still not impossibly crowded. It has a warm feeling and is brighter than most Irish pubs, with wood paneling on the walls and a standard offering of liquors and beers (some on tap including Sam Adams, Yeungling, Blue Moon, etc.). The dining rooms are a different story altogether and to put it politely, are simply not charming. The decor in them is relatively non-existent and the “crowd” enjoying their Saint Patrick’s Day fare was relatively light. Keeping in mind that I think this is a more popular lunch place than dinner place, and that we went for dinner, I won’t hold it against them. Service was prompt and courteous, and the menu does offer a wider assortment of fare than most pubs of this size do. There are the standard burgers, salads, meat dishes, etc. and on Saint Patrick’s Day, there was corned beef with cabbage and potatoes and Irish bangers and mash as well. I had the bangers and mash, and it was pretty good, and surprisingly presented well. The portions were pretty generous and the prices are overall very reasonable. The only thing that surprised me was that there were no Irish beers offered (at all) on Saint Patrick’s Day. I ended up having Sam Adams, which was fine, but it was a bit unfortunate considering that it would be the one day in particular that I’d be looking out for some Irish beer. Despite the rather shabby atmosphere, the crowd is pleasant and the food and service are good. If you’re in the Downtown Brooklyn area, this is at least a good place to have a drink and a small bite to eat if you’re not interested in the Fast Food Mile also known as Fulton Street Mall.

  11. Tamara S.

    We were tourists, but this is not a tourist bar. That is why we went. We enjoy meeting the locals in a casual environment. We met a really nice guy named Dave. He made us feel welcome. The drinks were great and from what I could see, the food was very tasty.

  12. asasas


  14. winston12

    A coworker and I go here after work for a quick drink. We sat at the bar and it appeared to be happy hour by the sign in the front, but the bartender didn’t know what drinks/appetizers applied to this. We finally placed and order for two whiskey sours (my default drink) and he gives us two whiskey cokes. We remind him of our order and he grunts and groans as he makes us the bitterest whiskey sour in life! It had an after tasted like they not only made the sours themselves, but they made it with way too much lime…bleh.We finally get our appetizers (chicken tenders and potato skins), which were decent and ask for our bill. I presented him with my Discover card and seconds later he tossed it back on the bar with, “we don’t take this”. Seeing my facial expression (and realizing what he did) he picked up the card and handed it to me with a pathetic smirk. My coworker paid and we made our way over to Hill Country Barbeque where the service was exceptional!!!!Professionalism and etiquette goes a long way when attempting to retain clientele.They shall see me no more.

  15. eddyL

    The atmosphere is nothing special but the service and the burger here is great! My girlfriend and I were really in the mood for a cheeseburger so we dropped in and discovered that on Tuesdays the burger is 2 for 1 and decided to give it a shot. The burgers definitely didn’t disappoint when they showed up. It was a nice sized patty that isn’t too fatty but is still juicy and seasoned perfectly and the fries were perfect. Along with the attentive service we were convinced and have been back every Tuesday since and a few times besides when I’m in the mood for a solid burger. If you’re in the area definitely give them a shot.

  16. jo jo

    peter forchetti govermant informant since 1997

  17. JJ

    Scary looking place, very crowded Thurs and Fri evenings dead at other times, beer $4, girls run from fat pigs to a few real cuties, almost all latina but that’s ok. For LDs, YMMV but usually $20 goes a long way. I’ve only been disappointed once. Favorites are Corrina (tight bod and fun LD, and Emilia). Havent tried Lorena or Isis yet but both are real cute.

  18. married dude

    this place is great….better than the high class joints. as long as your not planning on falling in love this is what its soposed to be

  19. ll
  20. Elmo

    For those of you who have not been here, place is pretty much a dive but there are a few hot dancers. Reason I won’t be going back is because there is no privacy whatsoever in the VIP. Also was not impressed by the guest to dancer ratio, it was way too crowded for my taste. There was a wait list for Lorena.

  21. Frequent Flyer

    Luv this place

  22. John

    Reviews here are accurate. A dump, but seems safe. Looks closed down from front – entrance is the the back. Very small “private” area with kitchen chairs. However… the dance was great. Menu was much more extensive than my tastes.

    If you don’t like the selection… you can sit at the bar, have a beer and watch the sports monitors.

    Say what you like… I had fun.

  23. james1412

    Went last night for a job party it was ok. It’s a typical neighborhood spot to get a drink It’s a reasonable size, TVs behind the bar area and food is available also. It’s near the 2,3,A and C line.

  24. DJ

    I can’t believe the eye went there

  25. BIG
  26. Love

    This place is a shit hole

  27. cole
  28. Cesca B.

    I love it here! I went here quite a few times with one of my fellow interns because we’re both into low-key, casual bar-type atmospheres. The food is pretty damn good, but the service goes above and beyond. I came here once to order two slices of cake for two colleagues who shared a birthday. I got there right when they opened, but chairs were still up on the bar. They had my cake all ready to go when I got there and the guy working even threw in an extra slice of chocolate cake gratis. AND NOT ONLY THAT, but since I only had a credit card and they hadn’t turned the machines on yet, he let me take the cakes and come back at lunch to pay for them!So that’s exactly what we did. And in that small act, they created life-long patrons!

  29. voodoo
  30. Johnnyboy123

    I’m baffled as to why this place has 4 stars. This review is only for the bar, not the food. I’ve never seen anyone eating here. I’ve never even seen anyone in the dining room. Maybe it’s busier during happy hour?Cons:*the only patrons seem to be weird, old, drunk (read wasted) dudes*shots are served in illusion shot glasses*strange, inconsistent hours – maybe they’re only open on game nights? not open on some saturday nights!?*if it IS a sports bar, there are only 3 (32″?) flat screensPros:somehow they do have really cool bartendersIt sure would be nice if this bar stepped it up and the Brooklyner residents had somewhere close by that was fun to go to on the weekends, but alas… this place is not that place.

  31. Tim

    I always have a great time here, my favorite is bartender Stephanie on Wensdays

    and Fridays, they have a real hot black bartender who is real nice to

    once in a while you get a hot stripper, but they dont last to long, they get

    offended when you ask for a bj, but that is what a girl is good for

  32. AssnTits5

    Great for what it is: and old school bar with decent food. No ambiance and no flash, but plenty of character and tons of regulars. Tuesday is buy one get one for burger and a beer.

  33. Gent

    blech, the place is a total dump. too many fat girls with really busted faces. no privacy during lapdances. too many eyes on you. I won’t come here again, rather spend a little more to get a better quality experience.

  34. Jiminez

    The club quickly fills wall to wall with Mexicans. You can’t walk without banging into another guy, even in the “VIP” room.

  35. Thea T.

    Sooo the food was great and the service was too. There are tables and a bar, so you can choose where you want to sit. They didn’t rush us out or anything, so that’s a good thing, because usually we run into rude service. Great place for a quick and cheap dinner, or lunch!

  36. sunny
  37. Harry

    Club sucks. It’s small, and is always packed wall to wall with guys (mostly illegal Mexican immigrants). I won’t be coming back to this sausage factory.

  38. what?

    a review, I came here to condemn the building

  39. blah

    its sucks

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